A Troublesome Cat and a Great Vacuum

June 9, 2012

Hello everyone and happy weekend to you!  We have plans to do some gardening and attend a friend’s wedding, the weather should be perfect!  But first, please allow me to share a recent phenomenon in our household and then tell you how we deal with it.

Our youngest member of the family is Coco the kitten and she is very mischievous and her latest fascination is with toilet paper.  Is this a common thing with cats?  I don’t know, but it never fails when friends come over, she engages in her latest wily maneuver which is a full blown attack on a roll of toilet paper.  We laugh, but I haven’t been able to keep the stuff on the holders or nicely stacked in baskets for weeks for fear of inevitable destruction.

Charmin is like catnip and it sends Coco into a tizzy and it’s typical for her to drag a roll across the house, bat it around like a mouse, and then attack it with frenzied claws.  When caught, she always has this look on her face.

cat and tp


Hold that image in your head while I fill you in on our vacuum situation.  The vacuum we’ve had for ten years is great, but it’s a beast – not a fun one to work with for the sole reason it weighs a ton and hurts my back to lift it.  Since we have a lot of carpet upstairs and several area rugs downstairs, I confess I procrastinate in my vacuuming duties and always ask Matt if he can help me with the chore.  One time it literally ate the edge of an area rug and I’ve been bitter ever since.

Well as luck would have it, one of my lovely sponsors Oreck offered to send me a lightweight household Magnesium vacuum cleaner to try out, and my immediate response was “Um, yes, please”.  Its arrival coincided perfectly with the “Cat versus the Toilet Paper” battles that have been a part of our daily lives for over a month now.

guilty cat


We’ve been using our 7.7 pound Magnesium upright for a few weeks and we really do love it.  For such a lightweight vacuum it packs a lot of power and at two levels, a low setting for area rugs and a higher setting for carpets.  After we begrudgingly clean up the biggie toilet paper sections, the Magnesium grabs the littler pieces under the watchful eye of our rascally cat.

guilty cat 2


oreck magnesiumMy four favorite things about this vacuum

1) It’s so lightweight your kids can use it!  Yes, I’ve convinced mine that “vacuuming is fun!” with this one so they do some of it for me (ha!)

2)  It’s so lightweight I can carry it upstairs with one hand and not suffer any back problems from heavy lifting and that makes me very happy.

3) It works really well on all my downstairs wood floors and is quicker than a broom, and,

4)  its thin profile lets it lay down flat and go anywhere easily especially under furniture or beds.



use under sofa on wood


What I don’t like?  The “on” button is silver plastic and feels insubstantial but so far so good, no issues to date, and I do like the lighter setting for area rugs.  I also think it’s expensive at $499 for just the vacuum and I guess I just have a hard time spending that kind of dough on home cleaning stuff when I’d rather spend it on a pretty chair, but as my husband reminded me the other day, “That’s what good vacuums cost”.  Okay then.

Here’s some great news, Oreck is giving away one Magnesium vacuum to a lucky winner this weekend!

Eligibility to win the Oreck Magnesium vacuum.

1.  Visit Oreck to learn one thing about the Magnesium, then name it in a comment.

2.  For a second chance to win, link to this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter, leave a second comment naming where you shared about this giveaway.

US only, 48 contiguous states.  One winner chosen at random.  By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.  Giveaway ends Monday June 11, 2012 at 8 p.m. PST.

* Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes, but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes.  I received this product for free, all opinions are my own.  If you have any cures for cat addiction to toilet paper syndrome, please share. 



WINNER #954 Bridget



967 Responses to “A Troublesome Cat and a Great Vacuum”

  1. Lara says:

    I love that it’s 7 1/2 pounds! So light! And virtually indestructible. I have hardwood, tile, and carpet floors so it’s nice that one machine can clean all of them.

  2. Cindy says:

    I love how light it is, the 30ft cord and everything else about it except the price! LOL

  3. Zohreh says:

    I like how light it is and the HEPA filter.

  4. Krista W says:

    Wow, a 20 ft cord and 7.5 lbs!

  5. Sondra says:

    This granny can handle such a light weight vac–it’s only 7 1/2 pounds!

  6. Mary C. says:

    I love that it includes the “Ultimate handheld vac”… so many times I need to clean above-the-floor surfaces too!

  7. Natalie says:

    Apparently the Magnesium uses 102 mph of airflow – that is something I think is really nice. The weight (7.7 lbs) and the handheld vac it can come with are nice features as well; who doesn’t like light vacuums?

  8. jk says:

    Seeing that pillow on your sofa made me jump…in a good way. I have the same one (referring to the one in the back) on my sofas. Lol. I’ve been trying to get rid of our vaccum, it lost the wheels on the bottom that make it slide easier on the carpet. Without it it’s like pushing a truck. I don’t even bother with it anymore, I’ve passed the vaccum duty to my hubby since he has such an attachment to the darn thing (he bough it in his college days). Until I can afford something lightweight and reliable possibly like a dyson or this magnesium…I can only envy you. :)

  9. Rebecca says:

    30 ft. cord!!

  10. It lays virtually flat for easy cleaning under furniture
    Thank you!

  11. Lisa Tatum says:

    My mom had me pick up an Oreck Magnesium for her in the spring. I used it at my home before I took it to her and let me say I could hardly let it go. She had a stroke a few years ago and has lost so much strength in her upper body. She also cannot recommend this enough. The fact that is is only 7.7 pounds is great but the suction is tremondous. If I don’t win this, well, I do have a “jar” labeled Oreck!!!

  12. Tracy says:

    The 30 ft cord means I don’t have to unplug and re-plug in every room. Light weight is a plus too, as well as all the positive feedback on cleaning the hard woods. I would love a vaccum that cleans my hard woods.

  13. Sara Daum says:

    I like that it has two speeds, high and low. Perfect for both carpets and hard floors! I love that it weighs less than eight pounds! Thanks!

  14. Sara Daum says:

    Shared this on my facebook. http://www.facebook.com/daums

  15. Alli says:

    Love the 30 ft cord and it goes under furniture. Perfect

  16. Debbie D says:

    I like the idea of the two-speed Quickswitch – and the ability to go flat under the furniture.

  17. Kindra says:

    Love that it switches easily between carpet and hardwood floors!

  18. Eileen says:

    I love the light weight and the long cord.

  19. Carol says:

    It’s a toss up between the 30 ft cord and that it will do my wood floors! I guess I could say with the 30ft cord I could clean all my wood floors without having to move the plug two or three times!!

  20. Louise in NE OK says:

    The low profile is what I love…..and the easy switch between wood floors and carpet.

  21. Tiffany H. says:

    This sounds like a great vacuum for both my carpet and hardwood areas in my home.

    “The two speed Quickswitch™ on the back of the vacuum enables you to move smoothly across all floor types using appropriate power levels: high for carpets and low for hardwoods and tile.”

  22. ellie says:

    the Oreck Magnesium is 7.7 pounds. that’s pretty light for a vacuum that actually works…i’d love to try it!

  23. peg v says:

    20 foot power cord, Holla!

  24. Allison B. says:

    A 20 ft cord! You mean I wouldn’t have to use 3 or 4 different outlets just to vaccuum my single level home? Yes please! And only 7.7 lbs? I have to have this vaccuum!

  25. Huma Z says:

    I love lots of their features (weights only 7.7 pounds, are you kidding me?!!!), my favorite one is, it has a 7 year warranty!!!

  26. Heather says:

    I was interested to learn it’s the lightest full-powered vacuum in America, especially since Oreck is known for their light vacuums.

  27. Susan Freeman says:

    I love that it is so light weight, I had a heart attack in Dec 2011 I cannot use my current vac any more. 7 pounds wow, I also love that the Magnesium lays totally flat to go under furniture, Moving furniture and lugging huge vacuum UGH…..

  28. Coral Nigolian says:

    It lays virtually flat!!!!!

  29. Coral Nigolian says:

    I shared on Facebook!

  30. GMac says:

    I often experiece backpain lugging around heavy vac’s and doing other pulling types of jobs such as raking. Of course this makes me tend to do these things less frequently than I should. The ultralightweight feature is very appealing.

  31. DeeAnna says:

    I love that this vac lays flat for use ubder furniture! And good luck with the kitty, our cats still do that agter 5 years. Especially if we leave them alone too long.

  32. Connie says:

    It is the lightest most poweful upright vacuum in America. I think that would be helpful for cleaning up after my two dogs.

  33. Josie says:

    I love that it weighs under 8 lbs! Makes it so much easier to carry up the stairs.

  34. Kiri says:

    You said Coco only attacks the Charmin when people come over – this is probably because she feels stressed and therefore acts out.
    When most cats get stressed or scared they like to hide somewhere high so they can watch the situation and then come down when they’re calmer, either that or give her somewhere to hide from guests in a room they won’t go into so she can come out when she’s ready.
    It may be also worth telling guests to ignore her when they arrive so she can come to them and that way they’re not crowding her.

  35. Deanna Winne says:

    Would love a vacuum that works better than my cheapo $39 one!

  36. Taramarie says:

    I like that the Oreck Magnesium’s power cord is 30 feet!

  37. For me, the best features of this vacuum are the cylindrical wheel bearings; I always have such a hard time maneuvering the vacuum I own now.

    I’d really love to own this wonderful Oreck vacuum; thanks for the chance to win!

  38. Sharon says:

    The fact that the Oreck Magnesium folds flat to easily glide under furniture is an amazing feature. I’d love to be able to get under my sofa or bed without having to pull the furniture out. That would be heaven.

  39. Lindsay S. says:

    I love the low profile! It would be so much easier to get under furniture with that feature!

  40. Audrey says:

    The going under furniture feature is definitely the bees-knees!

    I suggest getting Coco toys that she can destroy (like TP). Petsmart sells some wicker balls (http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=10785299), and my cats love tearing them apart, then chewing on the pieces (which act like floss for cats). I have to pick up the broken wicker pieces, but it’s easier than strings of fabric and shreds of paper (and their vet says they have great teeth).

  41. Zhaleh says:

    The two speed quick switch sounds like a good idea, I remember getting chastised as a child for eating the fringes of our Persian rugs. Alas, it will be quite some time before I can afford a good rug.

  42. Kelly T says:

    “So powerful it feels self propelled…” ! Yes, please! This pregnant momma needs a lightweight but powerful vac!

  43. Laura D. says:

    Wow this would be so wonderful! I’ve had trouble getting our vacuum to work very well on our hardwoods, and the fact that this vacuum comes with the handheld vac is amazing because i desperately need a better way to clean our stairs! (currently, I use the hose attachment with our standard vacuum and have to move it every 3 stairs or so to reach the next ones – NOT fun!)

  44. Christie says:

    This vacuum cleaner sounds amazing and I love the fact that the cord is 30 feet long.

  45. Debby says:

    The two speed feature sounds like a nice feature. I like that it is made to
    go easily under furniture. Thanks for a great give away.

  46. Lisa says:

    Magnesium is the lightest, full-powered upright in America! I NEED THIS!!! i have 3 long hairs cats and fur and carpets is a constant battle in my house! Super cute kitten with the TP! =) and yes, this is def. common with kitties!

  47. Paula M says:

    I shared a link to giveaway on twitter

  48. Paula M says:

    I like the quick switch feature best since I have hardwood and carpeted areas. I also like the fact it is lightweight and would be easy for me to carry upstairs.

  49. Lisa says:

    I like that it has a HEPA filter, and that it is so lightweight.

  50. Emma says:

    I love the 30 ft cord!

  51. Liz Witkoski says:

    This vacuum sounds like a dream come true. The lightest Oreck, a 30 ft. cord, and so powerful! I love vacuuming!

  52. Heidi says:

    I like that the magnesium has large wheels and is flatter to be maneuverable and fit under furniture! I hate moving furniture out and back to clean.

  53. Amanda R. says:

    I love that the Magnesium Vacuum lays flat! that is amazing, i’ve never seen a vacuum do that before. Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. Kate says:

    Settings for carpets and hardwoods/tile. I totally need that!

  55. KRISTEN says:

    It includes a handheld vac! I would love this.

  56. Rosalind says:

    Our cat used to do the same thing. Thank goodness she has outgrown that. I love Oreck! This one looks great. I love the flat profile for getting underneath the furniture AND the switch from high pile to tile.

  57. Skittle says:

    I love that it lays flat so I don’t have to move my furniture around!!

  58. Debbie says:

    I like that it is so lightweight! How great!

  59. Barbara says:

    Lies flat to get under furniture (where the dog hair collects.) Could really use this now (troublesome dog : ) Thanks for the opportunity!

  60. Brittany P says:

    The furniture friendly design has me sold! All my pet hair navigates to under the couch.

  61. It has a Hepa inner bag. It would be nice to have a light weight vacuum to go up and down the stairs.

  62. I tweeted it @amykaydee

  63. Kelly says:

    I love the weight, I dislike a heavy a vacuum.

  64. Wendy Clark says:

    The lightweight magnesium frame of this Oreck vacuum will mean it’ll be so fun to use that my 10 year old will volunteer to vacuum!

  65. Hallie says:

    I have had an Oreck for over 10 yrs now, and love that it’s lightweight! I think it may be time to upgrade though. Thanks for the chance to win!

  66. Kate says:

    I’m so obsessed with vacuum cleaners. I’m like you and can’t really justify $500+ on a vacuum, but I can still dream. I love the HEPA inner bag (great for kids) and I love the idea of the Ultimate Handheld Vac to get into the nooks, crannies, and stairs.

  67. Andrea says:

    I like that is lays flat so I can get under the furniture.

  68. Megan S says:

    I learned that the vacuum lays virtually flat for easy cleaning under furniture. That’s awesome! I have having to grab another attachment to do that!

  69. Amy says:

    I like that it has a 7 year warranty!

  70. Ainsley says:

    I actually love that it has a bag and lies flat for under the furniture cleaning. I know bagless is suppose to be easier, but I find them a mess and difficult to remove. Thanks for the chance to win a vacuum, I could really use a new one! Never have used an Oreck and would love to try it out.

  71. Amanda says:

    My Mom is in a wheelchair and an Oreck is the only vacuum she has been able to manage. Hers is really starting to show its age though, so this one at only 7.7 pounds would be a great replacement! I do wish they were bagless and am surprised Oreck is still not moving in that direction.
    P.S. Your mischievous cat is just adorable!

  72. Melinda says:

    I love that its so light weight. 7.7 pnds! I think I can handle that!

  73. Alissa says:

    7.7 pounds versus my 70 pound dinosaur…wow!

  74. Emily says:

    We’ve owned an older model Oreck for over 15 years – I use it multiple times a week to combat our yellow lab’s shedding! We would love an upgrade to the Magnesium! Direct suction power is the only way to go!

  75. Elaine says:

    I love the fact that it comes with the portable hand held vacuum as well! Our current vacuum is like yours – too heavy for me so I procrastinate the job. Would love to own this lightweight version!

  76. Kim s says:

    I love that the Magnesium weighs only 7.7 lbs.. That would be so much easier to lug up and down the stairs.

  77. Julie P says:

    I love that it lays flat to vacuum under the furniture. I would love to have a lightweight vacuum since I carry mine up and down the stairs, too.

  78. Janet Brennan says:

    7 year warranty and three yearly checkups!! That alone is worth some cash. Many vacuums break within a year or two.

  79. Melissa says:

    It lays flat for easy cleaning under furniture and is a lightweight 7.7 pounds!

  80. Jenny says:

    Really…a 30 foot cord! My goodness, I could almost get around my whole house. :)

  81. I like the idea that it is light but that it still has so much power to feel like it’s self-propelled – sounds fabulous!

  82. kirsten says:

    Definitely the fact that it is lightweight! I’m 6 weeks pregnant and can see this being a huge advantage in the next 9 months!

  83. Your cat versus toilet paper photos are a riot. I’m sure it isn’t to deal with though.
    I was liking that Orek right up until I saw the price, ouch!

  84. Sara M says:

    I love that the Magnesium lays flat to vacuum under furniture!

  85. Bre says:

    I like that it has a 30 ft cord so I don’t have to keep switching outlets!

  86. Jen says:

    Must have! The two speed Quickswitch™ on the back of the vacuum enables you to move smoothly across all floor types using appropriate power levels: high for carpets and low for hardwoods and tile.

  87. Colleen says:

    As someone who is allergic to dust, I’m thinking that Hepa filter would be a dream come true. :)


  88. Aimee says:

    Being so light and able to lay flat makes it sound so easy to use! I have a dog that attacks catalogs and magazines, so quick easy cleanup would make things so much better! =)

  89. Jolleen Fahner says:

    I love the sound of 102 MPH air speed! Holy cow, that should definately help with the dog hair. And the human hair. And the trampled upon cheerios. And the dried up playdoh. And the _______. (fill in the blank. Seriously, you name it, its on my floors!) Please let me win!!

  90. Maria Smith says:

    I’m not sure exactly what “direct suction” is, but it sounds interesting. Honeslty, I would consider donating a kidney for a better vacuum these days.

    Re: feline TP issue: My cat likes to grab crumpled up pieces of paper out of the trash can and bat them around like a soccer ball, so I find old receipts, coupons and random junk mail strewn about the house. Not sure about the appeal of the Charmin – she’ll probably outgrow it. Just keep the bathroom door closed until then, and strategically place a few scratching posts around so she doesn’t get bored.

  91. kristin says:

    It has cylindrical wheel bearings that give the Magnesium maneuverability!

  92. sheila says:

    love the long cord and thin profile!

  93. keegan says:

    7.7 pounds?! amazing!!

  94. Cara says:

    I love that its light weight! Our vacuum is such a pain to drag up and down stairs that I contemplated buying another vacuum so we have one for upstairs and one for downstairs!

  95. Helen says:

    The vacuum sounds wonderful. I have a Dyson Animal and though it takes care of Kitty and Husky Dog fur (they shed undercoat twice a year) it is heavy. I might try the Oreck so we could leave one in the basement and the other on Main Floor. I don’t know the scoop on the chewing and attacking. I used to think it was stress, but have come to the conclusion that some cats are almost rodent like in the way they will attack paper, plastic bags, toilet paper or tissue. One of our cats, used to sit on the bathroom counter, and chew chunks out of the tissue, leaving bits around the box, and shredded tissue to use to blow you nose. We have a current cat that chews on newspaper, magazines, plastic bags, – anything she can get into her mouth. She is about the same age as COCO so maybe it’s a phase, but our other cat never grew out of it. She seemed to enjoy the lightweight paper roll that she could grab in her front legs and scratch to bits with her back feet. Maybe it’s a hunter instinct. Call it enrichment and let her have one in a room to herself. Good LUck

  96. Kelli Stratton says:

    You had me at lightweight . . . and its ability to get so flat sounds like heaven for trying to get the cat hair from under the edges of the bed and my chest of drawers. Thanks for sharing your experiences/opinions of the vacuum!

  97. Kelli Stratton says:

    I shared this link on my Facebook page today: https://www.facebook.com/kelli.f.stratton

  98. Amanda says:

    This vacuum sounds AMAZING, boy do we need a new vacuum! I love how light it is and that it even goes flat to get under furniture. It is compact so it doesn’t have a huge footprint for storage, which is in high demand in our little apartment!

  99. Rachel says:

    I have a Dirt Devil right now, that works quite well on the carpet in the house, but is miserable on the tile–All it does is push the dirt/debris around without sucking anything up. I’d be nice to have a vacuum that can handle the tile!

  100. Kristy says:

    It’s the lightest Oreck ever! Which means I won’t have a problem carting it upstairs and downstairs :)

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