Cutting Edge Stencils Giveaway

December 5, 2012

Hello everyone, time for the giveaway of the week brought you by Cutting Edge Stencils, a fantastic source for contemporary stencils in patterns that include geometrics, botanicals, and much more for both walls and crafts.  More cost effective than wallpaper and so easy to apply!   A beautiful wall stencil will transform your space in a weekend and you’re never limited by color, you can choose any combination of hues and even work with your existing paint.

cutting edge stencils


Cutting Edge Stencils is offering 4 lucky winners a $50 shop credit, which is enough to grab one of most of their stencil patterns.  Eligibility to win one of four shop credits:

1) Visit Cutting Edge Stencils online shop and name your favorite stencil in a comment on this post.

2) For a second chance to win, share this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter and leave a second comment telling where you shared (FB or Twitter).

Four winners chosen at random, US only.  Giveaway ends Saturday December 8, 2012 at 8 p.m PST.  By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.

Good luck!



566 Responses to “Cutting Edge Stencils Giveaway”

  1. Irena says:

    I Love the damasque wall stencil.

  2. Mary Ann says:

    Love the Casablanca craft stencil – have a mirror frame I think would look great stenciled

  3. I’ve been eying the Zinnia Grande stencil for a while. They go from 36″ to 7″ inches wide! My sisters and I love zinnias — my Italian nonna used to grow them, so it would be so much fun to make us all a gift item with these. Cutting Edge has wonderful stencils.

  4. Anne Marie says:

    Love the Casablanca allover stencil.

  5. Janet Campolongo says:

    I absolutely swoon when I see the Hermitage Acanthus Coffer Stencil! Thanks for sharing so many awesome giveaways with your followers, Kate!!

  6. Virginia says:

    Large bird and tree…is for me.

  7. Keesha says:

    I love the Zamira! It would look amazing in my entryway :)

  8. Melissa says:

    The large fruit tree stencil is beautiful!

  9. Nancy says:

    Virginia Creeper would be lovely in my bedroom (but there are so many beautiful designs).

  10. ellie says:

    I love the Large birds and tree stencil. That would be perfect for the nursery that my husband and i are now putting together for our first baby! We’re expecting in March :)
    good luck everyone!

  11. Kimberly says:

    Casablanca for sure. Great giveaway!

  12. I love Cutting Edge stencils, and we have used them for years. Our most requested stencil pattern is damask. I think I’d like to try the diamond damask pattern for something a little different.

  13. Sheila says:

    My favorite is the Birch Tree Allover Stencil.

  14. jessvii says:

    I love all of the geometric ones! For example, I think the Casablanca stencil would look great in a bedroom:

    I also like a lot of the tree ones, especially the spreading sycamore tree:

    However, my true FAVORITE is the wise owl stencil:
    It would look perfect in a nursery!

  15. Teddi says:

    I love the zagora allover stencil. But they are all beautiful.

  16. Sandy says:

    I changed my mind several times about which stencil is my favorite – I can’t decide! I really like “Freedom” with the birdcage and birds but then again, the tree and branch stencils are really lovely. I also love the idea of stenciling on fabric. Too many decisions! But I love the opportunity to win – thank you!

  17. grace says:

    Oh, I love the “Herringbone Allover Stencil” … it’s a gorgeous design. Thank you for the chance to win this!

  18. Sunshine says:

    My favorite is the Rachel’s Garden Allover Stencil. It has a certain Art Nouveau feel to it!

  19. Darla says:

    I like the Parsley Blooms!

  20. Bethany says:

    I love cutting edge stencils! I would choose either the nadya damask stencil for my daughter’s room or the birch forest stencil. Great giveaway!

  21. Sandra says:

    I loved the Casablanca Allover Stencil!

  22. Kristin says:

    Which ones I don’t like would be a much shorter list! :o) Something about the dandelions are getting my attention lately. Or the large birch bark trees.

  23. Haley W says:

    Zagora is my favorite!

  24. Kelly H says:

    The Retro Flame Stencil Pattern is my favorite one! Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. sara says:

    casablanca is my fave!

  26. kristin says:

    Love the rabat stencil!

  27. Alana P says:

    I really like the Zamira.
    Thank you!

  28. Michael says:

    My office would look great with the birch trees.

  29. Laura P says:

    My favorite is the Moroccan Dream Allover Stencil. It would look awesome covering the wall behind our bed!

  30. Kamilah says:

    I love the zulu allover stencil!

  31. Lovely says:

    Oh my gosh. How are we to pick just one favorite?! I guess I’d have to go with one of the giant botanicals. The Dandelion would look awesome in our main floor powder room.

  32. Rachel says:

    My favorite is the Trellis Stencil, but I love all of the geometric stencils.


  33. Lovely says:

    I reluctantly shared this on Facebook. On one hand, I want the extra entry. On the other hand, the more people that know about this giveaway, the less my odds of winning. LOL.

    Thanks so much! Love your blog!

  34. Jenny S says:

    This was much more difficult than I expected….but I think Chrysanthemum Grande Flower would be one of my top favorites. I can see that up on a huge wall in multiple colors. Love it!!

  35. Kay says:

    I love the simplicity of the Mumbai Allover Stencil!

  36. Kay says:

    Shared on FB

  37. Angela J. says:

    Too hard to choose! Anna Damask currently has my attention… well as the dandelion. I would have to order multiple!

  38. Jenny S says:

    I shared this on Facebook….Love the stencils!!

  39. Erin Buchanan says:

    ~If I really had to choose it probably would be the trellis stencil.~

  40. Ahnnie says:

    The “Continuum” stencil by diane Paparto Studios in the Designer Series.

  41. Amanda says:

    Do I have to pick just one? Or can I say I’d love any (and or all) of the geometric stencils. Just lovely, every one of them.

  42. CourtneyFrantz says:

    I’m loving the Rabat Allover Stencil. I could see myself stenciling my foyer with that baby!

  43. Jenny says:

    I’d love to have one of the damask stencils for my daughters’ bathroom. I really love the Diamond Damask and the Anna Damask.

  44. Nali P. says:

    Love the geometric stencils!

  45. Chantal Tremblay says:

    I love the “Vine” stencil by Diane Paparo !

  46. Sharon says:

    I’m loving the Anna Damask stencil for my daughter’s closet makeover that I have in mind.

  47. Taysha Riggs says:

    I like the Pheasant Headdress Stencil by Kim Myles

  48. Amanda says:

    I love the Boulce! Perfect for my bathroom.

  49. Isabel says:

    My favorite is the Zamira Craft Stencil.

  50. Susan A. says:

    I love the Marrakech Trellis Craft Stencil. What a great design.

  51. Lana says:

    Zulu Allover – love it!

  52. Olivia says:

    Hand forged craft stencil… would look so great on so much!

  53. Jen says:

    Love the geometric patterns! My fave is Rabat Allover stencil! I haven’t tried this, but my great room is in need of a makeover! Love your blogs!

  54. Christie says:

    I love the “Hourglass Allover” wall stencil…it’s perfect for my bedroom wall!

  55. amyl says:

    anastasia damask stencil. wowee!

  56. victoria says:

    I would love to do a full wall of birch trees. But there are so many I would want!

  57. Alicia says:

    I love the Rabat All Over Stencil. Thank you!

  58. S says:

    I love the ‘Casablanca Allover Stencil ‘ stencil

  59. Regina says:

    I am totally in love with stencils! It’s about time I try one in my home!
    I am in love with all the moroccan geometric allover stencils; Moroccan Dream is my favorite, Marrakech, Rabat or Casablance follow close!
    Great giveaway!

  60. niki says:

    I love the scallop allover stencil. I want to use it to stencil the rug in my family room. Thanks!

  61. Lori says:

    It’s sooo hard to choose! I’d probably pick one of the geometrics. Great giveaway!

  62. Brooke says:

    I love the Ikat ZigZag stencil – how great is the combo of herringbone & ikat?!

  63. Jessica says:

    The chevron, of course :)

  64. Ingrid says:

    I’ve been eyeing these stencils for awhile now so thanks for the opportunity to win one. I love the Anna Damask stencil. Beautiful!

  65. Nicole Kemer says:

    The “Houndstooth Allover Stencil” is amazeballs! Great givaway!

  66. Jaime says:

    I could love almost any, but the Marrakech trellis is nice and simple.

  67. Susan says:

    I’m in the middle of a projec using the Rabat allover stencil but I’m sure I could put many others to good use!

  68. Karina says:

    I love the Zagora stencil. It would look great in our home office!

  69. Linda says:

    I love the wise owl stencil. Simple. Cute.

  70. april says:

    fun, i love the houndstooth stencil. so cute.

  71. I would love to try the MOROCCAN DREAM ALLOVER STENCIL in our entrance :)

  72. Rebekah says:

    Dreaming of using the Allover Stencil Trellis on an accent wall in the master bedroom.

  73. Destiny says:


  74. Kimberly says:


  75. Lynn says:

    I already own the RABAT stencil and LOVE IT!!!! I think my newest favorite is the POPPY All Over, but I adore the Acacia, Fusion All Over, Outside the Box, and Hand Forged All Over. GREAT products ~ easty to use ~ spectacular results. Thanks for this opportunity!

  76. Lynn says:

    Shared on FB too!

  77. Amy says:

    I’ve always loved the birch tree stencil! Thanks for hosting!

  78. Lauren says:

    been wanting the zamira for a while, it’s lovely!

  79. Jenelle says:

    I love the Trellis allover stencil for my powder room – gloss-on-matte charcoal!

  80. Gina F says:

    Moroccan Dream or Crazy daisy. THanks!

  81. Connie K. says:

    How about the Beautiful Birches kit for a powder room wall or a border design for the top of a chest?

  82. Julianne says:

    I like the Poppy All Over stencil. I think it would look amazing in my music room.

  83. birdyboots says:

    Love the Anna Damask stencil. I have had my eye on these for awhile for our remodeling project when it’s ready!!

  84. birdyboots says:

    Shared on FB under business page birdy boots :)

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  85. Cynthia says:

    Love the Spring Songbirds wall stencil shown over the headboard! Thanks!

  86. Lauren says:

    I love the Entwined Allover Stencil

  87. Jenny B says:

    Um, does it make me a crazy cat lady if I like the Cats, Cats, and More Cats allover stencil??

  88. Kacey says:

    I love the Birch Forest Allover Stencil, but I have a specific project that the Casablanca Allover Stencil would be perfect for.

  89. Laura says:

    The Sycamore Branches is my favorite. My craft room wants it. :)

  90. Lisa says:

    I like the Verde Damask stencil. It would look perfect on a wall in my master bedroom!

  91. Elissa says:

    I love the Zamira Allover stencil! It would look great in my bathroom!

  92. Lindsay says:

    Loving the birch tree stencil for my son’s room!

  93. Jaime stro says:

    Love Cutting edge stencils, need to do a project in my bedroom. Love the Zamira stencil!

  94. Elizabeth says:

    Moroccan Dream Allover stencil all the way!

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