Rugs in the Casa

August 31, 2012

I’ve had a lot of questions lately about the rugs in our house so today I thought I’d share a little more about them and some of my favorite sources for rugs.   We have hardwood floors downstairs so I have rugs in all of the spaces, and a couple upstairs on the carpets too, just to add color and pattern.   I don’t want to spend a fortune on a rug because I don’t want to freak if something spills on it like wine or chocolate or kid crud, so I’m always looking for affordable options.  Maybe someday I’ll have a Madeline Weinrib or a Thomas Paul, but for now, I try to keep rug purchases under $400, preferably less. 

Area rugs always ground a space so I like to use them to set the style or palette for the room or sitting area.  I prefer when the style of the rug coordinates with the style of the room, so that’s where I begin when searching for a rug but you’re always free to mix it up!  For the living room, I went with a traditional style, it’s a rug I bought on clearance at World Market two years ago, it used to sit in the family room but it has now made itself at home in the living room.  

winter living room cg

I get a ton of emails about this rug, but unfortunately I can’t find it anywhere, even on eBay, but here are some comparables!

comparable rugs

Caspian Blue + Coliseum + Blue Medallion


This is an older picture of our entry (the desk is gone) but it’s the only one I have at this angle.  The entry has a 6’ round carpet with a blue flourish, I picked it up at Target over three years ago, and it’s not available anymore but there are a few similar rugs linked below!

brown rug in foyer

Round Keno Paisley + Brown Floral + Brown Abstract


I bought a great indoor/outdoor rug for the family room earlier this year from Overstock, another favorite source for rugs. Our is the brown (actually mocha) but it’s also available in blue and green and grey. This is a great rug that takes a lot of abuse in our most used room, adds a nice geometric pattern, and it still looks as great as the day I unrolled it.  And yes, I moved the console table out of the entry and into the family room, I’m guilty of always moving stuff around!

rug in family room


I love Dash & Albert rugs – they have the best stripes and palettes!  The cotton rugs are affordable, the wool versions are pricier but I’m a huge fan of their collection.  On wood, tile, or linoleum, the cotton rugs need a rug pad or they will slip – the Caravan Stripe is in the boy’s room and the Aquinnah is in the kitchen

dash and albert rug


A lot of you asked about this fun and colorful rug in the study – I went with a bolder choice in here since it’s a kid space and I love the greens and blues and the medallion pattern, it’s also an indoor/outdoor rug and is holding up really well. 

new study rug


My office has a new pale blue/gray rug that I found here.  It sheds a little so I have to vacuum it once a week or so, but I do love its pattern and thickness.

kates home office cg


I love indoor/outdoor rugs for their affordability and great geometric patterns – the one on our balcony is from Overstock and would work just as well indoors!

cg blue balcony

I can’t find it in navy anymore but it is available in black, green, brown, and light blue.  

poolside rugs


And just for fun, here are a few other favorites I spied online. 

area rug collection

From top left: Poolside Lattice, Blue Floral, Gray Zig Zag, Jute Hemp; Pumpkin Trellis; Red Stripe; Gray Geometric; Medallion; Navy Trellis.

I’m on the hunt for a better rug in the dining room as soon as I resolve the trestle table dilemma so I’ve been pinning a few favorites.  My two favorite sources for indoor/outdoor rugs are Overstock and Rugs USA.  I’m not paid to say it, that’s just where I usually start looking for stylish rugs that don’t cost a fortune.  Also Target, IKEA, World Market, Shades of Light, and West Elm are places I look too. 

What’s your favorite source for shopping for rugs?   Scored a good one lately? 



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