Dot Painted Dishes

October 25, 2011

I saw a great project on Pinterest a few weeks ago and I’ve had in on my mind ever since – it was these fabulous dot painted plates and bowls by Ashley Ann at Under the Sycamore.

The idea of dot painted porcelain dishes sat with me for weeks until I decided to play off the same idea and make some accent plates of my own. These versions have a delicate falling leaf design, as an autumn themed appetizer plate or for our Thanksgiving place settings. 

gold dot painted plate cg


Get all the details on how to dot paint porcelain over at Ashley Ann’s, she has a detailed step by step. Basically, it’s the process of using paint pens designed for porcelain or ceramics to create your design, then baking your finished design in the oven. You can find inexpensive plain white dishes in a lot of places from Walmart to Target to IKEA.

I’m experimenting as Thanksgiving gets closer with some leaf designs formed with a gold paint pen for ceramics.  I used craft foam leaves as a template to form my pattern.


dot painted accent plate cg


Porcelain paint pens are a fun tool for personalizing and doodling on simple plates with your own original design.  They’re also an opportunity to create something special for that host or hostess on your list.

falling leaves accent plate cg


I also made myself this little mug with the same idea – it will be cute to hold pens on my desktop too.

gold dot painted teacup cg


Just to show you how easy it is, here are six more hand painted porcelain dish ideas I found online to inspire:

painted porcelain inspiration

From top left: Dot Painted Dishes by Under the Sycamore; Hand Drawn Details on Accent Dishes by BH&G; Circle Painted Dishes by A Merry Mishap; Peacock Dot Dish by Birdhouse Family; Hand Painted Herringbone Mug by Wit & Whistle; Dot Painted China by Martha (she offers a few templates to work with too).

Imagine the possibilities!  This is proof how stimulating and addicting Pinterest really is. Too much sometimes, right?  Darn you Pinterest!!!  Sometimes I just can’t sleep with all the ideas I find over there. 

Have you recreated anything you’ve seen on Pinterest lately? 


*** 10.26.11 Update:  Hey friends!  It has just come to my attention from some very thoughtful readers (thanks Jules and Kris) that the Pebeo Porcelaine markers although labeled “non-toxic” are not recommended for surfaces that come in contact with food, aka not “food safe”!  Say what?  Apparently, it says so on this website. Doh. That’s me, blushing a nice shade of pink in embarrassment.  Glad I found out now, guess there aren’t going to be any leafy accent plates on my table.  Better safe than sorry!  So do as they say, not as I do, and keep your designs to the outsides of bowls and mugs kids.  Over and out.    


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