Friday Finds

November 2, 2012

Happy fall weekend everyone!  Here’s the list of my Friday Finds – random things spied around the web that caught my eye, enjoy!

I love the mix of old and new in this elegant home featured at Atlanta Homes Mag.

elegant kitchen atlanta homes mag


I need a one way plane ticket to this very spot!  

built in outdoor firepit by ocean



Hildi owns four of the dozen “worst after makeovers” featured on Curbed, do you remember this bathroom?

worst makeover afters


It happened again, I got lost over at Light Locations, looking at all the pretty spaces from across the pond.  

light locations


If you’re in the Bay Area, you may be interested in attending the Dining by Design event in San Francisco on November 14-15th, featuring dramatically different table settings from several local designers who come together for charity, find all the details here.

 diffa event


Pottery Barn has a new blog and I was happy to be one of their first guests, read our interview here.

inside and out feature



I just love vintage Christmas ornaments and cards -  this shop and this shop both have some cute ones!   Do you decorate with vintage ornaments?  I think I just might this year!

vintage ornaments and cards


Also, I’m loving some whimsical felt creations for the holidays like these:

felted holiday

felt mistletoe / felt deer / ball garland / chubby gnomes


Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, so prepare with these tips on avoiding common gravy mistakes.

gravy tips




Other posts I enjoyed this week:

 Children’s bedrooms inspired by literature.

Carrie’s 12 very different dresses.

15 ways to eat your fall vegetables.

Find your should and make it go away.


To everyone in the NYC area – you’re in my thoughts and prayers this weekend. 

Be well.




21 Responses to “Friday Finds”

  1. Tori says:

    Thanks for the Trading Spaces flashbacks. What were they thinking?!

  2. Robyn says:

    I totally remember that episode of trading spaces with abject horror! All those flowers collecting dust! *shudder*

  3. Was there nothing Hildi wouldn’t glue/staple/nail to the walls? I always wonder what happened to her & Doug & Frank & well obviously I paid a little too much attention to that show. :) Off to read the interview – congrats! ~Dee

  4. Audrey says:

    That bathroom by Hildi still brings nightmares. She also stuck wine labels all over a kitchen for a family that didn’t drink wine! Her excuse for these and other bad choices: she lives in an all-white Paris apartment, so she gets crazy in her designs. I think she and Doug were the “shock and awe” factor for the early years of Trading Spaces.

    • CentsationalGirl says:

      Oh that’s right Audrey, I remember that “wine label” episode !! I used to watch that show all the time just to see what they would do, I remember always loving Vern and Laurie’s designs.

  5. teresa says:

    I somehow missed the t where you finally got your new DR table. It looks lovely. CTD

  6. elaine says:

    We always deco w/vintage ornaments! My mom has a bunch from her childhood in the 50s/60s that always hang on our tree. They are the frosted/metallic kind and they are beautiful.

  7. Betsy C. says:

    I laughed aloud at the flower bathroom! I remember watching Trading Spaces (and BBC’s Changing Rooms) with a mix of awe, inspiration, and horror. Hildi was usually responsible for the horror. The post on Curb lists some of worst, but there was also the record room and the feather room. Oh and she destroyed what could have been beautiful when she created the Tiffany Blue Box room. Thank you for the memories!

  8. Hey, I did a shoot at that Light location last year for The Mail. It was amazing. We had lunch in the garden every day. It’s in a really beautiful rural location. I was shooting Christmas and we filled the house with trees and baubles.

    Hope I get to shoot there again.


  9. ADORE that kitchen, LOVE that vacation spot, HATE that bathroom, but who doesn’t? How did someone like Hildi get a gig like that?!

    Congrats on the interview Kate! You are truly a rock star!!

    And thanks for the good wishes…we need it here. No heat, no power, no Internet (I’m at our weekend home now where we have it thank goodness) and no gas. But I think about the poor woman who’s small children were swept away from her arms and drowned, and the two young children who died when a tree crashed thru their home and realize how fortunate we are.

  10. ah, Hildi’s creations! :P I love the vintage ornaments, have a few from my mom. They don’t really go with my other Christmas decorations, but I have a small iron tree that I hang them on- the memories tug at my heart every time I look at it.

  11. caroline says:

    I never saw that particular show but I do remember they did two rooms in colors that the homeowners HATED. I remember it was an all brown room and the woman totally flipped. I felt sorry for them and thought to myself I’d never go on the show, in fears I’d get Hildi. It’s just plain mean to mess with someone’s house like that!

    Congrats on the interview :)

  12. Sarah says:

    I just found your website, and I’m totally digging the Friday Finds! I’ve certainly had my share of “what was I thinking” moments after a DIY project, but thankfully nothing that even comes close to those Worst Makeovers. And that sunken fire pit almost makes me want to start digging in my backyard…almost. I think without the ocean view, it will lose a significant amount of its charm. :)

  13. Lisa E says:

    I used to love Trading Spaces until they used to start wrecking people’s spaces for ratings instead of the make over for which they had hoped. How about when Genovive put moss on the wall? Awful.

  14. LOL–Hildi certainly had her share of “interesting” spaces. ;)

  15. I’d love one of those one way tickets, too. Lovely.

    If I live to be a hundred and fifty i’ll never forget that Hildi bathroom. All I could think of was those
    poor people filling all those staple holes with spackling. Good Grief!
    Almost as bad as the straw-mud walls.


  16. Jessica Weiner says:

    Hi Kate, thanks for the gravy tips. My mom is The Gravy Queen, she just has a knack for it. Me, not so much, tho she has tried to teach me. Making a turkey stock and a roux ahead of time will help. I don’t want to dethrone mom, just trying to hold my own!

  17. Ann says:

    So glad to be back online in New Jersey and feeling very fortunate that the only problems we had were no power, no water and no cable/internet! Thoughts and prayers to those who suffered and continue to suffer.

    Great kitchen and vacay spot!

  18. Susan says:

    Hildi was the worst! I don’t know how she got hired on Trading Spaces or how the homeowner’s friends never stood up to her and told her “No!” Surprised that the kitchen she glued hundreds of wine labels to the walls didn’t make the list. The homeowners didn’t even drink, but Hildi must have, as the only excuse I can think of for her “designs” is that she was plastered.

  19. Julie says:

    The straw episode was made infinitely worse by her ripping out the old growth Douglas Fir mantle and woodwork in the California Craftsman bungalow she was redoing, and replacing it with cheap pine. I thought she should have been prosecuted for criminal mischief. :-0

  20. Carmel says:

    That bathroom gave me nightmares – can you even imagine the germs?! All those flowers – how do you clean them?! AHHHHHH! SCARY!

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