Friday Finds

October 12, 2012

So everyone, an announcement: I’m starting a new series on Fridays, phasing out giveaway weekends and instead offering up a different kind of post.  I’ll still do a few giveaways a month but I’ll surprise you during the week instead. 

Every week, I stumble across things that I think are fresh, funny, or fabulous so I’ve decided to share them with you on a regular basis and have dubbed it my Friday Finds.  (Separate of course from the ‘Best of the Blogosphere’ which is DIY focused and still runs every other weekend.)  Beware the randomness!       

I just spied this glamorous bedroom over at Homedit and I’m smitten with the smoky mirrored wall and plum palette.

smoky mirrored wall plum palette

via Homedit


I have a mild case of VBO otherwise known as Volkswagen Bus Obsession – my mom used to drive a Volkswagen van when we were kids so I attribute my affection to the brand to my childhood.  Someday I’d love to camp in one overnight by the seashore. 

vw campervan

image: Light Locations 

volkswagen by sea

image: Dust Jacket Attic


Wood tiles are all the rage right now – like modern parquet floors but up on walls.  Are you a fan of this look?  View the wood tile gallery over at the LA Times.

parquet wood tiles


Oh darn, I missed the Veuve Clicquot harvesting of the grapes!   Well at least I can live vicariously through this Lonny mag feature.

harvest festival lonny


The fabulous Nate Berkus with his flawless taste is generating a lot of buzz this month due to his new book and his line for Target.  How many of you will be shopping his collection come October 21st? 

nate berkus for target

image: Casa Sugar


Heavens what a sight.  A 12 layer chocolate chip cookie cake.  Yes, please.

chocolate chip cake thecakeblog


I’ve started my Christmas List and this gold phone pouchette is definitely at the top.

gold iphone pouchette

via Hestia & Bear 


Charm Alert!  How sweet are these love note napkins penned by famous authors?  Set of four available at Uncommon Goods.

love letter napkins uncommon goods



Etsy finds!  Someone please buy these faux bamboo nesting tables and Danish brass pendant right away, they need a new home and if it can’t be mine, let it be yours.  etsy vintage brass

via Of All the Fish Vintage and Vintage DK


These ‘notes to my 15 year old self’ from successful women from all walks of life are really inspiring.

letters to 15 yr old self cnn

via CNN


I’ll be back on Sunday with another round of ‘Best of the Blogosphere’.  Also, a reminder the Comfort Food Link Party is next week, so if you haven’t posted about your favorite recipe, whip it up this weekend and meet me here on Tuesday.

comfort food link party


Have a great weekend!

kate signature image


20 Responses to “Friday Finds”

  1. Elizabeth H says:

    Oh my, I have the faux bamboo nesting tables and was about to give them away. No way now, I will keep them.

  2. KATHYSUE says:

    Love the Etsy finds, especiallly the faux bamboo nesting tables!! Random post are fun! Happy weekend, Kathysue

  3. Shannon Fox says:

    My aunt had and orange & white VW bus and it brings back tons of memories of my cousins and I all piled in together.

  4. I love the new Friday Finds! The parquet wall would be such a cool DIY project. *Hmmmm…*

  5. StagerLinda says:

    Ohhhh….lots of memories from a VW bus! Those nesting tables are sweet.

  6. I love the nesting tables and pendant and the phone pouchette … so glam!

    Thank you so much for the link back xxx

  7. Anja says:

    Love that top photo – even though I’d never pull it off! I’m not so sure about the layered cookie, though – how would you cut it?

  8. Great Friday finds. We had a VW bus growing up too. I can still remember the putt-putt sound it made going up the hill to our house. I could always tell when my father was coming home from work. Thanks for the memories.

    I’m all set for the comfort food link party – for me it is chocolate chip cookies. The chocolate chip cookie cake you posted sure got my mouth watering.

  9. vEl says:

    Thanks for sharing these, love the VW too! And those parquet walls? Gorgeous! I wil be at TARGET come oct. 21st as soon as it opens! Gotta get Nate’s lamps!

  10. sue says:

    I had a set of those nesting tables that belonged to my MIL and I really didn’t care for them and got rid of them. Wish I had realized that others would have paid good money for them. It’s funny how styles change, tastes change, what was in is out and what was out is in again. Items do cycle in and out, for sure.

  11. JoJo says:

    the mirrored wall would look great in a small condo bedroom. i’d find it a bit disconcerting myself lol. my son loves vw vans, aren’t they they best. told him he’d have to settle for a lego vw bus for now. :) I sold a set of nesting tables at a garage sale a few years ago with occasional pangs of regret.

  12. Love the Etsy finds, especiallly the faux bamboo nesting tables!!

  13. Jody-Ann says:

    Very cute pics. Love the first pic bedroom…..

  14. ahhh love those bamboo nesting tables! Would totally buy them, but not in my budget right now. Alas.

  15. bj says:

    OOO, I do love this post.
    One of my grandson’s had a Volkswagen bus and it was sooo much fun. He finally sold it for a car with better gas mileage…I hated to see it go but understood why.

    I don’t like the wooden tiles…just not my style.

    HOLY COW on that Cookie Cake…HAVE MERCY.

    AND, I’m going to get those adorable napkins if they are anywhere NEAR my budget.
    and…I already have my Comfort Food post waiting in the wings for the 16th.
    Yay…fun fun fun.
    I’m putting the info on my sidebar…maybe we’ll get lots of good recipes.
    xo bj

  16. Laura says:

    I am excited to see Nate’s line. I hope there’s some stuff left before I get there when it debuts!
    I have a Friday Finds on my blog but it’s a round-up of my vintage finds when I go to the flea the week before.
    Seeing what you’ve found is so fun.

  17. Hi Kate I found your blog today and am now following you. I read through almost all your posts and I LOVE your style. I would to invite you to stop by my blog Cheers, Rani. P.S. I am hosting my very first giveaway! :)

  18. Genevieve says:

    I’ve been following quite a few design blogs for the past few years and I must say, yours has always been one of my favs. Love the new series! Especially the Etsy finds. And the cookie cake!… maybe its time for a bite to eat. Haha. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Steph says:

    Love the Friday Finds. I have parquet floors should I keep
    Them or replace when we can?

  20. erin says:

    interesting read on the Veuve Clicquot. I work for a wine distributor in Chicago and one of our VP’s that just recently passed before he came to work for us, he was the national marketing director for that brand and responsible for the way it is now represented in the market. Every time someone talks about that brand, I think of him. such a great guy. :o) I didn’t know that much about the brand expect what he did for it and everyone likes to refer to it now all over the place!

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