The Quest for the Perfect Robin’s Egg Blue

January 23, 2012

I spent this weekend prepping and priming a dresser for a good friend in anticipation of painting it for her daughter’s room.  We’re sprucing up the space and repurposing some furniture and since the walls and daybed are white, I thought it would be absolute perfection if we painted the dresser robin’s egg blue. So off I went in search of the absolute perfect shade. 

I adore this color so much I even use a version of it as a background on the ol’ blog. It’s that blueish with a bit of green and gray shade that in my opinion just makes the world a better place. It’s not turquoise or aqua, but not pastel or too green either.  Kind of airy and watery but not as bright as Tiffany blue, and always so so pretty when done right. I’m a total sucker for anything painted robin’s egg blue.

Like this console.

morgan harrison home buffet

via Morgan Harrison Home


Or these floors.

armelle blog robins nest

via Armelle blog


Or this ceiling. 

house beautiful robins egg blue walls

via House Beautiful


I have a bunch of fan decks that I keep on hand and I do believe it may be a real sickness because not only do I prize my collection of fan decks but I also collect paint swatches everywhere I go, especially in shades of blue and green, being my favorites and all. I can’t help it. So I picked up a few more samples from brands I didn’t have around town on Saturday and then started to narrow it down.

robins egg blue paint samples

Moooo haw haaawww, my collection of paint swatches !!!!!!!

See, I told you. Sickness.

I obsess over choosing the right paint color and I can always use a second opinion so Coco got in on the action.  “This one… no this one… “

crazy coco picking paint samples

Here I thought she’d be helpful but she really is so fickle. I’m not sure she’ll make a great decorator, despite being born with perfect stripes. *sigh*

Over coffee on Sunday I started to whittle down my favorites and yes it’s true, I wholeheartedly admit comparing paint swatches is my idea of a really good time.  

robins egg blue paint colors


These were all gorgeous, but a little too saturated and closer to Tiffany Blue.

tiffany blue paint colors


Then I regrouped and started narrowing down some favorites, eliminating ones that were too green…

closer to robins egg blue


And then finally narrowed it down to these five favorites:

top five robins egg blue paint colors


Because this is the ultimate color we’re going for…

robins egg blue dresser somerset bay cotton candy


Gorgeous right?

What about you? Have you discovered the perfect shade of robin’s egg blue?  Do you obsess over paint colors as much as I do?  Do share in a comment, I value your color suggestions, and more importantly, validation.


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