Monogrammed Gifts GIVEAWAY

July 1, 2011

Greetings all, happy long weekend to those of us in the States!  I love the Fourth of July, and I can’t wait to start up the BBQ and watch the local fireworks on Monday!  I’ve welcomed a new sponsor, Boutique Me, an online shop that specializes in monogrammed gifts, and they’re the ones sponsoring this weekend’s giveaway. 

I love monogrammed gifts, they add that extra personal touch that shows you really thought about the recipient! 

boutique me monogrammed gifts

Boutique Me offers many monogrammed goods, from elegant soaps, aprons, and market totes, to umbrellas, clipboards, luggage tags, kids clothing, stationery and stamps, the list goes on and on and on. 

Visit their store to see what I mean, you’re sure to find a gift for everyone!  Personally, I have my eye on those soaps and market totes for the perfect holiday gifts.

boutique me collection of goodies

They even offer custom embroidery as a bonus service for things you already own, whether it’s pillow shams, clothing whatever! 

Boutique Me is offering three winners a $50 gift card to shop at the online store, free shipping too! 

Eligibility to win one of three $50 gift cards to Boutique Me:

1) Visit Boutique Me and pick your favorite product!  Come back and name it in a comment.

2) For a second chance to win, either link to this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter, then leave a second comment telling where you linked (either FB or Twitter).

Be sure to “Like” Boutique Me on Facebook too, and if you want to start shopping early, use the code CENTFREE to get free shipping through August on any purchase!

Giveaway ends Monday July 4th at 10 p.m PST.  Three winners chosen at random.

Good luck !

Another round of BOTB coming at ya later this weekend, meanwhile enjoy!


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423 Responses to “Monogrammed Gifts GIVEAWAY”

  1. Judi says:

    I love the car decals!!

  2. Amy Edwards says:

    LOVE the monogrammed car mats!!!!

  3. Amanda says:

    I love it all! If it has my monogram on it, im pretty much sold! But i do love the monogrammed iphone cases as well as the car tags! I might my new car might need a bit of a stamp of approval!

  4. Joyce says:

    I’d have to pick the monogrammed phone covers since I use my cell phone way too much every day!

  5. Nelly B says:

    I like the Monogrammed Polka Dot Totes – Pink!!!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  6. Vicki K says:

    The monogrammed stamps are really fun – with interchangeable inside area – and useful!

  7. Nelly B says:


    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  8. DeboraR says:

    Monogram address stamps:) So many items they offer!

  9. Amy Edwards says:

    Just linked this great giveaway on Facebook!

  10. Ring says:

    I love the monogrammed dog tees! The Texan tee is super cute!

  11. Simply Sara says:

    I love the market totes and the monogrammed cutting platters!!!!

  12. Allison says:

    I love to write handwritten notes and love the monogrammed fold over dot note cards. The beach towels are fun, too!

  13. Anna Perini says:

    I like this one:
    Monogrammed Market Tote Euro – BLACK FLORAL


  14. Rhonda says:

    I love the monogram wall decals!

  15. monica flores says:

    I absolutely love the metal wall decor and the framed personalized archetecture.

  16. rita says:

    i love the monogrammed totes, hats and market totes

  17. Sarah says:

    Hi. I like the monogrammed stationery. The soaps are cute too! I’d pick something practical.

  18. Cindy says:

    I love the visors and the cutting boards

  19. Cindy says:

    I shared this link on Facebook :)

  20. Cindy says:

    I shared this link on Facebook

  21. Teresa says:

    I Love Love Love the Monogrammed Melamine Platter-sage damask!

  22. Teresa says:

    I just linked this giveaway on Facebook!

  23. Kc says:

    I like the market totes wnd the aprons! Wonderful designs!

  24. Laurie says:

    I love all things monogrammed! I really love Boutique Me’s monogrammed soaps ~ so elegant! Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!

  25. Christa says:

    Love the market totes!

  26. Megan says:

    I need a new clipboard for work, and the zebra monogrammed one would be perfect to keep the clipboard thieves away!

  27. Kara says:

    I like the metal door signs! Thanks!

  28. Kristin says:

    Whoa, I didn’t even know I wanted monogrammed car mats until now!!!!

  29. Mystica says:

    I’d like luggage tags please. Such beautiful stuff at this site.

  30. Shannah says:

    I love old-fashioned mail and am a sucker for personalized stationery. I’m in love with the Addison and Isabella (dots) pieces!

  31. I love the monogrammed soaps and the stamps!

  32. Heidi says:

    I really like the number tees for kid’s birthdays, but the cell phone cases and market totes are great, too!

  33. Joanna says:

    Love the market totes- SO cute!!

  34. Shelley says:

    Love the giraffe monogrammed clipboard!

  35. Paige says:

    I would love the Gabby monogrammed stamp!

  36. Joanna says:

    Liked on fb too!

  37. Mimi says:

    dashwood stamp is lovely

  38. Susan says:

    I love the monogrammed stationery!

  39. Susan says:

    I liked Boutique Me on FB

  40. Michele Owens says:

    Love the monogrammed houseware set and euro shopping tote!

  41. ellen says:

    The market totes are supercute!

  42. Kellie says:

    I like the decals or the stamp.

  43. Tara says:

    I love the monogrammed frames, and the serving platters! So cute.

  44. Jessica L says:

    I really like the pink floral market tote. It would be great to use at the farmer’s market!

  45. Jenny says:

    I would love a monogram address stamp four our business. Thanks so much!!

  46. Cami says:

    i am in complete need of a phone cover. I am in love with the Geo (yellow w/black) one, soooo cute! Hope I win!

  47. Liz says:

    I am in need of a new monogram address stamp. But I love the t-shirts for the boys and the market totes are super cute!

  48. Catherine T says:

    I love the fleur de lis stamp in black.

  49. Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance Kate! I’d love an address stamp like Harrington.

  50. Rebecca S says:

    I am absolutely LOVING the PSA Essential Stamps. I have no clue what I’d use them for , but I like them…

  51. Pam says:

    I like quite a few things. But, the mailbox monogram and stamps are up at the top.

  52. Pam says:

    I’ve always wanted a monogrammed stamp for my return address. They are so cute. The soaps are pretty cool, too.

  53. Haniela says:

    Fantastic Giveaway!
    I love Monogrammed Stamps & Embossers.

  54. Gretchen says:

    I love the personalized stamps.

  55. I want the personalized phone covers!!!

  56. Donna Bowes says:

    Love the clipboards! Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. Molly Gray says:

    My favorite is the umbrella in floral! It’s so cute!

  58. Erika says:

    I would get a monogrammed stamp!

  59. Molly Gray says:

    I shared a link on Twitter — @MollyGrayOSU, and I liked them on Facebook!

  60. A phone cover for sure…just got an iPhone and it needs something special! :)

  61. WhitneyW says:

    The cutting boards are too cute! Love them! Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. Amanda C says:

    Love the personalized platters! Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. Amanda C says:

    linking up to FB!

  64. Stephanie says:

    Definitely the monogrammed umbrella. I gave one as a bridal shower gift – now I want one!

  65. Kim says:

    Love the car decal with polka dots! haven’t seen one of those driving around town.!!!

  66. Diane says:

    Oh, don’t make me pick just one! I see soo many gift ideas…umbrellas, t-shirts, koozies….

  67. Jill D. says:

    I like the sporty striped tote and the water bottles are so cute!

  68. Sarah says:

    I love the market totes. I have given these as gifts before and they are a big hit

  69. Lindsay says:

    I like the monogrammed luggage tags.

  70. I love the clipboards, so cute!!!

  71. Nicole N. says:

    Love it all! My faves are the monogrammed platters – perfect for easy summer entertaining!

  72. Leigh says:

    Love the market tote in lime floral, with matching key fob!

  73. Jill says:

    I love the soaps, the platters and I would love some of the stuff I already own monogrammed…too many great things to choose!!

  74. Emily says:

    Love the Cell Phone Covers!

  75. Emily says:

    Love the beach towels and the personalized platters! Both perfect for summer!

  76. Lora E. says:

    I Love the dog t-shirt, but honestly there are many things that are just so cute, and would make awesome gifts for any occasion :o)

  77. Kara says:

    I love the monogrammed stamp!

  78. Great Giveaway! I’d go for the monogrammed stamps!

  79. Annette says:

    The monogrammed market totes would be perfect to hold my art supplies and fabrics and I love the stamps and stationery.

  80. Kelly C. says:

    The phone covers are pretty cool! But I also like the towel wraps. Decisions, decisions!

  81. Jessica says:

    I love the pink and lime damask platter. I wish I had it for tonight’s party!

  82. Brenda says:

    I love the Zebra Apron!

  83. Tami says:

    I linked the giveaway to Facebook.

  84. maggie says:

    I would love the monogrammed stamp, or the bath wrap towel!

  85. Emily says:

    I love the monogrammed beach towels!

  86. Heidi Maranell says:

    I would love to get a monogrammed melanine platter! Or about 50 other things!

  87. I love the navy Mod Luggage tag: a great way for my forest-green-that-everybody-has suitcase to stand out.

    Happy Fourth to all!

  88. Tami says:

    I’m digging the polka-dot apron – peppy and fun for while I do hair!

  89. Lisa says:

    So hardto choose! I love the towel wrap!
    Umbrella, platters!

  90. Helen Evans says:

    I love the personalized platters! Great giveaway! Thanks!

  91. Helen says:

    I linked the giveaway to Facebook. Please enter me in the giveaway!

  92. Lisa says:

    I love the cell phone covers!

  93. Kacy says:

    Monogram soap is beautiful in a bathroom. :)

  94. Anna says:

    I choose the market tote! Have been wanting one for sometime now, just haven’t found one I like.

  95. i love the shopping basket, but i also need new luggage tags! great company- thanks for sharing! : )

  96. Rin says:

    Only pick one?! I love the lime floral market tote…it’d be perfect for a picnic, groceriers, knitting supplies, the library…

  97. Amy Erpelding says:

    I love the cutting board or the market tote. Both of those I would be happy with. What a cute site, thams for sharing!

  98. You could slap a monogram on anything and I’d call it cute!
    I like the luggage tags and soaps!

  99. Jennifer says:

    I like the monogrammed off we go tote in green.

  100. Mona says:

    Love the monogrammed stamp. But the personalized car gift set is really cute, too!

  101. Laurie Cordeniz says:

    Love the monogramed totes.

  102. Amy Erpelding says:

    I just posted on facebook as well!

  103. Kathy Dailey says:

    I am a sucker for all things CUTE and boy are these cute!!! Love the clipboard (could use that as a teacher!) and all the bags!!

  104. O Mom says:

    love the birthday number tees! So cute!

  105. I’d pick the Mod Personalized Phone Cover!

  106. DEBI SMITH says:


  107. MichelleH says:

    Turqoise Market Tote for me. It would be perfect for all our trips to the park.

  108. Tiffany says:

    What’s not to love? Hard to pick just one – but I love any of the totes! They would be the perfect way to haul all of my PTO stuff around all school year!

  109. Danyelle says:

    I’d like the jumbo dots phone case.

  110. Tiffany says:

    Linked on facebook!

  111. MelissaJane says:

    The market tote is great. Great design!

  112. Leigh says:

    Monogrammed Polka Dot Aprons

  113. Kara S. says:

    It was so hard to choose! There are so many really great items, but I especially love the aprons and the soaps.

  114. Lindsay says:

    LOVE the market totes and stamps!

  115. Kara S. says:

    I also shared this link on my facebook page. :-)

  116. Shauna says:

    So many nice things, it’s hard to pick a favorite! I’d have to go with the grocery tote or address stamps :)

  117. Melanie says:

    It is impossible to choose a favorite because I want one of everything!!! I would love a towel wrap, a stamp, a car decal….the list goes on and on!

  118. Allison A says:

    Totally diggin’ the personalized Architecture Name Frame II and the mod print key fob with girls are weird font. Too cute! Great site and good prices as well.

  119. Melanie says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway! My handle is MelanieKSmith!

  120. Christine says:

    The Market Tote is too cute!

  121. Anna says:

    I “linked” you on Facebook!!!

  122. Jenn K says:

    Love the polka dot aprons!

  123. Deborah in Atlanta says:

    Wow, with a $50 certificate, I could get TWO of these, but I know I’d definitely get this one: Monogrammed Polka Dot Totes – Black. I’m loving all the things she has. Awesome.

  124. Leeann McDonald says:

    Would love to have the mod personalized phone cover!

  125. Karen Davis says:

    Wow so many choices. I love the Market Tote! Cheers!

  126. Maureen (Suburban Prep) says:

    I like the Personalized Melamine Platter – Pink & Lime Damask

  127. Aimee W says:

    I am in love with the Bungalow Scout Pocket Rocket bag. So cute!

  128. Christy S says:

    I am loving the soaps and the stationery.

  129. Jerri C. says:

    I love the monogrammed umbrellas and Iphone cases. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  130. I LOVE the market totes. Super cute!

  131. Payal says:

    I like the kids tees and monogrammed wall decals – would definitely use for my kids.

  132. Stephanie says:

    I love the market totes – anything tote-y actually. Cool.

  133. Kelly says:

    I like the metal wall initials. (The market totes are great too!)

  134. Aimee W says:

    I tweeted about the contest, too! @aimeewhitbread

  135. Allison says:

    I love the soaps and stamps!

  136. Abigail says:

    I would choose one of the market totes in one of the florals or the houndstooth…everything is so cute!!

  137. Claire Rose says:

    ! adore the monogram decals for my car and phone-a gal can never have too many!!

  138. PamMcD says:

    The totes are divine!

  139. julie says:

    Super cute site. I love the Monogrammed Cutting Boards!!!

  140. Jil says:

    Gotta love the monogrammed car mats. Being a female drag racer, it’s kinda difficult to bring femininity to the sport – I think the monogramed car mats would be perfect!

  141. Rachel says:

    I have to say the market totes are my favorite!

  142. Cathy B says:

    would LOVE to have monogrammed towels for all the kids!

    Cathy B
    pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  143. Becky O says:

    I love the market tote but I’m a sucker for cute luggage tags :)

  144. Christina says:

    I love the market totes!

  145. Mrs.B says:

    The Polka Dot dog T! So Cute!

  146. Wanda says:

    Being a southern girl….we like to put our initials on everything! This company is awesome! I see many wonderful items that I NEED!!

    1) the cute car tags (for my daughter who is getting her first car soon)
    2) the black floral shopping tote (for me)
    3) the floormats (for hubby)
    4) the phone case cover (for my girls & myself)

    Get the picture…I could keep going! LOVE THIS GIVEAWAY!!

  147. Wanda says:

    I’m excited to share this on my facebook wall. (Wanda Staton Galloway)

  148. Wanda says:

    I liked Boutique Me on FB (Wanda Staton Galloway)

  149. Karisa says:

    the metal wall letters and the luggage tags

  150. Julie says:

    Love the monogrammed stamps!

  151. Jenn says:

    So cute! I love the personalized stamps – especially the fleur de lis. I also really love the market totes. Thanks!

  152. Jenn says:

    I liked Boutique Me on FB.

  153. Ann says:

    Love the Lime Damask Melamine Platter…thanks for the chance to win!

  154. Jenn says:

    I posted about the giveaway on FB.

  155. Leigh Ann says:

    The monogrammed cutting boards are pretty cool! I’d like to put my house number rather than name on it!

  156. Heather says:

    I love the iPhone cases! So bright and colorful! I have been looking for a cute new case for my phone too!

  157. Tina Lowry says:

    Oh My Goodness!!! You have just shown me the best place to get my sister’s and niece’s Christmas presents. I think I will get them both the market totes. Perfect for so many things!!!

  158. Carol Ann says:

    The cutting boards make great wedding gifts, and I’ve got a ton of wedding gifts to buy!

  159. Amy says:

    The Gluten Free Rocks T-Shirt is great! We have a little friend who was just diagnosed and are eager to help him be excited.

  160. Jennifer says:

    I love so much in this shop! My favorites are:

    1. Folded note cards – Caroline
    2. Monogrammed polka dot jute bags
    3. Luggage tags – zebra
    4. Adult aprons (I might have to cook more in those!)

  161. Pam says:

    The Bungalow Scout Tote Original is so fun in pink and lime! Or, any of the monogram platters would be a spiffy addition to patio dining! Thanks!!

  162. GinaE says:

    Those monogrammed stamps are right up my alley! Thanks for the chance to win

  163. Chandeen says:

    I would go for a monogrammed luggage tag and tote, and maybe even a stamp too!

  164. Bethany says:

    So many cute things to choose from! I love the stamps, checkbook covers, and phone cases!

  165. Erin says:

    I would either go for the pet mats or the towel wrap in blue.

  166. Dee in BC says:

    I love the monogramed soaps- I think the wall initials are pretty neat too. -Dee

  167. Laura says:

    I would love a personalized return address stamp

  168. Karen Sue says:

    I like the phone covers and the soaps would make unique gifts

  169. Chelley Black says:

    I have been wanting a monogram decal for my car. Thanks for the giveaway!

  170. Chelley Black says:

    Tweeted @aggiebabe1

  171. Lani says:

    I also love the soaps and totes!! Gotta love that the first Sorority Soap on there is Alpha Chi Omega!! Love!

  172. Heather C. says:

    I love the tees and the totes! So many awesome items!

  173. Lorna C says:

    I like the monogram cutting boards and the mouse pads!

  174. Kristel T.M. says:

    I like the monogrammed key fobs and the market totes. The key fob would make it easier for my friends to help me find my keys when I misplace them!

  175. kathy says:

    The monogram soap is too cool.

  176. Susanne says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all things monogrammed. But, the monogrammed soap is adorable!

  177. Leigh says:

    I like the market totes and the Wallace custom stamp. And a luggage tag. The scout tote is pretty great too. I don’t want to choose, but I will if I have to!

  178. Joy Reding says:

    I love the car tags….can’t decide between dots or collegiate garnet and gold!

  179. Joy Reding says:

    I linked the give-away on FaceBook. :-)

  180. My favorites are the lunch tote and platters

  181. kelley says:

    I love the phone cases!

  182. Nicole says:

    So many choices! I’m loving the market tote, cutting boards, and diaper bags!

  183. Danielle Q. says:

    I’ve always wanted a monogrammed stamp, but the umbrellas are really cute too! So hard to choose :)

  184. HannahJ says:

    I am LOVIN the personalized melamine platters- in lime damask- just awesome!!!

  185. Melissa R. says:

    The monogram stamp is something I’ve wanted for a long time!!

  186. lissette says:

    I would love to win the market tote in turquioise! It is lovely! Thank you!

  187. Kelly says:

    I love the aprons.

  188. Alicia B says:

    I love the aprons, especially the polka dot ones!

  189. Kelly T. says:

    I love the monogrammed cutting boards. Too cute!

  190. Cathleen says:

    My daughter just asked where she could find monogrammed car decals and monogrammed soap yesterday. They are both available on this one site. I would love to surprise her with a gift from Boutique Me.

  191. Christina♥ says:

    Oh loved the monogramed cooler . . . especially with so many summer picnics coming up. What fun!

  192. Darby Hawley says:

    Pick just one? OK if I have to ;-) My favorite on my list of favorites is black floral market tote- *love it*

  193. ona says:

    The monogrammed clipboard was my favorite at Boutique Me. I’m one of those teachers who carry around a clip board all day long. It might as well be a pretty one!

  194. Super cute phone covers!!!

  195. I like the phone covers =) Very cute! And the soaps are pretty great also.

  196. Robin Cole says:

    Loved the sorority items as my oldest daughter is headed to my Alma Mater in the Fall!

  197. Robin Cole says:

    Liked you on FB

  198. Danielle says:

    I like the monogram polka dot apron.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  199. Andrea says:

    I like the monogram stamps!

  200. Ashley says:

    I love the market totes and aprons :D

  201. Sarah says:

    Love the giraffe print clipboard. I’ll be the envy of all my fellow teachers!

  202. Sarah says:

    shared the link on my facebook

  203. Mrs. Puma says:

    I love the monogram beach towels!

  204. I love the Monogram and Initial wall decals. I definitely want one of these!!!!!

  205. Andrea Skeens says:

    I really like the market totes, I’ve always wanted one. It would be a toss up between the pink floral and black floral.

  206. Lauren says:

    I like the Personalized Architecture Name Frame II and the market totes!

  207. Emily says:

    I would have a hard time choosing between the monogramed soap and the personalized ink stamp, but with $50 no need to choose!

  208. LindseyR says:

    I’ve got my eye on the monogrammed soap for our master bath.

  209. Marla says:

    The monogramed umbrellas are ideal. I have lost so many umbrellas due to businesses you enter and they ask you to leave your wet umbrella in an appointed stand. Then you go to leave and cannot find your brelly because someone else decided they needed it worse than you! ACK!!!

  210. Marla says:

    Linked via FB

  211. Mercedes says:

    The market tote for sure!
    Perfect for our weekly CSA pick-up.

  212. Elizabeth H says:

    I love the clipboard and market totes. And everything else.

  213. Angie Kaonohi says:

    I love the clipboards! So practical and cute!

  214. Catie says:

    The monogrammed stationary is beautiful! And I really love the monogrammed soaps, as well!

  215. susan says:

    Loved the monogramed soap!

  216. Maryela says:

    Love so much of this stuff, but especially the phone covers, aprons, and soaps.

  217. beth says:

    I just redid my bathroom and would love those white tulip and hyacinth monogrammed soaps! Thanks for the giveaway! Love your blog.

  218. Jessica FH says:

    I like the monogram totes. Thanks!

  219. I love the beach towels and the polka dot apron!

  220. EMily says:

    I like the aprons and the coasters.

  221. EMily says:

    I just published on facebook.

  222. Deb says:

    I LOVE monogrammed stuff! I’d go for the soaps or the beach towel.

  223. Andi T. says:

    My favorite product is the lime floral monogrammed market tote

  224. Andi T. says:

    I linked the giveaway to Facebook (Andi Bauer Trautman)

  225. Shelle says:

    Those market basket totes are great! Perfect for all the summertime trips to the farmer’s market.

  226. Sarah from WI says:

    beach towel

  227. Miki says:

    Oooh, I really love the Bee Custom Ink Stamp (! Really need to get one of these because (a) I just got married and (“bee”) we just moved into a new house!

  228. Natalie says:

    Love the totes. The clipboards are cute too! Thanks!

  229. Brandy says:

    I really like the monogrammed coasters in clover. Fun gift idea, too!

  230. Ashley says:

    I love the market tote!

  231. Lindsey says:

    Soooo cute! The market tote would be perfect for the farmers market

  232. Nora says:

    I’d love a monogrammed clipboard too! And the beach towels!

  233. I love it all! The stamps and the phone covers put a twinkle in my eye:)

  234. Christine says:

    I love the personalized stamps!

  235. Monogrammed you say? I’m in!!! Love the clip boards – giraffe is adorable, but also like the umbrellas. Hard to decide.

    Happy 4th my friend!


  236. Katie says:

    I like the monogrammed tote bags!

  237. Posted on FB and Twitter. xo c

  238. Gina Morgan says:

    I like the beach towels!

  239. Ariel says:

    Personalized Leather Stash Tray!

  240. Gina Morgan says:

    I posted on Facebook!

  241. maggie says:

    I love the market basket and the personalized dog tee~~lots to like there!

  242. Wehaf says:

    I like the Houndstooth Monogrammed Cutting Board.

  243. Sara says:

    As a Vancouverite, I gotta say that I’m pretty smitten with the idea of a monogrammed umbrella!

  244. Erica says:

    The car decals would be perfect for my new business!

  245. Laure Belles says:

    I really love the Mod Personalized Phone Cover…I really need a fab cover for a new iPhone!

  246. melissaph says:

    I’ve been looking for some personalized beach towels for my girls….the ones @ Boutique Me would be perfect!!!

  247. Whitney J. says:

    I would love a phone cover but they don’t have one for my Samsung Vibrant :( So I would go with the jute pink and green polka-dot tote!

  248. Carrie says:

    I love the market totes! Thanks for the chance :)

  249. Whitney J. says:

    I linked your giveaway on FB under my FB email whitney917 at hotmail dot com!! Thanks!

  250. Jodie R. says:

    My fav is the Personalized Little Brother Shirt – The Original :)

  251. elaine v says:

    Love the market totes and the soaps

  252. Priscilla K. says:

    I like the totes and the clipboards.

  253. Colleen says:

    I visited the boutique and loved everything, but my favorite were te mouse pads.

  254. Andee says:

    I love the initial onesies! My little niece will be born in November and I would love to have one for her.

  255. Alyssa says:

    I’ve been wanting a large platter, and whaddaya know? Boutique Me has lots! The lime damask platter is my fave.

  256. charli says:

    I love the market totes. And the stamps. Oh its so hard to decide! The totes. Yes. Maybe.

  257. Heidi Caminiti says:

    I LOVE the Market Baskets! Not sure which one I like best! They remind me of the shopping baskets that were provided at the 5&10 store when I was a kid (that dates me :) ) The 5&10 went out of business when I was 10 and I fished several baskets out of the trash and stashed stuff in them for years (I was a dumpster diver even then)!!!

  258. Heidi Caminiti says:

    I linked your giveaway to my FB and gave a shout out for your GREAT Blog!!!

  259. Janna says:

    I have been wanting a market tote for awhile and I love the soaps!

  260. Joy Cooper says:

    I would love the monogram mouse pad.

  261. sarah says:

    hmm…what to pick? many things, but the embosser caught my eye!

  262. Meg says:

    I would go for a monogrammed market tote!

  263. Courtney says:

    So many things! I love the cutting boards.

  264. The phone covers are my favorite!

  265. Michelle says:

    Love the aprons and the phone covers!

  266. Carolyn says:

    Ah! I’ve been looking for an apron – this would be perfect!

  267. Becky says:

    I love the metal door decor!

  268. Becky Bacon says:

    I like the zebra apron. I think it so cute!

  269. Becky Bacon says:

    I linked your giveaway on facebook!

  270. I LOVE the cutting board! Clever!

  271. Kim says:

    I like the monogrammed soaps!

  272. Kim says:

    Shared on FB.

  273. Christine says:

    The market tote for going to the farmers’ market!

  274. Megan Berkey says:

    I am loving their Monagrammed Polka Dot Apron =) SOOO cute!!

  275. SoulandGrace says:

    I love the monogrammed soaps. Perfect for a gift! The cellphones covers are pretty cute too.

  276. Anjanette says:

    I like the market totes. Thanks for the giveaway.

  277. Linda says:

    The Monogrammed Aluminum Water Bottle is my favorite

  278. Deepti says:

    Hi! I’m a new reader– I love the pink polka dot monogrammed apron.

  279. LLC says:

    The market totes are so cute and practical…but the soaps are too. So many great items, it’s hard to pick one!

  280. Deepti says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  281. MelindaB says:

    love the clover car tag!

  282. Sheila says:

    Love the monogrammed cutting boards!

  283. Sheila says:

    Love the monogrammed cutting boards!

  284. Heather Nash says:

    I like the Harrington Custom Ink Stamp

  285. Heather Nash says:

    I shared this on Twitter…HeatherNash10

  286. Gillis says:

    Damask Cutting Board, like a pretty little accessory for my counter

  287. Cassie says:

    A monogramed outfit for my little one :)

  288. Heather says:

    So fun! Happy 4th of July! It funny because the two things I really love are the two things you mentioned, the market totes and the soaps (so cute) Thanks for the chance!

  289. Jennifer says:

    I would love the Monogrammed Market Tote Euro – PINK FLORAL

  290. Jennifer says:

    I really like the market tote in lime floral.

  291. Jennifer says:

    I shared the link on facebook.

  292. Jennifer says:

    I linked this on FB

  293. Whitney says:

    I love the monogrammed market totes & beach towels!!

  294. Whitney says:

    I tweeted about this giveaway —!/DiaryPreppyMom

  295. Debra C. says:

    LOVE the soap and the market tote!!

  296. Steph says:

    id like to get the zebra market tote!

  297. Laura says:

    love the tote bags!

  298. Beth says:

    I would like a monogrammed umbrella, please. They are sooo cute!

  299. Julia says:

    I love the monogrammed stamps with the addresses on them! Well actually, I love the tote bags, tee shirts, pet shirts, and pretty much everything else on this website!

  300. Aimee says:

    Ooh, the Daytripper Tote! Love it!!

  301. PSA Essentials personalized stamps is my favorite :)

  302. I absolutely LOVE ur aprons….I love to cook and would love one of those aprons ;)

  303. Kathy Zour says:

    I love, love, love the monogramed cherry jubilee soap!! I would love to give that to all my girly, girl friends for Christmas. I hope i win so I can go shopping!! Love the coasters and aprons too…so cute!!

  304. nursegirl says:

    I like the Chocolate Tote – Blue!

  305. Karena says:

    Love the monogrammed cutting boards and scarfs!!

    I would love to win this prize!!

    Art by Karena

    Come and join a very Fashionable Giveaway!

  306. Cathy says:

    Whew!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t just pick one item but my bestest favourite is the Bungalow Scout Pocket Rocket (love pockets). Especially like the shoulder strap option.


  307. Karen T. says:

    I absolutely adore the phone covers! Great giveaway!

  308. Shari Harniss says:

    Oh, I love the men’s personalized duffel bag! Perfect for my Honey!

  309. Beth says:

    I would adore one of the metal initial door decors!!

  310. Marlenda D says:

    I like the Metal Initial Door Decor (18 inch) – I want to put my son’s initials on the wall of his bedroom in the house we’re building.

  311. farrell says:

    i think i’d get a few luggage tags :) thanks for the chance!

  312. Marley M. says:

    I don’t think there is anything I don’t love! :) I’m in need of a new address stamp though!

  313. Ashley N says:

    Pick me! Such cute stuff. My favorite is the monogrammed soap.

  314. Nicole N. says:

    I love the platters, I think they would make a lovely housewarming gift! I also really like the birthday number shirts – the little ones I know are always so proud of their “new number”! Thank you!

  315. Kim says:

    It’s a tie. Birthday tees for my kiddos or black polka dot apron for me!

  316. Dana says:

    I think I’d give my right arm for a lunch tote! And a cutting board!

  317. Heather says:

    I would have to decide between the stamp and the phone covers!

  318. Carol I says:

    I love the “Off We Go Totes” in Green! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

    Andanbre at gmail dot com

  319. Carol I says:

    I shared about this giveaway on facebook!

    Andanbre at gmail dot ccom

  320. debra hannah says:

    I would love to win so I can purchase a lunch tote, or an umbrella, or some soaps, or a market tote for my sweet niece!!

  321. Christa says:

    I like the Mod Personalized iPhone 4 cover! So cute!

  322. Mon Hoang says:

    I love the black floral market tote…super sute!!

  323. Crissy says:

    I Liked your facebook page!

  324. Crissy says:

    Not only do I LOVE your facebook page and website, but I definitely LOVE the monogram Market Totes, and love the address stamps too! ADORABLE!

  325. christie says:

    LOVE the monogrammed cutting boards!

  326. Colleen says:

    My favorite items are the platters and the soaps! Love them!! :)

  327. Lisa S says:

    I really like the Christi Custom Ink Stamp!

  328. Cece says:

    I love the Market totes…and I would by all means want the lime one!

  329. kayduh says:

    love the phone cases and the aprons!

  330. Kris says:

    Would love some luggage tags and phone cover!

  331. Andrea S. says:

    I love the Market totes!! I could use those everywhere!

  332. Kimberlee says:

    I too like the soaps….and the market totes too!

  333. Kim Bond says:

    I would love a Blackberry phone cover! And, I also love the market totes and soaps just like you!

  334. Kim Bond says:

    Shared on Facebook :)

  335. SunSet says:

    I love those adorable monogrammed umbrellas!

  336. Emily says:

    I love the soaps!

  337. Celeste says:

    I love all of the Bungalow totes – especially the daytripper tote in petallica pink!

  338. sheila says:

    love the totes and beach towels!

  339. Maury says:

    I love the soaps! they’re so pretty!

  340. Michelle says:

    Love the psa essentials gabby custom ink stamp!

  341. Emillie says:

    I like the Monogrammed Market Tote Euro – PINK
    hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

  342. Sarita Rogers says:

    Love the luggage tags! That would be so handy!

  343. Netty says:

    Omgosh, you were here! I totally would have jumped in the car and took my kiddos to meet you ;)
    Thank you for the nice post of Santa Cruz. Sometimes we forget how fortunate we are to live where we do (you know the whole grass is greener thing…)

  344. AnneSATX says:

    I really like the Sporty Stripe Tote – Red — looks very classic and versatile!

  345. Tara says:

    I love the Off We Go Tote! What a great give away!

  346. pink says:

    I love the pink Christmas tree shirts… Though it’s a fees months away still but hey, thinking again. lol

  347. Becky Orr says:

    I love the garment bags and market totes!!

  348. Lori says:

    Love the cutting boards!

  349. Violet says:

    Would love the luggage tags or aprons! Any of the items would really make a great gift! Thanks for a great giveaway! ;)

  350. Violet says:

    Would love the luggage tags or aprons! Any of the items would really make a great gift! Thanks for a great giveaway! ;)

  351. Violet says:

    I would love the luggage tags and the platters! Thanks!!!

  352. Violet says:

    My favorite would be the car tags or the aprons. Great giveaway! :)

  353. Teresa says:

    I love the Black Floral Market Tote!

  354. Alanna says:

    Ooooh. I love the Gabby Monogrammed Stamp!

  355. Mrs. EJ says:

    I love the zebra print apron.

  356. Janny A. says:

    I like the cooler totes!!

  357. Cindy says:

    The luggage tags are very cute…also like the market totes!

  358. Mindy says:

    I love the monogrammed floor mats. Now, if I could just have the new car to go with it!

  359. Kristin says:

    I confess, I’m digging the monogrammed dog tee. My boy is mostly poodle, so he’ll need an extra layer of insulation once the whether turns cold. And to look super-cool while strutting around the neighborhood.

  360. Krissy says:

    Not to be too specific, but I think my favorite is the orange with white polka dots, single initial monogrammed mousepad. It would go perfectly with the University of Virginia decor in my office.

  361. Lexi says:

    I am LOVING the luggage tags & I just so happen to really need some!

  362. Andreaq says:

    The monogrammed soaps are so pretty. They would make any bathroom look rich and decadent!
    Love them!

  363. Lisanne says:

    Loving the apron and the market tote. So many really cute items. :D

  364. Maria says:

    My favorite is the market tote

  365. Katy says:

    Such fun things! My favorite is the Monogrammed Market Tote Euro – LIME FLORAL.

  366. Jordan says:

    Love the monogrammed stationary! Perfect gift idea and come in handy when you need a quick thank you note! Such cute items :)

  367. connie tacazon says:

    I really like the monogrammed cutting boards!

  368. April W. says:

    I’d love to have the monogrammed soaps. Useful and trendy!

  369. Heather says:

    I absolutely love the monogrammed visors & car mats!

  370. Heather says:

    I linked to FB (

  371. Brandy A says:

    I really like the monogrammed platter in melamine sage.

  372. Tiffany says:

    Interlocking Dance Floor Monogram {Wedding} Would be perfect for our wedding this fall

  373. Cindy says:

    I love the striped totes or the luggage tags!

  374. Emily says:

    I would buy a monogrammed stamp and use it as a gift to my best friend who just got engaged!

  375. Kindra says:

    Love the polka dot aprons and the luggage tags! Ooh, and the phone cases!!!

  376. Susanne says:

    I love the monogrammed market tote Euro – the green is gorgeous!

  377. Erin says:

    Sporty striped tote in green…love it!

  378. Emilia A. says:

    I love the monogrammed sporty stripe tote in yellow…perfect for the beach!

  379. deb says:

    I would pick the monogrammed car mats as a gift for my future daughter-in-law

  380. marina says:

    I love the monogrammed cutting boards in metro!

  381. Jen N. says:

    It’s a toss up between the Personalized Melamine Platter in Mod Lime and the Bungalow Scout Pocket Rocket – Cabanarama Brite tote.

  382. Marcy says:

    Just linked it on my fb page!

  383. Beth Cox says:

    Love the Melamine Platter in Sage Damask..would be so cute in my kitchen!

  384. Beth Cox says:

    I posted a link to this giveaway on Facebook!

  385. andrea p says:

    I love the market tote & the stamp! Thank you for the giveaway!

  386. I love the market tote! What a fun store – I could spend hours on the site!

  387. Christen says:

    I love the platters and the clipboard!

  388. Mary says:

    Love the monogrammed soaps and the luggage tags!

  389. Paula Waters says:

    I think I might have to go with a platter. Hard to decide. :)

  390. Paula Waters says:


  391. Amy O says:

    I really like the Monogrammed Market Tote Euro in lime green :)

  392. Amy O says:

    Linked up on twitter!

  393. Nikki says:

    I love the platters!

  394. Kim says:

    I love the platters (and monograms)!

  395. Darling says:

    I would choose the Fresh Linens Monogrammed Soap! So cute!

  396. Becca says:

    Love the clipboards :)

  397. Lindsay says:

    I would either go with the super cute market tote or a platter, love those!

  398. Kelly P says:

    The tempered glass cutting board is cute! Would be perfect!

  399. I spent waaay too much time window shopping on that site! So many goodies! I think my favorite is the polka dot cutting board. It could definitely double as a platter. :)

  400. I just tweeted about the giveaway! (smallchic is my twitter name)

  401. Cassie says:

    I love the platters!

  402. rebecca says:

    I LOVE the soap, cutting boards, and serving platters I’d want to get at least one of each :D kind of sad I missed the give away though :(

  403. Michelle says:

    I love the monogrammed market tote in black floral!

  404. Christine says:

    I love the aprons!

  405. Tiffany H. says:

    Oh how I love anything and everything with a monogram!

  406. The soaps for sure! Although the ink stamps would be great for making wedding invitations. :)

  407. Just posted on Facebook! (Dana Holler)

  408. Lanay says:

    I love the monogram address stamps. Great giveaway!

  409. Laura J says:

    My favorite is the monogramed pet bowls & mat set

  410. Fernanda says:

    Love the Mod Personalized Phone Cover, pink polka dots, I facebooked it!!!, love the aprons too, hard to choose….

  411. Tammie says:

    I like the monogramed Christmas stockings. Fun givaway.

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