The Dog Eared Pages

June 15, 2012

I have a confession to make and I’m sure it’s a common affliction among some of you.  I am a magazine hoarder, I repeat, I am a full fledged 100% magazine hoarder.  Who shall join me in this self inflicted misery?

I’ve subscribed to many publications for many years, always looking forward to them arriving in the mail every month and I love them and won’t end my subscriptions anytime soon, but what happens is as you know is they stack up quickly and soon you’re left with a pile of paper to either keep or recycle, and I much prefer the latter, but my “Oh there was that great article about boxwood hedges” or “I can’t throw that issue away, that amazing kitchen is inside!” takes over my brain and the piles ensue.

piles of magazine

I decided at the beginning of the year I’d be much better, oh yes I would!  I’d cure my magazine hoarding problem once and for all!!  (insert culturally relevant female empowerment song).

I’ve always dog-eared my favorite pages in the past for reference but what to do with all those articles/spaces/nifty ideas on pages that add up and up and up to piles of magazines filled with ideas and information that I cannot part with?

the dog eared pages

Pinterest has made it easier, now I know I can usually find a space online within a month of publication but I’m forgetful and rarely look for them that way.  I’ve struggled with what to do with all these dog eared pages for years.  Throw them in a binder?  Sure, I guess, but it has always seemed too utilitarian and this is where the practical side of me loses out to the “Why can’t it just be pretty?” side of me and a battle rages within.

As I was strolling through Michaels the other day I spied some simple and affordable white canvas bound sketch books and thought, hey, those would make great “books” to help me solve my “hoarding of the dog eared pages” problem, and an idea was born.  These things always happen if you casually stroll the aisles of Michaels, but I digress.

sketch books


There’s something so nostalgic about taking the time to make books out of clippings of your favorite things.  I’m not really a scrapbook person but I do prefer holding reading material in my hands (books, magazines, newspapers) rather than getting all my information digitally and I think it has something to do with my love of reading an actual book with pages and the fact I work online all the time and I just want to hold and look at paper pages in my hands.

So I started the slow, laborious, but ultimately satisfying process of taking over the kitchen island for a few nights and while the kids read or played and while I caught up on the news, I began making books out of my piles of magazines.  Who can spy the necessary element of sustenance for such a task?

kitchen island project


To start, I set a few ground rules 1)  Only years 2009 – 2011 for now.  2)  Purge anything outdated or unimportant.  3) Absolutely no reading the old magazine again, only the dog eared pages ONLY the dog eared pages!!!!  *slap*  4)  toss the article if I’ve pinned it on Pinterest (there was some overlap) and 5) put a serious dent in those piles ASAP at the request of your tolerant husband who really needs those magazines to disappear for a little more shelf space.

I began with a volume on interiors.  Notice how I say “volume” as if this is some sort of encyclopedia project (which, let’s be frank, it may become because I do so love interiors).

renovation style bedroom

favorite spaces in book

real simple pages

Inside, I also included all those articles deemed helpful for remodeling or building, you know, for my “next house”.  :)

types of wood for remodeling


I only got halfway through it when I felt like turning to a new subject which was about all things outdoors (garden or spaces).  A moment of silence please because how ridiculously awesome is that fountain?  *le sigh*

outdoor spaces in book


  And I also started a third “volume” on DIY projects and crafty type inspiration.

diy project book


Maybe I will write a book about interiors someday, but for now these little “books” of mine will do just fine.  I also love the idea of whittling over 100 magazines and 200 dog eared tear sheets so far to three half filled volumes that will eventually be filled up and preserved as little books on the shelf for years to come.   Double sided articles were secured only along the top with a glue stick to allow me to flip up the page and read the other side in the future.  I have many more magazines to condense, but I’m off to a great start.

volumes on shelf


I wonder if my daughters will pull my “books” off the shelf years from now and wonder about my taste.   Will rustic furniture and gray kitchens still be stylish?  Will making pillows out of old clothing still be en vogue?

pillows from old clothing

  Only time will tell.

How do you manage or organize your magazine subscriptions?  Commiserate with me.



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