Yosemite in Winter

January 8, 2013

Matt bought me a 35mm f/2 Nikkor lens for Christmas – I’ve wanted this lens for a long time so he was kind enough to get it for me.   We spent a few days in the Yosemite National Park area over the Christmas break, so I couldn’t wait to try it out. 

We stayed at the Tenaya Lodge at the southern entrance which was all decked out for the holidays, and one day that was filled with blue skies we drove into the National Park where we walked all around in our snow boots through the woods. 

winter branches in yosemite park


The 35mm Nikkor f/2 lens is another fixed focal length lens like the 50mm I’ve mentioned and it has a low aperture setting for shallow depth of field for getting that cool “bokeh” or blurry effect in the background or foreground.  The aperture on this lens dials all the way up to f/22 for getting some really deep focus too! 

I took this lens with me for the day to see what it could do – here are a few images that I shot on that beautiful winter day.  Anyone who’s ever visited Yosemite Valley knows of the famous Ahwahnee Hotel at the base of a granite cliff – visually stunning anytime of year, but breathtaking in winter.  I love this image, I feel like I could crawl right into it just like you can in their giant walk-in fireplace inside the hotel.   

ahwahnee hotel yosemite winter


canopy of branches


mini trees in planter

red check sled


matt pulling sled

awning view ahwahnee


pine branch in snow


winter at ahwahnee hotel


ahwahnee lights


I loved capturing all this beauty with a very cool lens on a perfect winter day…

Walking around Yosemite Valley you see all sorts of magical things in nature – huge granite cliffs, a cool icy river, and several gorgeous waterfalls too (like the Bridalveil).  

merced river


bridal veil falls yosemite


I have yet to try out the lens on interiors but I’ll be doing so later this week, just as soon as I finish my bookshelf project, but so far for outdoor shots it gets a big thumbs up!

Have you ever had the chance to visit Yosemite National Park?   Stunning, right?



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