January 2, 2012

I think it’s important to take stock of what you’ve accomplished in life, which is why I love all the roundup posts we see at year’s end. That’s the great thing about online journaling, we’re documenting our successes, failures, and contributions through the years. I love taking the time to reflect and look back on what I’ve learned and accomplished, large and small. Sure I completed a lot of projects and checked them off my To Do list.  But 2011 taught me a few more important things.

2011 taught me that I have a voice, how to pace myself, how to better juggle home and work, how to take things one day at a time.  It taught me that I need to ignore the naysayers and keep negative people out of my life. How to shed the crippling fear of failure, how to just keep going even when there’s no motivation, and how to let the little things go.

At the same time, it’s also important to look ahead, to make plans, to seize the opportunity to fine tune ourselves and set realistic, achievable goals. You may be a New Year’s Resolutions person and you may not.  Personally, I embrace the idea of self reflection and the desire to improve yourself.  What better time than the start of a new calendar year to declare your goals and pursuits for the future.

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My resolutions for 2012 . . .


teavana tea kettleBetter Health.  I tend to reach for a glass of wine at the end of the night for relaxation, and I think that habit, and less outdoor activity than usual, is the culprit for those extra pounds that have crept up on the mid section.  Me no likey. 

So now I’m drinking tea at night instead.  As a newbie, I’m looking for recommendations for decaffeinated teas, so I welcome yours. My stepdaughter is so thoughtful she heard me planning to make the switch and bought me this tea kettle for Christmas. She knows me well, I like things clean, bright, and simple.

Also, I’m back in my running routine and I just might run another half marathon this year… this one motivates me greatly.  

More of the Mister.   Did you know I’m married to a real estate appraiser and broker with over 25 years experience in real estate who knows everything there is to know about buying a home or getting it ready to sell?  Wow, that sounded like an infomercial. Well it’s true. The mister is a wealth of information, and you’ll see his expertise appear here more this year.  Oooooh, a real estate column!   

Skill.  My sister got me Photoshop Elements for Christmas (again with the thoughtful gifts) and since I’ve been working on a dinosaur version of Photoshop 7 for a few years, I’ve been frustrated with my lack of talent with that software. I’ll be installing and practicing on the latest version soon, and maybe have a few tricks to share with you as I navigate the software, stick with me.  Also, I really need to learn how to sew a proper button hole, and call me crazy, but I’ve always wanted to learn how to juggle, is that wrong? 

Risk.  Ah, here’s an important one.  I have something in the works now which I truly believe in, but it is a risk for me to take.  But I believe in taking risks. Taking risks can lead to great success or utter failure but I’m prepared for whatever comes. More on that next month, but it’s something I know you’ll all enjoy and I hope support. It’s something I’ve envisioned for awhile and I’m devoting a lot of time, energy, and passion to behind the scenes ~ I’ll have more to share in February.

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Email and Accounting.  I’ll be frank, I’m just awful at both.  I try, I truly I do, but my business paperwork could be more organized and my inbox is a mess.  There are remedies for this, they come in the form of an assistant and bookkeeper (and Quickbooks which I recently discovered). I’d like to be better, but this may be one of those situations where I just need to delegate. 

Home Improvement & DIY.  Oh yeah, that!  Well I do have plans to remodel that hall bath, to finally build a potting bench, to finish the courtyard paving, and to adopt another house, like the Alma Project.  I have other crafts and gardening ideas and cooking experiments too, all doing a happy interpretive dance in my head, as soon as I get them choreographed and executed, you’ll see more. 

Grow.  Looking back on 2011, I realized that I accomplished most things because of a ‘can do’ attitude and that continues into 2012.  Whatever the subject, wherever I go, I just want to keep experiencing and discovering and learning more and more.  It will all make a series of great stories to tell my grandchildren.    

Chill.   The pace of a DIY blog can be exhausting and this girl does get weary.  It doesn’t mean I’ll stop, I’ll just be better about taking a break when necessary. Some days I’ll have a new project, craft, or recipe to share, but be forewarned, other days will be simpler reflections on things I notice, things I love.  I hope you’ll continue to read along, whatever that is!

Simplify.  The greatest goal of all, and I know one shared by many.  Simplification and organization are the major themes for all of us in January, mine too. I’m paring down everything from my magazine subscriptions to my wardrobe.  You might see some posts on how I sort my junk drawer or what’s in my makeup bag.  Riveting!

And that’s the great thing about blogging – the fact that it holds me more accountable.  Professing these goals to the world might just mean they’re more likely to happen, right? 

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Don’t forget, the five part ‘Growing Your Blog’ series starts today at Nesting Place ~ hop on over for reflections on the importance of authenticity in blogging.

What are your resolutions to improve your life this year?





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