Anthropologie, How Do I Love/Hate Thee

January 30, 2012

I don’t shop for nice clothing very often and I usually don’t shop for clothing at Anthropologie because of the prices for those threads and also because most of their clothing doesn’t fit me very well. I have curves so I’m more of Ann Taylor Loft gal.

But last week I found myself pulled by in by the tractor beam that exists within 50 feet of any Anthropologie store, it sucks you in uncontrollably and you must, arms flailing, surrender to the vortex of inspiration.  Once inside, you must channel your Jedi mind powers of self control to pull yourself out of an Anthropologie store without spending a dime.  Unfortunately, last Thursday, I had no such self control.  anthropologie doodle

So now I have to tell you about my new Anthropologie sweater. I have a hard time spending $48 dollars on a sweater, let alone One Hundred and Forty Eight Dollars on a sweater because I don’t think I’ve ever spent that amount of money on any non-coat or dress piece of clothing in my life, but Oh Em Gee I am in love.  I have justified this purchase by the fact that I wear it everyday and will continue to wear it everyday between hand washings through April which means I really am only paying two dollars a day which is less than a Starbucks!  I’m saving money! I’m saving money!

Which reminds me of when my mom would go shopping with her limited budget and buy something cute for herself, and she would come home and tell my dad that she “saved money” because she bought it on sale and he would say “no you didn’t, you spent money” and she would say “no, I saved money” and he would wink and say “no you spent money” and they would go back and forth, back and forth until she walked out of the room with her cute new thing.  But that analogy really doesn’t apply here because I didn’t buy my sweater on sale so I don’t really know why I brought that up. 


I was in Anthropologie and spied this Cavendish sweater and loved it at first sight.  This sweater designed by Rosie Nierra is grey blue and oat with subtle golden metallic threads.  What?  Grey blue and oat with subtle golden metallic threads?  Seriously?  It’s like Rosie knit my house into a sweater. It’s like she read my blog and knit my house into a sweater.


cavendish sweater


Then I was all, “Oh I’ll just try it on” knowing full well the price tag read One Hundred and Forty Eight Dollars and that’s when you know you’re in trouble because if it doesn’t fit right then okay, but if it does, you will stand there in the dressing room for ten minutes turning back and forth, admiring your cute new find and justifying the expense because you love it so much.  You’re all nodding your heads right now, I know it.

I could live in this sweater.  Actually, truth. I have been living in this sweater. It owns me completely.  Just look at it.  LOOK at it!  All fitted around the top but then all swishy and ungrabby around the mid section…

cavendish sweater 2


I asked my husband what he thought of my new sweater and he got that crinkled nose and said “It’s okay, looks a little frumpy” and I audibly gasped.  How dare he diss THE sweater.  This was minutes before Coco the kitten decided to climb up my back when I was wearing said beloved sweater and I almost had a heart attack not because of her claws which hurt but because I gasped that she might possibly with her kitten claws snag a knitted yarn from my precious sweater and the scratches I can take, the loose threads I cannot.  Within a five minute period, a conspiracy was formed to ruin my grey blue, oat, and subtle golden thread swishy sweater. I fear for its safety.

I also bought this navy Scalloped Strings Tank for Sixty Eight Dollars because its white braided detail on the top called me by my full legal name from across the store.

scalloped strings tank

It looks so cute on, and will be just adorable with white capris this summer for that day we go boating on the bay… you know, with all our yacht club friends. Actually, I need some of those yacht club friends, so if you know any yacht club friends in the Bay Area, please tell them my number is 800-LV2-SAIL. 

So I walked out of Anthropologie having spent $216 on two things. Two things!  And carrying one shopping bag that weighed as much as a few ounces of feathers.  It felt so wrong, but wearing this sweater going on four days now feels oh so right.  Antropologie, I love you, but I really hate you too.  

Thoughts for today. Have you been caught in the Anthropologie tractor beam and how did you escape?  Why do all their clothing prices end in 8 and not 9?  Why do people always say “Less than a Starbucks a day!” when they try to sell you something?  Please discuss.




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