Paint Paint Paint (and more Paint)

April 5, 2012

This is one of those projects inspired by a fellow blogger and one I’ve had on the back burner for a long while.  It was time I got my act together and cleaned up all the old paint cans in my house and rounded up all the colors in one post as well.  I’ll get to them in a bit, but first, can I tell you about my paint can issues?

Exhibit A:

kate paint cans before

If you think that’s bad, that is only half of my problem. The other half is in that neighboring closet to the left which is also filled with another dozen old paint cans so it was time to get serious.  I can’t help it – call me a paint hoarder, what can I say.

So what happened was this, I touched up a lot of paint last week but in the process it became clear a lot of the old gallons were looking pretty shabby.  I turned to this inspiring post by the talented Mrs. Limestone – the one where she took all her old gallons and reduced them to pretty little labeled quarts. I’ve been meaning to do this for like ever and finally took the time to do it.

Hello pretty paint cans all in a row.

pretty paint cans cg


How many of you have a bunch of paint cans around and they’re either half full or the rims are all cruddy?  Yeah, that was me.

gross rims


I know glass jars are another way to do this, but I happen to live in earthquake country so I chose the cans instead – they’re $3 each at Home Depot or Lowes but worth it to me for the organization and space saving they bring.

silver quart paint cans


I used the lovely labels already made up by Mrs. Limestone (download them here) – no need to reinvent the wheel when she’s done such an amazing job already!  I printed them out on full sheet labels and was in business.

brooklyn limestone labels


Many of the gallons on the shelves were condensed down to the bare necessities of just a quart for future touch up.  I love the tip about rubbing some of the paint on the rim to remind yourself of the color inside.

gallons to quarts


Before I got rid of the can (all of them are headed to the proper waste center) I copied the name, sheen, and if it was there, the formula too.  Of course you can always clip the formula off with scissors and attach that too to your new can before disposing of the old.

copy formula on label


Now all the colors for both walls and trim are condensed down to these boutique like labeled cans.  So so so happy all the paints from our home are finally organized!

labeled quarts of paint

And thanks again to Mrs. Limestone for her fantastic idea and beautiful labels too!

And speaking of all the colors in our house, who wants the tour?  I *finally* updated an old post which lists them all, plus the close color matches for all that pesky custom mixing I do, so if you’re curious, here is the full list with images of all the paint colors on my walls.

kates daughters room blue green gem cg


And for future reference, I’ve added a button to the sidebar too – just look for this (and thanks Stacy for the great idea on the button!)

paint colors kates home

There, I feel much more organized today.  Plus let’s face it.  I’ll use just about any excuse to play with my paints.  :)




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