PB Kids Inspired Dresser

July 6, 2012

One of my son’s best friends is Jack, or Jackie as everyone calls him.  Jackie is a sweet, athletic, funny boy and we hang out with his family a lot.  Jackie’s mom asked me to refinish a dresser for him and I was inspired by a Pottery Barn Kids dresser to paint it a bold blue and add some brushed nickel pulls to mimic the look of the collection.

camp collection inspired blue dresser cg


Here is the inspiration for this dresser, the Pottery Barn Kids Camp Dresser, retail price for this smaller size is $649.

pottery barn camp dresser


The cost for this makeover was $35 for the paint (from my local stockist) and $28 for the pulls which I found at Home Depot, so $63 total.

napoleonic blue dresser cg


The dresser was previously painted for Jackie’s sister in shades of pink and purple (I can’t find my “before” pics anywhere but you can imagine) so I painted over it using Annie Sloan’s ‘Napoleonic Blue’ Chalk Paint then added two coats coat of clear water-based satin Varathane on top.  It’s for an active boy so I wanted to reinforce the paint with extra protection!

napoleonic blue

Enamel paints are also my favorite paints for furniture, so if you’d like to use a quart of one of those instead of the AS Chalk Paint, try either Sherwin Williams ‘Dignity Blue’ or Benjamin Moore’s ‘Down Pour Blue’ – both are very close color matches.

Drilling new holes for hardware can be agonizing after you paint because you want to get it right the first time.  Here’s a trick I used to keep the new pulls all lined up and mistake free.  I start by finding the center point on the top drawers, then I use painter’s tape on top to mark where the holes will go.  Be sure your protective coat is fully cured with this method otherwise it could pull of some of the finish.

use painters tape to indicate where to drill

Next I lined up painter’s tape all the way down the drawers and marked the holes with a pencil using a measuring tape and level to guide me along each drawer.

painter's tape to align pulls


I find the 11/64 drill bit is a good size for the screws that come with standard hardware.

11 64 drill bit


Using the painter’s tape/level/measuring tape combo resulted in perfectly straight pulls.  Jackie’s dresser is getting picked up tomorrow, I sent a pic to his mom and it’s a hit!

napoleonic blue dresser up close


My apologies to all of you RSS and email subscribers that haven’t been getting this week’s posts, something strange is going on with Feedburner but I’m working on it!

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