Merry and Bright Mantel

December 4, 2012

The Christmas mantel is all fancied up for the season!  Blue and green are back this year and I reused a lot of my old decor I’ve had for years, including the mirror, the pedestal table, the stockings, candlesticks, and mercury glass vases.  I also brought the rug from my office into the space to make it feel more wintery.  I’m habitual about rotating my rugs since they’re all the same size, can’t help it!

What’s new are the fresh evergreen trees, the reindeer in the middle of the mirror, and the ornament garland I made to add some color and sparkle. 

merry and bright mantel centsational girl


I ordered the white deer from Cardboard Safari on Etsy as a nod to Santa’s reindeer.   “It’s a little known fact” (10,000 points if you can name the character that always said that) that male reindeer lose their antlers in late fall but not females until January which leads to one conclusion, Santa’s reindeer must be female right?  It must be why they never need to ask for directions, ha!  

white deer and colorful garland


So we pretend this is a reindeer and we took up a vote in our house.  My son thinks it’s  Blitzen, my daughter thinks it’s Vixen, Matt thinks it’s Dancer and I like to think it’s Dasher, because with that satin bow, hello totally dashing!

white deer on mirror


On the left side is one of the two spruce trees which I dusted with faux snow.  It sits in a champagne bucket we picked up on our ten year anniversary.  I used the same quilted stockings from Pottery Barn embroidered with the kids names (blurred for these images.)  

ornament garland on mantel


To make an ornament garland, you just need a bunch of ornaments in different colors and sizes and some floral wire.

ornament garland


Clip an extra long piece of floral wire and secure one end to a doorknob.  Rotate different ornaments down the length of it to create the garland. 

make ornament garland


You’ve got to have something to tie it to, so I used three cup hooks, one on each end and one in the middle. 

hook to hold garland


Wrap the floral wire around the hooks to secure the garland and complete the look.  Our second champagne bucket holds the other evergreen tree, the mercury glass vases I bought at Pottery Barn.

colorful ornament garland centsational girl


A pile of ornaments on a silver tray awaits our Christmas tree – we’ll be picking it up this weekend and decorating it with more gold, silver, blue and green just like the mantel.

pile of ornaments on silver tray


kates christmas mantel


Here’s a peek at mantels from Christmases past:

Wintery Mantel (2011)

Sophisticated Mantel (2010)


I’m linking up to Layla and Kevin’s party today, join up with your holiday mantel too!

lettered cottage mantel party



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