Best Of March + Fair Weather Party Announcement

April 4, 2012

Hello hello, how are things?  I’m knee deep in a few projects, paintbrush in hand, but popping in for the monthly roundup of favorite articles from March.  Plus a fun spring/summer party announcement, but first, here are the top ten CG posts from last month not to miss! 

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1. I painted a pale turquoise bureau plus shared my favorite paints for furniture, 2.  a purpose filled home is so important, don’t you agree?  3. An old cottage screen door becomes a new herb planter rack,  4. our kitten Coco-Nut got a new pet bowl stand, DIY style, 5.  Matt weighed in with his ten tips for selling your home, and 6. we announced year two of our charitable work: The Alma Project

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7.  I painted a pedestal and shared all about how to paint a kitchen table  8.  The family room built-ins got a fresh coat of white paint and are much improved.  9.  We modified the bathroom vanity to add a new frame with furniture feet, and 10.  The spring craft link party (over 400+ ideas there) was a great success and you all loved the clay petal vase too, thanks so much!

Now for an announcement – look’s what’s back this spring and summer . . .fair weather link parties april through august

Last year I hosted the Fair Weather Forum parties on a series of more predictable subjects, and I wanted to do it again.  This time I thought of a few ‘out of the box’ ideas because I really love a good theme, don’t you?  Theme parties are so much fun in my world – so let’s mix it up with a few different ideas this year, shall we?  Consider them your virtual cocktail party with an instant icebreaker topic. 

The parties will be on Tuesdays from April through August and every three weeks just to keep it confusing interesting.  They’ll include a series of themes from souvenirs to books to movie characters.  The first party is Tuesday April 17th.  The topic?   Kitchen Gadgets: Good & Bad.  Yes, it’s time to swap kitchen stories.  What are your favorite culinary tools?  Your pizza cutter?  Your two speed cocktail blender?  Ever fallen prey to a late night infomercial and bought a gadget you later hated?  Secretly loved?  Now’s your chance to tell your tale. 

Here’s the official (Tuesdays every three weeks) schedule:

April 17th:  In the Kitchen: Gadgets: Good & Bad  (culinary tools)

May 8th:  Green Thumb, Grow Where You’re Planted (all things garden)

May 29th:  Souvenirs, Shot Glasses Anyone?  (your favorite travel souvenir)

June 19th: Movie Characters: “As God as My Witness…” (your fave movie character(s))

July 10th: Chillin’ and Grillin;’ (what’s on the BBQ)

July 31st:  A Very Good Read (favorite book and why)

August 21st:  Summer’s Best (the best part of your summer was…?)

For a printable schedule of party themes, check out this detailed list of Fair Weather Link Party topics.  I’ll be sure to remind you when one of these is coming up in future weeks.  Hope you’ll join in on the good times!

Now it’s back to some paint projects, see you soon,

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13 Responses to “Best Of March + Fair Weather Party Announcement”

  1. What fun ideas! Hopefully I’ll have enough wits about me to remember and join in a few times :)

  2. Jenna says:

    I love your link parties and am so looking forward to these!

  3. FUN! I will most definitely be pinning these parties and joining in, too. Can’t wait! Thanks for hosting.

  4. What a fun link party idea! Looking forward to it.

  5. Hmmm, you’ve got my wheels turning on a few of these parties! Looking forward to participating!

  6. Jen Migonis says:

    What great ideas for the link parties… Kitchen gadgets is def going to require some thought…
    Great round up, Kate! :)

  7. Fun stuff! Hopefully my brain doesn’t turn to mush this summer and I can join in, haha! :)

  8. Great ideas Kate! I will definitely be linking up for some of the parties. Love your March roundup…you are one busy girl. Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  9. So excited! I really enjoy your link parties, Kate, because people really get into them and participate. I always get lots of visits.

    I am laughing out loud because one of my favorite “games” is to make Michaela Byrd recite famous lines from movies (“Stellaaaaaaa!”) and I made her do “As God as my witness…” just a few minutes ago. Someday I’ll have to do a video….

    Really looking forward to your parties, and as always, you are one of the most accomplished bloggers/DIYers I know! :) So many great projects!

  10. Kim says:

    oooooh cool! I am excited. I use linky parties with themes as inspiration to get off my tuckus! I’m ready.. bring it ON!!!

  11. WOW, FUN IDEA!!! I can’t wait to writing on some of these subjects….except for the gardening one :)

  12. You are right…great “out of the box” ideas for a party!…Sounds like great fun and looking forward to them!….Have a wonderful day!

  13. Catherine Hoffman says:

    I love you blog. I’m a fairly new reader but I look forward to your posts. I have the same table and have been thinking about painting it for awhile…..after seeing your pictures I can’t wait to do it. Gonna be awesome! Thank you.

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