August 3, 2011

I love my house, I really do. Nothing feels more homey to me than my spaces filled with all my people and my treasures.  It’s cozy, it’s comfy, it’s my sanctuary.  I could die in my house, I love it that much, and I am grateful for each day I live in it. 


I have thoughts of building again. I harbor them deep in my soul, and it keeps me awake at night. It’s why I continue subscribing to all those shelter magazines, tabbing all the ideas for my ‘next house’.  Confess, I know many of you do this too. You have  pages torn from magazines of the things you’d include if you ever build a dream home. I have many images stored in binders and also online, it’s why I’m a Pinning fool.  

One of the things I will have many of in my future dream house on five acres with a botanical garden and lavender field that I may or may not ever have the fortune to plant and build someday is a . . . nook.  Well, not one nook.  Several.  Many.  Many nooks would make me very happy.  The world needs more nooks, don’t you think?

I shall definitely build a sunny breakfast nook.

southern living kitchen nook via hookedonhouses

Southern Living


round banquette

via Kitchen & Bath Ideas


breakfast nook in kitchen

via The Simply Luxurious Life


bhg nook

Better Homes & Gardens


I shall tuck a secret nook under the stairs too.  It will make a great space for impromptu puppet shows or mid day cat naps. 

southern living reading nook

Southern Living


nook under stairs



My future fantasy home needs several window nooks too, a place for me and the dog or the cat and a good book. 

window nook

La belle vie

country living window seat

Country Living


 window seat house beautiful

House Beautiful


And I simply must have a built in reading nook in my fantasy dream home. This image below reminds me so much of the built-in bed in the house I grew up in.  It wasn’t white like this at all, in fact, it was all dark wood. Our reading nook was tucked away in the corner of our living room just like this, next to big bright windows, and my sister and I would curl up in in for hours, me with my Nancy Drew and she with her Anne of Green Gables.  We laid there toe to toe for hours, it was perfect.  

built in daybed

My Ideal Home


I love this one too, for its bold color and pattern medley. 

vintage chic nook house and home

House and Home

Here’s a fun colorful version, perfect for a kid’s room.

reading nook

Boston Design Guide, Fallon Homes


Of course, I’ll need several for all my grandbabies.  Yes, I think about my grandbabies, I must have many of them too.

sleeping nook built in

 BPC Architecture


childrens loft southern living

Southern Living


bunk room nooks



Nooks.  I need ‘em.  I need several of them in my fantasy dream home. 

If you could build a house from the ground up, what’s the one thing you would include?  Are you a nook obsessed like me? 




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