Timeless or Trendy? Sunburst Mirrors

July 19, 2011

Greetings all, I’m back today with another topic for your vote!  Last week, it was Open Shelving in Kitchens, with “Trendy” edging out “Timeless” by a 54% to 45%.   Most of you ended up in the “Like it, but too impractical for me” category (60%) with 15% not liking the look, and 24% loving it.  Thanks so much to everyone who voted and shared your opinion and personal experiences. 

So let’s get started – how do you feel about sunburst mirrors?  louis xiv sunburst

Many interior designers love them, and there’s a bit of a DIY craze going on. 

We’re all making our own versions out of everything we can find. coming up with new interpretations every week.  Me? Guilty!

Sunburst mirrors date back to Louis XIV, known as the “Sun King”, and as the story goes, he used to stare into his sunburst mirror each morning to see his face in the center of the sun’s rays.  Oh, the vanity.


This decorative mirror became popular yet again in the mid twentieth century, and in the last few years, they are everywhere.

thibaut gold sunburst




Sunburst mirrors create a focal point and certainly add sparkle to any room.  We all associate light and warmth from images of the sun, so naturally we love to incorporate décor that is directly inspired by the sun’s rays. 

Could the look ever get old?

james michael howard sunburst mirror bedroom

James Michael Howard


lonny blue lattic rug sunburst mirror



bhg sunburst above bed

Better Homes & Gardens


caldwell flake sofa sunburst

Caldwell Flake Design


sunburst mirror hgtv



wisteria linen settee plus sunburst



bone mirror betsy burnham

Betsy Burnham, House Beautiful


tobi fairley green white and sunburst

Tobi Fairley, Traditional Home


veranda sunburst kathryn ireland

Kathryn Ireland, Veranda


Sunburst and starburst mirrors have had their share of influence on other décor too, from light fixtures, to wall art, to clocks and medallions.   

sunburst inspired decor

Mirrored sconce; gold sun sculpture; walnut sunburst clock; flame fixture; ceiling medallion.


What are your thoughts on sunburst or starburst mirrors?  Are you a fan or not?  Do you prefer the more traditional golden versions, or the whimsical modern takes, like bone inlay or rustic wood and even branches? 

Will sunburst mirrors always be with us, or will they fade from style in a few years?  What say you?

Like I mentioned last week, these polls are not meant to discourage anyone from embracing their own personal style and taste.  Let’s keep it respectful and fun!

Do share your opinion and vote!  Same as last time, two polls, if you’re visiting in a reader, you need to visit the site to place your vote. 








Thanks for participating everyone, results reported next week!   Got something to say about sunburst or starburst mirrors?  Ever made one yourself?  What’s your favorite retail or DIY version? Feel free to add your comment or link.



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