Simple Summer Lavender Wreath

June 20, 2011

Happy Monday everyone, hope you had a fantastic weekend!  We built a 12’ x 12’ cabana on Saturday on our patio and I can’t believe how great it looks!  I’ll show you the whole space later this week, I’ve just got to pull it all together and snap a few pics. 

We spent Sunday in Sonoma, lounging in the Plaza, bliss I tell you.  Balmy and perfect.  The kids ended up a little bronzer and we had a relaxing time, strolling around and popping into a favorite tasting room.  I meant to write about this lavender wreath last night but then got caught up in past episodes of Million Dollar Decorators and could not avert my eyes.  Some peeps are very self absorbed and completely out of touch!  But it makes for great television, I admit I am hooked. 

There are few things in the garden I love more than lavender, so last week I harvested a few plants and crafted a front door wreath.  Here it hangs from my trusty Command hook, so natural and fragrant.

kates lavender front door wreath


For a simple summer wreath like this one, you’ll need a craft floral ring, floral wire, wire cutters, ribbon, and clippers for your stems (not shown).  I used the 18” craft ring, which requires lavender from 3-4 mature plants.  I imagine you could make the 12” version with 2-3 plants.  Be sure to cut the lavender 12-15” from the top.

lavender wreath supplies


Clip 12-15 lavender buds 4 inches below the lowest bloom, group them together, and secure them to the ring with floral wire. 

lavender wreath step 1


Keep working your way around the wreath, adding the bunches one at a time.  Once you’re done, continue to fill in any bare spots with additional blooms.  Trim the excess wire on the back with wire clippers.

lavender wreath step 2


No need to toss the remainder of the stems into the bin, simply wrap them up in twine and dry them out for use over campfires or on the BBQ for flavor and scent.   Or save them up for a cold night by the fire for the smell of summer lavender on a winter’s eve. 

lavender sticks


Group as many buds as you can together around the wreath for maximum fullness (they will shrink down over time as they lose moisture). 

lavender up close


Hang it up on the door to welcome visitors!

lavender wreath open door cg


The larger version looks great on a front door, but smaller versions would be wonderful indoors to fill you home with the fragrance.

kates lavender front door wreath


If you’d like more tips on cultivating and growing lavender in your zone, and an explanation of the different varieties, I found this helpful article.






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