Friday Finds

December 7, 2012

Hello and happy weekend friends!  Thanks so much to all of the participants in the Craft Link Party, you amaze me!  There are 600+ holiday projects to explore so I encourage you to hop around and get inspired!

I was out of town this week in Atlanta for a quick trip so this week’s Friday Finds is a short one, not too many links today.  I’m still recovering from several nights of very little sleep so I’m happy to spend a quiet weekend at home and decorate our Christmas tree, perhaps do some local shopping too.  Here are a few interesting links I came across this week, enjoy.

Perhaps you’ve heard that Emerald was announced as Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2013, following what’s been hot in fashion.  Are you a fan of this jewel tone? 

emerald pantone color of the year


Starbucks has a secret menu?  I never knew!

The 50 best food products to cook with

30 baby animals that will make you go “awww”

Your brain while holiday shopping

Ten steps to boost your creativity

Most outrageous baby names of 2012

25 great closing lines from the movies


The Holiday Home Link Parties continue next week so I’ll share a few more scenes from our home this season. 

holiday home link parties

Have a lovely weekend! 

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9 Responses to “Friday Finds”

  1. I love emerald color, sadly I don’t own any but I’d love to own some day. :) I am excited to see some spark of green in 13 because I am bored of seeing pinks, grey and blacks (but I m not bored of wearing them.) lol.
    Shopping, Style and Us

  2. Meg Smith says:

    We named our newest addition “Oakes” from Isaiah 61:3! Compared to some of those baby names, it is not sounding odd at ALL!

  3. Carrie says:

    I hope you enjoyed your trip in GA! I wish I was able to visit Atlanta… Seems like a nice and vibrant city.

    I love the color toned dishes! This gives me the perfect idea. I may do this in my kitchen :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Heather says:

    I love emerald – my birthstone! As a pale brunette I look pretty good in jewel tones so I am happy with this choice :)

  5. Sofia says:

    Great links! Enjoy decorating the christmas tree.

  6. Bekki says:

    I have those Fiesta ware bowls and dishes! I have them paired with yellow, scarlet, and turquoise. It’s such a fun color, but I don’t think I would like it in large quantities, a little bit here and there is perfect. :)

  7. nancy says:

    My favorite green is Soft Fern from Benjamin Moore. I just love it. Otherwise, I am not a big fan of green. Probably cause I am a nurse and people who aren’t feeling well look awful in green. Do yourself a favor and never buy green sheets. Or green nightgowns. Even emerald. Well, maybe if you are a ginger, otherwise, just say no.

  8. jessvii says:

    I love the emerald color! I am glad Pantone made emerald the color of the year for 2013. I agree with the other poster who said she was bored of pink – me too!

    I was also a fan of the turquoise color that Pantone made color of the year in 2010. I love mid-range blue and green colors.

  9. Ella says:

    Luv it! For this long time blue & then green lover…emerald is divine.

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