Bathroom Étagère

August 27, 2012

One of these days, I have to get Matt to sit down to type his love/hate letter to IKEA.  Just to get it off his chest.

Like me, he loves the cost savings but many times I’ve asked him if he would make the round trip to IKEA for me and then it ends badly.  One time he gauged his cheek on a shelf corner in the the loading zone and he had to wear a bandage on his face for a week.  (I heard about that episode more than once.)  Another time he ran out of gas on the way home late at night which was my fault because he took my car and I forgot to tell him the tank was on empty.  Oops.

Still, he’s kind enough to make a trip for me a few times a year as long as I locate online the exact Aisle and the exact Bin number for retrieval and purchase of specific items so he never has to go upstairs into The Maze.

When I chose the Vittsjos for the shelving in the study last month, I asked him to grab one extra skinny one just in case the two big ones side by side were too long.  They weren’t, and it all worked out perfectly, but I was left with a single $40 Vittsjo shelf that sat in the garage for a month.  I almost returned it.  I almost donated it.  Then I realized I had some wasted vertical space in our master bathroom, and I was in need of a storage solution, so why not put it to good use there.

silver painted vittsjo etagere cg

I wish I had figured this out months ago, since we only had a short metal table in there holding towels.  This inexpensive solution is so much nicer, and allows for space for washcloths, hand towels, and toiletries too.

yesterday and today


All it took was a can of spray paint and an afternoon to convert the black metal shelves to silver ones once it was assembled.

krylon spray paint


I was concerned with such a narrow space of wall, there might not be enough room to access the vanity nearby, but I can still grab my hairdryer, flattening iron, etc. even if the drawers don’t pull out all the way.  Bonus – the scale is disguised better now, and since it hasn’t been telling me what I want lately, I’m happy it is mostly out of view.  :)

access to cabinet

I found a chrome wine rack on clearance at Pier One – I thought it would be perfect for holding hand towels!

toiletries and handtowels on shelves

With a pocket door entry to our master bathroom, there’s no concern about the door blocking it so this new shelf fits the space nicely.

silver painted ikea vittsjo etagere


It’s really nice having all those daily essentials in glass containers rather than searching through drawers every morning.

toiletries on shelf

The spray paint finish looks more like brushed nickel than shiny chrome, but I prefer it that way.  It thought about adding a layer of silver leaf for texture, but decided the smooth finish was enough as is.

Not bad for a $40 shelf and a $6 can of spray paint!

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