Four Dollar Side Tables

February 23, 2012

Hello all, it’s almost Friday but I wanted to share one more DIY project I wrapped up this week with all of you.  A few weeks ago I scored some solid wood side tables at (where else?) a thrift shop and they were four dollars each.  Four dollars?  Sold!  The wood tops needed some work but I also loved the idea of redoing the bases a crisp white gloss paint.  Here they are:

side table before and after


Can you believe this price tag?  Hello, you’re definitely coming home with me!

four dollar price tag


The tops were in bad shape, but that’s nothing a little sanding and new stain won’t fix.

side table scratches


Here’s the cast of characters: spray primer, gloss white spray paint, wood conditioner and Minwax stain and polyurethane combo, also fine steel wool (not shown)

spray paint stain


Here’s the quick play by play, first I smoothed down the tops to remove any leftover varnish and get rid of the scratches with my orbital sander and medium grit pads.

orbital sander


Next I wiped down the tops and then covered them up with good ol’ fashioned plastic Saran Wrap and painter’s tape, then gave the legs a coat of spray primer and then two light coats of gloss white spray paint – I love RustOleum’s version.

plastic wrap and spray primer


Once the bases were fully dry I removed the plastic wrap, conditioned the tops with wood conditioner, then applied two coats of this Polyshades in Antique Walnut – allowing to dry between coats and using steel wool in between coats to smooth out the surface.

antique walnut stain plus poly


As great as it is to combine stain and polyurethane together, the tables needed another coat of polyurethane, so for that I used Minwax Wipe On Poly by itself (not shown).

stained and painted side table cg


For an even more detailed how to on staining, be sure to see this post on restaining a wood table top.


tables before staining


stained repainted side table cg


Four dollars each, not bad!

restained and repainted side table label


These tables have a crisp modern look to them, I love the clean lines, they would work well in so many different style rooms.  And they remind me of these frame side tables at Crate + Barrel for $349.

Pretty nice savings right?



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