Home Depot: Gift Card Giveaway

May 4, 2012

Hi everyone, happy weekend to you all!  Last night I was in Roseville and I gave a presentation for Home Depot in partnership with their resident garden expert Skip.  He taught us all a few new things about container gardening, and I chimed in the creative side, sharing some ideas on how to spruce up ordinary containers plus a few ideas on how to add beauty and whimsy to outdoor spaces.  I didn’t take any pictures since I was speaking, but here is a peek at one part where I’m showing how to create a mosaic tile planter, courtesy of Home Depot on Instagram.  I’ll show how I made that beautiful planter next week!

This weekend, the kind folks over at Home Depot are offering three lucky winners a $50 gift card to shop for anything you want!  Yep, there are three gift cards up for grabs this weekend.  Who’s in the mood for a little home improvement? 

home depot collage

Eligibility to win one of three $50 Home Depot gift cards up for grabs. 

1.  Tell me what’s your next home improvement project?  Is it painting, gardening, a repair or room remodel?  Name your project in a comment on this post.

2.  For a second chance to win, link to this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter, then leave a second comment telling where you shared (FB or Twitter.)

Three winners chosen at random, US and Canada only.  Giveaway ends Monday May 7th at 8 p.m. PST.  By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.  


Winners notified via email.  

#409 Felicia Kramer, #1,156 Kimberly Bruhn and #1,745 Sunshine


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2,059 Responses to “Home Depot: Gift Card Giveaway”

  1. Amanda says:

    We’re getting ready to paint our kitchen cabinets and tile a backsplash. My husband and I usually end up at Home Depot on our date nights! =)

  2. Tori chauvin says:

    We are about to start a kitchen renovation. It would be a great little gift to buy some of the supplies we will need.

  3. Jessica says:

    Since we just moved into our first house last weekend, EVERYTHING needs to be done! My plan is to start with painting though!

  4. Amanda says:

    And…shared on Facebook. Thanks!

  5. Amy says:

    My next project is to paint the outside of my house. I’ve finally convinced my hubby that it’s OK to paint our ugly brick. I’m so excited!

  6. Rosie says:

    I have a list a mile long but I really want to tackle a play area for my two boys. I could definitely use a gift card to home depot to help get me started!

  7. Jen says:

    Our next project is fixing and staining our deck… can’t wait to relax on it this summer.

  8. Ari says:

    We just bought our new home and it needs a lot done!!! My first project is to refinish the kitchen cabinets and put new countertops and pulls. I am using your How to’s to accomplish this. Thanks for all your tips!

  9. We just bought an old farmhouse and I have a hundred new projects.
    I guess the first is to paint my bedroom before we move in. Then on to
    the others. I am out of breath already!! Thanks for your neat blog.
    Carol in NC

  10. amelia says:

    We bought our first house six months ago. Everything needs to be redone. Starting with a new roof next month.

  11. I shared on facebook too. Thanks, Carol

  12. Stephanie says:

    Next home improvement project is painting our bedroom!

  13. Heather Nutile says:

    Gardening gardening and more gardening…we are starting to replace all the planter beds in the backyard now, hoping to have a tropical theme by the pool by summer!

  14. Heather Nutile says:

    Shared on Facebook! :)

  15. Jessica F. says:

    My fiance and I are in a home improvement hurricane right now. Our whole condo is torn to shreds. Thankfully we haven’t touched the kitchen yet but we will very soon. We will be repainting our cabinets white and installing butchers block as counter tops with a undermount sink. I hope we finish soon because I am tired of living on a cement floor!

  16. Allison says:

    You looked great, Kate…very professional. Loved the photo! Fabulous shoes, too! I bet it was a fun evening. Our next home project is our landscaping in our front yard. We just finished ripping out a ton of juniper that had been there for probably 30 years I’m guessing. The gift card would certainly come in handy! Happy weekend to you!

  17. Rosie says:

    Shared on facebook. Thanks

  18. Karen says:

    We are getting ready to paint our 2 year old’s “big girl room” and transform the basement to a playroom! Any help we can get would be great! Thanks for hosting!

  19. angie says:

    My next project is painting my living room and dining room woodwork white.

  20. angie says:

    Shared on Twitter!

  21. Denise Z. says:

    OMGosh! How did I not know you were here in Roseville??? I would have run right over to Home Depot last night. LOL! So many projects, what to pick? I think the next one will be sprucing up the backyard, starting with laying some brick pavers to extend the patio.

  22. Denise Z. says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  23. Alison says:

    Need to spruce up the bathroom and am planning on a kitchen renovation a little bit down the road.

  24. Erin H. says:

    Painting our bathroom is at the top of our “to do” list.

  25. Sevann says:

    We just bought our first home, and have numerous projects in the works. Currently ripping down wood paneling, and old carpet. We also ripped out all the baseboards in the home and will be replacing them. I’m also dying to try your tutorial on installing picture frame molding, it’s going to look so clean and elegant in our colonial. So excited!

  26. Centsational Sis says:

    Building floating shelves above freshly chalk painted china hutch. Gimme the card so I can buy the lumber!

  27. Karen says:

    My retired husband and I are getting ready to paint two bedrooms before the grandchildren visit. We love the selection at Home Depot for all our supplies!

  28. Kristin says:

    We are painting the living room.

  29. Lisa says:

    My next project is to paint my office and I also plan to turn an old coffee table into a desk for the office.

  30. Tami says:

    Oh, we’ve got two projects going… building a banquette to neaten up the eat-in portion of our kitchen, and a loft/built-in storage fiasco, um, re-do in our daughters’ room. HD is our favorite, so I know that $50 would be put to good and immediate use!

  31. Tami says:

    I’m linking this giveaway to Facebook.

  32. Susan L says:

    I need to repaint my front porch and get some new kitchen lighting.

  33. Patty says:

    We’re moving into a 12-year-old townhouse and we will be making many changes in various rooms–flooring, lighting, fixtures, etc. It would be great to receive a gift card to help with all our expenses!

  34. Brooke says:

    Our next house project is re-doing our dining room. It’s really dark and needs some updating!

  35. Sylvie says:

    I am really looking forward to seeing that mosaic tiles planter, I think it would be great to make one for my garden. We got this crazy idea of building a brick fireplace in the backyard this summer, so I am sure that we could find all we need at Home Depot.

  36. Brooke says:

    On Facebook!

  37. Maria says:

    New curtains and shelving in my music room
    More decorating than remodel…

  38. Tiffany H. says:

    Our next home improvement project is the master bedroom. We haven’t done anything with it and it’s time to paint! A Home Depot gift card would be perfect since the color I’ve chosen is from HD.

  39. Melinda says:

    We are finally finishing up the basement. So excited! After 7 years and 2 kids we had definitly outgrown the upstairs.

  40. Kelli says:

    I’m going to make some Earthboxes and try a whole new method of gardening (for me anyway!).

  41. Kathy says:

    We’re re-doing our bedroom… we can use this gift card for many things!

  42. We live next to a greenbelt and the windstorm this winter blew some large tree limbs into our front door so I need to repaint it.

  43. Shannon says:

    New ceiling fans for every room. Boring, but necessary, and the ones we want are from Home Depot!

  44. Hannah says:

    My hubs and I are just starting our next home renovation: refinishing our 100-year old wooden staircase in our old colonial farmhouse. We love Home Depot and make several trips a week! This giveaway comes at the perfect time!

  45. Cassandra says:

    We are about to start a renovation in our kitchen!

  46. Sarah B says:

    2 words: Master Bedroom!

  47. Bridget says:

    Although I feel as though my list gets longer every week, I am currently working on a veggie garden ( for the first time!) and am very excited to enjoy them once they are ready :)

  48. Carolyn says:

    Gardening for sure. My husband and I inherited our first garden from the previous owners of our house, and now I need some tools so I can take good care of it myself :)

  49. Kelly W says:

    We have many projects around here, but my latest one is painting the half bathroom! Prime, painting, trim—it is gonna be fun!

  50. Jeni says:

    what home improvement do we not have!!! We bought an old mid century home with enough projects to last us a good 10 years. Our most recent project is a pool in the back yard and some major landscape. We have no landscape what so ever!! Love your blog!!

  51. Shelley in SK says:

    Hi. Our next project is a kitchen renovation in our 1918 built home! It will be a major event!

  52. tracy a says:

    Well, we’re about 2/3 of the way through building our home. So I have nearly every project imaginable on the go…painting, tile to grout, floor to lay, AAAHH! Can’t wait to move in!

  53. My next project is a remodel of our bathroom that is deperately needed. Thanks for the chance to win a Home Depot gift card.

  54. Just tweeted about the chance to win a Home Depot gift card. Happy Weekend!

    Mary @ athomeonthebay.com

  55. Kara says:

    I’ve got more projects than I can even list … first up, making the 2 small bedrooms into one nice sized bedroom for my daughter!

  56. Liz says:

    Just bought my first set of planters so now it’s time to fill them!

  57. Christina G says:

    I just wrapped up some gardening projects and am thinking painting the kitchen cabinets will be next.

  58. trod31 says:

    need to buy drawer pulls for redoing the boys dressers

  59. Felicity says:

    We’re about to move into a brand new home that is 100% builder white. Painting is definitely first on the agenda.

  60. Jennifer says:

    I’m in the midst of installing hardwood floors. On the ‘to-do’ list is refinishing my lower kitchen cabinets, swapping out the laminate counter for marble and tiling the backsplash! A HD gift card never hurts!

  61. Christine says:

    Gardening, as always! Thanks for the opportunity!

  62. Beth says:

    I’m preparing to repaint my kitchen.

  63. Amy in PA says:

    Finish mulching the flower beds that we started tonight, plant herbs & annuals, paint the trim in our master bedroom & do a complete overhaul on the hall bath. Good times all around!!!

  64. crystal s says:

    Freshening up the landscaping!!

  65. Emily says:

    My husband and I are remodeling the basement! We’ve already framed, now getting to plumbing and electrical.

  66. Jennifer H. says:

    Painting an end table for the living room. Found a perfect piece at Good Will and it’s ready for some love. :-)

  67. Jennifer says:

    next on the list—basement bathroom

  68. littleladybug says:

    painting my kids bathroom next month.

  69. Priscilla K. says:

    We need to complete our downstairs bathroom. A gift card to Home Depot will help us so much!

  70. morgan says:

    we’re putting up crown moulding this weekend!

  71. crystal s says:

    Shared on facebook!!

  72. Jennifer says:

    I tweeted this link! :’)

  73. Jennifer H. says:

    Shared on Facebook. Thanks!

  74. Sunny Jane says:

    Gardening! Finally got all my planters painted, so bring it!

  75. Sharon says:

    Next project is a deck improvement. Would love a gift card to help pay for supplies. Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. Jennifer says:

    I really need to finish our closet. It’s been months since the closet was built and sheetrock was added. But now I need to sand it and paint it, fix the ceiling up, lay down some type of flooring, and install some shelves and a rod for our clothes to go on.

  77. Sunny Jane says:

    Shared on FB!

  78. Chris Chase says:

    We are putting in a cedar hedge this weekend:) The trees are from HD

  79. Jenny Meier says:

    I will painting a dresser white. We use this dresser as a t.v. stand. It will give my living room a cottage feel.

  80. Chris Chase says:

    Shared this on my FB page

  81. Michelle L. says:

    I have a TON of home improvement projects I need to do. The 1st being to replace my hot water heater. Then there’s plumbing to fix, walls to paint, gardening to do…the list goes on & on. LOL! :)

  82. Deena Hopkins says:

    We were going to do some fun organizing and updating in our laundry room, but our microwave just broke! It’s one of the built in over the stove ones, so a replacement is a couple hundred bucks. So that’s where the budget is going!

  83. Jeanine says:

    I want to repaint my front door a vibrant color so it will stand out from the rest of the house.

  84. jenn says:

    I’m embarking on a whole house renovation. it’s exciting and daunting all at the same time. I could use some Home Depot funds!

  85. Dani says:

    We have been working on updating our kitchen since Sept 2011. We just found out we have a baby on the way so we really need to kick it into high gear and get this project complete!!!

  86. Sandy Yavor says:

    We are redoing the small half-bath off the master bedroom – new vanity, sink, cabinet, paint. Gift card would be great. Your blog gives a lot of inspiration – gray is the color we are using.

  87. Emily says:

    I would love this! What a wonderful help it would be! We are sprucing up our yard with lots of beautiful flowers as well as planting yummy veggi’s in the garden!

  88. SheilaG says:

    In the process of revamping an early American rocking chair- will need staples, glue, screws, and probably a few unexpected things to complete it!

  89. Sandy Yavor says:

    and I shared on facebook!

  90. Barb says:

    We have so much to do, but we really need to stain our deck.

  91. Allison says:

    We’re expecting a baby in July, and we need to paint his room.

  92. Jaimie says:

    Finishing up my new raised bed garden in the backyard! We redid the front yard and took the landscaping bricks that we removed to make a raised bed. Now I need to fill it and plant some herbs. Rosemary, thyme, basil, mint, oregano, maybe tarragon.

  93. Laura Beth says:

    I want to frame out our closets for new doors!

  94. Kira Fazzari says:

    I so desperately need to work on the landscaping for my yard, so that’s what I’ll do if I win! :-)

  95. Laura Beth says:

    I linked to it on Facebook!

  96. Dottie Lewis says:

    Putting in a garden in my backyard. Would like to fix up my covered porch.

  97. Alicia says:

    We’ve got tons to do but I think I want to work on our guest bathroom next.

  98. Kristie Hernandez says:

    I can’t wait to finish adding shelves to my office!

  99. Vanessa says:

    What a great giveaway! My next project is painting my bedroom and then cleaning/organizing my garage. I also hope do to some container gardening on my patio.

  100. Kristie Hernandez says:

    Sharmed on FB :)

  101. bree says:

    our next home improvement project is going to be shelving for the closet in the playroom. after we install shelves, we’ll get big bins to organize the toys. YAY!

  102. Dottie Lewis says:

    I linked this to Facebook!!!

  103. Bree says:

    We just bought a new house so I can close my eyes, spin around, and point to a project I want to do, lol.

  104. Joyce says:

    I have so many projects, but my next will be landscaping and gardening.

  105. Pilar says:

    some gardening.

  106. Pilar says:

    posted on facebook

  107. Kim walker says:

    My Next project is to paint the playroom. I need to make it fun and inspiring.

  108. Christine says:

    Its all about the garden right now,love,love love this time of year.

  109. Christine Cade says:

    We just bought a fixer-upper; first on the list is painting.

  110. Heather Allen says:

    Hey there! I would really love to embark on a project of making pallet furniture for my back patio. I came across some really cool ideas and would love to get them started. Pallet planters, pallet seats and tables.. so cool. We have been in our home for 5 years and the only patio furniture we had (which was a gift for a birthday) fell apart in a storm two years ago. This seemed like the most cost efficient and unique thing I could find to fill that space. That’s what I would do if I won.
    Sharing to my Facebook page. :)

  111. Amber R says:

    My next project is one I’ve been avoiding… yard work. I don’t understand landscaping at all, and everything I need is so expensive! Soon, I will work on those garden beds, not that I know what to do.

  112. Janelle says:

    I am planning to remove the wallpaper in my bathroom, paint, replace the mirror, and the faucets. Would love a gift card!

  113. Sarah P says:

    I’m working on a nursery!

  114. Sofia Posada says:

    My current home improvement project: I bought cheap shelf on Craigslist and am painting it white. Everyone in the family wants it in their room but I think it will find a home on our dining room wall!

  115. Vanessa Allen says:

    Shared on my FB page here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1212343908

  116. Linda B says:

    I need some flowers for my new window boxes.

  117. Sofia Posada says:

    I linked this to Facebook!

  118. Lori Moore says:

    I’ve already painted my dining room a super dark charcoal color, and next on the list is adding ceiling trim, trimming out the window, and rehabbing a Craigslist dining table and chairs. But if I win, I’m using the money to make your shim planters for my mom and mother-in-law for Mother’s Day!

  119. Rachel says:

    My husband and I are buying our first home right now. We move at the end of the month and have a BIG list of projects! Project number one will likely be painting!

  120. Shannah says:

    I’m going to install soaker hoses around the foundation of my home – very necessary here in Texas.

  121. Meli says:

    I just finished refurbishing a desk I bought on Craigslist :) I ruined the top with an awful power sander, and want to try another one…but not without a gift card ! :)

  122. I would definitely use the $50 gift card to finish our kitchen redo. A project that never ends!! ~Linda

  123. erica says:

    my next projects are painting my dining room and retiling my bathroom backsplash to replace the yuck vinyl tiles my rental came with (ew)!

  124. erica says:

    also tweeted this! @figureei8ht

  125. Andrea says:

    I really want to paint our kitchen cabinets white! Along with adding a new backsplash.

    Thanks for the giveaway! Love your blog!

  126. Emily says:

    I live in a rental with many of the original hideous 70’s furnishings. First on the list: Cover bathroom floor with vinyl that can be removed later. Second: Restaining my tallboy dresser like CG. Third: Something involving aqua spray paint, I can’t decide yet.

  127. Kelly says:

    My project this weekend is organizing my closets. I could use some gift cards for baskets and such!

  128. April was in CT now CA says:

    We’re working on sprucing up the yard of our rental home so this would definitely come in handy!!

  129. Whitney @ Diary of a Preppy Mom says:

    We are currently re-doing our Kitchen! :) The back splash is up next!!

  130. Nicole says:

    I need to paint all the trim on my windows. We replaced all the windows over a year ago and they still have to bare wood from the install. It’s driving me crazy!!

  131. Kelly says:

    Posted link to twitter

  132. Container gardens on our patio! Thanks for the giveaway!

  133. Chris N says:

    My next projects are repainting our porch, cleaning up our flower gardens and added potted plants, and repainting our kitchen. I need more hours in the day!

  134. Nikki says:

    I would love to start on the kitchen!

  135. Sarah says:

    We are about to start building a home so we need everything!

  136. Caroline says:

    We are working on our patio. A gc to home depot would be great!

  137. Whitney says:

    I am at Home Depot at least twice a week (I just went today) and this gift card would be amazing! I could use it for some more paint for a furniture piece I am working on or more likely I will finally invest in a handheld automatic sander (much needed). Great giveaway!

  138. sarah says:

    next home improvement project…kitchen floor redo.

  139. Christine says:

    My husband and I are currently replacing our fence. After that’s done, we’ll be moving on to the deck.

  140. Jessica Buxton says:

    We have another little one on the way so I’m hoping to get some room re-do going :)

  141. Julie says:

    I’m currently in the process of replacing interior doors, removing wallpaper, and landscaping. Yikes.

  142. Lesley says:

    I have too many projects to list but I did just see in the home depot flyer a rasied garden bed that would be perfect for our garden that we want to expand.

  143. Oh, where should I start?! My immediate improvements include new lights for the kitchen and new outdoor pillows.

  144. sydney85 says:

    I am needing to paint my kitchen cupboards.

  145. Casey says:

    I just painted, but now my new paint job is making me eye my backsplash and counter with an evil eye!! I might need all 3 gift cards, please

  146. Michelle says:

    I’m going to try my hand at some gardening!

  147. Emily says:


  148. Our next big project is a master bathroom reno, and we could DEFINITELY use this!

  149. Jenny says:

    My next project is to finish up my breakfast room with paint and window panels (oh, and a new chandy) and also the adjoining family room with paint, new sofa, reupholstered chairs, etc…….

  150. Jenny says:

    Sharied on Facebook!

  151. Maureen says:

    redoing the bathroom of the master room.

  152. Lynda says:

    room remodel.. cuz we will be moving into a new place.

  153. Sarah says:

    My next big house project is our mud room/pantry/laundry room. It has to function in a lot of ways & it’s dark & tiny & totally unorganized right now. Getting on that this summer!!!

  154. Marissa says:

    So many projects. Painting, gardening, tiling…the list goes on and on. Thanks for the giveaway!

  155. twelve30 says:

    Refreshing the front landscaping…thanks for the chance to win.

  156. Kristle says:

    I’m completing a budget-friendly bathroom update inspired by your post on refinishing those awful builders grade fake oak cabinets. Thanks to your suggestions on the right primer and paint additive, the paint came out great! Now onto a new floor – one that’s not poorly cut laminate!

  157. Megan says:

    Oh so many! Next up — resurfacing the deck.

  158. keri hoffman says:

    Take your pick: gardening, fence staining, and painting. 2012 is our year of outside projects!

  159. Megan says:

    The garden needs attention BIG TIME!

  160. Jennifer says:

    Extending the back patio. That gift card would be spend on concrete mix.

  161. heather f says:

    our neighbors added another story to their house and now if feels like they are looking directly into my home. We want to come up with some sort of screening options in a big hurry!

  162. Small building projects like building planters and other outdoor stuff.

  163. Athena R says:

    I have a dresser that I would like to refinish.

  164. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! Would put it toward my landscaping project!

  165. Julie says:

    My summer project is to redo the kitchen. Paint the cabinets, faux wainscoting, breakfast nook, countertops and rearranging the pantry. $500 would be a big help!!

  166. dana828 says:

    I need to get out in the yard/garden…if it EVER stops raining!!

  167. Elissa says:

    Definitely the landscaping!

  168. Alisa says:

    We are filling in all the gaps in our 70s kitchen. Had to replace the extra wide oven so we have to build a tiny cabinet to one side of it and put in a new backsplash!

  169. dana828 says:

    shared on twitter!

  170. Julie says:

    Posted on Facebook

  171. Melissa R. says:

    Next project- LANDSCAPING… our yard is OUT OF CONTROL.

  172. Melissa R. says:

    shared on twitter! @melaxid

  173. sharon rittler says:

    A million projects I will be starting soon! The first painting the porch, shutters and front/back door. I need all the help I could get! Thanks for the chance to win!

  174. Emily says:

    Bathroom remodel! I could sooo use one of these!

  175. Allison mee says:

    Our next project is building a new deck on the back of our house!

  176. Our next biggie is organzing, painting, and purging the garage. Hope to see you all again when we become unburied!

  177. Tracie S says:

    We are finishing our basement, so it is an ongoing project. This would so help with all the final things that need to be done!

  178. Joanne B. says:

    bamboo floors in my daughter’s bedroom and the home office! Thanks for this chance to win!

  179. Jo says:

    Paint!! Paint and more paint! We are remodeling a very old farmhouse (built during the civil war).

  180. Stephanie MW says:

    Almost finished with interior painting. Up next – landscaping!

  181. Jane Graham says:

    Painting my teenager’s bedroom or board and batten in the laundry room! Thanks for the chance to win!

  182. Charity says:

    My next home improvement project is working on my landscaping. It really needs some help!

  183. Mami2jcn says:

    The next project is painting our bathrooms.

  184. Jen Morrison says:

    We have a lot of projects this summer- finishing painting/moulding/wallpapering our foyer, redoing the kitchen, and putting a deck up in our back yard.
    So busy!
    Thanks for a chance to win a GC.

  185. Jennifer T says:

    Painting the basement!

  186. Tammy says:

    I will be painting the family room, just need to pick the color. Thanks for the chance.

  187. BRIANNA says:

    Just moved in so where do I start. Turning one room into a office needs paint. Front yard needs to be touch by and angel…need every supply you can think of start. Also would be nice to have an electric screwdriver for the small/large to do things all around the house.

  188. Mami2jcn says:


  189. Marie-Pier says:

    I’m house hunting at the moment, so I don’t know what my next project will exactly be, but I’m sure we’ll have many, hopefully soon!

  190. Sonia says:

    Girls bathroom remodel! Painting cabinet and walls, new light and accessories!

  191. Amy R. says:

    I spend lots of time at Home Depot. My next project is to build a counter over my washer and dryer.
    Hope I win!

  192. Elena says:

    I’m going to be painting an old desk from following your tutorial!

  193. Rixa says:

    I just bought a mutli-family property (old victorian house converted into 5 apartments, needs serious TLC) and it needs a total interior makeover. I’m addicted to saving old houses from our local slumlords!

  194. Sheela says:

    I really need to paint our master bathroom (and get a new floor, new light fixtures, etc.)! Thanks for the giveaway!

  195. Ginger says:

    So I have to pick ONE project that I’m working on next? There are too many! Today we replaced a column on our front porch. Tomorrow I’m painting it. My husband told me today that we should start working on a nursery for our new baby coming in Sept. We’ll see!

  196. Tosha says:

    Oh my gosh! A Home Depot card would be terrific. We are 80% (hopefully) through a major addition/remodel of our home. We had 2 bedrooms and 4 kids, so we added some space. Now we have walls and floors to finish, along with all the other odds and ends.

  197. JennCfrGA says:

    My next project is my kitchen remodel: I plan to paint the kitchen cabinet fronts a creamy white and put white beadboard on the exposed sides of the cabinets.

  198. Monica says:

    Our current project is landscaping our front AND back yard. We bought this house last year, ripped pretty much everything out, and are putting it back together. We still need landscape lighting and tons of plants!

  199. Dani says:

    Bathroom renovation coming up! Yikes!

  200. Leigh says:

    My next project is painting my hall (though my next HD run is to get paint to finish my bedroom)

  201. LauraL says:

    I am in a rental apartment, so I’m slightly limited to improvements. But, tonight I rearranged furniture, and my favorite “remodel” was that I layered rugs on carpet. Instant (free!) update! Would love a gift card for a little sprucing up around the apartment and perhaps some beautiful blooms as a splurge :) Happy weekend to you and yours!!

  202. Andrea says:

    I’ll be hanging shelves and a new IKEA Grundtal rod and spice rack in the kitchen!

  203. Jessica says:

    Our plan for this summer is to update our sunroom- a fresh coat of paintand new indoor/outdoor carpet, and a new screen door. Looking forward to seeing the update and having a fresh new look.

  204. Melissa says:

    We’re working on getting a yard mulched and some new plants + in the process of removing the wallpaper in the guest bath

  205. Laura Johnson says:

    Hi, I have two projects in the works. Getting ready to clean up an old farm table with great bones and then need to add elfin thyme to the slate patio. Beyond that, it will be all about the garden! Need plants, Home Depot is a great source.

  206. My husband and I are in the process of installing hardwood floors in our home’s bedrooms. We tackle the last room tomorrow and then we’re installing new baseboards!

  207. We close on our first house on the 23rd of this month. So much room for personalization and awesomeness for that house. I think the first thing we’ll do is finish the fireplace in our family room. It needs a mantle and some beautiful stone work!!

    Thanks for doing the giveaway. I hope I win! :)

  208. Alisa says:

    It is a summer of projects! This weekend it is screen door painting and installation – already hit HD for supplies. Thanks for the chance to win!

  209. Jess says:

    My biggest home improvement project is my baby boy that will be coming any day now! But, once he comes along, my husband and I are going to tackle some landscaping out front!

  210. Leslie says:

    Hopefully my next project will be replacing a single door and window with a set of french doors.

  211. Alisa says:

    tweeted link to giveaway

  212. Ivy says:

    My next project is replacing the bathroom faucets in the house. they are old and things are popping off. I’d like something easier to keep clean and sits a little higher over the sink bowls.

  213. Sarah T. says:

    We just bought a new..,.well…old house ! This would be so perfect! Thank you!

  214. Mrs. Robinson says:

    Oh there are so many projects…the next will be either turning the dining room into a family room/play area for our kids or painting our hideously yellow kitchen. There are some good yellows…this is not one of them. I’ve been dying to change it since me moved it.

  215. Jamie says:

    Master bath reno and a new closet. Hope I win:)

  216. Mrs. Robinson says:

    I also liked this on facebook :)

  217. Crystal says:

    My next project is to replace all the crusty brass hinges and door knobs in my house.

  218. Louise M says:

    Next project is outside – raised garden beds – graduating from container gardening on deck

  219. Melissa R says:

    Our yard is a terrible dug up mess from the previous owners dog! We really need to get fill dirt and seed it!

  220. Courtney says:

    Painting the entire second floor, including all of the trim and windows. Updating two bathrooms and replacing carpet throughout the house. So much to do!

  221. Allison Radtke says:

    Adding storage in my closet. Has to wait till next weekend though. This is our jazz fest weekend here in new orleans. The Eagles are tomorrow and the Foo Fighters are Sunday. Projects will wait!

  222. Tara says:

    Big gardening projects!

  223. Jennifer Armstrong says:

    Big project coming up! We are replacing the front door!

  224. we would LOVE to create a headboard for our master bedroom

  225. Krista says:

    I would like to freshen up my patio!

  226. Elena says:

    We need to paint our kitchen

  227. Tori says:

    I’m about to close on a house that will have all kinds of projects!

  228. Tracy Wilder says:

    We just tore out all shrubs in front of our house–junipers and holly-ugh! Would use it to purchase a couple shrubs and flowers!

  229. I’m planning a bedroom makeover…new paint, curtains, bedding.

  230. kelly says:

    I have been spiffing up the outdoor space. We already got new cushions for my wicker set and our planters are overflowing with flowers, but it could use some more touches–pillows for the patio and an awning would rock!

  231. So many home projects on the list, but we are planning to install raised garden beds next. :)

  232. Shannon Solis says:

    Our next project is to finish a long-overdue landscaping project in our front yard. We love a particular limestone paver that our local Home Depot carries so this gift card would be AMAZING! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  233. Bri says:

    I have so many projects it’s not funny. I need to redo my sewing/guest room, gut my only bathroom (heaven help me), spruce up the back patio for summer, build planters for an herb garden out front, replace all my interior doors, and the list goes on… Thanks for the chance to win!

  234. Dr. G says:

    Moving and painting our new home!

  235. Danielle Z. says:

    We’re building lots of furniture to deal with the storage difficulties of the smallish house we just moved into. Currently we’re working on a storage guest bed and 3 bookshelves for homeschool stuff! :-)

  236. Sharon says:

    We are getting ready to skim coat a lot of walls to get rid of texture. $50 will buy a lot of joint compound!

  237. Sheri F says:

    We’re moving in a couple months so everything is going to be a project! I have no idea where I’m going to start yet.

  238. Nem says:

    I would love to build a vegetable garden.

  239. R Howard says:


  240. Rona says:

    Our next project is to put laminate floor throughout the house…a big job so a gift card would really help! On the smaller size projects front I am juggling updating our kitchen as cheaply as possible and renovating an old desk with home made chalk paint (first attempt at furniture reno and Chalk paint!)

    Thank you for the generous giveaway

  241. Susan says:

    I really need to buy some bags of mulch for my garden. I have a lot of work to do out there!

  242. MeganM. says:

    I wish I could have been there last night for your class! I’d love to get some new plants for my front yard!

  243. we are going to renovate the living room, after the master bedroom is done and after the kitchen gets a fresh coat of paint, and after we buy a new toilet for the guest bath… never ending projects!! thanks!

    i tweeted (well retweeted)

  244. Angela says:

    Our next project is to remodel the kitchen- can’t wait!

  245. Janai B says:

    I would like to start with matching my (garage sale find) 5$ end table to my recently rehabbed coffee table (also a 5$ garage sale find). That will entail staining on top and a coat of semi-gloss poly, and black matte paint on bottom. Love the contrast! Also, on a funner note, I’ve become obsessed with making a Terrarium for indoor plants and I need supplies! :) Fingers crossed!

  246. Laura says:

    My next project is building shelves in the basement/garage workshop. $50 could buy a lot of 2×4’s!

  247. rachael says:

    Our next project is our garden and staining our deck!

  248. It’s time to add a little curb appeal to our front porch….

  249. Christine says:

    This weekend we are working on a new dining room table for my daughter. The church my husband grew up attending was recently remodeled. My father-in-law was able to rescue a large number of the kneelers from the pews. We have spent many hours stripping the fabric and padding from the kneelers. Last weekend we got the last of the tacks pulled out. This weekend we will start sanding the wood. The wood is over 100 years old and is beautiful. My daughter will have a piece of family history in her home. My in-laws were married in this church. Over the years we have attended baptisms, weddings and funerals at this church. We are looking forward to sitting at this table in our daughter’s home.

  250. Megan Foard says:

    We just found out we’re moving overseas and need to spruce up the bathroom before we rent this house!

  251. Janai B says:

    Hi again-shared this comment on FB!! Good luck to all!

  252. Pam Capone says:

    We have a few projects we need to tackle this year. As you drive up to our house the first thing you see are two ugly huge propane tanks. I want to hide them with plants since I can not put a fence around them.

  253. Kara L says:

    My next project is going to be a wood plank panel to hang our tv on. It will look better than it sounds!!

  254. Tara says:

    Our next project is to finish our basement into a family/game room.

  255. Sarah S says:

    My next project is to clean the basement! If I get really ambitious, I may re-waterproof the floor and walls… maybe.

  256. Kara L says:

    Tweeted giveaway.

  257. Rachel says:

    Excited about tackling the kitchen soon!

  258. Rob O. says:

    We’re just about to launch into a master bedroom overhaul, replacing a large bank of old, original windows with a new triple French door that leads out on the the back patio and boxing in a big reading nook/home office area (also original to the house) to create a walk-in closet. In conjunction with those big projects, we’re also going to seize the opportunity to repaint and replace the carpet in that room – it was well past its prime before we bought the house.

  259. Torey says:

    I’m working on my kitchen. . priming paneling/walls right now. Then I have to paint the whole thing. So it’s going to be a long project and I’m gonna need lots of paint. :)

  260. Lorena says:

    We are in the midst of finishing our bathroom right now, but as soon as that’s done, we tackle the kitchen. We bought our house from my grandparents and the kitchen is currently pink; pink backsplash, pink walls, and pink countertop. Can’t wait to tackle it all and get rid of the Golden Girls PINK!

  261. Allison says:

    Paint projects galore along with some organization projects.

  262. Kelly says:

    We just bought a short sale this week and have a slew of home projects to begin! Top of the list is a kitchen remodel!

  263. Kara says:

    I need to replace three dead hydrangeas and plant three window boxes.

  264. Kristin A. says:

    My next project is to replace the treads and railing on my stairs.

  265. beverly says:

    Our next project MUST be a new kitchen faucet.

  266. Erin says:

    I’m getting ready to redo my breezeway, turning it into a real room. Can’t wait to get rid of the plastic louvered windows and build in my breakfast nook!

  267. Valerie says:

    My next project is to work on raised garden beds!

  268. Rebecca says:

    I’ve been working on a bunch of yard projects, and would love to use this for to finish the back fence!

  269. Kim C says:

    Home repairs and remodeling

  270. emilee says:

    Project 1863 is the name of our next project. We bought a Victorian house built in 1863 that was in one family the entire time and hasn’t been updated since a out the 60s. Fabulous charm but def needs a facelift. :)

  271. Leslie W says:

    Painting and redecorating my office! This would come in handy!!

  272. Sarah says:

    We just built a home and have tons of yard work to finish…landscaping, seeding,etc.

  273. Well well well…what to pick from…let me think! I suppose I would have to say I would like to do a few updates in the room I seel to spend most of my time in …that being the kitchen. I would love to upgrade both the counter tops and the flooring in my kitchen!

  274. Rachel says:

    This would help awesomely with a bathroom remodel I’m planning!

  275. Stephanie says:

    We’re in the middle of a huge garden/landscape overhaul!

  276. Rachel says:

    Shared on FB

  277. amy says:

    I would use it all for my summer gardening. I love HOME DEPOT!!!

  278. Diane says:

    I’m hoping to paint the living room next weekend!

  279. Lori says:

    I’m already working on the next home improvement project–the yard and gardens. I’ve installed a rain barrel, top-dressed and over-seeded the lawn, and now I’m working on the gardens. I think I’ve already gone through about half of the 3 cubic yards of triple mix sitting in my driveway!

  280. Emily says:

    My next home improvement project is my daughter’s playroom. She just turned 1 and has a million toys in our great room. I just bought a new rug for this space and it’s a lighter color so I feel pressured to hurry up and get started on her playroom! Her playroom will be in the basement so I have a lot of work ahead of me!

  281. Michelle Smith says:

    I’m working on fixing up my bedroom, painting furniture and the walls.

  282. Lori says:

    Shared the giveaway on FB.

  283. Keesia says:

    My project: Perfect Pantry. I’m clearing out our pantry and reorganizing the heck out of it! I’ve been pinning dream pantry ideas on Pinterest and have so many ideas how to get it ready to accommodate the food and household supplies for our family of five!

  284. Graziela says:

    Oh my gosh! I have a master bedroom, toddler’s room, laundry room, dinning room and bathroom to paint and put in new window trim, baseboards and flooring. We put an addition on our house and have been slowly working on our many objects.

  285. Shira says:

    “Tell me what’s your next home improvement project? Is it painting, gardening, a repair or room remodel? ”

    All of the above. We just started this week on remodelling the kitchen and master bath. We’re also replacing our floors. And I have to do some gardening. Lots of work to do in the next few weeks.

  286. Graziela says:

    I shared on my twitter @GrazielaMink

  287. Graziela says:

    I also shared on my facebook ;) Thank you!

  288. ErinY says:

    I’m still on the lookout for great outdoor furniture for our balcony that’s not ridiculously expensive. Here’s to hoping!

  289. Kathy says:

    We are in the throws of a backyard makeover and a giftcard would really help – everything from a new shed to stone patio and rescreened porch, flowers, etc. We need it all! Thanks.

  290. ANDREA B says:

    My husband and I bought our first house this past fall. A foreclosure, enough said. We have made good progress and I am very blessed that I don’t have to work. But, one income means A LOT of DIY that I do single handedly while my hubby is at work and our two boys are running around the house. Next room up is our master bathroom that needs a complete overhaul.

  291. Megan says:

    I am staining my backyard fence next. I’ve never stained anything before, so it should be interesting.

  292. Melissa says:

    It’s all about the garden this spring! I need some new planters for the porch! Thanks for the giveaway!

  293. Megan says:

    I also shared this on facebook.

  294. Christine says:

    My master bedroom desperately needs help! Thanks for the chance to win:)

  295. ANDREA B says:

    Linked up on Facebook

  296. Yessi J says:

    I am changing up our headboard, it was upholstered and I barely got to cleaning it up, solid wood underneath all the stuffing and what not. Now, I am debating what to do to it, paint it? stain it? don’t know yet. But 50 bucks would be awesome to begin with :D

  297. Cassie says:

    We are redoing all of our 2-acre lot’s landscaping. Eek!

  298. Ash says:

    I want to add some legs to our currently flat entertainment center! This means a trip to the HD for legs and spray paint!

  299. Kim says:

    I am planning to remodel our powder room. It needs new tile, new fixtures, new paint and some nice art work. Would love to win a gift card from Home Depot! Thanks for the chance.

  300. Dawn P says:

    Next project…..BATHROOM! I live in a 1938 bungalow with the original canary yellow and black tiled bathroom. It is a sad room that needs some serious updating…..hopefully with some vintage inspired, modern functioning additions! The dream is to add some white bead board to the walls and white subway tiles inside the shower.

  301. Yessi J says:

    Shared on Facebook :D

  302. Heather says:

    We just bought a house built in 1976. There are so many projects to do! I would LOVE to build some simple shutters to play up the architecture.

  303. Julie says:

    We’re renovating our bathroom and then I’ve got a couple of old chairs to reupholster.

  304. Heather says:

    I tweeted the link to this contest!

  305. Erin Sanders says:

    We are doing 3 remodels currently around our house. We are finishing our basement, getting ready to install hardwood floors, and staining our kitchen cabinents. It’s a lot of work but well worth the effort!

  306. Angie Kelley says:

    I’m going to replace all of the knobs & drawer pulls in my kitchen & bathroom.

  307. Holly says:

    Painting…landscaping-depends on the weather!

  308. Angie Kelley says:

    I also posted the giveaway on my Facebook & Twitter accounts.

  309. Holly says:

    We just installed under cabinet lighting in our kitchen. Time to get that backsplash tiled!! : )

  310. I’m so ready to rip up that carpet on the stairs, re-build the upper railing and get my gallery wall going!

  311. dana says:

    Hi! I’m planning to tackle the master bedroom next. Painting is the number one priority. thanks!

  312. I’m going to be working on redoing our master bedroom.

  313. I could totally use the money to get a few raised garden beds made and to fence them off from the dogs. My cucumber plants are sprouting and I have no place to put them.

  314. Dianna F says:

    Next project is the garden…it needs some kind of edging and a fence to keep the grandkids out!

  315. Debbie w says:

    I. Am hoping to redo a guest bathroom. 50.00 would be a big help. Thanks..pick me!

  316. Terri says:

    My next project will be painting the walls in our new house, but I’ll be paying special attention to my daughter’s room. I’m especially excited about a ‘new’ art-deco-style antique vanity that I’ll be refinishing/painting in teal to match one of the colors in her bedspread.

  317. Karinny says:

    My baby’s nursery. I want a chandelier from Home Depot!!!!

  318. Ming says:

    I am in the midst of a new kitchen and eating area remodel and could really use a HD gift card!

  319. Melissa S says:

    my deck! rug, umbrella, flowers – lots of flowers!

  320. Jacqueline says:

    We just bought our first house, and the first thing on my agenda is new paint for almost every room!

  321. Cami says:

    HA! What isn’t on my home improvement list. But I guess I’d have to choose gardening, tis the season to plant

  322. Sunnie says:

    My husband and I want to build a window seat in our dining room for extra storage. $50 would be great!!

  323. Emily says:

    I have some serious gardening to do!

  324. Haley Hill says:

    We are getting started on a nursery and I have a lot of projects happening! This gift card would help a ton. We are doing board and batten next so I hope I win!

  325. raquel says:

    painting inside

  326. Marie Howard says:

    painting the living room

  327. Kim says:

    My next project is to paint some bookshelves.

  328. Rachel says:

    I have two projects I need to tackle…. building myself a coffee table and painting my room!

  329. mona says:

    I need to paint a cabinet I bought off craigslist to hold my towels.

  330. Cheryl Ross says:

    We’re trying to decide on colors to paint and re-carpet two of our 3 bedrooms.

  331. Julie says:

    Oh my gosh, there’s so much painting (and paint stripping) that needs to be done it’s just not funny!

  332. Kim S says:

    I am getting ready to finish updating our half bath…paint, wallpaper, etc.

  333. NadiaCarey says:


  334. elaine v says:

    re-organizing the basement

  335. Elizabeth says:

    I will be putting some trim down and painting, and. . . . OH so MUCH needs to be done!!!

  336. I would love to win $50 gift card from Home Depot because…we just purchased brand new flooring from Home Depot and I would use it to help pay for the floor. It is going to be GORGEOUS, I can’t even wait! Thanks for this awesome giveaway :)

  337. Just posted your giveaway on my facebook page, yahoo!

  338. Cindy M says:

    I’m working in my yard this weekend!! It’s going to be a beautiful weekend!!

  339. Hi Kate, I have a crazy idea that I want to try – I have plans to cut out a section of an interior door & put a window in it. Wish me luck! ;D

    Warmly, Michelle

  340. emily anne-marie says:

    i’m needing to paint my kitchen! just need to figure out the color!

  341. Christina says:

    next up is guest bedroom!

  342. Sarah says:

    There’s ALWAYS a project at my house! Right now I’m doing a total bathroom remodel. Hopefully I’ll get to start tiling next week. $50 would definitely help!

  343. Jacquie says:

    Oh…we’re remodeling our whole (future) house right now…so we could sure use the gift card…I think I would put it towards a kitchen sink faucet :)

  344. Krista says:

    I need to finish my board & batten in the living room, paint my living room and hallway, make pallet shelves for my son’s room, finish painting a toy box for my son’s room, paint a sofa table for the hallway….the list goes on and on….but I LOVE it!

  345. SalBug says:

    We’re going to add to our raised bed garden with mutliple tubs for watermelon, pumpkins and squashes.

  346. Debbie C says:

    We plan to paint and then hopefully install new flooring…I can’t wait for the new look!

  347. Carrie says:

    I am CHOMPING at the bit to start my next project…. crown molding. How fun it would be to win this!

  348. Michelle says:

    Painting a desk, building a sandbox, redoing the yard…hmmm, not sure which one to start first.

  349. Deb B says:

    I’ve got a bathroom ceiling to fix and lots of painting. I attended an herb container garden session at Home Depot last night. It was great! Love HD!

  350. Courtney says:

    My next project is building a pergola in the backyard… can’t wait!

  351. Haley says:

    A new basement floor. One of our littles left a garden hose running down the outside wall of the house for a few days last week. Days of waterflow down your exterior wall=new basement floor.

  352. megan says:

    Oh, how I would love a Home Depot GC!! We’re putting up a fence along a side of our backyard, then building steps for our patio doors! And a few plants for the garden would be great as well!

  353. Mary says:

    Planting in the garden tomorrow!

  354. megan says:

    I shared this on FB!!

  355. Jill says:

    Refinshing 2 dressers for our boys’ room!

  356. I need to renovate my kitchen.

  357. Leigh Anne says:

    I am planning on painting my son’s room. I’d love to win!

  358. Jen says:

    I could definitely use the gift card in my garden! Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  359. Emily says:


  360. Stacy Marvin says:

    We are going to redo our downstairs bathroom we have a leaky toilet, eww

  361. Andrea says:

    I will be finishing my front garden that I started last weekend!

  362. Christina says:

    Tiling 3 rooms of floors!

  363. Andrea says:


  364. Stacy Marvin says:

    shared on Facebook

  365. Rebecca says:

    Painting my son’s bedroom. This would be so helpful.

  366. Kara says:

    Bathroom update is my next project.

  367. Kristina says:

    I’m creating an outdoor chalkboard for my three girls! A Home Depot gift card would be perfect! :)

  368. Kim says:

    Downstairs bathroom remodel. I am jumping on the faux board and batten trend train. And I will need several coats of primer and paint to cover up the horrible salmon/peach/brown faux finish the previous owners had going on. Oh, and some tie on the wall above the shower stall. Yep. A Home Depot card would come in very handy!! Thanks!!

  369. Kristina says:

    Shared on Twitter!

  370. Sarah says:

    I’m in the middle of a bathroom Reno and could REALLY use a gift card to the home depot!!

  371. Kim says:

    Just linked on facebook too!

  372. Elaine Cheachirini says:

    My next project is gonna be my half bathroom. I’ll start tomorrow. Thank you for the opportunity to participate. ;)

  373. Sherri F. says:

    Flooring! Have to remove some carpet, finish the wood on the stairs, install hardwood and replace linoleum..yuk!

  374. Kristin says:

    I’m having trouble deciding! I have about 10 ideas for the “next thing I’m going to do” at any given moment. I think the next one will probably be putting up shelves in my bedroom.

  375. Sarah says:

    Just shared on twitter!!

  376. PK says:

    I’m dying to replace some light fixtures throughout my house!

  377. Kristin says:

    Like at least one other reader, I need a new kitchen faucet. The leaky sprayer on the current one is getting completely out of control.

  378. Katrina Garcia says:

    we need new blinds! oh and i would love to repaint the living room!

  379. Melissa says:

    I would finish the flooring in my laundry room

  380. Katie says:

    Changing out all of the brass doorknobs!

  381. Tarah says:

    We’re remodeling our guest bedroom and bathroom but the next step is our cave of a bedroom. I’ve also been gardening (growing our own veggies) and hopefully we’ll get the weeds to die and the lawn to grow. If we can swing it I would love to repaint the living room and make new curtains for the living room too. Right now I’m working on making new curtains for the guest bedroom.

  382. Heather says:

    A bathroom revamp!

  383. Jennifer says:

    Windows, windows, windows!

  384. Kelli says:

    I’m looking forward to tiing the backsplash in my kitchen!

  385. Mary says:

    I am turning my backyard patio into a mini oasis!

  386. Katy says:

    We are roofing and insulating as soon as the weather dries out!

  387. Morgan Thomas says:


  388. Melissa S says:

    We are going to be painting our formal living room and installing some crown. I need A LOT of paint because the ceilings are over 20 ft high. Hope I win, but good luck to all!

  389. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    I need to re-tile my bathroom floor!

  390. Niki says:

    I would give to my daughter who is fixing up a home they just purchased!

    Love your blog!

  391. I am working on fixing up my patio! It would be amazing to buy an outdoor rug from home depot!

  392. Arli says:

    Oh where to begin? Perhaps with replacing the 27-year old, pull-chain toilet in the guest bath? Or better yet, some cushions for our porch furniture so we can actually sit out there!

  393. Nana Kate says:

    We are going to redo our bedroom and bathroom.

  394. Jo Lynn says:

    I’m refinishing bookshelves….jlk

  395. CeCe says:

    I can use it for so many things, like a new kitchen faucet, updating all the baseboards, and gutting out the backyard to make it all sorts of pretty!

  396. Jo Lynn says:

    I’m redoing my flower beds….jlk

  397. Heather says:

    My next project will definitely be outside. My house is pretty darn cute on the inside, but has zero curb appeal. I must fix this!

  398. Courtney says:

    I want to make some furniture!! As well as frame some photos!

  399. Jenny M says:

    My husband and I built a firepit in the backyard (we did it ourselves and are SO proud!). Our next project is to landscape and add the details. Thank you!!

  400. meghan says:

    put up picture ledges in the nursery to encourage lots of reading!

  401. jenna says:

    landscaping is our next project!

  402. Lara Izant says:

    We are creating a garden oasis on our porch in our itty-bitty apartment with flowers, herbs, & fruits! We’ve been looking for the perfect planter to hang on our railing & Home Depot has the perfect one, but it’s pricey! So this would be awesome to win! Thank you!

  403. Debbie says:

    my next project (hopefully) will be painting the bedrooms. I have had swatches of paint on the walls for almost six months but have still yet to actually paint anything.

  404. Bharati says:

    We are building our walk in closet. Could use for crown molding or the long pending nose job for the kitchen cabinets :) Thank u

  405. Barbara K says:

    My next project I think will be making a bookshelf center like you did for the Alma project. I loved that and the map! To die for!

  406. Lydia says:

    I would use it to pay for part of the bill towards RE-doing my husband’s attempt of a DIY flooring project. Its a nightmare :(

  407. Jen says:

    We have about 10 projects going on right now but the main ones is our office, master bedroom & stairway!

  408. Gina Arkell says:

    I”m planning on painting my daughter’s bedroom.

  409. Whitney says:

    I am redoing all of our floors! ahhhh! It is a nightmare! :)

  410. I need to make some changes in my living room next, I think. :)

  411. Carrie says:

    It is the family room I am re-doing….woodwork, built-ins, curtains, etc.!

  412. I shared this on twitter! @textbkleftovers :)

  413. Michelle says:

    The spare bathroom. This gift card would be great!

  414. Robyn says:

    I am going to frame out my bathroom mirrors! And then I an going to make my own canvas stretchers to make paintings for my house and hopefully extras to sell.

  415. natalie says:

    Toss up between buying plants for the garden or more stripper to remove more wallpaper…..plants!!

  416. Kat says:

    Either more garage storage or more plants!

  417. Alishia says:

    We currently have three unfinished projects.. our patio fire pit (currently a mud bog with pavers everywhere), our bathroom (needs new paint after I got a wild hair and tore off the bead board), and the nursery for the new little one, (paint, paint, paint). Soooo 50.00 would totally help one of these poor sad areas! :)

  418. Melanie says:

    Just bought a house…so almost everything is a project…even packing!!

  419. kathleen says:

    I hope to tackle the kitchen this summer!

  420. Kathleen says:

    My husband and I just bought our first home. Our laundry is in the middle of our kitchen so we want to disguise that and add some extra cabinetry.

  421. Karly W says:

    Refinishing an old dresser and hopefully making it smell a little fresher in the process!

  422. Katy says:

    Shared on FB!

  423. Brittany says:

    We are in the middle of a mega diy remodel–so $50 would help with at least one project!

  424. Allison says:

    We are moving into a new house next month and my home improvement list is LONG! Paint and carpet first then making some furniture to fill in the holes. A home depot gift card now couldnt be better timing.

  425. DeeKay says:

    Top of my summertime wishlist – heiche blue vinyl wainescotting for underneath my front porch ceiling. I know southern homes frequently have a blue ceiling, but I think it’s beautiful for New England, too!

  426. Rhiannon says:

    My next project is painting and hanging window boxes!

  427. Tan says:

    We are working on my daughters bedroom, a new curtian rod I have had a eye on at Home Depot would be the frosting on the cake… plus a few summer flowers or shrubs to spruce up our yard out front :) Oh how this would make my day!

  428. Katie Belle says:

    We are in the midst of decorating our front porch and landscaping. I would luv more flowers!

  429. DeeKay says:

    Just posted to facebook – yeah!

  430. Schmidty says:

    I have an old piece of furniture to strip and refinish.

  431. Kelly d says:

    We have lots of painting to do!

  432. Laura says:

    We are planning to update our kitchen.

  433. Brenda m. says:

    Where to start? I would love to take advantage of this weather and do some gardening!

  434. Deborah S says:

    Two projects are in my immediate future – painting a bedroom for my son and LOTS of gardening to do!

  435. Greta Street says:

    Painting everything! I want to repaint my dining room chairs to minty green instead of spring green, paint my dining table and my husbands dresser white, and paint a glass front bookcase that serves as the linen closet white and turquoise.

  436. Darn! I wish I would have known you were in Roseville! Our next project is a window box!

  437. Laura cano says:

    A curbside find- wooden table!

  438. Terri says:

    We are re dry walling the living room this weekend!

  439. Michelle R says:

    My DIY roman shades are my current project!

  440. Sandy A says:

    We have some painting projects to finish in the home we just moved into–also redo and add to the flower beds at our new to us home. And when that is done–start a renovation of our kitchen–badly needed…..

  441. Kathleen says:

    I have curtain rods and curtains to hang in the bedrooms and living room. I also want to paint my bedroom and the kitchen.

  442. Mary O. says:

    Working on our kitchen now for 3 months and hubby is getting ready to repair a wall and paint.

  443. Melanie says:

    Our next home improvement project is the master bathroom! Ripping out the old shower and tub and reconfiguring the space.

  444. We are redoing our backyard, breaking up the concrete and pouring a new slab with better drainage.

  445. I shared this giveaway on my twitter account: https://twitter.com/#!/delovelydetails

  446. Peggy says:

    I am getting ready to paint my dining room furniture!

  447. shari says:

    Strip the wallpaper in the MB and paint, tile the floor, well, a whole makeover.

  448. Stephanie says:

    I need to paint and put up frames in my front room…it is just white walls!!!!

  449. Michelle says:

    I have a hallway that needs painting

  450. I tweeted this giveaway.

  451. My next home depot project is upgrading my kitchen. I purchased a new dishwasher at Home Depot on Monday while they were having a sale and yesterday my significant other bout a cabinet refacing kit to take us from the seventies into present day. LOL

  452. Jacqueline says:

    I have lots and lots of painting to do!

  453. Jacqueline says:

    I shared this on Facebook

  454. Kristen D says:

    We just bought a house and we have several projects to tackle! Bathrooms, kitchen remodel, and backyard! Im in over my head! LOL :)

  455. Kim says:

    My master bedroom needs HELP! Badly!

  456. tracy says:

    Our next project is a wall of built-in bookshelves around our fireplace.

  457. Allison B. says:

    We had to gut the backyard of the home we recently bought to get rid of the bamboo that had taken over the ENTIRE yard. We now have a backyard full of dirt and are trying to figure out where to start and what to plant. We need everything from sprinklers to grass to flowers, plants, fruit trees, etc. $$$

  458. AP says:

    After the living room, then we need to paint the doors we just had installed, and then finish the base moulding throughout, and then….

  459. Jaime says:

    We are putting crown moulding in our kitchen/family room! Well…. that and about five million other things I want to tackle….

  460. Sarah says:

    My whole house is the next project right now!! We just bought our first home and are in the middle of a complete remodel – currently working on painting walls and making curtains…

  461. Austina says:

    Paint some furniture. Maybe my kitchen table and chairs. HMMM maybe turquoise or cream. The coffee table needs a serious face lift.

  462. Nick B says:

    Our backyard has been over taken by weeds, time for a major over haul! Home Depot’s garden department is calling our name!

  463. Nick B says:

    Linked up on FB! Thanks!

  464. Ashley says:

    We are finishing a garage apartment this summer!! Huge project!

  465. Ashley says:

    I also shared this post on twitter! :)

  466. Jaclyn says:

    We are in the process of installing new floors, painting the entire inside, knocking out a wall to expand the living room, enclosing part of the garage laundry area to make a “laundry room”, AND turning a portion of the patio into an enclosed sunroom. Whew! So tired just thinking about it…but so very excited!

  467. Jaclyn says:

    I linked to you on twitter!

  468. Amy W. says:

    we are just back in the states from two years living in bosnia. we have TONS of home projects to tackle, but i think i will start with painting the outdoor furniture to enjoy the deck in this beautiful weather!

  469. Jowel says:

    Need to freshen up the kitchen with paint and new moulding for the kitchen doors.

  470. careershore says:


    […]Centsational Girl » Blog Archive » Home Depot: Gift Card Giveaway[…]…

  471. I’ll be doing gardening once the weather is stable enough for flowers, but in the meantime, I am going to be finishing up my guest room I started decorating around Thanksgiving. I’d love the giftcard to buy a lamp and paint for some projects.

  472. Debra C. says:

    I need plants for the porch.

  473. Julia says:

    We are giving our foyer a makeover :)

  474. Bethany says:

    We’re working on the sun room right now… I may never finish the putty-sand, putty-sand cycle. The former owners didn’t put any drain in there when they added the room, so the water damage is pretty bad in some spots. So is the damage from plant roots that took over, twisting underneath the trim and floor. But enough putty and sanding will fix it!
    So, finish puttying then prime and paint the trim.

  475. Dawn says:

    We are turning an unused attic space into my studio… yay!!!

  476. Bethany says:

    “Liked” on facebook.

  477. Carina says:

    We´ll move soon and have an entire apartment to paint… :)

  478. Theresa says:

    I am working on two projects, sprucing up my garden and patio area and remodeling the bathroom. This card would sure come in handy!

  479. Megan says:

    I have a WHOLE house that needs a little something EVERYWHERE!!! Let see the door way needs framed out? The back door (and front door now that I think of it) needs repainted? The wholwl down stairs bathroom NEEDS help? Do I have to pick just one?

  480. Jen Migonis says:

    We are going to be replacing our rotted front porch and remodeling our bathroom this summer. And putting beadboard up on your kitchen ceiling….
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway, Kate.

  481. Kay says:

    I’m going to refinish a pedestal table I got for $25 on craigslist. As soon as it stops raining.

  482. Megan says:

    I shared it on FB! I need all the help I can get!

  483. Jenna says:

    I just moved and we now have an old shed that’s falling apart. It’s the perfect size though, so I’m repairing it and adding plants and window boxes and hopefully making it a little gem in our yard, rather than an eye sore!

  484. Kathy says:

    We need to buy some trees!

  485. Sherri says:

    I’m working on a raised bed garden, installing window boxes, landscape beds, and various other outdoor projects. LOADS of stuff to do but so excited to finally get the window boxes installed!

  486. Jenna says:

    I tweeted this too! wOOt!

  487. Emily says:

    Our next home improvement project is completely gutting our basement bathroom and starting from scratch…. We’re gonna need tiles, new shower, more tiles, new toilet, and some really pretty paint colours. Wanna come over and help? ;)

  488. Emily says:

    Just liked you on FB and added a comment there.

  489. Mel says:

    The fake oak trim in the kitchen and dining room. Must. Go.

  490. sue says:

    I have a tub faucet that is dripping into a tub that needs replacing, surrounded by a wall that might have leaks…short answer, I need to have the bathroom gutted and redone for the cheapest amount possible, so any amount to put toward that chore would be such a help!

  491. Sherry says:

    I’d like to buy some flowers for my yard!

  492. Laura says:

    Outdoor patio and landscape for sure.

  493. Licienne says:

    Working on recovering from a flood…had waterproofing done need to paint, insulate, electrical work, walls and flooring. Seems like I will never get my studio finished where I can create….I am calling the project the “black hole”.

  494. Heidi says:

    I am getting married and moving into a downtown rental with my then-husband next weekend and we NEED more kitchen storage! So we’ll be putting up a pegboard backsplash and pot rack!

  495. Patty says:

    I would have to use it for painting supplies!!

  496. Nicole says:

    Our next project if to add an overhead light to our living room! And I’m looking at purchasing a light from the Home Depot, so the gift card would be perfect!

  497. VABelle says:

    Our project this weekend is to replace the stepping stones from our drive way to our house!

  498. Catherine T. says:

    Where to begin….we are in the middle of a complete gut job on a house we bought a month ago. I live at home improvement stores. I could use the $50 gift card to help with a new powder room we are building.

  499. Denise says:

    Will be hard to pick “one” project, I have so many I want to do. I would probably use for some flowers/plants to brighten up the yard. thanks for the chance to win!

  500. Kate Curren says:

    I’m in the middle of a bathroom remodel. Next new plants outside

  501. DRTVrMoi says:

    I have a 90 yo cottage with an all white bathroom that begs for color. I’ll paint the walls and make a new shower curtain and window treatment. Thank you for the contest.

  502. Cheryl says:

    Getting ready to redo my master bedroom and my family room. I practically live at Home Depot so a gift card would be great to win! Thanks for the chance!

  503. Lori H says:

    My upstairs hallway needs painting and I need to get my flower beds into shape with some new plants and pruning the old ones.

  504. Pat Morin says:

    I am currently working on the master bathroom and have identified a few things that I like, but this sure would be handy.

  505. DRTVrMoi says:

    Shared the link on FB as ‘Lika Deala’

  506. Next project – new outdoor lighting for porch. Current ones are so ugly.

  507. Marlo says:

    We built our house a few years ago, so every spring, I try to add more to our landscaping. This year, I’d like to add a few more trees, and I’m planting more around our patio. A gift card towards plants would be great!

  508. Tracy Ueckert says:

    We just bought a home. We rented and lost our that home to the flood last year and instead of trying to find another rental, we took the plunge and purchased. Our ranch home needs updating here and there and all over so I’m painting everything from the bedrooms to the kitchen cabinets (thanks to seeing that on your site yay!) Thanks for the chance to win!

  509. Beth R. says:

    Today, when the weather clears up a little.. I am tilling over the dead grassy area on the other side of the fence next to my driveway and planting irises.

  510. Laura Schoefield says:

    My next project is painting and decorating my 10 yr old’s son room. We’ve been in our home for 2 years and I think he’s sick of the orange and yellow colors that are on his wall, the color that was there from the previous owner. $50 would help buy some paint!

  511. Cheryl B. says:

    Our next remodel will be a little remodel to rid the half bath of all of the brass fixtures and to put some board and batten on the walls.

  512. Rachel says:

    We really need to paint our master bedroom and are finishing up in our bathroom. I might want to paint the cabinetry in there also.

  513. Suzi Moore says:

    Working on my three season porch….would love a little help from Home Depot :). Thanks!

  514. Molly says:

    We’re working on sprucing up our dated kitchen! Painting the walls and cabinets, and installing a butcher block countertop on the island.

  515. Kim D says:

    It’s gardening time. Weeding, tilling – it all needs done!

  516. Cheryl M. says:

    We’re working on a landscaping project!

  517. amanda says:

    our leaky basement !

  518. Gretchen says:

    2rooms of hardwood floors are going in this weekend!

  519. Josee says:

    Next up on our list is staining our back deck and balcony and of course the yearly cleanup of flower beds!

  520. Katie says:

    Our next project is painting LOTS of dark wood paneling!

  521. Cathy Z says:

    Working on a screened porch with a hanging daybed

  522. Anne Marie says:

    I need to replace all my gold hardware – door knobs, latches etc – cannot stand this gold anymore. I also have several rooms calling out for paint.

  523. Elizabeth G. says:

    I really need to paint my living room. It would be great if I won!

  524. Debbie says:


  525. Jenny BD says:

    My improvement project is painting my living room. I’ve actually been inspired by your light filled home and want to lighten up the living room. Since new furniture is not an option, painting is on the menu!! haha. Thanks.

  526. Jocelyn says:

    Thanks for the contest! My next project will be BB paneling in my powder room.

  527. Jocelyn says:

    I just tweeted this giveaway.

  528. Carrie Cole says:

    My next project is a my master bedroom. It badly needs paint and closet organizing, plus some new lighting to glam it up.

  529. Elizabeth G. says:

    Shared this giveaway on Facebook.

  530. Françoise Lecours says:

    To finish painting the front balcony, Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  531. KC says:

    Our next big project is to turn out porch into a sunroom and to remodel our laundry room that is connected to it outside. I love getting ideas from you and thanks for a chance to help us when a gift card to put toward our project! :)

  532. Tobi says:

    Wallpaper the powder room and add crown moulding in the living room and dining room.

  533. Sharmin says:

    I want to paint my bedroom grey. This would be big help! Thanks for the cool giveaway Kate!

  534. Stephanie says:

    We are repainting our foyer a nice pale grey/blue and adding wainscoting! Love this giveaway!

  535. Stephanie says:

    We are repainting our foyer a nice pale grey/blue and adding wainscoting! Love this giveaway!

  536. Jackie says:

    Our most immediate projects are new lighting for the dining room (I’m going to try and paint what we have first), painting my son’s room, and new carpet for the bedrooms.

  537. Mercedes says:

    My next home improvement project is probably going to be my kitchen. I’m hoping to paint the cabinets, re-tile the floor, paint the walls, and find some matching appliances.

    Thankfully it is a pretty small kitchen, but it’s still a good amount of work!

  538. Andrea says:

    Mini kitchen redo…counters backsplash faucet, paint. $50 would be fabulous! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  539. Kathy says:

    I will paint my front door, Home Depot sells the perfect paint……BEHR, any color from them is perfect, I love that paint! Thanks!

  540. Julee says:

    Would love to refinish my hardwood floors and darken them! Awesome giveaway, thanks!

  541. We are actually in the process of a couple of projects. We’ve recently tilled up some of our front yard to redo with some new landscaping but as of right now it’s just sitting there, dirt. LOL! This might give us a boost. Thanks for the chance to win.

  542. carey says:

    my bedroom is painted lime green with green, pink and blue striped curtains and blue, pink, green and yellow plaid blinds. it’s designed for a little girl but i’m in my 20’s! definitely need some new paint and new curtains!

  543. carey says:

    i also shared this on my twitter!

  544. sangeetha says:

    Need to paint, do flooring and bathroom reno

  545. carol w. says:

    My Kitchen is in desperate need of a facelift. Its looking quite sad!!!

  546. LuRae says:

    My husband and I are retiring at the end of May and I have a long list of things I’d like to do in the coming months (years?). But where to start? I am hoping to start with taking out the tile in the kitchen bathroom and put up batten board.

  547. Lorena says:

    Our guest bathroom needs to be remodeled ASAP but material is so expensive. I have been saving to get started on the project soon, I want it to look gorgeous! This HD GC would be a great help in completing the project..

  548. Amy says:

    We are getting ready to remodel my daughter’s bedroom and transform it from a little girls room to a “pre-teen” room. She wants purple walls so the gift card would be great for paint!

  549. Amy says:

    I shared this on Facebook.

  550. Teresa says:

    My “to be” family room!

  551. Susan says:

    We’re going to build a vinyl arbor – hopefully!

  552. Need to paint, need to fix ceilings, need to change door handles, need to make a mirror, need to cover my vent hood with wood, need too…….

    Ya get the picture?

    I NEED a card!

  553. Wendy says:

    Oh boy! It is definitely time to work in the garden and to fill the hole where the tree stump was recently ground out.

  554. maura says:

    I plan on painting our black bedroom dresser.

  555. Cara says:

    My next project is to paint my boring front door a pretty color…..im thinkinking PINK!!!!

  556. Gina says:

    In the process of repainting our wicker furniture at the lake house. Going to need more paint!!

  557. Cara says:

    Shared on facebook.

  558. Andrea says:

    My next project is the bonus room/media room. Right now I’m thinking gray and white with bits of black and a light, neutral pink (can’t have too much pink with the men in the house) : )

  559. Leah says:

    All the woodwork in our house has been painted over with latex. We have to strip it ALL and repaint with enamel. Anyone want to help?

  560. Renovating the entire house bit by bit. Kitchen remodel first and then the master bathrooom. This weekend though we are sanding hardwood floors!

  561. chloe says:

    I’m planning on repainting one of the bedrooms and redoing the flooring!

  562. Joyce says:

    Plan to paint kitchen, make a cornhole game for our Granddaughter’s first birthday May 28, and
    repair and extend back deck with gazebo, and new plantings….just to get started. Thank you ever
    so very much, Kate!!!

  563. Candi says:

    We’re about to begin an exterior paint job on our house. The exterior is definitely out of my comfort zone and such a large investment. We are doing all the prep ourselves, as well as building our own board and batten shutters and replacing fixtures. I would love some help from the good folks at the Home Depot ;)

  564. maura says:

    I linked this giveaway on twitter!

  565. greta says:

    My next project is to refinish the hardwood floor in three of my rooms. One has been covered by carpet for at least 10years, so who knows what it will look like….

  566. Bj says:

    What project am I not working on?! LOL I am always knee deep in something! I am in need of wood to build what I am currently working on so a gift card would be amazing at this point. I am low on funds. Hugs to you and Home Depot! Bj

  567. mar says:

    Our master bath needs to be completed.

  568. Bj says:

    I just shared the give-a-way on Facebook! Thank you both of this chance!

  569. Ame says:

    It’s going to be an undertaking, but I’m tackling a Bathroom next. Wish me luck!

  570. Sheryl says:

    Hmmm, which project should I name here…I’m one of those who has many projects going on at one time. However, the one I MUST finish first, is…refinishing the dressers in my sons room (just so I can neatly organize the clothes in his room again :) They are sanded down and patiently awaiting me to stain and poly them!

  571. Susan says:

    With my daughter’s openhouse coming up in June, we are making additional outdoor seating.

    Thanks and i love your blog!

  572. dorothy says:

    We are in the process of some light repair work throughout the house-it never ends! =) Thanks for the giveaway.

  573. Maria says:

    Working on finishing a half finished deck for my parents!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  574. Shelly says:

    Paining the master bedroom is next! I finally found the perfect paint color!

  575. Cheryl says:

    Finally moving forward on a master bath after years at a stand still. This would be so much appreciated!! Thanks for the chance!

  576. Leslie F. says:

    We will be moving in September so we will have LOTS of painting to do in the new home and the old!


  578. Carla says:

    My next project is a new (to me!) house, and it needs LOTS of updating. Love the Home Depot!

  579. Leslie says:

    We just had my uncle install recessed lights in our basement, and now we are in the process of repainting and adding beadboard to the room. My husband is also remodeling the bathroom down there. There’s always something to do!

  580. Becky says:

    I’m ready to start a kitchen redo…this giveaway would really come in handy! Thanks!

  581. elaine says:

    We have so many project in preparation of hosting a graduation party for our special daughter, both inside and outside. Love watching the transformations on your blog.

  582. Anne-Marie Carlson says:

    I am new to this but already my brain is churning with ideas! Right now I’m re-painting the dining room chairs. They are going from pink (yes, we painted them that, too.) to “parchment white”. They already have been re-upholstered by my mom and hubby!

  583. Anne-Marie Carlson says:

    I just tweeted the give away!

  584. Debbie Jackson says:

    need to redo and paint the bathroom djackson1958 at hotmail.com

  585. Sandy says:

    We bought our house last Fall and have to tackle many honey do’s including painting, installing a door to the bulkhead, and replacing light fixtures. Would really appreciate the help from Home Depot–we’re in there every other weekend! Your blog has been great inspiration for DIY decorating :)

  586. Amanda says:

    We’re moving into our first house…first up is fresh new paint (for pretty much the whole house!)

  587. Amanda says:

    I also shared on twitter :)

  588. Marsha says:

    My next project is to replace an old vinyl kitchen floor. Then tackle the much neglected veggie garden.

  589. Marsha says:

    Shared on Twitter.

  590. Robin G says:

    My patio needs some help!

  591. Since we’re heading into summer, it will be gardening and outdoor painting projects! I have big plans for refreshing my patio decor and transplanting some perennials. I was just at Home Depot yesterday shopping for gardening supplies!

  592. Kristi says:

    The garage and tiling our back stoop are the next two projects we have to tackle. Hoping to find the tile you used for your circular patio at Home Depot. Love it!

  593. Gwen says:

    The list is long, my friend…

  594. I shared on Facebook!

  595. ~Kristen~ says:

    LOVE home depot! I am in the midst of two bedroom makeovers and of course, planting things out in the yard this time of year. So a gift card would be awesome!

  596. Mitzi says:

    We’re in the process of flooring half of our house. With that, we’ve been painting and rearranging as well. Sure could use the Home Depot card, so yes, I want to enter–count me in!!

  597. ~Kristen~ says:

    shared on FB!

  598. Emily W says:

    I’ve been working hard on my garden check list. Next up, I would like to replace the exterior lights along my patio to finish my 2012 garden spruce up.

  599. Kimberly says:

    I am going to start with painting the front door….and work from there!!

  600. april says:

    my next project (of many) is to make a fire pit using the retaining wall blocks.

  601. Emily W says:

    I also shared on twitter.

  602. Jeannie S says:

    We need a pressure washer and an umbrella for the patio would be lovely in the Texas heat!
    Thank you!

  603. Mindy says:

    My next little project is to replace the hardware on my front door. My next big project is a kitchen remodel.

  604. Linds says:

    This summer we are taking on finishing our basement and refinishing our front porch.

  605. Erin says:

    Oh my backyard could use some major TLC, my hubbie has in mind to redo the retaining wall. Granted last time it rained we did have a mini waterfall in our backyard so maybe he is on to something.

  606. My next home project is to update the kitchen, new fridge and countertops. Also working on a bathroom update currently with beadboard and new counter and sink.

  607. Jen says:

    I am planning to add some new cabinetry the kitchen to add a much needed pantry. I hope I win!

  608. penelope says:

    I’m gradually replacing all of the light fixtures in our house. they were a bit blah when we purchased the house but it’s a slow (and pricey!) transition!

  609. Carrie H says:

    Next project, sprucing up the garden beds

  610. Laura says:

    Thinking about changing the color of my exterior doors and getting new hardware. Thanks for the giveaway!

  611. Amanda says:

    The projects are endless! But today I’m finishing up a painting project – stripes in the hallway! Up next – more painting of course.

  612. Patty says:

    A multitude of projects, let see…outside we are working on landscaping, new fence, smaller flower beds, new patio…inside painting master bedroom, shelving for the living room, and various other small tasks. Once that is done, then there is always something else lurking.

  613. Home Depot rocks! They were so helpful when I remodeled my kitchen and bathroom. Now I am working on my garden and installing an irrigation system. A Home Depot gift card would enable my garden improvements go much further than my budget allows.

  614. Cathy N says:

    I am working on painting my son’s bedroom.

  615. Whitney says:

    While we have a LOT of projects going on in our house right now, the biggest undertaking at the moment is the nursery! Our baby girl is due in August and we are hoping to have a cozy room for her. It will also be the guest room when we have visitors, so we have been building custom pieces of furniture that are multifunctional.

  616. Kim O'Donoghue says:

    Moving one of my daughters into my other daughter’s room to turn that room into a hopeful foster child’s room!

  617. Kim O'Donoghue says:

    Just posted your giveaway on my FB:) thanks for these great giveaways.

  618. Jenny says:

    Taking on a backyard makeover. Big yard, big job!!! Trying to garner divine inspiration to make this project fabulous!

  619. DMilton says:

    I am going to redo the stairs (in my breakfast room pass-through) by taking them down to the actual plywood (removing ugly carpet), adding dark hardwood stairs, new tobacco twist banisters painted white, and a sisal runner to the hardwood. The Home Depot $ would be a great start!

  620. Karen says:

    We’re considering putting our house on the market, so we have a lot of tweeking to do. We need to paint the front porch and deck, replant some of the flower beds (the deer have been busy), touch up some of the walls inside, etc., etc. :)

  621. kathy brower says:

    We’re moving, so I need to paint.

  622. Tery Hodges says:

    My next home improvement project is giving my plaster walls a skim coat to get rid of the horrible orange peel texture. I have many projects on the list but this is the main one I want to accomplish.

    Thanks for the chance!

  623. Lisa says:

    Many, many projects! Landscaping, roofing, replacing rotting doors, new carpets, yikes!

  624. Leanne Davis says:

    We are building another raised bed this weekend for more veggies. Inside the house I am going to decoupage one wall in my office in vintage advertisement posters. Wish there were more days in a weekend!

  625. Alma says:

    Gardening. Love this time of year!

  626. Deauna says:

    I’m going to make my own coffee table. I can’t wait to get started.

  627. joseph gersch jr says:

    buliding a deck

  628. Leanne Davis says:

    Just posted a link to my Facebook wall! Whooo hooo! Would love to win this. Going there in a few hours!

  629. Ellen says:

    I am desperate to update our “finished” basement!

  630. Stacy E says:

    For my next project, I’m searching for an older floor set television to turn into a dog bed for my puppy. In the meantime I’ll be refinishing an old jewelry box to match my new bedroom set.

  631. Ashley says:

    The on-going list of projects is huge! Probably the most pressing would be refinishing a dresser for my soon-to-be-born twin girls. Please pick me!

  632. Stacy E says:

    Just shared on Facebook. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  633. Cathy A says:

    We are putting all new windows in our home, new siding, painting all rooms and adding new woodwork and trim everywhere inside. Whew we are going to be busy. Doing this all by ourselves.

  634. Kelley hively says:

    My summer projects include painting the master bed and bath and working on painting and organizing the game room. A gc would come in mighty handy and Home Depot is my go-to store! In fact, I’m on my way now. It is Saturday morning. Where else would I be?!?

  635. rach says:

    my next project is working on the landscaping around the pool! I want it to be an oasis of relaxation :)

  636. updating a dresser , finishing my pantry , starting my kitchen makeover! so many things

    Great giveaway .. thanks for hosting

  637. Cheri says:

    Since my 2 oldest have joined the military and are leaving next week and in July, I’ll be doing lots of painting…specifically the bedroom!

  638. Valerie says:

    Our next project is to begin finishing our basement.

  639. Castle Swanson says:

    We have the front flower bed that needs a total makeover, and I’m getting ready to clean-up and clean-out our son’s bedroom now that he’s off at college. Lots to do – so little time, and even less $ to work with – will be fun to see how (and when) it all turns out.

  640. Chris says:

    I’ve been telling me 9- year old daughter that I’d make her a new bed and paint some of her accessories the colors she wants, not what we choose for her! Also want to add some organization to her closet to contain the stuffed animal zoo she’s collected.

  641. Catherine says:

    I’m really wanting to repaint my downstairs this summer!

  642. Molly says:

    Well I guess I have to be honest, I’d be regifting the card to my mother. After being out of the workforce for a year I’m just getting back on my feet. With the help of my mother I wouldn’t of survived. She adores the outdoors and says her yard work is her therapy. So after the countless hours of therapy she gave me during a very rough year for me i’d pass it on to her. She loves being outside doesn’t matter if its weeding her flower beds, tending to the garden or mowing she loves it.

  643. Sheryl says:

    I also shared this on my FB! Thanks for the opportunity!

  644. Heidi says:

    I just bought my FIRST HOUSE!!! It’s an old rowhouse, so it is full of projects to do (redoing upstiars layout, adding bathrooms, digging out the basement amd finishing it).

  645. Betsy says:

    My husband and I moved into our first house on Monday and this weekend we are tackling our first project together! Every room in the house has a horribly green accent wall. So, we are painting today and it will be an adventure!With your advice from this blog, we are ready to transform this house into OUR home! :)

  646. Char says:

    I am going to put up curtains and paint the living room in my new apartment. I would also like to finish a small tiling job. :)

  647. Zobiana says:

    My next project starts this morning. Heading out to Home Depot soon. Planning on painting 2 old shelving units (circa 1980) from ugly faux wood to white. Am planning on painting the backs of the shelves either turqouise or celery green and perhaps may install that paintable bead board wallpaper on the backs first (if I can find the wallpaper in stock). I will be painting old Ikea coffee tables the same colour (either green or turqoise). I will also be painting a set of drawers white and may (or may not) put them in my livingroom -I’ll decide once I have seen the finished project and whether or not I like it in the space. If not, it may go in a storage area.

  648. Ruth says:

    We are starting to remodel our stairs from carpet to stained, so a gift card would come in handy for supplies.

  649. Char says:

    I tweeted this post! :)

  650. Emily J. says:

    I would use the gift card to start an herb garden!

  651. Beth says:

    We just bought a house and will be moving in in 2 weeks. It has royal blue and hunter green carpets, green marble tile and wallpaper on almost every wall. So yeah, this would put a dent in things! :)

  652. Kate says:

    I’m going to be painting the interior rooms of our new addition. Behr paint + primer, here I come!

  653. Chrissy says:

    Way too many projects in my head! Building a new shelf in my laundry room and putting new wood chips in my front garden on high on the list right now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  654. Rhonda H says:

    My next project is Let’s Get Down and Dirty in the Garden! I’m ready to plant. I’ve tilled, spread organic fertilizer compliments of my sheep, and I’m ready to dig in!

  655. Mindy Upham says:

    I should be moving soon so my next project is my laundry room I think! Painting and putting up some cabinets!

  656. Elizabeth says:

    I’m going to refinish a dresser that has been in my family for years. Never done this kind of thing before so I’m really excited about it!

  657. Dineen T says:

    Spring is here in PA so my next project is gardening! Flowers for my containers and I want to try a container garden this year. Wish me luck with that! ;)

  658. Amanda says:

    We’ve gutted our second floor and starting from scratch! Putting in a bedroom and entertainment room.

  659. Jacqueline says:

    We are beginning to start a playroom renovation. We have a retro pool table and want to design the rest of the room to fit the look of the pool table. It will be a lot of work, but a very exciting project!

  660. Mindy Upham says:

    I shared on Facebook :)

  661. Maribeth says:

    we are in the middle of a complete kitchen remodel. By the time we finally get this done, I think we are going to need a good long break from projects. Although that carpet is looking really dingy……

  662. susan bourgeois says:

    My next project is built in bookcases in the den and then painting the dark cypress paneling in there! Can’t wait for light and airy!

  663. Lisa Garner says:

    So much to do, so little time/money. I think first, I want to paint my white walls in my office to something more soothing and interesting.

  664. Kate says:

    I’m hoping to tackle a family room makeover since it’s the only room in the house that has not been upgraded since we moved in seventeen years ago! Home Depot Gift Card would certainly come in handy!

  665. Michelle F says:

    I will be putting a hair salon in my basement! It will be a mix of industrial& glamour and will have many DIY projects. Wish me luck:)

  666. Melodie says:

    New Kitchen! I have no kitchen! Well, we’re in the middle of a remodel, new cabinets and all. After weighing the pros and cons of moving or remodeling, we decided to stay in our current home and refresh the kitchen.
    Just about an overwhelming project at times, but I will have a kitchen eventually. Took out and donated old 1970s cabinets, and now trying to put it all back together. So difficult choosing tile for a backsplash – I would use any “extra” money to purchase beautiful tile!

  667. Deb W. says:

    We’ll begin our finishing stages of the outdoor kitchen and patio area redo by building a stone retaining wall around a new flower bed and then desiging the landscape in that area.

  668. Just the amount I need to finish refinishing a gorgeous dining room table!! This would buy the products to sprig and refinish and buy three boards for a room divider!

  669. Tweeted @splendidsass

  670. Shellee says:

    Painting as we speak! With more painting to go!

  671. Robin Whiting says:

    My next project is building a potting bench and a garden shed to hold all my supplies! Thank you for the giveaway.

  672. Kim G says:

    We are working on our office makeover.

  673. Laura says:

    My husband and I are getting ready to buy our first home…I’m pretty sure we will be headed to the Home Depot in the near future for many, many cans of paint! Thanks for the giveaway ;-)

  674. Stacy says:

    I have to put up a tile backsplash all around my kitchen for my first minor project and the major one is finishing the basement bathroom and bar.

  675. Brie says:

    Our next project is painting … our entire house! Our goal is to get it all done this summer. :)

  676. Lots and lots of gardening including replacing some very dead shrubs!

  677. Jen N. says:

    Our next project is making our spare bedroom (current junk room) into a craft room.

  678. lindsayl says:

    New closet doors is next on our list!

  679. Jennifer says:

    Our next project is putting up shutters in our living room.

  680. Esther T. says:

    My next project is to remove my old carpet in the living and dining room. I will replace it with a hardwood, or bamboo floor. I will definitely make a trip to Home Depot for ideas and suggestions.

  681. Kath says:

    When the crape myrtles grew gloriously, the vegetable garden became too shady. It was moved out into a sunny spot in the yard. BUT that left the shady area in need of a shade garden. So that’s the next project. That and finishing the painting of the office, including the use of one of those formica painting kits for the countertops in the built-ins. Because the old green formica is just NOT going to be funny with the new red walls, no matter what my husband says.

    Well, we do need a new refrigerator, one that only freezes food in the freezer section. Yep. That would be good. Oh, and replacing the granite tiles on the countertops with solid granite. OH, and the master bath …

  682. gina morrison says:

    We need to do so many things. The yard need pine needles. The house needs some paiting and inside there are lots of little odd jobs that need some attention.

  683. mary says:

    We are still working on the outside of your house- paint, new roof, front entry addition. I need lights for the pretty addition and would love to use free money towards that! We have a 100+ year old home so the projects never end here!

  684. mary says:

    I liked this on Facebook and also started following you over there too.

  685. Amy says:

    I can’t name only ONE project as I have too many in the works. Remodeling a breakfast room, changing paint color in the dining room, doing my own faux wainscoting in the dining as well as up the stairs to the 2nd floor, chalk painting some antique furniture for the breakfast room and the dining room…and the list goes on.

  686. Grace says:

    Gardening is where my mind is right now. March was unusually warm, then April was very cold and drizzly. I’ve been impatiently waiting for the weather to warm up to get going on adding some colour to the dreary gardens. This year, I plan on using begonias instead of impatiens, as suggested by Mark Cullen (Canada’s favourite garden expert).

  687. Marcie says:

    My next big project is to tile and paint my bathroom.

  688. EmilyR says:

    We are moving across the country, and I think painting will be our first big project in our new home!

  689. Serena says:

    We’re spread out pretty thin right now — we’re remodeling a dining room, including changing out lighting, redoing some of the built-ins and woodwork, and painting, and we’re redoing a bathroom, and we’re working on our landscaping. Hmmm. I am suddenly feeling pretty tired.

  690. Treva says:

    We have been waiting for our plants and trees to come back this spring after last summer’s record heat and drought in Southeast Texas. Wondrously, most of it has come back, except the front flower bed, which I have replanted, and three trees.

    Digging out and replacing those three trees will be our project…I am thinking crepe myrtle and a white peach tree…

  691. Cindy from Indiana says:

    Well, my list is long indeed, but we’re still working on the new room redo for our five year old daughter. So right now that means spackle, primer, paint…oh and before all that a new window. :-)

  692. Sarah says:

    Where to start? We have some painting to do in my boys bedroom, the yard is in desperate need of help and the list goes on… and on.. :)
    Cute shoes by the way!

  693. Marcie says:

    Also shared on FB :)

  694. Patti says:

    I was inspired by your carriage house kitchen makeover since your “before” photos looked similar to our kitchen. After showing them to my husband, I was finally able to convince him we should paint our cabinets so our kitchen could look more like your “after” pic’s! I have been working on him for years and he didn’t agree until he got a visual on how great it could look…thanks!

  695. Rebekah says:

    Hi! We are planning to paint the upper level and also the kitchen cabinets in the next few months. Also put up a kitchen backsplash and new hardware. Got my work cut out!! :)

  696. Carolyn says:

    My bedroom furniture is a lot of heavy dark wood. I have fallen in love with all the white on white bedrooms. You know, white furniture, white wall, white everything, with pops of color in the accessories. So I am painting everything. Bed, dressers, nightstands, walls, lamps, mirrors, everything. I’m using spray paint for the accessories, which are a lot of little craft projects. Plus, I’m building a makeup vanity for my bedroom. I want to sit to put my makeup on. I cannot WAIT until it’s complete!

  697. Lauren says:

    Sooo many projects, don’t know which one to start with, kitchen, bathroom, basement, living room or office. I’ll be doing one of them.

  698. Carolyn says:

    I linked this giveaway to my Facebook page! Woo hoo!

  699. Sarah R says:

    Our next project is probably replacing the faucet and light fixture in our powder room. $50 from Home Depot would help speed that project along!

  700. Annie says:

    In the process of turning my son’s jr loft into a firetruck. :) And converting my old college loft into a pink jr loft/playhouse underneath for my daughter. :) Thanks for the give-away!! :)

  701. Soledad Ravendo says:

    Our next project will be replacing the fence!!! HD gift card would help!!! :)

  702. kathy olson says:

    We are planning to expand the patio off our basement. A Home Depot gift card is always welcome! Love that place.

  703. Carly says:

    We are buying a new house, well an old house, really, so we will have plenty of projects to keep us busy! In the meantime, I’m trying my hand at building furniture!

  704. Karen Lachapelle says:

    We’re just starting to plan a kitchen facelift!

  705. Our front yard needs a major facelift. So this giftcard would be great for buying lots of plants and rock work materials!

  706. Jeannie S says:

    Linked on FaceBook!

  707. Michele Owens says:

    Refacing our outdoor front entrance. New door, new window boxes, shrubs! HD gift card would really help us out!

  708. Lisa says:

    Patch & Paint Kitchen: Time to patch the drywall from a plumbing repair and since we have to paint that spot… I thnk it’s time to paint the backsplash a rich red and the other walls of the kitchen a creamy white all to coordinate with the granite. We moved into this house in October and it’s time to bring out own vibe to the kitchen and what a great instigator.. plumbing repair!

  709. Jennifer h says:

    Our next project is sprucing up our landscaping. We plan to build a fire pit and finish an empty garden.

  710. gogothrift says:

    next project: bathrooms master and kids

  711. Brooke M says:

    Our next project is doing a full landscape job in our yard. It’s currently a blank slate (aka, a dirt pile). We have a lot of work ahead of us.

  712. Lisa says:

    Repainting the interior of the house and making a faux fireplace.

  713. Kelly says:

    I just purchased my first home so my next major project is painting …EVERY room! Thanks for all of your fantastic tips, they help me see home ownership as a fun adventure rather than a series of scenes from the movie “Money Pit! “

  714. Kara says:

    My next project is to fill my front porch planters with some beautiful flowers.

  715. Karen says:

    Our current project is finishing the guest room, and then we are going to tackle re-surfacing a concrete patio with tile…Thanks for the chance to win.

  716. Carly Dallas says:

    Our next project will be to spruce up the office basement with some fresh paint and updated flooring.

  717. Claudia says:

    Working on the gardens, as we speak…well at least the hubs has already headed out there. *giggle* I am waiting to put the clothes into the dryer. I have several planters that need to be filled yet.

  718. sarah says:

    We have so many projects….I’m turning an upstairs bedroom into a playroom, I still have 3 furniture pieces to paint and of course planting flowers! That will probably happen first!

  719. I’m going to be giving our potting bench an update! Have a fun weekend!

  720. Sarah J. says:

    We’re currently shopping for a new kitchen faucet, so this would be perfect! Thanks for the giveaway.

  721. We’re planning to upgrade my mom’s backyard with a pergola so she has a shady place to sit while she gardens!

  722. Katie G says:

    Landscaping the front yard!

  723. Lynn says:

    I am in the middle of a project and would love a Home Depot card! I am creatining a new home office space for my husband! :-)

  724. Kim says:

    I have all project types on my list which call for frequent visits to Home Depot. Right now, I am focusing on two important items: getting our downstairs bathroom painted and finding a great room ceiling fan before the summer heat arrives.

  725. Laura says:

    My next project is to turn our garage into another family room

  726. Elena says:

    I will paint, paint, paint! All new colors for a radical departure from years of brown and beige. Happy May!

  727. Teal Lockard says:

    I am redoing our half bath which involves removing 1980 mauve wallpaper which appears to have been adhered to the walls with liquid nails. ;-)

  728. Nancy says:

    I would like to spruce up my garden.

  729. Melissa says:

    My next project is to get my home office whipped into shape. I spend 8+ hours each day in there and it’s a complete disaster!

  730. Angie says:

    Awesome giveaway! Our kitchen faucet broke two days ago so we need to buy a new faucet asap! Thanks for the chance.

  731. Dana Breeden says:

    Our next project is the bathroom and it’s gonna be a doozie!

  732. Melissa says:

    EVERYTHING! We bought an 1879 farmhouse fixer-upper last September, soo…

    Next on the list is: finish the bedroom (closet doors), pull the paneling off the dining room, plant the garden, clean up the upstairs enough for guests, and then we tackle the bathroom of doom!

  733. Jill Marie H. says:

    My next project is remodeling the outdoor screened in porch. Involves tiling the porch floor, rescreening, repainting, and of course, the fun part of redecorating!

  734. Candy Foster says:

    I hope our next project entails a new house (ours is currently on the market), but incase it doesn’t, our next project will be a raise flower bed in our backyard.

  735. Sarah says:

    I would use the gift card to help transform our patio!

  736. GinaE says:

    Seriously need to paint my kitchen cabinets. Many thanks for the chance to win!!

  737. marymbfl says:

    My next project is painting the laundry room. A very nice coastal blue. Sherwin Williams Jack Frost

  738. Kel says:

    My next project is painting my kitchen. We bought our house new and all the rooms in my home have been painted, EXCEPT the kitchen. Thank you for the chance.

  739. Nan says:

    We are building a new chicken coop for our new chicks. We are making it from salvaged materials but know we need to purchase a few things. Winning the gift card would be a great help!

  740. arlene says:

    I am planning on repainting my kitchen:)

  741. Joanna says:

    Actually we have many projects coming up. A paint job for my artroom and some funiture for it, a broken kitchen sink that needs replacing, and our gardening shovel just splintered the other day! Always something to get done around here. :)

  742. Ashley C says:

    We are finishing up the nursery for my daughter. Mostly a few craft projects, but some touch up painting needs to be done and maybe some closet organizing


  743. Joanna says:

    And there, shared on facebook. :)

  744. Christine says:

    We are about to redo our kitchen and put in a fence (so I can get a puppy!).

  745. heatherm says:

    we are getting ready for our new home construction..so this would be VERY useful!

  746. Kelli says:

    I’m on the 2nd NON-successful paint color on my front door. This would totally go toward another round of paint.

  747. Stephanie says:

    Working on a garden pathway and kid-friendly outdoor play area!

  748. Anu says:

    we need to finish our deck which we started last year (had to stop in the fall for various reasons) with railings etc.

  749. Kimberly says:

    I am working on sprucing up my kitchen cabinets and adding a backsplash!Also I want to update the lighting.

  750. JulianneRM says:

    Building a pool bar!! :)

  751. deb says:

    This time of year, it’s getting the yard ready for summer fun!

  752. Shannon says:

    Next project: ripping out this icky carpet and putting down beautiful bamboo floors!

  753. Lee Johnson says:

    I’ve been following your blog for awhile now, never commented. But on my way out to Home Depot I saw this post! I had to comment for a chance to win! I am at Home Depot most EVERY weekend! In the garden area! I am working on my backyard and planting flowers for the 1st time! Today I plan to add Caladiums! Would LOVE to win a card! Thanks for the opportunity!!


  754. Leasa says:

    starting the basement renovation. finally!

  755. WendyK says:

    My next project = painting my kitchen cabinets and adding new hardware. Thanks for the giveaway!

  756. Jennifer says:

    Garage organization! It is a mess! The giftcard would really help!

  757. Lee Johnson says:

    I also “Liked” on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/#!/wendylynn.faberge

  758. Shannon says:

    I linked to this giveaway on both my personal and Homestead FB pages!

  759. Lee Johnson says:

    I also “Liked” on Face Book here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/wendylynn.faberge

  760. Danica H says:

    I shared this giveaway on FB : )!

  761. Lyndsey says:

    I will be painting. In a rental but plan on being here at least two years. A little money on paint will help it feel more like “home”.

  762. Laurel says:

    You know, I really need to just invest in some new, high quality tools to help will all of my future projects. On the top of the list would be a reliable drill!

  763. Danica H says:

    Our current project is landscaping our yard. We had to borrow everything from nighbors so far, so it would be NICE if we had our own!

  764. Jenny says:

    My next project is the laundry room!

  765. Jen in NM says:

    My next projects are to getting color on the walls of my soulless developer cookie-cutter house! Off-white everything be gone! $50 would help quite a bit with the paint budget! Thanks for the chance to win.

  766. Dee in BC says:

    Our next project is a garden shed – still to come… fencing & an apple tree or 2:)

  767. Jamie says:

    I need to redo my living room – it’s the last room in the house for me to make beautiful!

  768. Jessica D. says:

    Paint for sure! We are moving into our first home next weekend :)

  769. Laurel says:

    Our next project is probably getting rid of some serious weeds that are growing up in our so-called garden.

  770. A new bathroom in the basement for guests!

  771. Angie McGeown says:

    I actually just finished painting my living room. But, I still have gardening to do and I want to refinish the table in my daughter’s playroom. So, this gift card would definitely come in handy.

  772. Angie McGeown says:

    I shared this link on Facebook.

  773. Kim says:

    I could do so many things..finish repainting the trim in our house (downstairs is done, but upstairs isn’t), replace some overgrown shrubbery, or get started on my master bath redo. There’s always lots I can use at the Home Depot!

  774. Sandra says:

    We have a lot of projects to do in our house, but right now we’re in the middle of redoing our family room and sunroom.

  775. Kelly Proctor Tooley says:

    Our next project is the hall bathroom! We have our floor tile but need paint, mirror, lighting, towel bar… That WAY blows $50! LOL!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  776. Lovie says:

    I want to build a bed frame for my oldest son.

  777. Leslie W says:

    My next project is repairing a pallet and turning it into a planter. I’m going to use scrap would to make bottoms on the pallet and then screw it to the side of my garage then add dirt and flowers! I love using old pallets to build new things and there are many uses for old pallets. After the garden pallets I want to make a coffee table out of pallets and put wheels on the bottom. :)

  778. Rachel says:

    We just made a list of all the things we want to do in our house…and I think my husband may have thrown up a little.
    First up, is to put in a new range hood and take down the ugly broken microwave to make more space above our stove top!

  779. Jen in NM says:

    My next project is putting some color on the walls in my soulless cookie-cutter developer house! Off-white everything be gone! Thanks for the chance to win.

  780. jess says:

    I think painting our huge master bedroom is next, the previous owner painted the entire thing (including the tray ceilings g) this sandy adobe color. Ew. My husband would argue that the lawn needs the money,he has beea going at it nonstop since we bought the house in January. Poor guy can’t beat the weeds.

  781. Jen in NM says:

    Just posted on Facebook…

  782. Kelly Johnson says:

    Our current project is a master bedroom makeover. I just purchased three Behr paint color samples this week, that $50 gift card would almost pay for the paint needed for our project. Thanks for the give away! :)

  783. Lisa says:

    The list is long, but right now we’ve gutted our guest room, insulated the outside wall, having it dry walled, then paint!

  784. Tammy T says:

    My project is painting and adding crown molding to the guest bedroom.

  785. Annette says:

    My first project is planting my vegetable garden and the second is installing a tile backsplash in the kitchen. Thanks for the opportunity.

  786. Tammy T says:

    I just posted on FB!

  787. Hwilson1510 says:

    Our next project is ripping out carpet and putting down some more durable flooring in a kids’ play space. It will be my first attempt at doing flooring all by myself:)

  788. Julie says:

    So many projects! High on my list is to paint/refinish some furniture for the baby who’s due to arrive in September. Thanks for the contest! :)

  789. heather t says:

    We have a million projects,but the one that needs done soonest would be a tiling project!

  790. Jen says:

    My next project is moving. My husband’s in the military and we are moving again which means a chance to redecorate without having to actually buy anything (much) new. Twelve homes in 19 years!

  791. Lark says:

    I’ve been working on a planter in the front of my house and have been having the hardest time making it look great. Last weekend I was at Home Depot scouring the garden department for plants. I still need to head back to get something to fill an awful gap that has left my planter looking very sparse and lonely!

  792. apronless says:

    Our garden is our main/next project right now. Grow seeds, grow!

  793. apronless says:

    I also posted this to FB!

  794. Gail says:

    Since Spring has sprung, I am ready to get to work on making my front porch cozy and inviting. A gift card to Home Depot sure would help!

  795. Rachel says:

    Our next project is to PAINT! We moved into our home a year ago and while it was painted nicely by the previous owners, the colors weren’t what we wanted. We FINALLY are going to do it soon!

  796. DeboraR says:

    Looking forward to spring planting.

  797. Shannon Eaton says:

    painting master bathroom cabinets, need stripping and sanding, sot it’s going to be a big job

  798. Terri Monteverdi says:

    We are currently re-doing our kitchen (it’s going painfully slow…). My next big project is to paint my cabinets and I have high hopes of getting my hands on a paint sprayer to make the job a little easier!!

  799. DeboraR says:

    Shared on FB

  800. Maureen Saringer says:

    Doors. Oh my goodness. We have several to replace plus we plan to get an old fashioned screen door for the laundry room. Slamming screen door= sounds if summer!!

  801. Judy M. says:

    My next project is one I have put off but desperately need to do: new shrubs in front if my house.

  802. Mandy Borkman says:

    Our next project is hardwood floors throughout the house. We have been in our house for 10 years and the carpets are beginning to get quite worn out and we are ready to get rid of them and replace them with hardwood. Big project, but so looking forward to the finished project.

  803. My next home improvement project is my living room! It keeps getting pushed behind everything else and its finally time!!!!

  804. Paint job, chevron the entrance wall and stencil family TV wall.

  805. Stacy says:

    I don’t seem to be able to just stick to one thing at a time…I am painting inside when the weather doesn’t permit me to garden -Been diggin things up so I have lots of empty space to replant! so I’d say both of those are next!

  806. KatieEG says:

    Now that the front gardens are all cleaned and mulched – they need flowers and color! 50.00 would help with that!

  807. Stacy says:

    Next project… finishing all the home improvement projects I’ve started and haven’t completed yet!

  808. Omayra Ortiz says:

    My next project is to stencil an accent wall in my 12 year-old daughter’s room. I’m torn between creating a stencil myself or just getting bold and doing it free hand. I think if there’s any chance that she wants symmetry, I should probably use a stencil. :-)

  809. Amber says:

    This morning I will be helping with our annual neighborhood cleanup of the greenbelt area we are blessed to have. After that I hope to start pulling more weeds in my own beds.

  810. Kari M. says:

    I’ve got some gardening projects that I can’t wait to get started on. I’m so glad that it’s finally warming up.

  811. Stacy says:

    I shared on Facebook

  812. Laurie says:

    Turning the guest room into a nursery for our little girl who is coming soon!

  813. Beatriz says:

    What am I not planning on doing?! Right now I’m repainting my Grandmothers china cabinet. I’m also re-doing the back yard. After those 2 things are done I’m going to concentrate on my bathroom! Yeah lot’s of stuff going on :D

  814. erica p. says:

    My next home improvement project is to paint my kitchen cabinets!

  815. Jackie says:

    I’m in the middle of a kitchen makeover right now….painting walls and cabinets, new light fixtures, new sink, new flooring, etc. This gift card would really help out, thanks for the chance to win! :)

  816. allie says:

    Oh man! Finishing up a kitchen remodel, then finishing up a bathroom remodel, then doing a nursery – all before August!

  817. Erin S says:

    My next projects involve painting furniture and planting a garden on my apartment balcony!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  818. Treva says:

    I’m planning to paint all the mismatched furniture in my little office white! Since my “office” is at the end of the kitchen, this will have a big impact. :)

  819. Michelle says:

    I have a couple projects lined up that I’m hoping to complete within the next month. I have to finish painting my living room and create a new vegetable garden in my yard. Wish me luck!

  820. Cassandra says:

    Redoing all of our landscaping! Even putting in stone borders!… But would love to start wainscoting inside though :)

  821. Treva says:

    I shared on Facebook!

  822. Missy G. says:

    Hubby and I are saving up for a bathroom remodel. We could really use this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  823. Katie says:

    I was just at Home Depot yesterday to start our vegetable garden!! Next up a PATIO to watch our veggies grow from! ; )

  824. MG Atwood says:

    I am really ready to hit the patio! Once we know the rain will stay away for at least a couple of days, we are going to do it!

  825. Suzanne P. says:

    HI Kate :)
    we are turning an old tree stump into a flower planter and finishing up our chicken coop!

  826. We’re actually in the middle of renovating both of our bathrooms. Only planned on updating one, but we found water damage that spread to both bathrooms- ah, the pleasures of being a homeowner! So we’ll be hitting up Home Depot with or without a gift card!


  827. Andrea says:

    Would love to be able to add some depth and character to our new home with a coastal paint palette! I dream of silver-sage and coastal blue hues! ;)

  828. Susie T says:

    I’m fixing up one of our bathrooms by changing out the lighting fixtures and framing out the mirror as we learned on the blog and on pinterest!

  829. Zoe Perroset says:

    I was hoping to come to your demo but I wasn’t able to! Our current project is planting new flowers and various plants in our yard and filling in all of the wood chips. I also needed your inspirational idea for a planter – thank for all of the great ideas! Kim Perroset

  830. Susie T says:

    I also posted this on fb!

  831. Valerie J. says:

    We’re about to paint our den! Woohoo!

  832. Andrea says:

    Facebook’d your link for the giveaway! Andrea

  833. Jen says:

    I have all sorts of projects going on in the yard this summer!

  834. Debbie says:

    We are renovating a small building on our property as a cottage for one of our daughters. That Home Depot gift card could certainly come in handy as I shop for fixtures and tile!

  835. Hannah says:

    We’ve been debating whether to stain a couple of pieces in our guest bedroom/office. That, and the hubby is considering building a buffet/sideboard for our dining room since we can’t seem to find one we like.

  836. Hannah says:

    Shared on Facebook

  837. Kris says:

    We are going to be working on our son’s bedroom.

  838. Sarah R. says:

    Remodeling our guest room as a nursery for our new arrival this summer!

  839. Charlotte says:

    Working on a craftroom remodel! Busted out the walls and ready to create a loft craftroom!

  840. sharon says: