Wine Country Gourmet Giveaway

December 17, 2011

Hi friends, happy only one week till Christmas!!  I’m feeling the spirit of giving, so it’s time for my annual WC giveaway, this one includes some gourmet treats from the region, plus something special (and handmade) from me!  The following goodies have all been carefully wrapped and packaged and they’re awaiting shipment via USPS to the address of one lucky winner. 

I pick up these gourmet treats when we tour the local wineries, and today I’m giving away a box of some of my favorites. We love nearby Viansa (mentioned here) in Sonoma which specializes in Italian varietal and blends. Truffle honey and lemon vinaigrette plus chardonnay strawberry peach preserve are included in the box.

My most favorite balsamic vinegar on the planet comes from the famous girl & the fig, and it’s paired with the apricot fig chutney, delicious as a spread.  For your summer BBQ, also included are both a spicy zinfandel and herbed cabernet marinades. And yes, I’m parting with my baby cutting board (full deets here) which is the perfect size for presenting a mini wheel of brie or a favorite artisan cheese, and also this great 2011 Food & Wine guide to the wine scene ~ it will tip you off on all the best wines to buy plus offers some basic things to know about different grapes, blends, and varietals. 

wine country giveaway

Eligibility to win the Wine Country Gourmet gift box . . .

1) Leave one comment telling me your favorite gift to give this season. That’s it!

One winner, US only, chosen at random.  Giveaway ends Sunday December 18, 2011 at 8 p.m PST.  By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.


Congratulations to:  #409 BJ at Sweet Nothings!


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489 Responses to “Wine Country Gourmet Giveaway”

  1. Kate Curren says:

    My favorite gift this holiday season is the one my husband is making me – he is renovating our fireplace. We have lived here 8 years with pink marble on the hearth and no mantle. The hearth is now a walnut color travertine and he is building me a huge mantle from scratch! I will finally be able to decorate and hand stockings for Christmas this year.

  2. Lody says:

    Each year, I give multiple handcrafted jewelries to all the women in my family. I always love it when they wear my creations all year round.

  3. Ann K says:

    I am excited this year to give my siblings a white & black wedding picture that I found of our parents on their wedding day

  4. My favorite to give are anything made by my bare hands. My aunt gets something embroidered (usually a pincushion) from me almost every year, simply because she always make my gifts a conversation piece on her house… displaying them so visitors will see them. To me, that’s very rewarding!

  5. Cheryl says:

    Homemade gifts are my favorite this year! Its like getting a gift (being able to be creative) while giving a gift!

  6. Homemade birch candle holders with little tealights on the side!

  7. I gave my dear friend Katie her first gift for her baby due in May. She was so excited and I loved seeing the smile on her face. I love this time of year!

  8. Kelcey says:

    I’m most excited about giving a few personalized handmade ornaments. They were so much fun to make and I’m thrilled with how the turned out!

  9. Andrea D. says:

    I love to give cookies or other baked goods to those who either can’t anymore or their spouse isn’t with them any more. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  10. DMilton says:

    My favorite gift to give this year is handmade pen and ink (with a little watercolor) of family members’ and friends’ homes. Can’t wait until they open them!

  11. Maura Miller says:

    Home for the holidays dollhouse for our 6 year old. Cant wait for her to see it under the tree!

  12. Erin H. says:

    My favorite gift to give this year will be my handmade cake plates! I’m so excited to see what other people think!

  13. Cassie says:

    My favorite gift is my husbands new watch. He’s going to be so shocked.

  14. mo says:

    homemade goodies packaged in some adorable ikat bowls from Anthropologie!

  15. Randi says:

    I am so excited to give my son his first choo choo!!!

  16. Jennifer says:

    Books, I always love to give books. Wonderful giveaway, thanks for the chance.
    Merry Christmas!

  17. Melissa says:

    I’m a knitter, so I love making gifts for the special people in my life. Selecting the perfect fiber, finding the right project and then knitting love into the stitches is so much more fun than standing in line at the mall!

  18. I love to surprise people with pretty, little things that they would never splurge on themselves. It doesn’t have to be expensive, like jewelry, but a really great set of measuring cups that they would love but never buy bc the old ones still do the job.

  19. Jodi Turner says:

    I love giving homemade candy. Yum!

  20. Carla says:

    I have been trying to make everyone on my list this year something homemade. I can’t wait to give my grandson his quilt. Merry Christmas!

  21. Cathy says:

    We have a close relative moving to our city, so we are giving her a subscription to our city’s magazine!

  22. angela jennings says:

    We are giving our 2 year old daughter a shopping cart from Melissa & Doug to play grocery store! She will love it!

  23. LT says:

    I am surprising my hubby with a paint sprayer this year! Can’t wait until he gets to use it on our bazillion projects planned for 2012…

  24. Athena says:

    My favorite gift to give is baked goods to people who are deserving of them but get little recognition like the security guards, housekeeping, the maintenance department at my job.

  25. my favorite gift to give is the book wreath i made for my mom. it only costs about five dollars but she knows i spent hours (and hours and hours) making it for her.

  26. carmen says:

    I like to give baked goodies, I like to bake/cook and makes me happy I can give friends goodies.

  27. Diane says:

    Home made goodies!!

  28. Ingrid says:


  29. Cassandra K. says:

    My favorite gift this year was a gift basket sent to the tenants renting our previous home. I fell down on the job last year & I’m so happy to surprise them this year.

  30. Roseann says:

    A quiet family time cooked at home meal.

  31. Joy B says:

    I love to give gifts that make people laugh. I got my brother ‘Handerpants” – underpants for your hands. His kids thought it was hysterical that he had underwear on his hands.

  32. kay says:

    food, wine, gift cards, toys for the tots

    happy holidays

  33. Sandra DLZ says:

    My favorite gift to give this year is home made marshmallows! They are so yummy and indulgent in a large mug of rich hot chocolate.

  34. Barbara P. says:

    My favorite thing to give is cookie trays during the holidays. I make so many cookies and give beautiful trays to our friends, family, and co-workers. I look forward to making them every year and people look forward to getting them!

  35. wendy e says:

    My favorite gift this year is a group of “made by me” lovely toss pillows for the sofa for my bachelor son

  36. Teresa says:

    I love giving Williams Sonoma gifts…and its fun to shop there too!

  37. april pierce says:

    I love to put lottery tickets in stockings for my kids!

  38. ShelleyJ says:

    My kiddos are getting new bikes this year. I don’t think they’re expecting it so it should be a fun surprise. I’ve also just started making cute journal book covers with my fabric scraps. That’s been lots of fun :).

  39. Susie says:

    My favorite gifts are the stocking stuffers I collect throughout the year. I try to keep them all hidden together so i can just pull out the box and stuff the stockings after everyone has gone to bed. Fun treasures to find on Christmas Morning :)

  40. Jill says:

    Homemade treats and spending time with loved ones.

  41. Cindy H. says:

    I love giving away homemade treats!

  42. Lara says:

    I do a photo shoot of my kids at a new place each year to come up with the few select photos to use for our Christmas card. Then I take the top 20 or so and create custom photo books for the grandparents. Every year they say it is the most precious gift.

  43. Judy Jursch says:

    My all-time-hands-down favorite gift to give at Christmas is the gift of my time. I give my time to anyone I know that needs it! That could be wrapping presents for them, baking cookies, whatever…most people run out of time at the holidays and I enjoy giving that gift to them!

  44. Jen Borden says:

    I am giving my neighbor a bookpage wreath I made for her. Just the other day she said how much she loved mine. Hopefully she will love hers just as much.

  45. Laura says:

    I’m enjoying making gifts this year from scraps of fabric and notions I have on hand. Baby is getting a ball and doll, big brother a pillow case for his favorite pillow, and big sister a pair of upcycled fingerless gloves made from wool socks.

  46. Laura says:

    I love making and giving my homemade cookies and candy!

  47. Amy Davis says:

    My favorite gifts to give at christmas are the decorated cookies and sweet treats that I make each year. Thanks for the opportunity.

  48. Meghan says:

    I love to give framed photos! They really brighten up a home.

  49. glenda says:

    I love giving baked goods which i make differently each year.

  50. Deborah says:

    I love to give indulgent bath products from Lush. So scenty!

  51. Rebecca says:

    I’m so excited to give my boys a dog crate…with a note that we are getting a new puppy too!

  52. Tricia Kano says:

    I can’t wait to give my daughter her first front page published story that we had framed for her!

  53. Charisse Andrews says:

    My favorite thing to give, because our friends and family are so distant, is to send them boxes of Petits Fours from Swiss Colony as well as my homemade butter and tea cookies. Always well received!

  54. Robin Whiting says:

    My favorite gift to give our the homemade treats we make for family, friends and neighbors. This year we are making cinammon rolls for everyone!

  55. Alisa D. says:

    Photo calendars and photo books this year. My mom never gets to see the grandkids so it’s a gift that’s personal and she’ll enjoy.

  56. Laurie says:

    This year was the year of the cookbook — we gifted the recipient a book on their favorite cuisine, wrapped in an Anthropologie tea towel and topped with super cute measuring spoons, or a cooking tool that I knew that they needed.

  57. Laurel says:

    My favorite gift to give is a ereader for my daughter. Hope she likes it.

  58. Kristina says:

    I’m giving my guy an awesome new watch! He keeps trying them on in the store but hasn’t made the plunge yet so I got it for him! He’s going to be shocked! I’m also hand knitting infinity scarves for my sis & sister-in-law!

  59. Stephanie says:

    My favorite gift to give this year is definitely the custom cookbooks that my sister, cousin, grandma and I made at for our moms. It includes all of their favorite recipes and family ones that have been past down. They are going to love it!

  60. Kristen T says:

    My favorite gift to give this year is a vintage bunk bed for American Girl Dolls I found at a thrift store!with a new layer of paint and bedding I made it is ready for her new doll that Santa is bringing!

  61. maggie says:

    I love to give books. I especially search for out-of-print books for someone with an author or subject preference.

  62. ProjectHome says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! My husband and I love to host wine and cheese parties and it would be so fun to add these items to our table.


  63. Laura says:

    My favorite gift to give is a loaf of Polish bread that my mom and I have been making since I was a little girl. Homemade gifts, especially food, are the best!

  64. Michelle says:

    This year my favorite gift I am giving is a wine “sock monkey” for my sister-in-law because I know she will crack up when she opens it!

    BTW, I love Viansa. It was the first winery my husband and I visited on our honeymoon 20 years ago!

  65. Andie d says:

    Legos for my kids

  66. Janet says:

    This year my favorite gift I am giving is time. I can give some to my daughter by(taking my grandson for overnighters), to the community by volunteering. Everyone needs time and I have some to give. Thank you.

  67. Jean says:

    My favorite gift to give this year is a handmade quilt for my grandson in college.

  68. Emilou says:

    My favorite gift to give is my pumpkin bread with my blue ribbon fudge. I love making and giving goodies.

  69. Rachel C says:

    Framed family photos.

  70. Petra says:

    I am honoring the memory of my most fabulous mother, friend, co- conspirator in all things involving home — decorating, do-it-yourself crafts, top chef and baker by using her top three german christmas cookies recipes and baking dozens and dozens of them to give to everyone. She passed this last February and was dearly loved and admired in so many venues. This first christmas without her, her memory shall live on in good taste and tradition. Cherish the season and the ones you love. God bless!

  71. My favorite gift to give will be my homemade sea salt scrubs along with fudge. I’m excited about the other gifts but these are still my favorites.

  72. Marlenda says:

    I like to give a bottle of wine with a paired food gift.

  73. Sandra says:

    My favorite gift to give during the holiday season is my time preparing anything homemade. Today I am making peppermint bark for my co-workers and friends!

  74. patricia bergan says:

    Lots of home baked goodies!!!!

  75. GinaE says:

    Homemade cinnamon rolls. People just love them!

  76. Jenny says:

    Lots of candy–toffee, caramel and spiced nuts.

  77. Lisa Frank says:

    This year I’ve been giving DIY monogram coffee mugs filled with cocoa and sweets + a jar of homemade gingerbread or candy cane body scrub…a great combo for relaxing during the rush of the holiday season! :)

  78. Denise Santomauro says:

    My favorite holiday gift is books! I like to scour used book stores throughout November and December. You can never have enough and it’s very easy to personalize!

  79. Trina C says:

    Homemade gifts – this year I am making kitchen towels and liqueurs.

  80. Kristin says:

    Thank you for this giveaway, Kate! My favorite gift to give appears to be scarves. I tend to give them a lot. I do love accessories!

  81. Salleefur/Jesselyn says:

    This is such a perfect giveaway and refelcts well my longtime favorite gift giving concept: whatever the season, occasion or reason – I always love to create my own VERY thoughtful and personalized Gift Baskets (or sometimes other types of containers when that seems more fitting!

    Although usually, my “gift baskets” DO include wine/beer (or in some cases Irish Cream or Single-Malt Scotch!) and almost always appropos food products, they are often geared to other special interests like a “Bicyclist Basket” or “Seamstress” or whatever best fit the individual recipient.

    This style of gift giving is always fun, thoughtful, creative and very gratifying for BOTH the gift giver and the lucky receiver!.

  82. Rachel says:

    This year my husband and I each bought Kindles for each other ! Now we are sharing the Kindle love and giving a few to some family! We love to read, and hope everyone enjoys their gifts :)

    Your giveaway so so thoughtful and sweet!

  83. Alison Logue says:

    I recently discovered your blog and am a huge fan! Love your style! I’m in the Bay Area as well (The Girl and the Fig is one of my faves!). My favorite things to give this time of year are homemade goodies (cookies, cinnamon rolls, etc) and dinners together (either at my house or out in Napa or in the city).

    Side note (since you’re in the Bay Area), one of my current Napa-obsessions is with the fresh mozzarella at Tra Vigne in St Helena. If you haven’t tried it, you simply must! It will change your life. I wrote a little blurb about it on my blog: This mozzarella is absolutely amazing!

  84. Bri Dingee says:

    My favorite gift to give this year will be a fishing pole for my dad! He has been wanting one for years.

  85. Lisa says:

    I found some really inexpensive, but cute necklaces online that I’ve given to a bunch of friends.

  86. Jennifer says:

    My favorite gift this year are the photo crosses my friend Robin made! The grandparents are going to love them!

  87. Kristen W. says:

    My favorite gift to give this year is a wooden horse stable for my daughter! She is going to be so excited!

  88. Terry says:

    My favorite gift to give is a themed gift basket. I love to do a breakfast theme with some yummy pancake mix, real maple syrup, fresh blueberries, delicious jam and a Christmas blend coffee or tea.
    Merry Christmas!

  89. Barbara Ann says:

    My very favorite gift for this Christmas season is the Egg and Muffin Toaster by Back to Basics. I have several college kids on my list and this hopefully will allow them to prepare a healthy breakfast, lunch or snack.

  90. Keri says:

    my favorite gifts to give are personalized! For my mother in law, who sends out cards for her church, I got her this really cute address stamp to stamp onto her cards instead of writing out her entire return address. :)

  91. amber peters says:

    I’m still not done shopping! So far I’m excited to give my daughter a DS that she has been wanting.

  92. Cheryl B. says:

    My favorite gifts to give are the ones people want not what we think they should want. I have to keep that in mind when shopping.

  93. Amy S says:

    Monogrammed anything! I don’t think there is a monogrammed item I don’t love. This years item?? Monogrammed diamond quilted jewelry cases from Pottery Barn. They are just so personal and thoughtful.

  94. I actually have 2 gifts I am giving this Christmas. Boudin bread and crab cakes from Baltimore. Carol

  95. My favorite gifts to give are my assorted chocolates/cookie bags that I do every year. It reminds me of my grandmother.

  96. Cheryl says:

    I like to gift individualized gifts for each person. I spend alot of time thinking about what I see the person using/wanting and make my decisions from there.

  97. Julie says:

    This year I’m trying to make as much as possible, (hopefully) including cutting boards made into different shapes with a scroll saw. We’ll see how they turn out! Merry Christmas!

  98. This is my year of homemade gifts – mainly handcrafted items I’ve “borrowed” from my fave blogs … NOEL wall placque, rustic twig tree placque, and of course a frame filled with subway art for the year ahead! Thanks for your blog and all you do!
    Merry Christmas to all!

  99. Jennifer says:

    i love giving little handmade gifts to my kids, they get handmade ornaments each year.

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