Model Crashing: Townhouse Tours

July 21, 2011

Ever since the real estate market crashed a few years ago, there’s been no significant building where we live.  Good news though, a few months ago a major building project began in my town, and I’ve been watching it for some time.  The new townhouse models opened up so naturally, being the looky loo that I am, I had to go inspect.  I love me some well staged model homes, so I popped in to to see if there was anything inspiring, and yes indeedy, I spied some great ideas!

Wanna take a tour with me?  Come on along why doncha.  Warning: lots of pictures ahead, and my observations to go with ‘em.

The first of three townhomes was staged in mostly modern black and white furniture with clean lines and graphic prints.  There was a lotta lacquer and a lotta mirror.  Some of this style appeals to me, some of it does not, but there were elements I really loved. 

The first room you see off the entry is staged as a living room/den and I loved its cosmopolitan style.  The twin cream chaises, that glossy console, those tripod lamps, and the graphic striped gray curtains are all in perfect scale.  I’m also loving the lattice rug, the space feels very ‘Z Gallerie’ to me.

living room entry

It would have been nice to see a pop of color somewhere with the accessories, but I love the pillows and sophisticated feel of the space, also the contrast between the black and white.  I would substitute an eclectic gallery wall in lieu of the framed bridge poster art to the left, and substitute fresh flowers or an orchid instead of the fake plant.  

Next, the main living area, combining family room, kitchen and dining in an open floor plan. 

open concept living area


Let’s move in a little closer, shall we?  First, the kitchen, sleek and chic in black, white and stainless steel. 

sleek black white kitchen


I love the way the cabinets reach all the way to the ceiling with glass front display.  I wish those pendants were different, perhaps simple linen or patterned drum shades. 

Here’s my favorite takeaway, the brick pattern black subway tile on the backsplash run vertically instead of horizontally.  A brilliant twist, I love it!  Too bad local codes require those white outlets every few feet because they detract from the tile, but isn’t the backsplash fantastic? 

vertical tile

I noticed the microwave juts out beyond the cabinets – is that necessary for the hinges or for the exhaust fan?  Someone remind me.

Next, the living room space.  Those main TV viewing chairs don’t look very comfy, and that loveseat seems a little small, but I absolutely love anytime a dresser-like piece is used as a TV console below a flat screen. 

tv area


In the dining room, I really loved the chairs, especially the contrast between the warmth of the tweed fabric and the coolness of the chrome legs.  Notice the repetition of large mirrors on the wall for drama and to make the space feel larger. 

mirrors in multiples

This dining room is screaming for an amazing chandy, which one would you choose?  Confession: I wish they’d get rid of all those fake trees.

I thought the study/office was nice, those egg chairs are fantastic. I like the use of square white mirrors used in repetition on the dark wall for a simple, dramatic display. 

office and study


Dying over this lacquer desk with chrome sawhorse legs.  Dying.

lacquer desk chrome sawhorse legs


And you must see this white side chair with black piping.  It’s like, awesome.  

white chair black piping


Upstairs, a graphic bedroom in black and white.  Interesting use of chairs instead of a bench.  I really like the mismatched nightstands with a dresser on one side and desk on the other.    

black and white bedroom


My favorite detail?  The leather and burlap trim Union Jack accent pillow.  Oh my, someone DIY this today, right now. 

leather burlap union jack


I wasn’t crazy about the master bedroom only because of the scale of the bed.  I think it makes the bedroom feel much smaller than it is, but the frame is rather dramatic, and in a slightly larger space would be nice.  Also craving some color here. 

black master bed


A very cute zig zag shower curtain in the hall bath, and I especially love the fact that the shower curtain goes all the way from the ceiling to the floor, so why not the tile too?

zig zag curtain


Here’s a fabulous use of grasscloth wallpaper in a powder room.  I wouldn’t use it in a full bath due to moisture issues, but love it used here. 

grasscloth wallpapered bath


The next townhome had a similar open floor plan, and was staged in warmer tones of burnt orange and cream and plenty of wood.  The dining and family room areas were also connected with the kitchen in an open floor plan. 

The rug grounds the sitting area, and I’m inspired by the texture on the crocodile top nesting tables (to the left).  Notice the simple use of banding to jazz up the plain curtains, repeated in the trim on the sofa pillows. 

sectional orange trim


A very cool rustic dining room table, and a great mix of non matching armchairs and side chairs.  The oversized mirror helps expand the space. 

rustic table mismatched chairs


In the master bedroom, the fur blanket at the end of the bed and chenille rug are cozy.

chenile rug fur blanket


Here is my most favorite room of all, the nursery!  The linens in the crib and the ABC art are so adorable, and I love the crisp white paired with burnt orange.  Not sure what’s up with the two lamps and a fake tree next to the crib, but still a lovely space. 

zig zag rug


On the opposite wall, a fabric covered shelving unit with nailhead trim (mental note to DIY), a cozy black chair with white piping, and the West Elm martini side table.  I love the different width of the wall stripes and how they’re the same color as the roman shade. 

Loving the white trim on the shade too, but is the shade hung a little too high?  Is this some new trend, to hang roman shades at the ceiling and not directly above the window?   Otherwise, this is a totally fabulous space from zig zag rug to the robot art to the picture frame molding. 

black chair white piping orange stool



My favorite townhome was the third one, it was the most elegant, styled in shades of cream, gray and plum (yum).  Here is the very pretty light filled entry.  That same cream and gray fabric is used throughout the downstairs main living area.  (Can anyone source it, cause I love it.)

pretty entry


Here’s a closer look:

gray panels


Fabric source update: It’s Braemore Fioretto in Graphite (thanks Sandy, Clare and Ami!) available here and a few other online sources.

Here’s a peek at the main living space.  The furniture is upholstered in different neutral fabrics, but united by the repetition of nailhead trim. 

sitting area nailhead sofa


Two favorite details:  #1, the antique gold mirrored nesting coffee tables. 

gold nesting tables


Favorite detail #2:  the nailhead trim on the back of the sofa and the hardwood floors installed on the diagonal. 

naiilhead trim diagonal floor

Note to self:  next time I install hardwood floors, they will be on the diagonal. 

The dining area.  I think the table is too small, but hello fabulous curtains and cream linen dining room chairs and upholstered high back bench under the window.  Sooo practical right?  Aw, who cares, they’re so gorgeous.  And if you never have kids or dirt or company or breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they’ll stay that way!

seating area linen chairs


Downstairs, a nice seating area with sectional.  I like the fact that two small stools are used instead of a coffee table, although in my mind I see those stools in either rustic wood or a dark lacquer finish. 

white sectional


Opposite the sectional, an entertainment unit with some interesting detail.

plum and white sitting area


I’m sorry, what’s that?  Grasscloth wallpaper on the doors attached with mini chrome nailhead trim?  That’s fantastic!  Not sure I’d pick those pulls, but loving the texture the wallpaper adds.

grasscloth on doors


Here is the upstairs guest room, check out the dramatic use of stripes that keeps your eye moving around the room. 

striped walls


The master was not very exciting but off in the corner I saw something I loved.  Hello lovely demilune cabinet and the Devon mirror I just bought last month for my master bedroom. 



That pattern is no inlay, that’s silver paint my friends.  Or maybe silver leaf, but it’s totally hackable.  Who volunteers to replicate it? 

silver paint on demilune


That’s the big tour of the townhomes in my town, lots of great takeaways, right?  I hear there are single family homes that are staged too.  I’ll try to get back and take a peek at them too.  If post worthy, you know I’ll bring it! 

What was your favorite detail, and are you a model home crasher like me?   C’mon, tell the truth.  Do we need to form a support group? 



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  1. hey, my friend! Thanks so much for the well wishes, I am beside myself with excitement (and a little bit of terror!) :) Wish you were closer so we could see each other. Looking forward to the BLogHer conference too. And miss you much too! Would love to just hang out again & we will before too long. xoxo

  2. Oh, and I totally LOVE looking at models! These are exceptionally well done. whenever I get a chance to pop into one, I sure do.

  3. Wow! Those are some gorgeous models. Usually builders use cheapo furnishings but those are some really fancy digs!

  4. Morgan says:

    Any source info on the sectional pictured with the orange trim pillows? Its love at first sight!!!

  5. Leigh says:

    Found that fabric in the third townhouse for $20.98 a yard at Mary Jo’s fabric. Google it!

  6. Shelly P. says:

    The fabric is duralee. Also comes in a light blue colorway.

  7. Shirley says:

    Fabulous! You had me at the creamy white chaises! I have been looking for something similar!

  8. Terry Moore says:

    Love the look of these homes and the ones you also just put on your blog. I just have posted (for the last two weeks) a home that was staged by several different designers for a home tour.

  9. Rachel Wood says:

    Wow! I love the first b/w house – the open set up, the clean modern furniture… great find! Thanks for sharing!

  10. LMF says:

    Wow so gorgeous! Any ideas where the white office chair with the black trim is from? thanks for posting beautiful photos as usual!

  11. Mandy says:

    What kind of hardwoods are the floors 8 pictures from the bottom with the diagonal hardwoods? I love them & want to replicate!!

  12. Hollie says:

    Hi I love your blog! I was wondering where the demilune cabinet is from??? I have to have it! Thank you =)

  13. Alisyn says:

    I stumbled upon your blog via pinterest, I was looking for decor ideas for my new townhome, someone had pinned your photo which I recognized as the model of my place! Made me laugh. Looking forward to following your future posts – love your style, and love that your from my home town! Any chance youre looking for a new project and want to consult on one of those new townhomes?! :)

  14. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hi Alisyn, that’s so funny! Email me and we can talk!

  15. Lindsay says:

    Any idea where the bar stools are from I. The kitchen, or do you have the contact I for for the model home? Thanks!! Just beautiful!!

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