Alma Project: Bathroom Remodel

September 10, 2012

Hello everyone, I’m excited to announce we’ve completed another space remodel as part of our Alma Project!  I hinted a few months ago that we’ve adopted a second house in partnership with our local COTS (Committee on the Shelterless) and a team of volunteers has been working on this home to prepare it for the families that will be moving in shortly. 

This home serves the purpose of helping families that are in immediate danger of separation because the parents don’t have a place to live, often they’re sleeping in cars.  This house helps keep homeless families intact so that CPS does not separate the children from the parents.  It’s a place for families to reside temporarily while our local COTS helps them obtain more permanent housing.  We couldn’t be prouder of this hall bathroom remodel!

vanity faucet


This could not have happened without the support of some very generous sponsors and a team of volunteers.  Just like with the kitchen remodel earlier this year, Home Depot was a very generous donor, supplying us with the new vanity, toilet and faucet, and we are extremely grateful for their support!  Glidden provided the paint, and with some money raised from our Alma Project fund, we were able to add the extras.  

When we started, this shared community bathroom was a complete disaster, and in desperate need of upgrades.  Here’s a peek at the space two months ago before the remodel began.   The tub and flooring were dingy, discolored, and in very sad shape.   The vanity and toilet were really bad too, so we removed everything in the space except the tub and started over. 

bathroom before


Here’s how it looks two months later!

bathroom remodel after


Warren works for COTS and is the manager of this house – he did the installation of the new flooring and vanity, plus all the plumbing.  This vanity is from Home Depot and came with the solid surface top and mirror too, at $299 it was a great deal!

vanity front view


For those interested, this vanity (source below) has to be flush to the wall so you have to trim your baseboard, also your plumbing has to be centered or you’ll have to cut into the bottom drawer and could lose some utility. The solid surface top has a slightly orangish hue to it which doesn’t come across so much in pictures, but for the price, I’m totally impressed with it!

front of vanity


Victor, our wonderful painter, painted the walls with ‘Oyster Bay’ by Glidden – it’s a pale shade of gray with a slight hint of green to it – I love this color so much I recently repainted our study in the same shade.   The inspirational print I found on Etsy (source below) and framed for the wall.  The modern floral shower curtain sets the color palette for the space, picking up the brown tones and soothing blues.

wall art and shower curtain


Instead of a towel bar, I thought towel hooks were much better for a shared community bathroom.

rear wall with hooks


We made this rack out of a piece of birch wood that I primed and painted white.  Once the painted wood piece was screwed into the studs, we added the series of oil rubbed bronze hooks for contrast and utility – both the birch wood and hooks were purchased from Home Depot.  

towel hooks


One project that saved us a ton of money was the epoxy treatment on the tub.  Our painter Victor recommended an epoxy he’s used over the years, so we trusted his opinion and we’re so glad we did.  

epoxy for tub


The shower doors were removed and all the debris and leftover caulking sanded off. Victor applied the epoxy treatment to the tub and we were amazed how well it turned out!

epoxy tub


Here’s the source list and cost breakdown:  Vanity sink plus mirror from Home Depot $299 (donated by Home Depot); Glacier Bay dual flush toilet $98 (donated by Home Depot); Moen bathroom faucet $89 (donated by Home Depot); light fixture $40; Glacier bay towel ring and paper holder; $38; birch wood + hooks, $40; Tub epoxy, $40; New shower head $20; Moen shower curtain rod $40; Reflections shower curtain $30 + liner $10; linoleum remnant $40; bath rug from Kohls, $30; Inspirational print and frame; $40; ‘Oyster Bay’ paint by Glidden $25 (donated); baskets for storage from Michaels, $25, towels from Bed, Bath & Beyond, $30. 

Total cost retail, not including labor:  $924 

Total cost with donations, not including labor: $448

Another huge thank you to this most recent round of generous donors!  Heidi Crotty, Kristen Lenca, Kimberley George, Martha Welch, Jamie Druke, Ann Wilson, Shannon Lambert, Janet Newton, Tonja Pastorelle, Jacqueline Blomberg, The Treasured Home Shop, and Dear Lillie Shop!   We appreciate you so much!!! 

The kitchen at this emergency shelter home is nearing completion, I’ll have that space to show you in a few short weeks and we have enough in our budget to cover it, but we need more help in the great room.  I need a desk for the case worker, a rug, some dining tables and storage units, and also five sheet sets for beds in five bedrooms, will you help?  We appreciate any amount, donate by clicking on this button (also in the sidebar).  

alma project logo


Thanks so much to all the donors, volunteers, and support of readers, we couldn’t have done this without you!

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