A Fall Wreath Story

September 29, 2011

This is a story of a DIY project that’s kind of like a good chick flick. It opens with the main character – she has a good life, a great idea, and even better intentions, but as a result of her brazen personality and wily cleverness gets herself in trouble and ends up in a miserable position which requires that she completely change her thinking. She ponders her mistakes, comes up with a simpler plan, changes course, makes amends, and in the end she gets her man.

I’m not kidding, the story of my fall wreath is a scary parallel. Sit back, grab a beverage, and listen to my tale. Once upon a time there was a fair maiden who had a grand idea. Let’s call this fair maiden Kate. She had long flowing chestnut hair that glistened in the sun and in this fairy tale, she’s a Size 2.

Kate lived in a town surrounded by rolling hills and fields of natural grasses {cue the slow motion twirling in a peasant cotton skirt to Sting’s ‘Fields of Gold’}.  The adjacent fields made her think that a fall wreath crafted out of natural grasses was a totally brilliant idea. Her source of inspiration was none other than this this wheat wreath by the reigning Queen Martha. Inspired, she wandered into those nearby fields of gold and gathered her grasses while she may. 

fields of golden grasses


Back at the castle, the maiden took her basket of glistening golden grasses, clipped them and attached them to a basic cardboard wreath form with floral wire, much like she had in the past with this lavender wreath

grass wreath how to


So proud of her cleverness, she hung her golden grass wreath on her front door announcing to all the land it was time to behold its beauty.

natural grass wreath front door cg

And it was beautiful. 

Kate stood back, admired her work, and smoked a cigarette in ultimate satisfaction. 

natural grass wreath up close cg

Actually, that cigarette never happened. It was just a Hollywood producer’s attempt to juicy up the plot.

  The wreath was indeed beautiful for a minute or two. 

. . .until nature sought revenge.

Much like the bad boy in the chick flick, this wreath looked good on the outside, but in the real world, was a completely impractical choice, one that would bring nothing but pain, despair, and midnight crying on a best friend’s shoulder.

You’d think our leading character would have noticed during the construction of the wreath that natural grasses being real and not faux have a tendency to do what natural botanicals do – they shed, make a mess, and then they die. She had paid little attention.

grass wreath aftermath


Our heroine then hung her natural grass wreath with pride . . .

grass wreath cg

. . . but then reality set in.

Every time that door was opened, the result was a lot of tiny debris. Annoyingly bothersome debris in the form of little bits of grass that would get under any rational person’s skin within mere minutes.  Little bits of teensy tiny grass that would scatter everywhere with the buzzing of a fly or an autumn breeze. 

natural grass wreath debris

A choice had to be made.

Would it be maintaining the grass wreath, or would she choose the one she loved?

grass debris and boy

* Dramatic pause *

{Just so you know, this is the climax of the story.}

Kate realized the truth, this grassy wreath was a disaster in disguise.

So she changed course and decided if life was worth living, a new wreath was in order. A few clearance 99 cent berry stems at the local Michael’s craft store paired with a wired wreath form was just what she needed to pick herself up, dust herself off, and a start all over again with dignity.

floral wire and berry stems


As they say, all’s well that ends well . . .

fall berry wreath cg


. . . with this simple DIY berry autumn wreath. 

simple berry autumn wreath cg


But wait!  An unexpected twist!

At October’s end, I’ve got this bat to suspend inside …

halloween bat wreath cg

. . . perfect for Halloween.

As you can see Kate did get her {little} man in the end, and they lived happily ever after.

halloween wreath boy in costume

May the Force be with you.

The End.


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