My Tufted Sofa Fairy Tale

February 28, 2012

A long time ago I fell in love with a tufted sofa.  Not just any tufted sofa, a petite rounded back ‘works so perfectly in my house’ kind of tufted sofa. I even wrote about my tufted sofa dream almost two years ago.  {Cue the ‘a dream is a wish your heart makes’ melody…}

So I have this wall in between two sets of French doors in the living room where a lot of traffic passes by so the only thing that really works there is a buffet, which I had there for a year, but what I really always wanted for that spot was a beautiful tufted sofa. 

I’m have a big fat crush on them, especially when they’re paired with modern fabrics.  Here’s a few images from my inspiration files – so sophisticated and dreamy.

tufted sofa bella mancini design

Bella Mancini Designs


tufted sofa massuco warner miller

Massucco Warner Miller


tufted sofa coastal living

Coastal Living



tufted sofa style at home

Style at Home



Graham and Green


elle espagna tufted sofa

Elle España


turner davis interiors tufted sofa

Melanie Turner Interiors


Do you recall this Azure sofa from Crate + Barrel?  This was the one I was drooling over, for like ever.  But it was discontinued and I was so so soooo disappointed. It was not meant to be and I was left desperately alone to wander through the wilderness. 

c and b azure sofa


But then, a light at the end of a tunnel!  Or rather, a track light shining on this sofa at my local Macy’s furniture store a few weeks ago.

macys sofa

It was perfect.  It was on sale!  I sat on in, examined it from every angle, and fell desperately in love.  I had found my mate.

This one is made in America by Sherrill Furniture in North Carolina to be exact, and I loved the idea of supporting a manufacturer from the States. So I ordered it. I paid cash for it!  With money I’ve been saving in my ‘if I ever find that perfect petite tufted sofa again’ fund.  I’m feeling really good because this one was $300 less than the C + B version I fell for years ago.  (The one that cheated me and left me alone.)

Here is my new love in my home, and those are the new Ikat pillows from West Elm I mentioned yesterday, which I’m also completely smitten with.

centsational girl tufted sofa


tufted sofa and ikat pillow cg

And so my tufted sofa and I lived happily ever after.

the end swirl



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