DIY Lavender Sea Salt Scrub

January 3, 2012

My sister’s birthday is coming up this month so I wanted to make her something nice that I know she’d appreciate. I also like a hot bath at the end of the day especially since I’m exercising and eating raw foods and my body is rebelling (“Where’s the cheese? You’ve always fed me cheese! Where’s the d*#$ cheese lady?”) and as a result I’m a hint cranky. 

Plus there’s the whole kids home from school this week and climbing the walls and they’ve already played with their toys 3½ times and watched those two movies I bought, and they’re all “Get out of my room, stop touching me, Mom we’re boooored”.  So bottom line: momma needs a little aromatherapy. 

I go to Whole Foods maybe five times a year, and I stay away mostly because their prices are kinda obscene. My friend Staci calls Whole Foods ‘Whole Paycheck’ and that girl is right on. But the only place I could think of in town to buy the trifecta of ingredients for this latest concoction (essential oil, sea salt, and body oil) was Whole Foods, and since I’m a one stop shopper with kids in tow, I made the trip. 

I took some pretty pictures (with the lens I mentioned here) of the process and officially apologize for the next sentence which sounds like a commercial. A gentle rub with sea salt will exfoliate the skin and the essential oils possess beneficial moisturizing qualities and antioxidants!

lavender sea salt scrub diy


To make your own, first equip yourself with some decent containers. Canning jars, old jelly jars, even plastic containers with lids will do.  I chose these 12 oz. glass jars with plain lids from The Container Store since I wanted to give two away as gifts.


Next, gather the following ingredients:

sea salt scrub ingredients

18 oz. coarse sea salt

18 oz. fine sea salt*

4 fluid oz. grapeseed oil*

½ fluid oz. lavender essential oil

dried lavender buds (optional)

*You can skip the fine sea salt and go with just the coarse sea salt, but the mixture of the two is really nice.  Also, look for other natural unscented body oils like almond, avocado, or even vegetable glycerin.  I found all of my ingredients (except the lavender buds which came from my garden) at Whole Paycheck.   

Mix these ingredients together to make 36 oz. of lavender sea salt scrub . . .

mix sea salt ingredients


Spoon your scrub into your clean glass jar . . . BTW it smells amazing! 

spoon lavender scrub into jar


Make a label (or use mine available here) and package up a few for your friends…

lavender sea salt scrub cg


. . . or keep it for yourself and float away to heaven… ignore the kids, the dishes, the laundry pile, the To Do List, and the husband knocking on the bathroom door with the “Honey, have you seen my gym shorts?” for a solid ten minutes. Baby, you’ve earned it.  

lavender sea salt scrub close up


The two sea salts cost $4, the grapeseed oil was $5, and the large jar of lavender essential oil was $22 (I mistakenly bought the larger one because I misread the price tag and wasn’t paying attention at the register because my kids were asking me if they could have a bag of chips or something… )

But you should be able to find 2 oz. of lavender essential oil for about $10 so not including the jars you can make about 36 oz. of sea salt scrub for less than $20.  A decent price difference when you consider the cost of retail versions

Float away to paradise y’all.

Over and out.



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