Autumn Accents

September 26, 2011

Well hello, and happy happy fall y’all.  Let’s kick of the mantel par-tay hosted by Layla with a few changes in the living room.  You’ll see the addition of a floor to ceiling oak tree branch, a new burnt orange throw, and a few decorative new accents too. 

autumn living room cg


Call me trendy, but yes there are owls on my mantel this season. 

gold owls on mantel cg

Double trendy points for the golden hue.  I spotted that cool moss covered nine foot tall branch at a local shop specializing in second hand midcentury decor – it was covered with woodland ornaments and I just loved the shape of it.  I asked the owner if he’d give or sell it to me and he said he’d let me have it for free as long as I agreed to buy something in the shop.  Deal!  I choose the 1970’s golden owls ($20 for the pair) – a fun seasonal score. 

The tall amber bottle I found at another local second hand shop, and the lantern is from World Market.  On the other side of the mantel are some birch inspired vessels, found at a local shop here in my town. 

plush velvet pumkins cg

They can be and hold anything you imagine – right now one is a stand for a plush pumpkin and the other a vase for the changing leaves of viburnum from the backyard.

On a nearby skirted table is this playful little vignette. The urn is from a thrift store and is filled with plush pumpkins from Love Feast Table

fall vignette cg


On a quest for something new and different, at the last second I pulled a switcheroo above the mantel and added a new mirror. Don’t worry, lovers of my white gloss mirror, it shall return next spring, I promise! 

For the next few months, I thought I’d bring in something new with a little shimmer.  I’m always looking to mix it up and since I had a store credit at Pier One I brought home their Champagne Mirror to try out for the holidays.

Truth be told, I’m not 100% sold on it. 

square mirror over mantel cg


It’s pretty, it’s glitzy, I love the champagne finish and chunkiness of the frame, but the shape is a rectangle and I’m just not convinced it’s “the one”.

square champagne mirror from side cg

What say you?  Is it a bold beauty or a blah substitute for the white mirror? I’m torn.

autumn mantel white mirror with branch

Pillow covers found at Festive Home Décor on Etsy.   

Here are a few more accents around the living room, including simple branches in a big bottle, some pine cones on my vintage brass scales, and pumpkin décor in the form of both pumpkin tree branches and a ceramic favorite from my fall stash. 

autumn vignette cg


Hung above the antique sideboard is my decade old oak leaf wreath and a few more seasonal accents too. 

autumn sideboard cg


Inspired by this vignette, I added these amber bottles found at a thrift store, added the white adhesive letters. and filled them with local dried grasses.  

autumn on bottles cg


Today I’m linking up to Layla’s Fall Mantel Party – join us there!

fall link party badge 2

If you’d like a peek at my outdoor fireplace and mantel, Rhoda styled it with some red mums and other fall accents, it’s lookin’ festive and fantastic!  Be sure check it out here.

Cheers to fall y’all! 



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115 Responses to “Autumn Accents”

  1. Ally says:

    OMG those owls! Trendy or not, they are AWESOME. I love their eyes. The fact that they are gold is awesome, too. A little trendy a little classic. I LOVE those.

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  3. Tan says:

    I absolutely LOVE those pillows!! I looked on the Etsy website and they don’t have the exact same ones on there. Do you know of anywhere else that has them?? Thanks.

  4. Tami says:

    I love all the mantle stuff, but i’m from Phx, AZ and really have no use for a fireplace!

  5. Pearl says:

    I adore what you have done!! The room looks so cozy and perfect!
    btw I have the same pillows! They are just great and look good for any season!


  6. Vikki says:

    Kate…I love everything you do. Keep the new Pier1 mirror – turn it and set it on the mantel leaning back against the wall (or hang it) I think it is beautimus.

  7. Rachel says:

    I liked the white mirror better.

  8. Daria says:

    Love the room! The mirror is a blah substitute. Why not paint the white one?

  9. I love it! But the little objets on mantle no longer work. It needs something flat and long (horizontal) on the mantle or two tall somethings on each end. I also LOVE the white mirror. Maybe get the new one as a leaning floor mirror instead and use it somewhere else… Or I love the idea of painting the white mirror… Have fun and Happy Fall!

  10. Emily says:

    So I’m covering the white. Where can I find it??? If it needs a new home, mine is available!

  11. Helen Peterson says:

    Re: the Mirror. It’s really pretty, and I always love shimmer, but with the diverse display on the mantle, the white one adds punch and a sense of connectedness with the surroundings. HOWever to decorate for christmas – keep the mirror, then get more truly gold items. A pile of gold ornaments sitting on a bed of greens (I’ve piled ornaments together with that black double stick tape) or put them in a huge glass hurricane lamp or column. Lots of green and gold accents and some white candles. It would be smashing to look at. The truer the color gold, the better.

  12. I have tree branch envy in a BIG way!! I have to have one with moss on it!! LOVE it, esp. on your latest Christmas post with the little red Cardinals.

  13. Cecily T says:

    I have a question about the tree branch…do you know if it’s treated or something to keep it from rotting? I tried to bring in a branch (weeelll, it was more like a whole tree, a small one, but still) b/c I wanted to use it in a similar way and 3 or 4 of my male family members shot me down, saying that it would rot or that it might have bugs, etc. I could get some manzanita instead, but wanted the barky look. Thanks!

  14. Erin says:

    Where did you find the white mirror? I’m searching high and low for it!

  15. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hi Erin, that is the Casbah mirror from Lamps Plus, spray painted gloss white!

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