Piles and Piles of Tile

February 17, 2012

Hello all, happy Friday!  I’m trying to recover from the mild headache I’ve had this past week every time I try to make a decision on what kind of tile to choose for the hallway bathroom project we’re starting.  This hall bathroom is the most ambitious project on my Home Goals list so I’m getting started on the process now. I’ve been in a dozen tile shops within 20 miles on this adventure to find the perfect backsplash.  

 hall bathroom remodel


We’re reusing and repainting the existing cabinet (the plan is to build a new base for it and lift it up by 6 to 8 inches, more like a console style vanity), and we’re replacing the cultured marble countertop and mirror too.  I really really really see a feature wall of tile in here (with a much smaller mirror) from cabinet to ceiling.  The idea of tile going up to the ceiling completely rocks my world.

 sarah richardson hexagon tile

Sarah Richardson


new ravenna tile

New Ravenna


green glass tile wall

Better Homes & Gardens


floor to ceiling tile akdo


In a kitchen, but still, so amazing. 

tile to the ceiling



So on to the tile selection process… First I started with basket weave marble tile, sooooo pretty.  But then after choking on the price per square foot ($50+ yikes) I found it was way too expensive and didn’t have enough color.  I’d love to use these in a master bathroom someday, budget permitting, but not for this project.

basket weaves


Next I moved into the pencil tile category, mixing marble and glass.  Very nice, very modern, more in my price range ($20 a square foot) but not enough color. 

marble glass tile medley


Then I turned my eyes to glass tile because every time I look at it, I’m most drawn to its cool watery feeling. I like to fondle and caress it, admit it, you do to.  The top right and bottom left are from Home Depot and Lowes… definitely the most inexpensive options at $9 a square foot but I’m not totally in love with them.

glass tiles


This one up close is particularly amazing, it’s a wicker mosaic by Jeffrey Court with very thin navy stripes … ooh la la.  I’m probably not going with this one, but can you see it run vertically on a wall like a pinstripe suit?  With glossy charcoal or navy cabinets?  Completely gorgeous.

pinstripe jeffrey court


For me, I’m more into the teals, lighter blues, and sea glass shades.

sea glass tile backsplash

Alice Lane Home; Country Living

blue offset tile this old house

This Old House

blue brick pattern tile

Better Homes & Gardens


Which is why I’m back to Oceanside tile like we used in our master shower years ago, and AKDO too. In fact that one on the bottom left and the rectangle offset one in the middle are the two favorites . . .

glass tile samples


This one by AKDO being the front runner…

glass tile for hall bath


I’m loving this look of running it up the wall vertically instead of horizontally, like this design by Megan Crane that I found last night. 

offset pencil glass tile

You like?

So that’s where I’m at on the tile selection process, it’s fun, but definitely challenging to find the “right” one.  If y’all know of any offset or brick pattern glass tile in this color family that you think I should look at, send it my way (or link to it in the comments)…

I know what I’ll be doing this weekend, agonizing over these choices…. and then there’s the countertops and the paint colors and the mirror and the fixtures and the lighting… *sigh*

Have a wonderful weekend all!



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