Sunday Reading

October 21, 2012

Hello friends, I hope you’re all enjoying this fine fall weekend!  We’re invited to a birthday party up in Healdsburg (a popular destination town in WC) and I’m excited to spend a few hours relaxing with friends, sampling some delicious cuisine! 

Meanwhile, here are the articles posted over the past two weeks at my Better Homes & Gardens blog, click on the button to read the latest. 

haunted house

great geometric rugs

clever craft supply storage

beautiful comfortable beds

fireplace focus

mirrored furniture


I have a great DIY art project to share with you tomorrow, until then enjoy your Sunday! 

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2 Responses to “Sunday Reading”

  1. Angélica says:

    I love your blogs
    Saludos from Chile

  2. Julie says:

    All great design inspirations. Thanks for sharing!

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