Glowing Eyes Halloween Art

October 12, 2011

The kids were watching the classic Snow White the other day and there’s a scene where SW is running in the forest and the beady eyes are everywhere and she freaks out but it turns out it’s just bunny rabbits.  

I share that tidbit with you only because it was the inspiration for my latest Halloween project, a framed chalkboard drawing of a forest with those glowing beady eyes that spook kids big and small.  Here it is, my latest (cheap) art idea just in time for Halloween.

glowing eyes forest halloween art cg


This quick art project cost me nothing (well, I didn’t shop for anything new) and took less than an hour.  I found this old frame at a thrift store many months ago, it came with a nature painting that I may or may not keep, I’m undecided. Anyway, I paid $5 bucks at Goodwill and it was sitting in my garage. The rest of the supplies, (the foam board, chalkboard paint, and twinkle lights) I already had on hand. 

To make this I followed these four steps.  1. Cut a foam board to the size of your frame, then cover one side with two coats of black chalkboard spray paint.  2. Sketch then fill your chalk trees, 3. Use a small nail to determine location of glowing eyes, and 4. Insert tips of twinkle lights behind back of canvas.  Boom, you’re done.


glowing eyes how to

If you’re having a Halloween party, this is fun idea for wall art, just sketch yourself a forest and add some sinister glowing eyes. The installation is especially cool at night. 

glowing eyes halloween art cg


Speaking of Halloween, have you seen the scary tools over at Picnik?  You must go play around, it’s a lot of fun adding ghosts and fangs and zombie eyes to yourself, your friends, or loved ones. Send Grandma one with a fake beard and crazy eyeballs, she’s sure to love it. Maybe not. But your teens surely will!

   Lightning, spider webs, and scary movie effects seen below . . .

forest with lighting spider webs cg

Do you have the feeling you’re being watched? 

Beware, you are.

Moooo haaaa haaaaa haaaaa. 



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