A Troublesome Cat and a Great Vacuum

June 9, 2012

Hello everyone and happy weekend to you!  We have plans to do some gardening and attend a friend’s wedding, the weather should be perfect!  But first, please allow me to share a recent phenomenon in our household and then tell you how we deal with it.

Our youngest member of the family is Coco the kitten and she is very mischievous and her latest fascination is with toilet paper.  Is this a common thing with cats?  I don’t know, but it never fails when friends come over, she engages in her latest wily maneuver which is a full blown attack on a roll of toilet paper.  We laugh, but I haven’t been able to keep the stuff on the holders or nicely stacked in baskets for weeks for fear of inevitable destruction.

Charmin is like catnip and it sends Coco into a tizzy and it’s typical for her to drag a roll across the house, bat it around like a mouse, and then attack it with frenzied claws.  When caught, she always has this look on her face.

cat and tp


Hold that image in your head while I fill you in on our vacuum situation.  The vacuum we’ve had for ten years is great, but it’s a beast – not a fun one to work with for the sole reason it weighs a ton and hurts my back to lift it.  Since we have a lot of carpet upstairs and several area rugs downstairs, I confess I procrastinate in my vacuuming duties and always ask Matt if he can help me with the chore.  One time it literally ate the edge of an area rug and I’ve been bitter ever since.

Well as luck would have it, one of my lovely sponsors Oreck offered to send me a lightweight household Magnesium vacuum cleaner to try out, and my immediate response was “Um, yes, please”.  Its arrival coincided perfectly with the “Cat versus the Toilet Paper” battles that have been a part of our daily lives for over a month now.

guilty cat


We’ve been using our 7.7 pound Magnesium upright for a few weeks and we really do love it.  For such a lightweight vacuum it packs a lot of power and at two levels, a low setting for area rugs and a higher setting for carpets.  After we begrudgingly clean up the biggie toilet paper sections, the Magnesium grabs the littler pieces under the watchful eye of our rascally cat.

guilty cat 2


oreck magnesiumMy four favorite things about this vacuum

1) It’s so lightweight your kids can use it!  Yes, I’ve convinced mine that “vacuuming is fun!” with this one so they do some of it for me (ha!)

2)  It’s so lightweight I can carry it upstairs with one hand and not suffer any back problems from heavy lifting and that makes me very happy.

3) It works really well on all my downstairs wood floors and is quicker than a broom, and,

4)  its thin profile lets it lay down flat and go anywhere easily especially under furniture or beds.



use under sofa on wood


What I don’t like?  The “on” button is silver plastic and feels insubstantial but so far so good, no issues to date, and I do like the lighter setting for area rugs.  I also think it’s expensive at $499 for just the vacuum and I guess I just have a hard time spending that kind of dough on home cleaning stuff when I’d rather spend it on a pretty chair, but as my husband reminded me the other day, “That’s what good vacuums cost”.  Okay then.

Here’s some great news, Oreck is giving away one Magnesium vacuum to a lucky winner this weekend!

Eligibility to win the Oreck Magnesium vacuum.

1.  Visit Oreck to learn one thing about the Magnesium, then name it in a comment.

2.  For a second chance to win, link to this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter, leave a second comment naming where you shared about this giveaway.

US only, 48 contiguous states.  One winner chosen at random.  By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.  Giveaway ends Monday June 11, 2012 at 8 p.m. PST.

* Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes, but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes.  I received this product for free, all opinions are my own.  If you have any cures for cat addiction to toilet paper syndrome, please share. 



WINNER #954 Bridget



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