Michael + More Chalk Paint

August 15, 2011

Hey y’all!  Happy Monday!  Summer has finally come to an end since the kids are back to school this week.  Knowing that, I made an effort to take some down time last week.  If you follow me on Twitter, you know the highlight for me was a Saturday date night where I was at the Michael Bublé concert in San Jose, having cocktails with my sweetie while my inlaws watched the kids.  Hello, it doesn’t get much better than that! 

My hub scored us some amaaaaaazing seats up front, and I was so excited to be just a few feet away from one of my favorite singers.  I do things I wouldn’t ordinarily do when in the presence of Michael Bublé, he makes me all teenybopper crazy.  He was wiping his perspiration all night on a MB Tour towel, then guess who he threw it to?  Don’t believe me?  All the evidence on this video. 


Can you believe it?  His sweaty towel is mine baby miiiiiiiine !!!! 

How much do ya think I could get for it on eBay?

Kidding!  I could never part with it.  Unless you make me an offer I can’t refuse.

Back to biz.  So I’ve had this little console table for like ever that I painted white over the weekend.  

console table before and after paint



This console is no antique, in fact it’s a mass produced hall table from Bombay Company and it has suffered some dents and scratches in the dozen years I’ve had it, so I had no issues with painting it. 

Years ago, it sat in my entryway, then I replaced it with this tall stained dresser.  When I moved the writing desk from my stepdaughter’s room to make an art gallery wall for my younger daughter, I moved the console table to my older daughter’s bedroom. 

You still with me?  Do you care?  


Mkay.  Well guess what.  The dark tones and traditional feel of that table weren’t working in the space, so I freshened it up with a little paint.  Hey white paint!  The cure for anything!  Vicki, a local stockist for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint recently sent me some ‘Old White’ to try, so this little console table was the perfect candidate.  This shade is not a bright white, it’s really more of a vanilla or a cream in most light.

old white chalk paint


Ooh la la, here’s lookin’ at you kid. 

chalk paint console table


The thing I’m loving most about this chalk paint is the way it distresses around the edges with light sanding so easily and beautifully. 

old white chalk paint console


I also hung the scroll mirror that used to hang in my kitchen above the mantel, but now hangs above this console table.  It works well with the French inspired feminine aesthetic in the room. 

annie sloan old white console


Two questions for the day.  1) What singer makes you go gaga ?  2) Have you tried the AS Chalk Paint lately, and what were your results?



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