Three Easy Fall Crafts + Link Party

October 4, 2011

Yes, it’s true, I’m a crafty gal around the holidays and now that October is here, it gets me excited and feeling all warm inside. But that could just be my glue gun permanently affixed to my hip which I might as well just leave plugged in until December 26th. 

I’m happy as can be to be hosting a Fall Crafts Link Party today as part of the ongoing series with my blog pals Sarah, Layla, and Rhoda. So glad you’re here, have an hors d’oeuvre! Or better yet, enjoy the virtual eye candy in the form of all the crafty goodness you’ll see linked below. 

Sometimes I think we’ve all gone and done everything we possibly could to a pumpkin, I’m wondering what will be next. As much as I like them in their natural state, I’m always a fan of a little embellishment – I love ‘em gilded and painted too. My first craft you got a glimpse of yesterday and I really bent over backwards man. They are what I call Distressed Pumpkins and they are so easy, there’s no real ‘how to’ necessary. easy distressed pumpkins how to

I’ve never tried this with latex paint, but Chalk Paint is famous for its easy distressing qualities, so I used the ‘Old White’ and it worked really well. Simply paint with one coat then sand with a fine sanding wedge to reveal the skin underneath. 


Here’s a second easy and cheap idea for your fall tabletop – clothespin place card holders. These are simply spray painted and the faux berries are hot glued inside.  clothespin place card holder

Lay them down or stand them up, then tell your guests it’s a hint of what household chore they’ll be doing after dinner. *wink*  Or you could just be decent and serve them dessert, your call. 

gold clothespin place card holder cg

Fun. Inexpensive. Crazy easy.

Last but not least, I made up these very whimsical creations from corn husks, you saw them yesterday in the dining room.  Call ‘em Corn Puffs, Corny Starbursts, whatever makes ya happy. I call them Pom Poms because they remind me of the gold versions I had back on the squad, circa 1989.  Wow, major flashback just now. It makes me think how I miss my old perm. Not.  

You can find dried corn husks for making tamales in the Hispanic or specialty foods section of many grocery stores.  how to make corn husk pom pom

corn husk pompom cg

Suspend them wherever you want to add a dash of fall whimsy, whether in a garland or over a tabletop.

pom poms over table

corn husk pom pom and leaf garland cg


Alright friends, your turn to show off your latest craftastic creations. Bring on the autumn crafty goodness and link up !! 

Rules: Must be a fall related craft, and please do visit the two links above you to mix and mingle! 



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