Porch Poinsettias, Etc.

November 28, 2011

Well here we are again caught up in the the holiday hustle and bustle and how quickly it can get overwhelming. If you were standing in my house right now, you’d laugh at the scene inside. Well maybe not laugh, but be relieved that yes, our house is messy, and so yes, we’re perfectly normal.    

The dining table is covered in artwork and letters for Santa, the kitchen is a mess, there are bins and boxes of holiday decor everywhere, and the living room is unrecognizable because I’ve been moving furniture around again. There’s not a clear surface to be found, but I really don’t care. The messes are evidence we’ve been busy making Christmas memories.

I made a decision a few days ago to not get caught up in the craziness of the season but instead to choose a slower pace. Since Friday, we’ve started each day hiding in winter pajamas under flannel sheets and emerging on our own time, not one dictated by the clock.  We eventually dragged all the decorations out and now they’re all over the house. I managed to plant poinsettias and suspend a few ornaments on the front porch, but that’s it.  It’s simple and pretty, so I thought I’d share. And why not some thoughts on the season to go with it.       

kate front porch christmas 2011


As mothers, we set a pace or a rhythm in our homes. That pace can be chaotic, it can be crazy, or it can be be comforting. As of today, ours qualifies for all of the above, but mostly I’d like to think it’s leaning towards the latter. Sure it’s chaotic because of looming holiday burdens and oh heck yeah is it crazy because of all the holiday decor strewn about. But mostly it’s comforting because of the choice to prioritize our time spent together – it’s more important than anything else.    


red poinsettias in urn cg


Our family is in this magical place right now with children at the age where they still believe in Santa but old enough to marvel at every snowflake, angel, or twinkle light they see. I know next year will be different. My daughter is seven and already suspicious that the Elf on the Shelf does not move by himself. Surely her disbelief in Santa will come next. We teach our children about our faith and the true reason for the season, but as parents, we still enjoy the Santa experience for as long as it will last. I’ll miss it when it’s gone.      

cg christmas front porch


With children this age I really just want with all my heart to freeze time because this season comes once a year. But that’s impossible. So instead I turned off Twitter, ignored Facebook, and even the ol’ blog for a couple of days.        

 lantern with ornaments and poinsettas cg


We watched a double feature of Home Alone and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. We sorted twinkle lights, we drank hot chocolate, and we made all our Christmas lists. 

reindeer with bow cg


And I remembered that the blessings of this season come from those memories made from making those conscious choices of where we spend our time.  

kates christmas porch


Instead of rushing around I’m determined to do just the opposite ~ to slow down and savor the season for all its magic and meaning.  I hope you’ll join me.   


**I’m announcing the winners of all the giveaways later today, just as soon as I change out of those winter pajamas. :)



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