Bossy Kids

August 21, 2012

Yesterday we started a new tradition, one I just came up with when I woke up and realized there was only one real last day of summer left.  I decided I was not going to set the pace for the last day, but instead it was ‘Kids Are The Boss’ day.  The rules were simple, no buying new toys and nothing too far away, just pick five things you want to do and we will do them.

The wide eyed looks of “What’s wrong with Mom?” turned into smiles of glee as they conspired and whispered among themselves to decide what were those five things they wanted to do.   Then they made their announcement, here were their choices:

Destination #1, The Candy Store.    We have a great candy store downtown which offers every kind of candy you could ever want in the world and plays the Willy Wonka movie all day long.  I knew this was coming.

willy wonka movie

powells candy store


Destination #2: The Park   I confess I get tired of repeated visits to the park but when the kids are boss, it’s a required stop. 

park visit


Destination #3, Frozen Treats   No objections from me!

frozen treat 

Destination #4, Miniature Golf    I haven’t done this in ten years, so it was fun for me too, plus we did a little bumper boat action at the end getting soaked in the process.

miniature golf

My girl has mad mini golf skills, she got two hole-in-one puts and even won herself a free round of golf on the last hole when she made the money shot!

kids miniature golf


Destination #5   Swimming (but of course)   An afternoon dip the pool ended the ‘Kids are the Boss’ day and on the ride home the talk was “This was the best day ever.”   

swim team

Kids are so easy to please.  All you have to do is make them the boss.  :)

How are you spending your last days of summer?




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