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August 17, 2011

G’day all, it’s almost fall!  Well, we’re still experiencing high temps around here, and we’re all still in summer attire, but I saw a few leaves fall from the trees and float through the breeze at a local park yesterday, and just then I began to feel ready for autumn.  *sigh*

Of course you know I’m a huge fan of Matthew Mead and recently worked with him on a holiday photo shoot in my home.  Look for that issue in October.  While we wait, there’s yet another source of inspiration that’s solely dedicated to the beauty of fall.  Matthew has another bookazine on sale now: it’s Autumn with Matthew Mead

mm autumn banner image

Autumn is drawing near, with its warm flavors, colors and cozy traditions.  September will soon bring those changing leaves and cooling temperatures.  I’ll be craving pumpkin spice lattes, dressing in scarves and boots, and bringing out those chenille throws, fragrant fall candles, and roasting butternut squash in the oven, can’t wait !  The kids are already planning their Halloween costumes too.

matthew mead fall

Matthew’s Autumn bookazine is sure to inspire you and it’s available for purchase right now to have it shipped in early September to your home.

mm autumn image


Buy your copy HERE !


Good news though, I have a free copy to giveaway to one of you too!

Eligibility to win the free bookazine: Autumn with Matthew Mead:

1) Leave a comment naming one of your favorite things about fall, that’s all.

2) For additional chances to win, link to this giveaway on Facebook and/or Twitter, then leave additional comments telling where you linked. 

One winner chosen by  Giveaway ends Sunday August 21st at 8 p.m. PST.


Congratulations to #94, Megan P. I sent you an email!



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495 Responses to “Get Ready for AUTUMN + Giveaway”

  1. Becky says:

    Warm cin/sugar doughnuts and fresh, cold apple cider at our local cider mill, on a crisp, sunny fall afternoon! One of the best things about Michigan!!!!

  2. Annette says:

    Love the cooler temps and changing colors!

  3. Emily G says:

    I love making my boys’ Halloween costumes!!

  4. Denae says:

    I LOVE running in the fall on the leaves!

  5. LaQuita Wiggins says:

    Homecoming and football

  6. Becky says:


  7. Shala says:

    I just love the cool, crisp mornings!!

  8. Cindy M says:

    Living in south Texas, the best thing about Fall here is warm days and evening cooldowns.

  9. Tara F. says:

    There are SO MANY things I LOVE about Fall. It’s my favorite season. I love the cool and crisp air, pumpkin / apple picking, apple cider, Halloween, gearing up for the holidays, everything!!
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  10. Jill D. says:

    Cooler weather! I am totally looking forward to the reprieve from this horribly hot summer. :)

  11. kathy w says:

    I really like the leaves changing colors. Beautiful!

  12. Anne Lukes says:

    I love that Fall has all the pretty colors and that it cools down somewhat here in the Sacto Valley.

    by the way, are you aware that you sometimes use “giveaway” and other times “giveaways” when tagging these kinds of posts? I couldn’t figure out why when I clicked on this post’s “Giveaways” tag (so I could go back and see who had the pleasure of winning) that only some of the previous giveaway posts came up. I had to search for the others and figured out you were using two different words for the same tag. Just thought you might want to fix it one way or the other for consistency and searching sake.

  13. Anne Lukes says:

    Just linked it on Facebook.

  14. Rebecca W. says:

    Unfortunately, I live in Houston where we don’t really have Fall, but I long for it and dream of being somewhere where the weather actually does turn crisp and cool and leaves turn riotous colors before surrendering to the ground!
    My favorite thing about Fall is getting together with my sister for a chat and a cup of tea, while we burn harvest-scented candles and flip through decor magazines!

  15. Rebecca W. says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  16. Belinda Solis says:

    I love fall! I love the fall weather, just perfect for walks, ballgames, creating and so much more. I love the fall scents and fall decor!!!

  17. Lisa says:

    My favorite thing about fall is the rich beautiful colors. I <3 fall colors!

  18. Debbie says:

    Other than relief from our hot humid weather in South Georgia. I so love decorating my house for fall. As the day grow shorter I find myself burning more candles, trying new recipes for Thanksgiving & Christmas. It is just a wonderful time of year. Can’t wait to see the new Autumn with Matthew Mead.

  19. Rhonda Z says:

    I love everything about Fall. If I had to pick 1 thing I love the most, it would be, the colors. I adore all of the Autumn colors.

  20. Chelsea says:

    My favorite thing about fall is my birthday, November 1!

  21. Debbie says:

    College football, my birthday (Oct 5th), and my anniversary (Nov 16th).

  22. ddoucet says:

    The changing of the leaves and Halloween. I like seeing the little kids in costume, but I also get dressed up in costume for work and to hand out treats at home. I’ve already started planning my costume for this year!

  23. Melissa says:

    Fall is my favorite season! I love the crisp, cool weather and warm sweaters and cider. :)

  24. Ashley F. says:

    the brisk weather, and the change of the leaves not to mention all the cute clothes & fun activities that take place outside

  25. Ashley F. says:

    twittered. :]

  26. Ashley F. says:

    oh & facebooked. :]

  27. Sarah says:

    My favorite thing about fall is snuggling up on my couch, with a warm blanket, my dogs at my feet, and a nice hot cup of apple cider. Always does the trick. :)

  28. Sara Jane says:

    My favourite thing about Fall is football! Some day when I have won the lottery I will spend every fall where you can actually experience it during the fall season, instead of in December like it is in Dallas. Hard to get excited about fall when you are running the AC and you are still working on your tan in November!

  29. JK says:

    Fall is my all time FAVORITE time of year. I cant just name one there are soooo many. The crispness in the air, the smell of leaves, the casadas singing in the evening….my list can go on and on!

  30. Tiffany says:

    Pumpkin EVERYTHING! Pumpkin Spice Latte, pumpkin pie, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins & pumpkin cupcakes (it mixes well with so many other flavors) – just to name a few! :)

  31. Bonnie Bee says:

    Luv luv luv the warmth of family and home and all the earthy colors of fall’s paint brush.. Such comfort in the simplicity of nature’s bounty

  32. I love the smell of cinnamon anf caramel apple candles all in my home, and adorable chunky sweaters and boots!!!!! I also love roasting smores with my girls!!!!

  33. Wendy says:

    I love EVERYTHING about autumn! My birthday in October, wearing a sweater – finally, making homemade soup – finally, the colors – oh the colors! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  34. Julia says:

    I love the leaving turning colors and as I’m from California, I love the start of shorter days, and wetter weather. It’s great sleeping to a nice thunder storm.

  35. Laura says:

    Pumpkin spice candles (I cannot get enough of these once September rolls around!) and football!

  36. Andrea S. says:

    Love the cooler weather, apple picking, and all the leaves!

  37. Michele S says:

    Halloween, its the funnest time of the fall, the costumes, the pumpkins, the pies, the candy I could go on and on =)

  38. Suzanne says:

    I love the weather in fall, which is often the nicest weather of the year. I love the leaves turning colors. I live in the midwest now, but grew up in CA. I think it’s worth the winters here to have real spring and fall.

  39. Kristy says:

    Linked to FB

  40. Kristy says:

    I love Fall because it’s when apples are in season and the leaves are changing. I love watching my daughter dress up for Halloween and decorating the house in an Autumn-theme

  41. Barb says:

    Oooh, I love the changing of the leaves and the crisp smell outdoors. Can’t wait to see the new magazine!

  42. Barb says:

    I linked on FB – thanks for another wonderful giveaway!

  43. Cally says:

    I love how I still get excited just like I did as a kid when Fall came around. This time of year makes me reminisce about the times playing in the falling leaves with my sisters and brothers, about getting the Halloween costumes out of the old box. About all the pumpkin bread we would make around Thanksgiving. I love all the memories and the good times still to come :)

  44. Krissa says:

    I love the feeling in the air and the comfort food.

  45. Iram says:

    I love the falling leaves, the touch of cold air & clean, crisp smell!

  46. What I love about fall is the changing of the leaves, the crispness in the air and decorating with gourds :)

  47. sue says:

    There are so, so many things to love about fall but I think my absolute favorite thing about fall are the wonderful, delicious APPLES! I adore apples and that is their season to shine. I especially appreciate the resurgence of antique varieties in my neck of the woods, it is so much fun to try so many different types.

  48. Michelle says:

    I live in the desert in Arizona, so fall weather won’t really hit until mid-October. By then, I am just soooo ready for getting outside with the kids to ride bikes, play at the park, go to the zoo, anything just to be outside after being cooped up all summer. Only two more months to go!

  49. L says:

    I love the beautiful Autumn colors and that wonderful outdoor smell that seems only be in the Fall.

  50. Violet says:

    My favorite thing about Fall is the colors that change, Halloween and like you, Pumpkin Spice lattes! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  51. Ellie says:

    I love going apple picking with my kids – so fun!

  52. iheartrhody says:

    So many things to love about fall, but I’m going to choose my birthday!

  53. Lina says:

    All the colors and the weather and that smell, it’s wonderful!

  54. Kelly says:

    Cooler weather! I live in South Carolina, so it’s nice to walk outside and not melt. :)

  55. Katy says:

    My favorite thing about fall is apples! Picking them, eating them, making them into cider, sauce or baked goods…

  56. debbieo says:

    Sweaters, baking, making soup and of course the gorgeous colors of the leaves.

  57. CherylM. says:

    I love the holidays….. halloween with all the colors, candies & spookiness…… Thanksgiving with wonderful food, family, etc.

  58. Julie says:

    I love being able to wear jeans again and the fall colors. Don’t forget caramel apples, yum!

  59. Karen says:

    Cooler weather! I’m ready to move back outside without melting in this south Georgia heat!

  60. JenniferC says:

    The feel of the crisp, cool air.

  61. April was in CT now CA says:

    My favorite things are the sweaters I can put on and the beautiful colors of trees!

  62. Hilary says:

    Everything pumpkin and spice! And scarves!

  63. Allison says:

    I love everything about Fall! The weather, beautiful colors of the trees, pumpkin patches, fresh apples, corn mazes, boots and scarves, Halloween! The best season by far..

  64. Amanda says:

    I love going for walks and admiring the beautiful colors. I can’t wait to feel the crisp, fall air!

  65. Gwen B. says:

    The beautiful colors!

  66. Tanya says:

    The best thing about fall.. Bright colors: golden, yellow, red… The way you appreciate sunshine, because you know it won’t last… Thanksgiving.. Thinking about upcoming Christmas…

  67. Amy Wolff says:

    My favorite thing about fall is my babies’ birthdays!!!! They make me love everything about fall!

  68. Bonnie P says:

    I love the smells, but not the promise of snow.

  69. Jessica W says:

    I love the colors of the trees as the leaves change color

  70. Rhonda says:

    In Southern California we don’t get a true change of seasons so I love to decorate with fall colors and objects to make it feel more like Autumn.

  71. I love Halloween!!!! It’s my favorite!

  72. Being from the Seattle area, I love how when the seasons just start to change, the sun shines, but the air is cool and crisp. It’s like a breath of fresh new beginnings. Fall has ALWAYS been my favorite season!!!

  73. Danielle says:

    My favorite thing about fall is going apple picking. Thanks for the chance!
    – Danielle
    ogther-option AT hotmail DOT com

  74. Susan says:

    Halloween decorations, pumpkin bread, hiking in North Georgia, can’t wait!!

  75. Leslie W says:

    I love the smells of autumn: chili, dry leaves, pumpkin, cinnamon, and on and on… Autumn in Kentucky is beautiful!!

  76. cailan says:

    I love autumn walks.

  77. April K says:

    Cooler weather! It’s supposed to hit 105* here in Texas today, so Fall can’t get here soon enough!!

  78. Kathy Deckard says:

    My favorite thing about fall is going to the pumpkin patch!

  79. Lauren says:

    The weather! I am so ready to be done with this heat!

  80. lulu says:

    South Georgia is one of the hottest places, cannot wait for cooler weather and
    beautiful leaves!!!!

  81. Kelly says:

    My favorite thing about fall is the beauty of the trees.

  82. Estee says:

    I love it that it’s not so damn hot!

  83. Ananda Glick says:

    Fall is my favorite thing about fall. Autumn is my season. I Love pumpkins and leaf changes and bark… I just adore fall. I can’t come up with one thing.

  84. Janet says:

    My favorite things about fall are the season’s produce (squash, apples, etc.) and wearing boots and sweaters again. Thanks for the giveaway.

  85. Carol Ann says:

    What’s my favorite thing about fall? That’s easy. SEC football. War Eagle.

  86. Fall is my favorite time of year the weather here in the northeast is perfect and autumn colors are vibrant. Beautiful autumn weekend drives checking out the foliage and fall decor of pumpkins, hay bails, wreaths, cornstalks and mums. Oh ya, and apple, pumpkin and cranberry picking too :)

  87. karin c says:

    The candles, it has to be the wonderful fall scented candles burning in the house!

  88. Ashlei says:

    I love the cooler weather! It is so hot here in Texas right now!

  89. Christina K. says:

    The crisp air and beautiful colors!

  90. Abbie says:

    I love the changing leaves, and of course finally a break from the summer heat and humidity!

  91. Margaret says:

    My favorite thing about fall is barbecue nachos at Alabama football games!

  92. Darlene Rugg says:

    My favorite thing about fall is cooler weather so I can work in my yard.

  93. Megan Perry says:

    I love all the smells of fall!

  94. sandra k says:

    i love fall for all the beautiful colors, the woodsy smells, pumpkin & spices and just about everything else.

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