Bathroom Progress: Patched Tile Floor

March 27, 2012

Slowly we’re making progress on the hall bathroom remodel and last week’s job was patching the tile floor.  Since we did some demolition a few weeks ago and later reworked the vanity adding a new base with furniture feet, it was necessary to patch the tile on the floor underneath.  Thankfully I had a few pieces leftover from the original tile installation four years ago – finally my home improvement "we might need that later” hoarding paid off. 

We learned after the demo that the vanity was sitting on the subfloor so the first step was adding ½” backer board to ensure the tile installation was even.  Exciting shot, isn’t it?  One of my best! 



The process for patching the tile floor was basically the same as when we installed the tile kitchen backsplash last year. 

steps to patching floor 1-4

1) Spread tile adhesive with notched edge of trowel and install tiles in a grid pattern on top, using spacers to preserve even spacing between tiles. 2) Cut any pieces with a tile saw to fit edges to cover floor. 3) Allow adhesive to dry for a day, then mix sanded grout and fill in between tiles with smooth edge of trowel. 4) Sponge away excess grout and allow it to cure until solid (1-2 days).

And here is our floor a few days later – all patched and ready for the vanity’s return.

patched tile floor


We brought the revamped vanity with its new furniture feet back upstairs – it’s only been primed and still needs painted but I’ll get around to that soon.

new vanity hall bathroom


I stacked a few rows of the 2” x 4” glass tile I chose to see if I’d love it and so far I do.  Those rows of offset tile are held up by a sample of Bondera tile mat temporarily stapled to the wall but not permanently attached.  Anyone used this product to install tile on your walls?  I’m curious if it’s as good as classic thinset in both application and durability.  Your opinions please.

offset blue glass tile


What’s left to do in the bathroom remodel:

  1. Repair and retexture walls
  2. Fix door trim and baseboards
  3. Choose, order, and install countertops
  4. Rewire electrical on wall for two sconces
  5. Install glass tile backsplash to ceiling
  6. Paint vanity cabinet
  7. Paint walls
  8. Hang new mirror, sconces, and ceiling fixture
  9. Install new sink and faucet


I’ll keep you posted as we progress.  Next up, the big countertop decision.  I’ve had little success finding affordable marble or CaesarStone remnants in the vicinity so I’m leaning towards white quartz.  Who’s installed it, where did you get it, and how do you like it?  Any other solid surface bathroom countertops you recommend?  Do share your experience cause I need to make a decision quick!



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