Master Bedroom Update

August 22, 2011

Hey all, hope you had a great weekend!  We did a lot of lounging around, but I also took the time to snap a few photos of some of the changes I’ve made to our master bedroom over the last few months.  How about a quick tour?

Me and my mister have gone around and around in our master bedroom, him always representing in the left corner Mr. Traditional Lover of Dark Wood Antiques with me in the right corner as Mrs. Classic White Meets Touches of Modern.  The tricky part has always been how do we find a happy compromise ?  The agreement finally came to this:  If he gets to keep the dark wood antique dressers he’s so fond of, I get to pick the paint colors, fabrics and accessories.  Deal!

We both agree on one thing, we prefer soothing colors in our master. It’s a place to withdraw from the world, catch up on our reading, and on much needed zzzzzs.  I like to keep it in the neutral zone, but then play around with patterns. This year, I added a little bit of graphic, a touch of zebra, and a hint of Ikat in the sophisticated blue grays, taupes, and champagne tones I find so appealing. 

centsational girl bed linens

Yes, you can see, I did paint over the trellis wall!  Long story short, I wanted something less olive, much lighter and more gray, plus this Devon mirror and the linens were competing, so we said goodbye to the stenciled trellis wall and replaced it with the focal point mirror over the bed!  You like?

Under the window next to the bed, I tucked the little loveseat that I slipcovered last year in linen.  I found the Worlds Away gold leaf end table at One Kings Lane, and earlier this year wrote about the golden thrift store coffee tableIkat pillow from Pottery Barn, lattice accent rug from World Market.  

kates bedroom ikat pillow


Across from the bed is the antique Drexel Heritage dresser the mister is so fond of.  That beautiful print in the middle is by Richard Franklin ~ we bought over over a decade ago, it’s called ‘To Go Beyond’.  He proposed in Italy in front of Michaelangelo’s ‘David’ so call us sentimental, but it reminds us of that amazing sculpture in the heart of Florence.  The framed black and white images of the flowers from our yard used to hang in my office a long time ago, but now balance the Franklin print. 

cg richard franklin print

cg branches and coral


That’s me in my wedding dress, much much younger!  I still love that classic shot so I keep it on display.

centsational girl wedding photo


This bronze chandy is from Home Depot ~ we found it five years ago, I have no idea if they still carry it.  I’d like to replace it someday with something really modern and completely amazing, but for now, the simplicity and Old World vibe work fine.  

master chandelier


Pair of Avington slipper chairs from Tar-jay, chunky knit throw by Pine Cone Hill, blue pillow from Pier One, lacy coral sculpture from Pottery Barn.

centsational girl slipper chair and dresser


On his side of the room is the other dresser he loves and also his closet (to the right).

centsational girl mister side


I found this blanched driftwood bowl and hung it on the wall instead to create some textural and sculptural art ~ it’s a nice contrast with the traditional dresser.  On top is the sweetheart tray I made from sheet music earlier this year.

centsational girl branch sculpture above dresser


His side is the room has his nightstand, complete with reading material and an ampersand I spotted at Restoration Hardware.  Another subtle but significant change is the woven shade blinds ~ they are Levolor cut to fit at Lowes and much less expensive than custom. 

his nighstand

centsational girl mirror over bed


On my side is the Draper knockoff dresser I found at a thrift store two years ago.  I’ve repainted it twice, and now it’s my nightstand where I keep all my books, my journal, and a notebook for when creativity strikes.  The pair of gourd lamps are from Marshalls, I spray painted them gloss white last year. 

centsational girl nightstand


Tray from West Elm, bowl from Anthropologie.

centsational girl anthropologie bowl


The fabulous gray Kenya accent pillows are from Z Gallerie.  I’ve never bought anything in zebra print in my entire life, but these two called my name very loudly when I spied them in the store. 

centsational girl bed linens


Graphic floral bedding is the classic ‘Poetical’ by Barbara Barry, which I scored on sale at Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

centsational girl bedroom


I do miss my trellis wall, but I love these new fabrics even more!  Some of you may be wondering, what the heck is that paint color?   I wish I could tell you it’s one specific color, but in fact, it’s two blended together: ½ Ben Moore ‘Camouflage’ and ½ Ben Moore ‘Misted Green’ (which I originally tried on the wall, but it didn’t look quite right). I blended my leftover ‘Camouflage’ with the ‘Misted Green’ for the perfect grayish bluish greenish (depending on the light) wall color and I’ve promised my hub I won’t be painting in here ever again!  I know better than to commit like that. . but this month time I really mean it!

How do you compromise your design style with your spouse?




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  1. Mika says:

    LOVE your bedroom!!

    I have a question.
    I have exact same devon mirror and I was wondering if you can tell me
    how you hung your mirror securely.
    This mirror is soooo heavy and I don’t know how to hang such a heavy mirror! :(

  2. Your room is gorgeous! What a well balanced, relaxing space

  3. Nanci says:

    I am glad the mister won out on the dressers…they are too pretty to paint such traditional Sheraton styled pieces and they lend warmth to what would be a very “cold” room if they were painted white as well. The balance is perfect. Love the wall color and new look. Beautiful space.

  4. Sheryl says:

    This is gorgeous!

  5. Amanda says:

    Your bedroom is absolutely stunning. The simplicity in the details are amazing and completely balanced between masculine and feminine.
    Well done!

  6. Kim says:

    Perfect timing! I have a beautiful cherry sleigh bed and tall dresser, but wanted to make the whole room lighter and more modern, and just couldn’t figure out how to do it. This is excellent, it is kick-starting my thinking! As for alarm clocks, I envision an old style would fit in beautifully – manual with bells on top.

  7. Sarah says:

    I have been looking for the perfect gray & you’ve found it! My luck is that it doesn’t come straight from the can! Perhaps I can give your blend a try – it is the perfect shade! P.S. – I love hubby’s fav. furniture pieces!!! The warm wood tones blended with your style give an eclectic look that is very put together.

  8. Tamsyn says:

    This is one of the most gorgeous bedrooms I have ever seen in mine life. I love it!!

  9. I love the picture of you in your wedding dress. Gorgeous!

  10. Casey says:

    I really like the antique dressers. I’ve always loved the way antique wood just seems to “glow” in a way new wood doesn’t. It really grounds all of the white and adds a lot of warmth to the room.

  11. Gorgeous! I was out yesterday and saw this fabric in person. I immediately thought of your room. The flowers in person are a lighter blue than they appear here. And the coordinating fabrics are beautiful too:

  12. Monique says:

    In my eyes you can do no decorating wrong. This is another one of your rooms that I’ve fallen in love with. Nice blend of the masculine and feminine sides; very relaxing. Who wouldn’t want to come home to this.

  13. I totally agree with Monique! As my grandma would say (and did about my master bedroom), “What an utterly delightful, welcoming room!” I don’t know what it is with husbands and dark, traditional furniture. Mine is the same way. I pretty much do the same thing you do, I work around them. Add flowers and pretty colors and it (usually) all works out.

  14. How fabulous! Your bedroom looks amazing. Those pillows are beautiful! Have a glorious day, Kellie xx

  15. I dont compromise with him much. i am a designer, and he would have his place look like the set of star trek if left alone. I ask his advise on things like pick between these two paint colours I have pre selected and what do you think of this light fixture etc but with the full understanding his suggestions are taken under advisement not as law. Luckily for him I tend to have more moodern masculine taste so out place isnt really girly.
    However YOUR husband has GREAT taste in furniture. That dresser is gorgeous and I envy you. really pops in the room and gives it some needed grounding while still having feminine lines that play off the rest of the room.
    Also. I really love that chandelier. its kinda small but very pretty.

  16. diane says:

    Beautifullydone and you really scored some great bargains! And, oh, btw, I DONT compromise with my husband..he is so wonderfully uninterested and only tells me what he doesnt like and thats how we handle it. Getting compliments on our home all the time I think gives him confidence!

  17. Jane says:

    Beautiful room! So serene & soothing to look at.

  18. Erin says:

    Gorgeous! I think you just inspired me to keep my antique dressers in their native warm wood tones instead of painting them white as I planned. I also love the idea mixing paint colors! Might be worth a shot mixing my leftover Benjamin Moore “Manchester Tan” + “Crystalline”!

  19. Jenn says:

    Peaceful, serene with a zing of personality. I love your space. Our MB is very similar in colour-scheme and I love it. I always add a pop of red somewhere in my rooms and in our MB, you can find it woven into a cozy throw and also accent pillows. May you have many restful and stress-free nights in your zen room. You certainly have an eye for a bargain as well! Lovely!

  20. Malena says:

    Compromise? Well, it’s just that. I’m on a grey and yellow kick, but he doesn’t like yellow. I could force the issue and he would settle, but if he really dislikes it, I don’t feel right about it. I AM going to paint our bedroom grey, and your grey looks just about right. Not too much blue, not too much green.

    The pillows are perfect. Perfect. Every room needs an animal print.

  21. Jackie says:

    Ha! I had to laugh at your question because my mister doesn’t like ANYTHING. I mean, he’d totally be all for beige walls in every room, and nothing on the walls. We just built a new home and are butting heads over EVERYTHING. We went form a 2-bedroom to a 4-bedrrom, and don’t have stuff to fill it yet, so every purchase is a struggle, especially since we need so much on a budget. We’ll get thru it eventually, right?

    BTW, your room is just gorgeous!!! I especially love the wall with the low dresser. Wow. You wouldn’t by chance be making a trip to Ohio anytime soon would you? :D

  22. Renee S. says:

    Beautiful room. I’m just getting ready to redo my bedroom, very much needed, and have picked up some great ideas.

  23. Maria Trader says:

    Oh the tones are perfect. I could move right in to this space. And I would totally snatch those zebra pillows if I saw them :)

  24. Trude says:

    It looks gorgeous! Love how you played with the patterns and textures, so calm yet still interesting!

  25. pinkpeonygirl says:

    I have the same beloved Richard Franklin print with the same frame even (and I am from Belgium), but instead of behind glass it has been treated with some kind of glaze so it is both protrected and you can see the brush strokes, making it seem pretty much like a real painting :-)

  26. Sarah says:

    What a stunner! So many pretty details in every shot. My favorites: zebra pillows (ALWAYS a winner!), draper nightstands and the warmth from the wood pieces your mister likes. Now to be a total & complete suck-up….I have a bad case of photography-skills-envy. Your pictures are so pretty!

  27. just lovely! all the small details make it! thanks for sharing!


  28. Hi! First time here and talk about a great introduction and seeing something that wows me! Your bedroom is GORGEOUS! Love everything about it, great job! I love love love the colors..what color paint did you use? That is a perfect gray if I ever saw one! So happy to “meet” you I am your newest follower. Please stop by me too to say hi if you get a minute. Beautiful job here!

  29. I love your bedroom! I’m going to go out and blog-copy. Hope you don’t mind? I’m in LOVE with gray and white and while I have the white going on, I haven’t the gray. We live in a rented 70’s house (just for another year) – inside hasn’t moved into the current century as well, but am now tired of waiting to make it look like something. My beautiful grays and whites might not go with the wooden louvered cupboard doors, or the beige vertical blinds, but at least I’ll be in bed heaven.

  30. Jenn says:

    Looks gorgeous Kate! We are getting ready to start building our dream home and your style is such an inspiration to me. Love the look of your master bedroom!

  31. kristin M says:

    I absolutely love the way the traditional wood dressers ground the space. They play well with the bronze chandelier and baskets and blinds as well. If you had a modern chandelier the whole room would take off in a too-etherial way. in my opinion, and maybe look to “trendy-modern”. I like the classic pieces you have.

  32. Lauren Snow says:

    Beautiful! You painted your West Elm tray or is this a different one from the Green one in your earlier post?

  33. I LOVE the zebra. I have a little zebra (or animal print) in almost every one of my rooms… always subtle though. I used to have some beige and ivory zebra pillows. They were my fav. Oddly enough, the greys, whites, browns, and more blacks are in my room with some punches of yellow and magenta. Grey is the best! Where did you get the throw and the other pillows on your bed? I’m loving the pattern.

  34. I was TOTALLY going to ask about the wall color! Love the bedroom, love the zebra pillows!
    In the middle of a master bedroom redo ourselves and going with a really neutral black, white and tons of grey scheme!! Thanks for making me insanely jealous:)

  35. I think you did such a beautiful job of mixing your design styles and have to agree with so many other viewers that the wood both warms and grounds the lighter, prettier elements in the room. So kudos to both your husband and you. I have sneaking suspicion that wood is going to be very back, very soon, if it isn’t already. But you know this. (I love that you didn’t paint your wood cabinets in the dining room!)

  36. ashlee says:

    your style is absolutely gorgeous! it mixes really well with your spouse’s.

    my husband and i definitely bump heads when it comes to decor. i like fresh, airy, coastal, country, pale woods, shades of white, little flowers, antique furniture.

    he likes chunky exotic furniture, deep rich colours, and imported goods to give things an ethnic flair.

    it’s very hard to mix the two styles.

    at first i thought, well, let’s just divide the rooms. you can decorate some rooms in the house, and i’ll decorate the others. then i realized that the house would look horribly mismatched and uneven.

    so, we’ve lived in our house for nearly a year and have made no progress in decorating. lol. i started a blog (linked) and i’m hoping to get the ball rolling. we’re starting to see eye to eye, at least somewhat.

  37. Chic Rooms says:

    This makes me want to curl up with a cup of tea and sleep the day away… the perfect reaction to a perfect room! Thanks for the amazing inspiration! Chic Rooms

  38. Kristel T.M. says:

    Your room is gorgeous. Looks like a perfect retreat. So many great things, but my favorite is your wedding dress picture. It’s beautiful and perfect for the master bedroom. I think it’s awesome that you have it on display. Thank you so much for sharing, it’s very inspirational!

  39. Karla Davis says:

    I love love love your room! In my master bedroom my Mr and I do not have matching nightstands either. Seriously love.

  40. Vicki V says:

    I love the contrast of the cherry furniture with the pale fabrics and colors of your room. It’s uniquely beautiful!

  41. Shelly says:

    A beautiful and calm bedroom. Just the kind I like!

  42. Terri says:

    Lovely room. Can you give the dimensions, or a floor plan? Love the paint colour – we’ve just painted (second time in 3months) but I wish I’d seen this before committing to my second colour – I feel another painting marathon coming on …

  43. Kim says:

    I love that you have a Richard Franklin. We have one as well and just adore it. Our painting looks as if it was painted on top of old love letters. So original!

    I typically snub zebra prints too, but those pillows work really well. Your ideas definitely help me “think outside the box”.

  44. Jamie says:

    Lovely. I must say although everything in the room is beautfiul, my favs are your husbands choices: Those dressers are to die for! Seriously. Some wood should NEVER be painted!

  45. Caitlin says:

    I am in love! I like to comprimised with my boyfriend because I want him to love the space he lives in too. He could care less though and would let me paint the walls pink if it made me happy. We have been stalling on decorating our bedroom in our apartment because I just couldn’t decide on what to do. When I showed the BF the pictures of your bedroom, he said “I love it” when normally he would just say, “that’s nice”. Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  46. Tanya Anurag says:

    This is such a fantastic room . Love everything about it. Pinning a picture for inspiration.

    We have a link-up party going on – Tea Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner. I would really appreciate if you’d link up some of your awesome posts there. Hope to see you at the party.

  47. Analisa says:

    WHERE did you get that driftwood bowl?? I’ve been searching for something similar and I can’t find anything! It would be the PERFECT piece of art for our dining room!! PLEASE share! :)

  48. Ashley says:

    Where did you find your white quilt and pillow shams that you have on your bed?

  49. Maggie says:

    I just LOVE this room! Is your Barabara Berry bedding a duvet? I am debating if I want to purchase the comforter or the duvet…

  50. Jessica says:

    Where is your headboard from? It’s beautiful!

  51. Jackie says:

    I absolutely love this room!! Where did you find your white quilt and pillow shams that you have on your bed? Also, is your barbara berry bedding a duvet or comforter?

  52. Nicole says:

    I am not into dark furniture but those dressers are absolutely divine! They are so beautiful and I think you did a fantastic job at combining both of your styles.

  53. maria says:

    gorgeous master bedroom! what is the color of the walls? i love the subtle gray.

  54. Joyce says:

    Perfect in every way…what an inspiration! I’m in the process of updating my master bedroom and am exploring neutral color schemes. You are a master at styling and composition!

  55. Marianna says:

    LOVE you headboard… where did you get it?

  56. Amy Bertolini says:

    This is absolutely beautiful!

  57. Annie says:

    Hi there! I have the same starburst mirror, but mine is much more gold than yours appears in the photo above. Yours looks more silver. Is it just the lighting of the pic, or did you somehow change the color? Just wondering because I’ve been thinking of repainting mine and wanted to know if you did repaint it, did you post a tutorial? Thanks!

  58. MARCIA DIEBOLD says:

    Kate , love love everything about this bedroom ! I really love the dressers . where did you buy them? Your wedding picture looks like a picture from a celebrity ‘s wedding ! Beautiful! thanks for sharing , Marcia

  59. amy says:

    Wow! You are so talented! I love your bedroom, so relaxing and inviting! I love the colors and the combination of old and new. Where in the world did you find your quilt, I love it!

  60. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hi Amy, it’s from Restoration Hardware- Belgian Linen in white!

  61. Hi,

    Would you tell me where you got your grey pillows and matching blanket? I absolutely ADORE them!

  62. CentsationalGirl says:

    Barbara Barry Poetical duvet and shams, found at Bed, Bath & Beyond!

  63. Lacey says:

    Where is your headboard from? The room is beautiful!

  64. Mary says:

    I love this and am in the process of copying aspects of your room. I am going to get the Barbara bary duvet, but do you think this will
    Work with white linen drapes and white sheets, it seems to be more of a cream color in the store? Also- do you have a comforter inside your duvet? It looks flat? I just started following you and love everything you write!

  65. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hi Mary, thanks so much! You can always mix shades of white and cream. The color in the duvet is more of a cream but it works with our white comforter.

  66. natalie says:

    Where did you get your tall dark wood dresser? Its gorgeous!

  67. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hi Natalie, it’s a Drexel Heritage chest, part of a set my hub found for us in an antique shop about 10 or 12 years ago!

  68. Sian says:

    Kate, your bedroom is gorgeous and inspiring!!! I really love your style and how much thought you put into each room. But the curtains just look off, and I couldn’t move on without commenting. I’ve been doing a look of research as I’m about to hang them in several rooms in my house. What I’ve learned is that with just a couple of changes you can make store-bought curtains look elegant and expensive. You need to get thicker rods, mount them just below the crown molding and further outside your windows, (probably) purchase another 2 panels for each window, and use rings or clips to hang the panels from the rod. I think this will make a big impact.

  69. Bonnie says:

    I’ve been looking for a headboard just like that! Where is it from?

  70. Christine says:

    Hi…your room is GORGEOUS!! I have been looking for that style headboard and possible tufted. Where did you get yours from???

  71. Kimberly says:

    Hi!! Love, love, love the room. I have just convinced myself a few weeks ago to paint my room gray, but have been searching for the perfect shade. :) Will you clarify what you mixed again? Was it half camouflage and half misted green…Or just half on the misted green only? Thank you!!

  72. CentsationalGirl says:

    Equal parts of each Kimberly, love the color!

  73. Theresa Zaooitelli says:

    what is your rug color,,,,,it all looks soo beautiful and peaceful…

  74. Theresa Zaooitelli says:

    I WANT IT TO LOOK JUST LIKE YOURS!!!! LOVE IT!! I saw a chandelier on website from home depot. its looks like the same,,,you dont happen to know the name??? i just love it,,,all of it..

  75. imelda says:

    Hi Kate…just wondering where you purchased “his” nightstand?

  76. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hi Imelda, I found it somewhere online, I want to say Home Decorators? I needed something skinny to fit in that space that wouldn’t block his closet door… so i found that bookshelf and it works perfectly.

  77. Nicole says:

    Is this bed a queen or king? I am trying to determine if I would need 2 EURO shams or 3 like your picture?

    I am in love with your decorating style. Absolutely beautiful.


  78. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hi Nicole, our bed is a California King so 3 Euros work perfectly.

  79. Michelle says:

    So, you have inspired my first bedroom that I will ever share with my to-be husband :) Actually, I am seriously recreating your bedroom. same bedspread, same wall color, and same blue accent color. lol thanks for being such an inspiration. i was really struggling with how to make a nice, calm and relaxing bedroom.

  80. Erin Spain says:

    Gorgeous room! I love it. I featured one of these pics on my blog today.

    -Erin Spain

  81. Theresa Zappitelli says:

    is the comforter still available,,,,i am single and i find this room soo peaceful,,,,please help with ‘the way to start this look’….i am trying for the paint color,,,,then the bedding pillows etc… it,,,i want to love my peaceful spot!……for ME

  82. Liz says:

    I love the color of your walls!!! Would love to know what color it is.

  83. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hi Liz, it’s a custom combo of half ‘Camouflage’ half ‘Misted Green’ both by Ben Moore.

  84. Nicole says:


    One more question, where did you get the Zebra pillows? I just ordered one from West Elm…I hope it looks as good as yours.



  85. Julie says:

    I just registered for the same duvet cover and shams earlier today, and knew it was the right choice when I saw your pictures. Your room looks awesome! I’ve always wanted to go with gray walls, but I have a question. When I saw the “Poetical” set online it said silver, but in the store it looked more of ivory/tan colors. Do you find that the gray walls, bring out the silver in the duvet cover? Thank you!

  86. Annette says:

    Your designs are beautiful! Can you tell me is the Barbara Barry Poetical duvet gray or taupe? I am looking for something gray and just love this print. In some pictures I see it looks gray and in others it is definitely brown/taupe.

  87. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hi Annette, it’s a cross between gray and taupe quite frankly! But they’re really nice, I still love them!

  88. Megan says:

    I found an image of your room on Pinterest and had to come check it out. I’ve been to your blog before but somehow it’s been awhile. LOVE the pillows and mix of grayish colors. I’m slowly evolving my bedroom into a spot I really love, not just a place to sleep at night. Some day I hope to have some great pieces like you do! But it’s definitely a work in progress!!!

  89. Sarah says:

    Where did you get the driftwood bowl, and how did you get it to lay flat? I’ve been searching for driftwood wall art, and love what you did here!

  90. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hi Sarah, that the Naples bowl from Z Gallerie, here is the link:

  91. Nina says:

    What size is your duvet? Same size as your bed or a size smaller?

    And now for the practical question… is the duvet purely for looks or do you guys use it or does it get kicked off every night? We are making the switch to a quilt with a duvet at the foot of the bed (or the other way around) and the hubs isn’t convinced!!

    LOVE! I have been eyeing this bedding for SOOO long and did a “poetical” search on pinterest and found you, which is strange bc I’ve been following you for so long and somehow missed this bedding post!

  92. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hi Nina, the duvet is a King size and the white scroll coverlet is a Cal King. We use the duvet with down insert only on cold nights, then fold it up in the morning *if and when we make the bed* !

  93. Maggie says:

    Hi. I’ve been looking at the Devon Mirror at Z Gallerie forever now and keep debating because it looks more gold than silver on Z Gallerie’s website. I noticed yours looks very silver in these photos. Did you paint yours or is this the “real” color? I’m actually hoping it is because I’d prefer the mirror to be more silver than gold with my bedroom’s color scheme.

  94. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hi Maggie, it’s a champagne color which crosses between gold and silver I think you’ll love it, I do, it’s a beautiful sheen!

  95. Alex says:

    Love, Love Love what you did here. Very nice use of color & it looks very elegant. I love the use of the artwork & how you hung the bowl (art) piece off center to allow the candlesticks the symmetry. I just painted the walls in our master bedroom in our beach house a similar color & also have the dark dresser (which I love) to contend with. Originally I had creamy sand walls & all the dark pieces went so well with the tropical idea I had going. But once I put the gray blue paint color on the wall (which I love) I realized I was going to have to soften the darker pieces by adding in the creams & whites to balance everything out: very much like you did. I’m found your blog because I had googled bedrooms with this mix of colors. Just wanted to say you did a really lovely job!!

  96. Erin says:

    Kate, I LOVE this bedroom color. I tried to get it matched using the 1/2 & 1/2 method (but went to another store not Benjamin Moore) and it turned into a minty green color :( I did find a Behr color that was almost as nice, Gentle Rain, but I REALLY wish you could get a deal with BM to create this color. It is GORGEOUS! Great job with your bedroom. It is absolutely stunning and so inspiring! I hope my Master bedroom turns out half this amazing. Love your blog! Thanks for the inspiration!

  97. Emily says:

    Hi, did u get your sunburst mirror from z gallerie or horchow? I love the color of the frame in the pix and want to get it exactly right! It’s the most beautiful bedroom I’ve ever seen!!!! You r amazing!

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