Patio Plan + Giveaway

June 3, 2011

Some days, I’m just doing the afternoon dishes and I look up and oh my word, there are grapevines growing in my backyard.  Y’all know I love wine, I drink my fair share of it, and even dream of starting a wine blog someday.  Life is good, you’ll get no complaints from me.  I’m still pinching myself that we were given the opportunity to redeem American Express Rewards points to spruce up our sad patio.  Thanks so much to all of you who shared your input two weeks ago. 

We thought about the purpose of this space, and it’s mostly for lounging and sharing a beverage with friends.  The BBQ is up on this patio, so my mister and I envision a place where the family and friends can seek shade and visit with the BBQ Master (aka Mr. CG) while he cooks up his latest concoctions on the grill. 

I decided on a simple and breezy ‘fits the style of my yard’ design, one that wouldn’t compete with the view of the vines. This patio plan is filled with natural wood tones and woven textures, to be decorated in neutral shades of taupe and cream, with pops of green and yellow.  I’m so excited to pull this all together! kate wine country patio

There is no place for shade in our yard, so a seasonal covering was essential to the design plan.  We chose a 12’ x 12’ cabana that is on its way, also some outdoor cushions and pillows, as well as some accessories for sharing a beverage while meals are prepped.  I love the idea of enchanting lighting, so I’ll definitely be hanging mini lanterns!  Some new plantings around the corners will be nice, perhaps some olive or citrus trees in pots.  I’ll link to all the items in the big reveal. 

Wine barrels are readily available for cheap in these parts, so I foresee one or two DIY projects in my near future for this patio.  I’m inspired by these uses for wine barrels, and I’m sure I can pull off a less expensive version! 

creative uses for wine barrels

Wine barrel cooler; tiered planter; endtable 

That’s the plan, I’m hoping to have something to show y’all in the next two weeks!  All of this courtesy of the American Express Rewards Program, who are also sponsoring today’s giveaway, a $100 gift card to Home Depot! 

Want a chance to win it? 

Eligibility to win the $100 gift card to Home Depot:

1) Answer this question: What would you do with a $100 gift card to Home Depot?  Some paint or a new faucet?  Perhaps an outdoor project of your own?  Simply share your home improvement need for a chance to win.

2) For additional chances to win, link to this giveaway on Facebook and/or Twitter, then leave additional comment(s) stating where you linked (FB or Twitter).

One winner only, chosen at random.  Giveaway ends Monday June 6th at 10 p.m. PST.

swirl snip

I’m off to the salvage yard, my head filled with ideas! 

Good luck in the giveaway, and happy weekend !!


Disclosure: I have been provided with 150,000 complimentary American Express Membership Rewards points to spruce up this outdoor space.



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1,345 Responses to “Patio Plan + Giveaway”

  1. Heather L says:

    I would definitely use that $100 towards sprucing up our outside areas. We are in need of some decorative things for our back porch, and some mulch and flowers for the front of the house. :)

  2. Lorilyn says:

    Definitely some more bamboo shades for our windows. We’ve only been able to afford one so far and still have about a million more windows to go… :)

  3. Jessica says:

    I would probably use the gift card for supplies to build a custom bench for my entry way!

  4. Rae-Lynne Spila says:

    I would use the $100 for some outside stuff. The season is so short where I live and so I love to fill it with beautiful flowers and areas to enjoy the outdoors!

  5. Kim Rowell says:

    Your project board looks great, Kate! I can’t wait to watch your progress. I’m also am a wine lover, but am across the country from California’s beautiful (and tasty!) wineries. I’m a big supporter of them, though, with the help of UPS and FedEx.
    $100 from Home Depot…I could spend it 10 times! Next big project for me is a redo of my kids’ bathroom. I would probably buy light fixtures for their vanity area. Or paint. Or cabinet hardware.

  6. Kyla says:

    I would love a $100 gift gard from Home Depot to add some love to my backyard. Right now the backyard is looking pretty sad. There is a dining set but no color, no plants, no nothing. Need to create some ambience.

  7. teresa smith says:

    I would be something for outdoors! My backyard does not have ANY shade as well so probably a nice umbrella. I have not even though about buying a cabana to provide shade but thats a great idea.

  8. Becky says:

    I’d use the $100 for the materials to put up crown molding in a few rooms. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Ashley F. says:

    I would repaint some birdcages i snagged to hang plants from them, then i would make lanterns for outside as well as re paint my table and chairs a new green colour that would make the rest of my garden pop. Then I would repaint my shed and build new storage unit for all my gardening tools and such.

  10. kate says:

    Could use a gift card from home depot for patio pavers, I am planning on building a patio with a fire ring off of my deck in the back yard. Still working out the details

  11. KimberlyJ says:

    $100 from Home Depot could come in very handy. We need a new tiller and want a new grill. I’d probably put it toward the grill.

  12. Amy Wolff says:

    Hi Kate!
    I am in awe of your whole outdoor space.
    I would also use the $100.00 for my outdoor area-a new outdoor rug, paint for the patio, outdoor plants and pots!

  13. Roshni says:

    ha! Am actually wanting to do up my outdoor space, so I would definitely make good use of the gift card! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  14. Anita D says:

    Hi Kate! I was wondering what you use for your inspiration board? I am looking for a program for my boards that is quick and easy. I have illustrator and photoshop, but was hoping for something else. Thanks so much!

  15. Eileen says:

    I would use the gift card to buy a new faucet for our bathroom. thanks for the chance.

  16. jenny says:

    I would buy a whole lottttttttta paint!!!

  17. Pat Morin says:

    Actually I am going more practical. I would put it towards a water softner. In these parts I am told they don’t last long and found out ours is causing low water pressure. That apparently is a sign that iit is not operating optimally and needs to be replaced . They cannot be repaired for this issue. Thanks!

  18. Rachael W says:

    We just bought our very FIRST house in April, and moved in to find… (dun dun dun…) MOLD!!! Behind 2 layers of (hideous wallpaper) and 2 more layers of (ugly) paint! EEEEK! So we currently have several holes in our bathroom that need drywalled… and we need PAINT!! Almost every square inch of this house was painted a pinkish muave color with mustard colored trim (I kid you not!!) Add that to very little natural light (yet… one day that WILL change) and well we live in a hole-y, muave-y, cave!! =) That’s just for starters… =)

  19. Jana says:

    What would I do with it? Paint the nursery. Buy a new sink for the guest bathroom. Patio furniture. Build a privacy fence. One of those things! :)

  20. Jana says:

    Retweeted your tweet about the giveaway!

  21. Shannon says:

    I LOVE HD giftcards! I would use it to buy a new kitchen faucet and the upcoming bathroom tile redo!

  22. Shannon says:

    I RT’ed your giveaway on Twitter

  23. Julia says:

    Put it toward a patio set for our backyard! or grass-seed to fill in our splotchy backyard!

  24. Lisa says:

    We really need cushions for our iron patio set – I have been watching the sales and have not been able to get a good deal on them! This gift card would almost cover the cushions we priced at HD the other day! How exciting!
    Also, those color adirondack chairs HD has would look great near our garden.

  25. Lois says:

    Would definitly use in our backyard as well! Other than a deck w/patio below the deck…it is a complete blank canvas!!! Flowers, lanterns, the list is endless!

  26. Kimberly says:

    Our kitchen is in desperate need of a face lift. There is an ugly wall paper border that came with the house that I’m itching to tear down. If I won, I’d have the excuse I need to finally tackle that job. I’d also get some fresh paint and maybe a new faucet and cabinet hardware to really spruce things up.

  27. Julia C says:

    buy stuff for my garden!

  28. Kerry says:

    I would use it to get supplies for the DIY planters we are making for the centerpieces at our wedding. We are going to have two small mums on each table in homemade wooden planters!

  29. $100 at Home Depot would get me the trim needed to complete my bathroom mirrors. thanks for this fantastic offer!

  30. Sada says:

    When do I not need $100 to HD?! We are about to build a (knock off West Elm) bench!!

  31. Oooh, dollars for Home Depot is always a great prize!

    We are getting ready to put in a back door (we have two front doors; don’t ask) and extend the area out into a nice patio. We’re doing all of the work ourselves, so… I’d put the gift card towards a new back door.

  32. Nell says:

    $100 would put a nice dent in replacing our fence. I’m getting pretty tired of looking at chicken wire, and it’s not really doing a good job of keeping the dog inside the yard…

  33. Emily says:

    $100 would def go towards new paint for my bedroom!

  34. Daniela says:

    I will definetly use it to get me some plants and pots for my house (indoor). I need to bring some outdoor feeling into my indoor space.

  35. Cathy says:

    I think I would use the HD $100 gift card to purchase wood to build my next project!

  36. Cassie says:

    I would put it toward a new well cover!

  37. I Tweeted the Home Depot Offer @ MsRedo101.

  38. Terrilynn says:

    I would use the $100 Home Depot gift card toward materials to build our screened in porch. We have a beautiful patio area by our pool and a separate patio area that never gets used. We live in FL and have LOTS of mosquitos so the screened in area is going to take the place of the never-used-patio.

  39. KimberlyJ says:

    Just posted on Facebook.

  40. Ranin Z says:

    I would like to utilize the gift card so we can built a settee/bench in our kitchen to house all of our kitchen gadgets.

    YEAH!! =)

  41. Catie says:

    Hey Kate, your new circle patio looks fabulous and your yard is gorgeous!! I can’t wait to see how this area turns out. If I won, I’d use the money for river rocks, pots and flowers. We had a raised flower bed in front of the front window of our house. Every year I plant and every year it some how manages to turn into a weed patch! I want to cover the soil with cardboard, then cover that with the river rocks and stick about three good size pots with flowers in it. I think it’d look nice and I’m pretty sure the weeds couldn’t get through. What do you think? Fingers crossed I win!

    OH—- You wrote the giveaway ends on Monday June 4th at 10PM. It should be June 6th. Tomorrow is the 4th, haha. That’s something I would totally do!

  42. Laulief says:

    I would use it for a cute container fountain I recently saw at my Home Depot!

  43. Martha says:

    $100 would go towards paint for our hallway and back room, as well as materials for a DIY bed frame!

  44. Jessie C. says:

    I’d like to get gardening supply!

  45. Megan says:

    I would either use the $100 for custom shelves or to spruce up my front porch! The front porch probably needs it the most! Lots of projects so little time…and money! :)

  46. morgan says:

    We would use it to re-paint our front porch!

  47. Pam says:

    Thanks for hosting this nice giveaway! I would use the HD gift card to buy lumber for a DIY dining table that I’ve been itching to try out.

  48. April says:

    I would buy some paint to redo our half bath and our guest bathroom and then some pegboard to add some organization to my sewing room. I have a long list of projects to get working on this summer… hope there’s enough time to get it all done.

  49. rhoda says:

    I would use it to make/redo some things for my husband’s office and our kitchen-for a Father’s Day gift.Would love to do this since he does so much for us!

  50. AmandaT says:

    Kreg Jig!! Woo hoo!

  51. Holly says:

    I’d use the money for some paint, definitely. Need to spruce up the house! And maybe a few flowers to put out on the roof deck.

  52. Candace says:

    Paint for a dresser re-do! And, probably, a roto-tiller rental… we have a Valley of Doom that needs clearing!

  53. Danyelle says:

    I’d use the card toward sprucing up the yard and fixing the gate to the backyard.

  54. fenella says:

    We are remodeling the bathrooms and I’d love new light fixtures!!

  55. Brook says:

    Oh…so many things to choose from, but I would have to say PAINT MY FRONT DOOR! Ugh…it’s this weird faded celery green color that just looks odd. And I would paint it a nice brick red, so it will pop! Add some nice planters with flowers and I’d like to get a new Weigela bush to replace the one that died from being buried in a six foot snow drift until March. Yep…that would be it…I can imagine it now…

  56. Amanda says:

    I would buy a compost turner!

  57. Natalia says:

    I am in the process of getting my first house (we’re supposed to close in less than a month!). The house is pretty much move-in ready, but definitely can use a little bit of fresh paint and small updates. So I would use the $100 Home Depot gift card towards that.

  58. Mariel says:

    Paint!!!! My mother in-law is meeting our first . new home for the first time! So one can imagine all the prep that is going on in our home! A gift card would help us purchase paint , especially since we do everything on a budget!

  59. Jessica D. says:

    With a $100 card from Home Depot, I would purchase the materials needed to do a back splash at my fathers house and surprise him for Father’s Day!

  60. Rebecca says:

    I have to pick just one need?! Probably mostly paint.

  61. Sara says:

    We’re moving into a new place in 2 weeks. I’d use it for paint!!

  62. Leslie says:

    I would definitely buy some paint and a rug. I’d love to paint my bedroom wall and I’ve been itching to try and stencil a jute rug.

  63. Sonja says:

    I have a dresser that I have been sitting on for my first Furniture Redo Ever. So I would get the paint and new hardware! Oh for an extra $100 and a couple of hours of my time, sigh.

  64. Meagen says:

    Paint-we need to paint!

  65. Regina says:

    I’d like to get a table top and legs and make myself a sewing space.

  66. DJ says:

    That $100 at Home Depot would definitely go towards tiling my master bath. I am currently living with the 1999 builder-grade vinyl (hunter green! EEEEWWWWW!).

  67. Linda says:

    I would use a $100 Home Depot gift card to rent a power-washer. My concrete patio would look refreshed!

  68. Jennifer says:

    A new light fixture for my bathroom!

  69. I would use a Home Depot gift card for the pavers on the patio we’re DIYing! Would love it!

  70. Anna says:

    This would be fantastic to spruce up our patio! (love the wine barrel and succulents- can’t wait to see what you do!)

  71. I would use it to purchase more trees for the yard. I need more ornimentals. 8>)

  72. rhoda says:

    I linked to Facebook

  73. melissa says:

    I would use it for bricks to finish off our back patio project!!!!

  74. JenO says:

    We are building a retaining wall in our backyard and I would love to use some lovely limestone but its a bit pricey so a gift card would help out tremendously.

  75. Gabrielle says:

    That money would be easily spent on new paint for the inside of the house, or gardening supplies. Whichever department I walked into first!

  76. Brianna says:

    yay, I love giveaways! I would put the $100 gift card towards our patio/landscaping, we need to redo all the plants by our front door since whoever did the landscaping must have been on something when they placed everything, you can barely see our door from the street because they placed 3 very bushy, large trees on either side. It’s not very welcoming at all and I really hate how it looks right now.

  77. Naomi says:

    I’m moving to a new apt – would use it for paint and plants to liven up the place!

  78. Susan A. says:

    $100 to Home Depot would go a long way towards replacing the ugly red/tan tile in my kitchen, both on the floor and the backsplash. Hate it so much we almost didn’t buy the house because of it.

  79. molly says:

    Hmmm, well, we just moved so we could use it for so many different things. I have big plans to DIY built-in shelves in the living room though so I could definitely use it for that!

  80. Beth says:

    So many things I could use $100 at home depot for. Where to start? The half bath needs a new faucet. The guest bath needs to be painted. I could really use new flooring in my craft room! Or I could be boring and get safety items like hearing and respiratory protection. I do have a lot of spray painting that’s waiting on respiratory protection…. So many choices!

  81. Jen says:

    I’d use it 1/2 for paint and 1/2 in the garden shop. :)

  82. I would use it to buy flowers for my parents dismal and barren front yard!

  83. What a great giveaway! We could definitely use the $100 gift card! I would buy some paint for sure. I have been itching to paint our master bathroom, dining room, and our daughter’s playroom. This would be great for that!

  84. NancyO says:

    my backyard is a diaster. there’s about a million things I could use it for.

  85. Jessica R. says:

    Love the plans for your backyard!! Since we just built a shed in a our backyard last weekend, I’d use the gift card towards purchasing the paint to making look like more of a finished project.

  86. Gina says:

    Where do I start? My honey-do list is sooooo big!

    I would use the $100 Home Depot gift card for paint for our family room/kitchen. We just recently redid our living room with fresh paint, new flooring (thanks to our doggies–it needed it), and a little redecorating, and the living room connects over a plant shelf to our family room/kitchen area. The ceiling is bright white in the living room and a very dingy white (15 years old) in the family room/kitchen. If there is enough left over, maybe a tile backsplash too.

  87. loran says:

    I would start a container garden on my patio. I don’t have a yard, but that won’t stop me from growing my own veggies and herbs!

  88. Paint! Paint! Paint!!!

  89. Mami2jcn says:

    We would definitely use it for paint!

  90. Lori says:

    We just fixed up the back patio (my husband’s project), so he promised next would be starting on replacing the kitchen counter & backsplash!

  91. Cindy M. says:

    I would go buy spray paint for my side tables! I’ve been wanting to paint them! :)

  92. Jessica F says:

    I would use it for a new bathtub faucet. Ours is gross and leaking!!!

  93. kelsey says:

    Yay! What a great giveaway! The next big project that we want to do is tile for either our floor or backsplash, so I would use it towards teh purchase of the tile!

  94. Mami2jcn says:


  95. Amanda says:

    I NEED this giveaway! My husband and I just bought a new house and we have about a million different projects on our to-do list! I’d probably spend the money on paint, because that’s one thing I probably won’t be able to wait on for long! :)

  96. Tracey says:

    I love that colour green for the pillows, like bright apple green. Looks very fresh. I look forward to all the after photos!
    With a 100 dollar gift card from Home Depot I am pretty sure I’d load up on Hypertufa making supplies. I have allllways wanted to try my hand at that. Making cement planters or a birdbath, something for the yard. I’m not sure if it’s the messy makings or the idea of making something so “concrete”, har-de-har, that appeals to me.

  97. Allison says:

    I’m working on redoing our master bedroom and I think paint is a must!

  98. Monica says:

    I would use it to spruce up our deck!

  99. Katy P says:

    We are moving cross-country in 14 days. EEK OMG ONLY FOURTEEN DAYS! And I can think of a million projects to do in our new house to keep my mind off being lonely. They all start with a trip to HD!

  100. I would love to win this. I want to put in a new patio and this would help pay for the stones. I would also like to make a stone walkway to my back garden. Oh some of the old hardware for cabinets they have. Wow I need to go to Home Depot today lol.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    I also posted on my facebook

  101. rita says:

    I need to spruce up my patio. Thats what I would use it on :)

  102. Monica says:

    Tweeted! @thewilsonrules

  103. Michelle says:

    sweet! Love Home Depot!! I’d love to get some paint for my kitchen & some new cabinet hardware!

  104. Christina says:

    ooh, great giveaway. I’d use the Home Depot gift card to replace the failing kitchen faucet and install an undersink water filter. And while I’m happily dreaming of nice things, let’s also add a Pony for the back yard. They carry those, don’t they? :)

  105. Katie says:

    Paint! I would definitely buy paint for my two bathrooms. Thanks for the opportunity.

  106. kathysue says:

    Two matching mirrors for my family room!!! Either in white frames or black, depends on the style and shape available. This will help to complete my Summer re-do in my family room. I love to switch things up a bit for the changing of the seasons. Kathysue

  107. Amy N says:

    I would put it towards a major flooring purchase we have coming up!

  108. Linda Braden says:

    Plants, plants & more plants for the front and back yard! I’m a bit overdue to get my annuals in. Linda Braden

  109. Vince says:

    My wife says I could finally finish the deck… ;)

  110. Lindsey says:

    We are in the process of selling our first home and building a new one….I can think of lots of things to use this on…..paint, landscaping etc….

  111. Netty says:

    Oh! I would love it! I would spend it on tile to tile my new kitchen the hubby and I just installed. :)

  112. Benedicte says:

    I would buy some hanging baskets and new out door pillows!

  113. Angie G. says:

    I would buy paint to get some color into our home!

  114. I’d like to think it would go toward something awesome like a new big boy bedroom for our Little Man.

  115. Deena says:

    We just redid our master closet with Closetmaid Selectives from Home Depot. With another $100, I would purchase more pieces to organize our laundry room!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  116. Bethany Kingma says:

    If I were to win this giveaway, I’d get some MDF and some paint for a few projects I have in mind! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  117. Tami says:

    Ooooh, I’d use the $100 to purchase the Rustoleum cabinet paint and some other paint for our fixer-upper. We recently ran out of money for redos and are trying to save up- this would be a more than welcomed relief!

  118. Valerie says:

    I would put a $100 gift card to Home Depot toward updated lighting fixtures :)

  119. Laurel G says:

    I’d put it towards the purchase of a new patio set!

  120. Where would I even start? Probably with paint for the laundry room cabinets, and then put the rest towards some outdoor stuff: plants, maybe? Or big planters?

  121. Debbie says:

    I don’t know exactly what I would do with a $100 gift card since we just moved and have a TON of projects to do, but it would most likely go towards paint.

  122. Tiffany H. says:

    Oh how a gift card to Home Depot would be so appreciated! I’m getting ready to paint our master bedroom so I would use the card to buy painting supplies. But then with the weather warming up I really want to make our small backyard into a wonderful retreat so I might use the gift card for a great outdoor couch and lots of pillows along with some great mood lighting. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  123. Carly says:

    I’d love $100 to Home Depot! We’re pouring a new concrete patio this summer and it’d be great to get some accessories or plants.

  124. Wilma says:

    I would use the gift card toward new lights for all my outside doors. I threw the old ones away when the house got new siding over a year ago, and they still haven’t been replaced.

  125. taysha riggs says:

    I’d buy some paint and wood and make some art for my bedroom. If I can’t find it, I’ll make it :)

  126. Michelle P says:

    I would change out the hardware in our kitchen from brass to brushed nickel!

  127. chelsea says:

    paint! i need some…..

  128. Brenna says:

    My husband and I always have several big craft projects in mind. Right now, it’s a nautical nursery wall clock that looks like the steering wheel of a boat. We need supplies!

  129. Chrissy says:

    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway. We have way too many house projects going on….stucco repair, water treatment issues, and peeling paint in the house. I’d probably use the giftcards to get some paint to fix my walls. Or some beadboard to cover my island. Hmmm.

  130. Kristi says:

    We’re gearing up for a bathroom remodel! This would definitely go toward some new tile or a faucet!

  131. Sharon says:

    Flowers, flowers, flowers! Peonies, black eyed Susans, Shasta daisies, and sedum to remind me of my little cottage in Arkansas that burned. Azaleas to remind me of my home in Texas where my children grew up. Rhododendrons to remind of me of my husband’s great aunt who raised them in Oregon, and more berries, because you just can’t have too many! Perhaps I might need more than $100!

  132. Jessica says:

    I would love a Home Depot gift card to buy my husband a hammock stand for a beautiful hammock I scored at the Goodwill recently.

  133. Erin says:

    I would use it to help my sad excuse for a backyard. I want to have people over one of these days!

  134. Janet says:

    I’d love to add some board and batten to my living room with wood from The Home Depot! Thanks for the giveaway!

  135. Susan Howman says:

    If I had a $100 gift card I would use it to make my daughters patio a special place for her and her husband and their soon to be baby boy. They just moved into a rent house and there is just a square on concrete in their back yard. A nice patio canopy or gezebo would be perfect along with some soft chairs that rocked so my new little grandson could enjoy it too, a couple large flower pots with colorful blooms. Then I’d throw in some patio lights, I love patio lights!!!! I know all that would cost more than $100 but that gift card would certainly be a start of making them a relaxing outdoor room.

  136. Christine says:

    Oh what wouldn’t I do… With a 2nd baby on the way, I think I’d buy some paint and shelf for the new nursery.

  137. We are gutting and adding onto a farmhouse that we recently purchased! There are about a million things that this could be used towards, but for right now I will say paint because we are going to be needing a TON of paint!

  138. Hmmm, let’s see. I am about to move in to my new home. The kitchen needs an update desperately, the pink bathroom would like to be painted in a different color, any color, and we are looking to finish the attic and the basement. We would like to build a patio, start a vegetable garden, and purchase a second garage door opener. I am sure there is more…


  139. Sara says:

    Paint and molding to make my cheap bookshelves look awesome:)

  140. Emily W says:

    I’ve been itching to tear out the old wire shelves in our laundry room and replace with cabinets. It would definitely give us a fresh update after a new coat of paint.

  141. amy says:

    Gotta love Amex rewards points! That’s an incredible opportunity. We just moved to Arizona and will be closing on our house on Monday! This would be perfect – we are in desperate need of patio furniture for relaxing by the pool and sipping on a girly drink. The list goes on and on for things we will need to purchase from HD in the next few days. Thanks for the opportunity.

  142. Brenna says:

    I tweeted the giveaway here:!/stewartbrenna

  143. Alisa says:

    Ooooh, what I would do with $100!?! We are needing to replace the floors in our ultra-tiny laundry room and that’s about how much it would cost! Or maybe I could buy more paint and finish painting all the trim…OR I could get a new light fixture for our closet….oh, geez. I don’t think I can make up my mind right now, but we sure could use it!

  144. amber linthakhan says:

    we are rennovating a duplex…needless to say we need all the help we can get!

  145. Tara says:

    My husband and I want to put in a patio. That $100 gift card could go a long way in helping us to do that! Right now we don’t have any outdoor area where we can “hang out” with our puppy.

  146. Emily says:

    I would use it to update some knobs in my bathroom.

  147. chrissybozz says:

    Oh boY!!!! I would purchase the kitchen counter I have been eyeballing forEVER! I am upgrading our kitchen counters, painting our cabinets, and replacing our too outdated ceiling fan…when we bought our home 11 years ago, it was with the stipulation “as long as the kitchen gets a facelift!”….well, 11 years later it’s gonna happen! and this gift card would really help out!

  148. Barbara says:

    Oh, from Home Depot…..I’d love a new shower head. The kind with a hose on it so when i clean the shower (which I just got done doing….) it would be so easy to rinse. Thanks!

  149. Karen says:

    We are in the middle of our backyard project which includes a new deck & a bar. If I won, I would go online & order the outdoor bar stools I’ve been checking out. Next, kick back & have a nice drink! Thanks for doing the giveaway! Karen

  150. courtney says:

    Our house is 115+ years old, we have too many project to list. but the immediate need is paint and plaster – we (insert my hubs) is paint the porch and re-plastering the basement walk way and I am working on the back mudroom (need trim paint and chalkboard paint). Oh and I would probably pick up some plants for the backyard. they always have great deals.

  151. Janelle Forteza says:

    I would use it to buy some red paint for my front door. Your blog has me inspired! :)

  152. Lindsey says:

    You are great to offer this! If I were to win, I would use it to purchase the materials needed to build the place for our hottub. The poor thing is sitting on the trailer still, almost a year after we bought it! So I would definitely use it for that! Can’t wait to see how your patio turns out!

  153. Kristin says:

    I’d love to buy a grill this summer but just don’t see it in the budget. This would really help kick-off the summer!! :)

  154. Adriana says:

    I would put it towards a canopy for our yard!

  155. Adriana says:

    Facebook entry!

  156. Rhonda H says:

    In the midst of a kitchen redo, I’d put the money towards a Blanco kitchen sink.

  157. Elaine says:

    I’m repainting the house soon, so this would be great!

  158. Diana says:

    My smallish back patio could use some tweaking.. this is our second summer here and we have been trying to decide what to do with it…lots of pevious owners stuff still here but I definitely think lighting would be great!! We like to sit out at night when the sun goes down with a glass of wine and listening to the birds!! or the races, if it is Saturday night!! LOL.. My husband would tell you that I would have ABSOLUTELY no problem spending that hundred bucks!!! LOL.

  159. angela says:

    moving to a new apt, setting up nursery so a few DIY projects coming up!

  160. Erica says:

    Use it towards our backyard patio…it needs help!

  161. Lee says:

    With a $100 GC from Home Depot I would purchase 4 new electric burners for my stove ; they are $26 each!!! Great Giveaway!!!

  162. Vanessa says:

    My mom and her husband are building a house, they need everything and could use this to upgrade one of the many areas they are cutting corners on!

  163. Kelley says:

    I’d replace the bathroom floor. It’s crumbling. Eeeek!

  164. Erin says:

    So fun! Some new paint and hardware would be the best!

  165. Allison says:

    My front porch needs a facelift! I would use the $100 gift card to buy some paint for touch-ups, planters, plants for the planters, and some mulch for the flower bed in the front.

  166. $100? Probably new mirrors. Or lighting.

  167. APRIL says:

    we would definitely begin tackling our backyard! it is currently a blank slate of dirt and weeds (no money/time to get after it), and we have BIG plans for it! outdoor firepit, grilling area, grass for the toddler, and more! the giftcard would definitely help the process!

  168. mlj says:

    I would use the $100 gift card as a birthday present for my husband!

  169. Ashley says:

    Some new planters for my front porch

  170. APRIL says:

    i shared this giveaway on facebook!

  171. Sara Baker says:

    We have a baby girl arriving in August and her room is still looking like an office. I’d get some paint, a curtain rod, and some shelving!

  172. Amianne says:

    I would buy all the paint I needed for all my upcoming projects! I’m getting married in July and plan on working on our home after the wedding is all done!! YAY!

  173. I can use this to go towards my crown moulding fund for the kitchen and dining room.

  174. Ann says:

    I would use the $100 gift card toward buying a new door for our porch. The old door was damaged in a wind storm and is now duct taped together–not pretty.

  175. Wendy says:

    There is no room for a garden in my backyard so I am really hoping to plant miniature fruit trees in big pots this summer. That is what I would use the $ for. Thanks!

  176. Leigh Ann says:

    So many projects that I could choose! I would probably put the money knockout roses for my side yard!

  177. Erin R. says:

    I would by some paint to paint my upstairs hall and some colorful tall pots for the front porch.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  178. Aubrey says:

    We sold our ladder during our move, so I would definitely get a quality ladder. I’d also stock up on primers and sealant if there was anything left over!

  179. Danielle says:

    We are redoing our (very small) city backyard, so I would use the 100$ for some planters and materials to make a small contained fountain to drown out the sity noise.

  180. Steph says:

    Ooh, I know just what I want to do with a $100 Home Depot gift card! I have a much loved glider that doesn’t fit on my back deck so I have dreams of creating a small patio in front of the deck for the glider. I need to build out the retaining wall further (it only goes under the deck now) and level out the ground to do this. A gift card would definitely give this project a boost!

  181. Jenny says:

    The question is what WOULDN’T I do with a $100 gift card. Oh, so many projects and so little time. :)

  182. Jenn Barbo says:

    We moved into our house about 2 years ago and the landscaping seems to be a never ending project. I would use the $100 to create a outdoor room. One where by hubby and I could sit and relax as we watch out 2 year old discover nature.

  183. Cassie says:

    I would use the $100 gift card towards sprucing up our back patio, or paint, or lights, or oh there are so many projects! It would come in handy that’s for sure!

  184. Cheri says:

    We are putting together a nursery and starting a basement finishing project…and we have outdoor work to do. HD will be getting lots of our business!

  185. Bebett says:

    Our patio needs serious decorating. I’ll probably start with some furniture with the $100 gift card.

  186. Bri says:

    I am so ready to repaint my living room it’s not even funny. I’d definitely use the $100 gift card to buy paint!

  187. Audrey says:

    I would totally get paint, the good kind with the primer mixed in, for my hallway and laundry room in a dusty purple. If there was mulah left, I would get wood to build myself an Ana White headboard and footboard.

  188. betsy says:

    I would use the gift card towards some sort of outdoor ottoman. It just isn’t relaxing unless my feet are up! :)

  189. Alisa says:

    I would probably split my winnings with my husband! He is busy putting the finishing touches on our chicken coop and I would probably….hmmm I cant decide what I would do with my half :) lots of little things around the house that involve spray paint, frosted windows, door knobs and front door paint!

  190. Mary beth says:

    I would probably use it for one of my many outdoor projects! Or to paint my bedroom!

  191. Vicki K says:

    Something for my entryway – a new chandelier and/or some mirrors definitely! Thank you for all your timely posts and attracting great sponsors!!

  192. shannon b. says:

    We just finished renovating our front porch, so I would use the gift card for the finishing touches — pretty pots and plants!

  193. Jaimee says:

    I’d probably use it for new paint for my living room or supplies to refurb my fence. Or maybe garden stuff. As it turns out I have many needs for Home Depot cash.

  194. Ooohhh.. I know just what I’d do with that $100 Home Depot gift card – get a fantastically large offset outdoor umbrella to shade our West-facing back deck. Even in June it’s a bit too warm out there to enjoy a dinner at sunset and this would make all of my deck dining dreams a reality :-) Thanks so much, I’m really crossing my fingers for this one!

  195. Kelly says:

    I would like to finish the board and batten in my playroom. I did one wall, but now I want to do the whole room. Also, I need some paint, lighting, a fan, the list goes on and on….

  196. Jan says:

    I would use the gift card to buy paint for my kitchen and dining room

  197. Kathryn says:

    I could put it towards any number my many projects, but it would probably be best served towards the tile and tub for my bathroom refresh that I’d like to tackle later this year.

  198. Becca says:

    I need balcony furniture and I love the options from
    Home depot!

  199. Lauren says:

    What perfect timing it would be to win a giveaway like this! My hubby and I just bought our first house and I’m planning to paint it top to bottom. A $100 giftcard would go a long way to purchasing the paint! Thanks for the chance to win!

  200. April says:

    If I won, I’d be buying some paint for our “big room” as it’s called by my boys. I painted it last year and didn’t like the color the minute I put it on the walls, but continued b/c I thought I’d like it better finished. That wasn’t the case. Now, it’s time to do it again.

  201. Debbie Sheldon says:

    I would use the $100 home depot gift card towards paint, drywall, lumber, etc. for remodeling the refrigerator nook in my kitchen.

  202. Danielle says:

    I’ve been toying with the idea of redoing my kitchen, so this would make my decision for me. I’d start with some paint for my cabinets.

  203. Michelle Smith says:

    I would use it to purchase a storm door for the front door.

  204. Mike says:

    I’d buy some new tools!

  205. Nikki says:

    I love your patio plan!!

    I would totally go after a pendant light for our kitchen if I won. :)

  206. Gaby says:

    We just moved into a new apartment, so a gift card would be amazing! I think I would use it to get curtain rods, we have these huge windows and urgently need to be covered. Paint would be nice as well and some panels to make a folding screen divider! :D

  207. Jan says:

    Link this on facebook

  208. Rebecca says:

    Appliances for the new place!

  209. Cheryl says:

    I have been wanting to paint my bedroom forever. I even have the paint chip taped to the wall for the color I want.

  210. Megan says:

    We’re going to paint the cabinets in our kitchen, and just decided to go with Rustoleum’s new Cabinet Transformations kit! So I would love to use this towards the supplies for that fun project. ;)

  211. I feel so close to getting my master bathroom finished. That $100 to Home Depot might be just the thing I need to complete the project!

  212. carolyn says:

    Hmmm….new kitchen faucet to replace the old leaky one!

  213. Eva says:

    I would redo the back splash in my kitchen. It needs updating.

  214. Chris Vanderstoep says:

    It would definitely go towards a new front door!!! We just started renovating our entranceway, and got stuck on the door, which is the first thing that needs to be done before we can do anything else in there… :oP

  215. Emma says:

    I really need to do some more landscaping in our garden. I would love to get that finished.

  216. JAV says:

    We’ve been in our house for 7 years and our front door and shutters are in dire need of some paint. I would definitely use $100 for some paint and maybe a new outdoor light fixture too. Can’t wait to see your final reveal!

  217. Liz Mann says:

    We are still working on our master bathroom and $100 would help with plumbing & maybe some tile.

  218. amber says:

    I’m dying to re-paint my master bath…

  219. Shane S says:

    I would LOVE a paint sprayer!

  220. Sarah J. says:

    I have many things that need to be painted, so I would probably use it toward paint! We really need some shutters for our front window and a fresh coat of paint on our front door to spruce up our curb appeal for spring.

  221. we just finished our patio and we spend every day out there but man do I need a new faucet and sink. My faucet has 2 settings… dripping or full blast, get a bath. Its is so annoying.

  222. Blair says:

    I would use the $100 and put it toward making my backyard my outdoor oasis. Just dropped nearly another $100 there today in fact on more plants!

  223. While the options are endless, I’m thinking it would go towards some new light fixtures for kitchen/dining room remodel we’re neck-deep in right now. Great giveaway!!

  224. Christine says:

    I would use it to take down the ugly pine plank ceiling in our bedroom and put up some drywall.

  225. tweeted giveaway @kalliemack

  226. m frye says:

    I would buy a new toilet seat (swear) that my little boys have ruined and get a million cans of spray paint and spray away! OR I would shop around for a DIY screen for my AC unit.

  227. m frye says:

    I would buy a new toilet seat (swear) that my little boys have ruined and get a million cans of spray paint and spray away! OR I would shop around for a DIY screen for my AC unit.

  228. Becky O'Neill says:

    I would use the money to spruce up my sad backyard with some new retaining wall pavers, good ole dirt and some pretty flowers. My backyard is in despesrate need of some pretty stuff!

  229. Sara says:

    We moved into our house almost 2 years ago. It was our first house so we had absolutely nothing. First, we decided to decorate the inside and buy important big furniture pieces. While doing this, we totally neglected the front and back yard. We have began update them just recently. So with the $100 I would buy some pots and plants to set around my back yard, giving it some detail.

  230. donna bowes says:

    Outside cushions! Thanks for the giveaway and love what you have choosen!

  231. Mindy says:

    moulding to frame my bathroom mirror, flower boxes and flowers, and tiles for a kitchen back splash!

  232. Lara says:

    I would probably blow most of it on perennials. I am in a HUGE gardening stage right now. I might buy a gallon of paint in there somewhere.

  233. Ashley S. says:

    We are currently working on a porch redo of our own so I would put the gift card toward a new bistro table set!

  234. Londen says:

    Your plan looks fabulous! We have a gazebo for the summer and love it…we call it our outdoor family room. You can even hang an outdoor chandelier.

    We will be starting renovations on the exterior of our house next month and would love to use the 100.00 towards lighting. Thank you for the chance!

  235. Oh, I’d get some trim paint, trim boards, caulk and siding (the outside needs a complete overhaul..)

  236. Malissa says:

    Ohhh the possibilities! :-) We have so many projects going on around here that I could use the gift card toward, but my backyard is still tore up from our home addition last year, so I’d use the money toward getting it back in order! Or… my little girl has been begging for some dress up storage. Maybe we’d use the money to build her very own princess armoire… that would be much more fun! :-)

    Your patio is going to look amazing… can’t wait to see the final result!

  237. Heather says:

    Paint, paint, and more paint!

  238. Sarah says:

    I LOVE home depot and have so many needs right now!! I need stuff for my landscaping (mulch, flowers), we’re adding molding to our kitchen cabinets so I need a few things for that, and we’re going to paint and stain our kitchen table, so I need some stain and sealers!! Any or all of that! I hope I win! :) :)

  239. Marsha says:

    Just finishing a total back yard makeover and the budget is tapped. I would use the money for plants and accessories.

  240. Heather says:

    I would definitely spruce up my window boxes. After a year of neglect, new liners and tons of perennials would make the front of the house shine!

  241. Joanne says:

    Plants…anything that will brighten up the desert I live in. I’m not a fan of the cactus.

  242. silva sebring says:

    I am following your lead – just got a free desk off craigslist and am gearing up for paint and brushes and all the things you say I need. I hope I win…that would make my project totally FREE!

  243. Melissa says:

    Love your plan!

    I’m in need of some paint! Thanks for the chance to win.

  244. Rhiana says:

    We are getting a swing set for my little guy so I would use it toward some mulch for under the play set to help with softer landings!

  245. Rhiana says:

    I also linked to Facebook!

  246. Tardevil says:

    Love your color scheme & patio choices. I’m trying to make my deck less of an eyesore, so I’d like a rug, more flowers & some new furniture. No small list, but it’s needed! And then, probably a water hose and sprinkler since I’m not very good with the watering thing!

  247. My plan is to paint the dining room table this summer and recover the dining room chairs! :) I need to get all the basic supplies since I’m just an apartment renter and don’t own anything yet… so 100$ would help a ton!! :)

  248. Adrienne says:

    Too many projects to name, but I would definitely pick up some paint and may be some plants.

  249. lauren o. says:

    New kitchen sink and faucet!

  250. Alison says:

    I’ll put the $100 towards re-staining my super large wooden deck. And if any money is left from it, then maybe get a jig saw to start a decorating project.

  251. Sarah says:

    Some sort of home improvement. We just moved into a new house so I feel like the available projects are endless.

  252. Alison says:

    Posted on twitter as well @glowingly

  253. Allison J. says:

    $100 would be awesome to go towards our bathroom remodel this summer…with a little one on the way, we can use all the help we can get!!

  254. Hera says:

    I would use the gift card to fix up our patio: do something to the concrete slab; hand outdoor drapes; install some container plants. You name it! Thanks for the chance.

  255. Alison says:

    Posted on facebook as well!. Thank you for your awesome giveaways. Too bad I am not lucking with winning such giveaways.

  256. Carolyn says:

    I would buy a new front door for our porch!!! :)

  257. Kathy says:

    Love your new patio and especially your wine barrel inspirations! $100 would go a long way on our front and back porches – planters, plants, cool lighting, tables, a rug, cushions – the list goes on and on. Or, maybe I’d put to toward my daughter’s room makeover that I’ve been promising FOREVER. So many optins, it would definately go to good use around here.

  258. Nicole says:

    I have several projects on my list this summer, so a Home Depot gift card would certainly come in handy! At the top of my list is a homemade, custom desk to create a craft nook in our finished basement.

  259. Samantha says:

    I need to get some wood to start building an entertainment center for the family room, and we have plans to completely redo our yard this summer. With a new house there are so many projects to do.

  260. Rachel J. says:

    I’d put the $100 towards wood to build a new pergola for by the pool. :)

  261. Tara says:

    I just bought a new home – so $100 would help SO much!! So very much painting to be done!! :)

  262. Tara F says:

    I would give my back deck a face lift.

  263. I need to paint my house! I hope I win!

  264. marisa says:

    put it towards a bathroom remodel! except my hubby will probably steal it and buy a new weed eater. not nearly as much fun.

  265. Sarah Sharp says:

    I need new pots, pillows, and maybe an outdoor rug?? Yeah. That’s what I need to spruce up the patio!!

  266. Sunday says:

    I would use the gift card for flowers – my front porch is EMPTY :( Thank you!!!

  267. Haley Hill says:

    I would either buy paint for the inside of the house, or plants and stuff for my front porch! I love Home Depot!

  268. Sunday says:

    I shared the giveaway on my FB page :)

  269. Kathy says:

    Pick me! Pick me! Linked to Facebook.

  270. julie says:

    Boad and batten for my living room..complete my dining room redo…redo the bathrooms…shall I go on ? :)

  271. Lesley Greiner says:

    Outdoor cushions, hardware for the bathroom cabinets, paint, plants, a window box…I could rattle off many things that we could get at Home Depot!!

  272. julie says:

    gave you a shout out on facebook!

  273. Michell Martinez says:

    We are moving this summer and will need a new refrigerator. This would make it $100 cheaper!

  274. Nicole says:

    I would use it to buy nice casters for all of our living room furniture so that it is easy to move everything around for playtime, dance time, and exercise video time.

  275. Lindsay says:

    Some paint to finish up the shed we’re building!

  276. I Facebooked this too!

  277. Jamie says:

    ooh! We’re almost done with our home improvement projects! We’d use the $100 gift card to stain the remaining trim to match our new wood stairs, buy paint to repaint the entry way and buy an updated ceiling light to replace our lovely brass ’80’s light.

  278. I did a little twitter for this too!

  279. Deb says:

    I’d buy a new patio set for my brand new patio!

  280. elizabeth s. says:

    i’d use the gift card to buy some organizational helpers for my kitchen and closet.

  281. Jennie says:

    I would use the money to begin the work on a much needed deck area around our in ground pool. The previous owners only concreted a small portion of the area inside the pool fence. They planted Vinca in the rest of the area. It looked nice, but with two active boys swimming in the pool using lots of balls and sundry other items that get lost in the vines is not so user friendly; not to mention that it is the prime tanning/lounging area of the pool. Have begun the deconstruction of the area, but sure could use that gift card to begin to purchase the supplies to make it a fun, funky, functional portion of our pool area.

  282. Have to be paint and new blinds for my dining room, but I would love to put some pavers under our back deck to make that usable space too. Can’t wait to see what you do, Kate!

  283. Laurie says:

    It’s a hard choice between picking up some more perennials and buying a bunch of different colors of paint for all the refinishing projects I have slated for this summer. In fact, that $100 could go a long way for both things.

  284. Holly says:

    Who couldn’t use a Home Depot card!! I’m looking for a new birdbath and bird feeder. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  285. Deneen says:

    I would love to do an outdoor fire pit! There are so many things to get at Home Depot!

  286. Liz says:

    I would buy some paint for my dining room. We’ve got the colors all picked out, we just need some extra funds to buy it!

  287. Claudia says:

    Love the yellowy greens you have picked out!

    It would definitely go towards our bathroom re-do, we’re doing it this summer so I would love some funding to go towards it!

  288. Rachel says:

    I would purchase hardware for my kitchen cabinets- we remodeled the kitchen a year and a half ago and that is the last thing to do!

  289. Nancy Dupont says:

    I have to many ideas to list!! I need ground cover for the back yard, the galvanized water can I saw at Home Depot many moons ago. Some new plants to spruce up my pots would be nice. I can go on an on.

  290. Mary says:

    I would love to put bead board up in my hall bath. Would love to win!

  291. Lori H says:

    Paint and outdoor plants! I love your ideas for your patio and look forward to seeing the progress. BTW, I plan to make your sour cream enchiladas this weekend!

  292. Jessica says:

    Give it to my daughter who is expecting a baby girl in August! So she can do some sprucing up in the baby’s new room. Thanks!

  293. Meghan says:

    We are HOPEFULLY purchasing a new home very soon, so I would definitely use a gift card for new light fixtures, paint, and all of the other new-home items you would need from Home Depot!

  294. We have NO outdoor furniture and no grill – I would browse around and find what sets my heart on fire! oooh…a firepit!!!

  295. Stephanie says:

    This is the summer of projects around our home!
    But first on my list is our daughters (ages 4 & 5) bedrooms. Lots of painting ideas for “growing up” their rooms…..along with places for knick-knacks and all things girly. :)
    This gift card would be fantastic to help get us jump-started!

  296. DaNita says:

    I have so many projects that I would LOVE to use the gift card for… Definitely paint for some of the rooms in my home, maybe a new rug. Hope to win!!

  297. karen says:

    I would use a Home Depot gift card to buy some of that gorgeous stone you put on your round patio. I tried staining the concrete last summer, but it didn’t hold up to our NE winter very well, so now we’re going to cover it with tile or stone. I thought yours turned out gorgeous! Thanks for the chance.

  298. Carole Carnley says:

    We are moving overseas with the military and want to leave a nicely painted house behind for our renters. If I win this it is going straight toward nice neutral colors in our soon to be rental. Oh I can use this!! Keeping fingers crossed!! :) BTW the patio looks great!

  299. Anna says:

    I would put the gift card towards a new front door. Mine lacks character and lets in the cold/hot air:( Time for something new to welcome guests to our home!

  300. Kelly P says:

    We are doing a massive renovation to our house so I can’t say exactly how a $100 gift card would be used, but I can absolutely assure you that it would be :-)

  301. Michelle De Jesus says:

    Need to spruce up the back yard. We are having our daughters college graduation in July. yard does need work. xoxox

  302. Julie says:

    Our old bathroom (the main bath) is in major need of work. It is embarrassingly bad.

  303. Hannah says:

    Our front yard needs help desperately. $100 would definitely help it along.

  304. amy pugmire says:

    we just bought our first home and are in need of so many things. I think the backyard needs the most help! I would love to get the yard in order by buying some lawn care for it. It has weeds that go for miles. I would love a nice place for my girls to play.

  305. Stephanie says:

    I linked this on my facebook wall! :)

  306. Carole Carnley says:

    Posted a link to my FB page. Good luck ladies and may the luckiest girl win. :)

  307. tonya says:

    oh there is so much that i want to do right now. That home depot gift card would be perfect. I could get the supplies to redo my dinning room table or supplies for when i get my bedroom set. Or even get supplies for my bathroom redo…. oh so much = )

  308. Lisa W says:

    I would use it to upgrade my patio furniture with some new stain and cushions :)

  309. tonya says:

    i’ve shared it on facebook to all my friends too = )

  310. Kristen says:

    $100 to Home Depot…I think it would be time to check out some new lighting for my house, maybe even some fun outdoor lighting or some small patio furniture

  311. Gwyneth L says:

    I would use it for our living room makeover (paint/chair rail/revamp fireplace).

  312. Dollinda Welch says:

    My backyard is in serious need of some color. So, I would plant lots of colorful flowers.

  313. Alex says:

    We have been wanting to replace our interior door hardware (yuck who wants builder gold door knobs!) so $100 would really help us get started!

  314. Gina says:

    For $100 I would begin the process of pulling up the carpet in the hallway and preparing to tile the hallway, the laundry room floor and the kid’s bathroom. A big project that has been on our to-do list for a while!

  315. Amanda Z says:

    I would use it to put towards refinishing my old and dinged-up furniture!

  316. Erin says:

    What would you do with a $100 gift card to Home Depot? Inspired by your recent transformation, I would love to give a makeover to my back patio!

  317. shannon says:

    i think i would pick up some more outdoor furniture! i’m loving decorating outside right now.

  318. Della says:

    I would buy some patio shades to make it more pleasant in our hot Arizona sunshine.

  319. Kimberly says:

    I would plant a herb garden and spruce up our patio!

  320. Tahmina says:

    I would start building an outdoor shower and replace the stepping stones in our backyard with pavers!

  321. Laurie says:

    I would put it all towards crown moulding for our front room. We haven’t any since we moved in and I know it would make a world of difference in the room.

  322. Tammy says:

    I would use it for paint, paint, and more paint!

  323. Pam says:

    I would buy a new rug and pillows for my patio. I spend so much time there!!

  324. Exciting giveaway! I’d love to win the gift card! I’d use it for a new ceiling fan for my living room. There is a horrid brass one in there right now! :)

  325. Carrie says:

    I would have to use it for some new outdoor lighting.

  326. Zoe Feast says:

    Having spent the entire day hosing down and scrubbing the “green” off my deck after my power washer decided it was not going to work, I am now ready for some new stain. A $100 gift card from Home depot would go down a treat…then I think a few new chairs to have a nap!

  327. Susie says:

    With $100 to Home Depot I would gather painting supplies, several gallons of paint and start repainting my kitchen, breakfast nook and butler’s pantry. After that, I’d pick out some wall treatments (board and batten perhaps) to begin work on the guest bath. My true to do list is actually much longer :)

  328. tanya says:

    just scored some great pieces at goodwill plus it was a MDW sale, so i would get creative with some new ways to finish it.. plus maybe start a new project if something in home depot inspired me :)

  329. jenn says:

    Oh man! I would buy shade plants to line the back fence where it’s a jumbled mess of dirt, moss and weeds.

  330. Jordan G says:

    For $100 I would buy the supplies needed to make myself a DIY outdoor fountain with clay flower pots. I scored some great discount pots for the project this weekend.
    Now I just need the pump, and I’m pretty sure $100 would cover it!

  331. Michele P. says:

    I need to get some of that tacky green carpet that looks like grass for my back porch area to protect it from the elements as the untreated wood is rotting out a bit from the winter snow. Also, probably some new wood for the back porch-it is covered with a small roof but snow still gets in from the sides and damages the wood flooring. Sigh… a homeowner’s work is never done!

  332. Carolyn says:

    I’d head straight to the paint section with a gift card to Home Depot!!

  333. Cynthia says:

    I want to make some new furniture for the house. My son needs a new bed, and I’d love to make some new outdoor furniture for the back deck.

  334. maggie says:

    Right at this moment I would buy materials to build a pergola. Then I would have a place to hang my swing!

  335. Tracy says:

    I would love to get my hands on a couple of wine barrels! I too have been looking at those cabanas for an area in my yard I would like to have some seating for gatherings.

    If I won, I would apply it toward a desperately needed lawnmower before the City gives me a fine for my grass being too tall! Mine was old and finally bit the dust.

  336. Kelsey H says:

    I would put that towards supplies to paint our kitchen cabinets and with what’s ever left over, put it towards getting our nice screen door for our front door. A $100 to HD would be so great!!

  337. Brook says:

    I would buy put $100 towards buying a new rug! Plus buy some paint to jazz up my old patio chairs.

  338. Christina says:

    With $100 @ Home Depot I’d get a few materials to finish up our ongoing rancher reno! I would be beyond thrilled to win–and so would my hubbie!

  339. Liz says:

    Oh boy! I’d probably put it towards some starter plants for our veggie garden, maybe some paint for the master bedroom and whatever else we could fit in. I would certainly stretch it as far as possible!

  340. andrea p says:

    With the gift card I would buy covers for our patio furniture (boring I know, but much needed!)
    Thank you :)

  341. We’re looking to rip off our old leaky sunroom and build a new one. This would definitely help out :)

  342. Jane says:

    We would buy paint/supplies to redo a dresser for a changing table in our nursery, the bedside tables in our guest room, and our bar!

  343. Jan says:

    Greetings! I would use the $100 to help my about-to-be-wed daughter turn her fiance’s bachelor pad into a woman-ready home. Maybe a new kitchen faucet or some carpeting to replace the horrid carpet on her sunporch or maybe just some paint to get the master bedroom painted. So much to do, so little funding!

  344. Katie S. says:

    I would hand over the gift card to my parents to get them motivated on their own patio project. They have a furniture set just sitting there waiting for some repairs to be made to the existing patio and cover, and I would love for them to use the space THIS summer =)

  345. Katie S. says:

    I retweeted about your giveaway! (@RedVixxen)

  346. Aimee P says:

    I would start working on remodeling our horrible 1950s bathroom. I’ve gotten so many great ideas from your site!

  347. Hello Kate,

    My fireplace is in serious need of a facelift. Maybe a nice wood face that I could paint white. I would love a large mantel so I could join in all the cool mantel parties you bloggers have.

    A girl can dream……….

    Janet xox

    ps…have a glorious weekend!

  348. Jan says:

    Just left a link on FB!

  349. Kimba says:

    No question. New faucet for the kitchen. We’ve wanted to replace it since the day we moved in, but that project keeps getting bumped down the list.

  350. nancy says:

    Decorate my eating area in the backyard. I rug under the table would look nice and having flowers will make it look beautiful.

  351. Amber says:

    We for sure need to work on our walk-in closet. Thanks!

  352. If I had $100 for Home Depot I would use it to buy materials to do my front yard. I want to put down mulch (the pinestraw has long been gone), add flowers and plants. My front yard is bland and $100 would help it.

  353. Jan says:

    Fantastic giveaway! I’d probably buy a new sander–I just got an old dresser that is crying out for refinishing!

  354. I added the giveaway to my FB profile.

  355. Jan says:

    Just linked on Twitter!

  356. Jessica J says:

    I could do so many things with $100 at Home Depot……but I think flowers and some really great pots would do our house some good.

  357. Jennifer says:

    I would by some new light fixtures!

  358. Connie says:

    I’d definitely getting some paint! I’m interested in changing up some of the rooms. My parents are also planning on remodeling their kitchen soon. I’m sure they could use the help!

  359. Sarah says:

    I would use the gift card to buy spray paint. I’m working on refinishing a vintage metal glider and rockers and before long I will need primer and spray paint.

  360. Alana says:

    I would by supplies to refinish two dressers and two desks in my apartment. They are definitely in need of some TLC!

  361. Becky says:

    I am redoing my kitchen this summer. So this could go towards anything from the floor to the backsplash!

  362. Mindy S says:

    It would be a kick start to some new flooring in my bedroom

  363. Kylie Bond says:

    I would redo our front porch. It currently has no love and it needs some!

  364. yvonne says:

    Repaint my room. Made a total disaster of it 5 years ago & haven’t had the money to be able to repaint because I’m going to school.

  365. Erica says:

    I would finally be able to start my bathroom remodel! Right now our metallic wallpaper rivals those of the ugliest bathrooms in America.

  366. Pippa says:

    I have to powerwash our green-tinged deck, so I would put it towards some stain and sealer!

  367. Chuma says:

    I would put it towards giving the walls in my house a fresh coat of paint!

  368. Nadia says:

    I’d definitely get paint if I won! My white rental needs some color!

  369. I’m loving your color ideas for the patio..and the wine barrels with be very fitting considering your vista.

    $100 from Home Depot would be fantastic.. I have a couple of vintage light fixtures that need to be replaced in the house. (not vintage in a cool way LOL)

    Linking to my Facebook also :)!/profile.php?id=1038143393

  370. Erica says:

    Linked to twitter! Follow 3oclockwinds!

  371. Mary Rickrich says:

    We plan to put hardwood floors in our family room this fall and would put the $100 towards that purchase.

  372. Ellen says:

    $100 from Home Depot would definitely mean finishing off the walkway in our front yard – it goes from our driveway to our porch, and across the front garden. We need to put pavers or flagstone down.

  373. Amber says:

    I would spend it on removing the hideous red wallpaper in my office and buy a nice blue/green paint to give it a beautiful soothing feel. I’d use the rest to actually make the office usable!

  374. Susan says:

    With a $100 Home Depot gift card, I would buy the boards to start the cottage style board wall in my planned multi-purpose space. It is formerly a guest room and soon to be a sewing/craft/office/guest room.

  375. Cass says:

    I would take our master bath from a blah room (complimented with camo green color on the walls-gross!) to something more zen and spa-like with new paint and a little bit of white tile. I’m loving your ideas for your patio by the way!

  376. Susan says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  377. Britt says:

    I would probably buy a few small prints from etsy or 20×200. Been working to fill up the gigantic wall in my living room!

  378. Jenn says:

    just got a new house, so the possibilities are endless – remodel master br, re-do deck, upgrade kitchen, repaint ugly purple bathroom…..

  379. amy says:

    I would use it in my own backyard. We live in Seattle where it rains 8 months out of the year and so some sort of covering over the patio would be great so that we could still bbque and enjoy an evening without having it rained out every time!!

  380. Jessica says:

    We’re in the middle of a backyard patio project ourselves. This would help with the last bags of sand, and the grout. Maybe with enough leftover for a few plants towards the landscaping! :)

  381. Jessica says:

    Posted it on twitter (i’m @gardenJess). Pick me, pick me!

  382. Lethea B says:

    I could really use the gift card for a landscaping project that we’ve been trying to complete=)
    Thanks a bunch!

  383. Jessica says:

    And also shared it on facebook as well! Thanks for the entries!

  384. Megan says:

    I would actually love to get some plants for my backyard. I just moved into a new place and the backyard is very sad. I want to spruce up the patio with some potted plants. I could get $100 to go a long ways. Or maybe I’ll paint a room. I could also get a new light fixture for the kitchen. Or maybe some lights for the backyard? Basically, there is a lot I could and want to do. :) Thanks for the giveaway and I’m excited to see how your yard turns out!!

  385. WendyK says:

    I’d buy something for the garden, either plants or path components or something like that. Thanks for the giveaway!

  386. Melissa says:

    A kitchen sink because that’s the last thing to redo in our makeover

  387. Karena says:

    Kate I would absolutely love to win this gift certificate to Home Depot I really need some new lighting!

    Come and enter my amazing $250 Giveaway from Tracy Porter!

    Art by Karena

  388. Denise says:

    I would buy some more spray paint (of course) and get some patio furniture.

  389. Paula says:

    We just bought some new patio furniture and if I got a $100 gift card from Home Depot, I would use it to buy an outdoor rug and some accessories to tie everything together!

  390. Karena says:

    PS I adore what you are doing with your outdoor space!!

    It is beautiful!

    Art by Karena

  391. Lisa says:

    Where to start? I would replace our builder grade light fixtures first, then replace the builder grade bathroom fixtures, and buy some paint for said bathrooms!

  392. Sarah says:

    I would put the money towards buying a patio set for our new home!!

  393. I really want to board and batten my master bedroom. So I’d grab some wood and paint and get started!

  394. kayduh says:

    I would buy a jig saw! We need one to count a hole in our new countertop for the sink.

  395. Jaimie says:

    Would probably buy paint (Gobi Desert by Behr) and hardware for the bathroom.

  396. Judi says:

    I would buy paint to spruce up all the things that I have for my space!! Loving the wine barrel ideas !
    I linked with Facebook

  397. Shelli says:

    I’d love to select some new plants for our yard – with lots of color! Thanks for the giveaway!

  398. Linda says:

    I was just drooling over some grills at Home Depot the other day, so this would make a lovely beginning to getting a new one for my hubby for maybe Father’s Day or his birthday. Our old grill has given up, so he’s taken to grilling with charcoal over our bbq pit in the backyard. A new gas grill would sure be a lot more convenient.

  399. nora says:

    we just started renovating our first house. we’re going to redo our master suite so i’d use $100 for wood for studs and to get started with pergo flooring!

  400. Yuechen says:

    I’d like to get some closets for my garage.

  401. Jenn says:

    We had an emergency bathroom redo as a result of a leaking shower pan, so I’d put that money to an upgraded faucet or shower head.

  402. Lani says:

    I think I would finally invest in a miter saw to accomplish all the building and molding projects that we want to do! I’ve been borrowing my neighbors and I’m sure he’s kinda sick of me asking!! :)

  403. Susan says:

    We could use new lights for the patio. Thanks a bunch!

  404. Nicole says:

    New paint and trim/casing for my windows!

  405. Lani says:

    Linked this on FB!!

  406. Jenny K. says:

    I would use the gift card towards an arbor for a climbing rose or vine. We want to put a pathway down and the arbor would be a great addition at the beginning. Thank you for this chance.

  407. Jami says:

    Hmmm…a $100 gift card to Home Depot would/could go to several different items! It may go to a new faucet for our kitchen/pantry remodel, to our bathroom remodel we’re starting soon, the nursery we should start soon, the landscaping we’ve begun or building supplies for some storage I’m fixated on building!

  408. Jen says:

    buy some power tools to help me do more projects!

  409. I would love to get some “outside stuff” for our new little patio area…so many possibilities!!

  410. Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita says:

    I would buy that last piece of trim to finish off the deck. You know, that one piece that never seems to get done?

  411. I spend it in a flash on bead board and paint for our cottage bathroom………any extra $$ would be spent on baskets/storage for towels etc.

  412. Kristel T.M. says:

    I would want to spend the 100$ gift card on fun garden items, but the responsible, smart thing to do is use it towards the bathroom remodel. Thank you for the chance to win!

  413. Kristin says:

    I love that you asked “Some paint or a new faucet?” I need a new kitchen faucet! Thanks for reminding me…

  414. Steph says:

    Definitely would start with some paint supplies and some hardware for my next project: refinishing an ole’ white dresser… and finish it off with a rainbow of spray paint cans for whatever comes up next that needs a little TLC and color!

  415. Sheila says:

    Paint, paint!! I am hoping to rid our house of beige in the next couple weeks, so a Home Depot trip is in my near future. :)

  416. Jill D. says:

    Definitely spruce up our backyard as well! Saving up for a nice patio set! Thanks for hosting this!

  417. Nicole says:

    Me and the garden section would have a little rendezvous and the result would be many pretty little flowers to brighten my backyard. I crave the backyard life during the hot months, and colors of all kinds are necessary!

  418. Jenn says:

    Oooh – I would love to win a Home Depot gift card to buy some power tools!!! Thank you!

  419. Mama Bird says:

    OMG I need this soooo bad! I would go buy cement mix so that the steps could be finished in my backyard, and if there is any left I would buy some more outdoor furniture, plants etc…

  420. Juju says:

    OOOOOH, I’d get shrubs and plants for my backyard.

  421. Beth says:

    I’m working on our patio, too! So I would spend $100 on bricks and sand and that would probably cover it. But if there is any left over, maybe a couple pots and plants to scatter about on the new patio.

  422. Alicia says:

    I’d get some paint and tile to re-do my guest bathroom!

  423. Christy Griffin says:

    We are looking for new grill for the summer so this would definately help!

  424. Cindy says:

    I would buy paint for my daughters room and spend the rest on plants for the backyard. I hope I win!!!

  425. wendy sue says:

    oooh, we moved into a new home and we’re working on landscaping…$100 would buy lots more pretty flowers for our yard! :o)

  426. Patti Z says:

    We’re working on our curb appeal so I would use a GC towards the purchase of a new light fixture, updated hardware for the door and paint to freshen a bench. Thanks for the giveaway!

  427. deezie says:

    Love what you are doing to your new outdoor patio, the things you have chosen are beautiful.
    Oh boy a 100.00 to spend at Home Depot, where do I begin. I would be tossed between plants and paint I guess. We just bought a new umbrella and stand for one area around our pool that has no shade. I would say Paint for sure. I can always use paint and we are doing an outdoor project now that is all about paint.
    have a great weekend

  428. Adriane says:

    Paint. Always paint. Primer. Always primer. I also have a collapsible table design for my sewing room lurking around in my brain that wants to come out and be made!

  429. Heidi says:

    how awesome! I would use it to put up board and baton in my girls bedroom.

  430. Margaret says:

    I’d love to inject some color into our covered porch or maybe add a useful rain barrel to the back garden or maybe even have the hubs build a sandbox for the boys! Oh so many fun summer projects!

  431. Jennifer C. says:

    I would use it towards buying new patio furniture for my parents!

  432. Jessica L says:

    I would put it towards a new patio set. Ours shattered last year and I have yet to replace it. I’ve been looking at one of the Martha Stewart collections and have yet to buy it!

  433. Jessica L says:

    I would put it towards a new patio set. Ours shattered last year and I have yet to replace it. I’ve been looking at one of the Martha Stewart collections and have yet to buy it!

  434. Amy says:

    I just convinced my husband to make the downstairs of our split level home (currently a massive playroom/extra tv area) into our master suite! We could use all the help we can get. A gift card to Home Depot would definitely go to good use!

  435. J&J says:

    Oh, Home Depot. I would buy new wood decking material for my front walkway. I actually did a post about it last week. It’s in grim disrepair. Maybe this would motivate my husband to work on it.

  436. Daniella says:

    Yah home depot! I would probably by baseboard trim, boring I know, but I’m going to need a lot of it once I tear up my kitchen/living room floors next week!

  437. Lindsey says:

    Patio table baby!!! Or really anything, home depot might just be my favorite store.

  438. It would go to white hex tile. I’m glamming up the laundry room.

  439. Sarah says:

    I would buy chalkboard paint. I am so inspired by the different ways you have used it and would love to try it out. I am also in the process of sprucing up the backyard. I would buy some new lights and also start an edible garden. Thanks.

  440. Tammy H says:

    I would LOVE to give the gift card to my retired parents who have the time they need to fix up their house, but it seems to go the speed of molasses because of the finances. They deserve it, here’s to hoping I win! :)

  441. First, I am totally in LOVE with your design plan! It’s totally inviting and relaxing! Second, I am DYING for a barrel plant like that! I just may have to DIY one!!! :D

    As for the Home Depot card, I would buy more yard decor! :D

  442. I seriously need to paint our front door! I’m trying to talk my husband into a cranberry color. Wouldn’t that spruce up our cream house with cream trim with a cream door?! I think so! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  443. Sharon says:

    I would buy paint for the kitchen and a new bamboo shade.

  444. E&J says:

    My honey & I just bought our first home…a great deal for a fixer-upper and boy is it in a slew of improvements…our sad savings account shudders at the thought of all the money to do the things that need to be done! We would buy paint/supplies and electrical things, as NONE of the bedrooms have lights!

  445. laura wesson says:

    I would put it towards a new outdoor table a chairs. We are moving from our rent house and loosing the fabulous one that we have!

  446. Lindy Powers says:

    I have two projects in mind that I could use the Gift card for. I have a chair that I love that I would like to recover using drop cloths from Home Depot. I am also doing my sons’ room over and need to purchase craft paper and floor varnish:) I HOPE I WIN!!

  447. Caroline says:

    Pegboard, drywall, spray paint, fencing, pots, outdoor rug…I could go on and on!

  448. Kristyn says:

    I would buy paint! LOTS of paint! :)

  449. Cindy berisic says:

    Woo if I could get $100 to home depot I would definitely use it to help me buy tiles for my kitchen backsplash. I live in a cute little apartment with a nice kitchen but just bare back wall. I can certainly use all the help I can get seeing that I am a teacher in a private school and will have plenty of time on my hands come next week!!

  450. erin reardon says:

    We are going to paint our kitchen cabinets … that would be an awesome help!

  451. Rebekah says:

    I would use the $100 to build one of Ana White’s plans. I’m wanting to do the plant stand and the adult sized sling chair for my balcony!

  452. erin reardon says:

    posted to facebook!

  453. Margaret says:

    I would spend it on a patio table and if I had leftover money, I would go wild in the garden center!

  454. Amanda V says:

    I could buy a lot of plants for my yard with $100! Pick me!

  455. Nancy says:

    I would paint the front door and get a new mail box!!

  456. Debbie says:

    I would buy ant bait (as my youngest is allergic to fire ants) for my entire yard, spray paint, and part of a new mower for our newly dead one.

  457. Mystica says:

    I would love to win this for my friend whose birthday is coming up!

  458. Larissa says:

    I would finally replace the old light on our porch. It is one of those fluorescent porch lights and casts an ugly blue light instead of a warm light. I feel like I’m being interrogated on my own porch and I’ve hated it since we moved in 2 years ago, but other things in our house have taken priority.

  459. Carol Ann says:

    You have inspired me to get busy on my patio project (which is lacking in “pop!”) So, the Home Depot prize $ would be seeking that elusive element of pop-ness.

  460. Allison says:

    We have zero lighting in our back yard and would love to be able to use our outdoor space in the evenings. I would spend it on lighting! Your patio project is looking fantastic Kate!

  461. Sarah C says:

    I am DYING to build a very simple pergola on my deck. I have been thinking about it since last summer. I even know what supplies I need, it is completely built in my mind. I just need the FUNDS! I’m a centsational girl too so I can make the $100 go a LONGGG way!!!! I will then be able to kick back under my lighted pergola on a warm summer night and enjoy some wine!

  462. Emily S. says:

    We’ve just moved and have an awesome patio set, with the home depot gift card I would pop up some color with new cushions! Crossing my fingers XX

  463. Oh goodness, where to begin? We are moving into a new place, so I think my first purchase would likely be paint…then maybe some lumber because I have some big ideas for sprucing up some boring walls in the new place!

  464. Elizabeth Crawford says:

    I would use a Home Depot gift certificate to help fence in a pasture I need for rescued horses. I have three and we have already spent $1,200. trying to complete this job.

  465. Rebecca says:

    My back patio is desperate for a make-over. I’d love to replace the awful drop ceiling with beaded board, cover the metal poles so they look like columns, replace the OLD ceiling fan, and stain the floor. Think I could get all of that done for $100? Maybe not, but it would be a great start!

  466. Alicia B says:

    I’d love to plant some flowers and some veggies outside!

  467. Lisa says:

    we have been doing a lot of home projects lately so $100 would come in handy! I think our kitchen faucet is about to go so that would be helpful! Love your blog.

  468. Adam G says:

    We just bought a new house and there are quite a few repairs. This would definitely help to tackle the to-do list

  469. Christine says:

    Definitely new faucets for the bathroom! Awesome giveaway!

  470. Roxanne says:

    So many projects going, painting in front of house to spruce up the curb appeal, corner garden in the backyard needs help, one day I’ll start painting my ugly kitchen cabinets…..

  471. Carole Spring says:

    I would use it to buy paint. Our garage desperately needs a new paint job.

  472. Jess says:

    Ooohh…we are fixing up the outside of our home this summer and would love to put the Home Depot gift card toward new paint!

  473. R says:

    I sure could use some new chair cushions!

  474. Diana says:

    We’ve been eying up a new lawn mower, this would definitely help!

  475. Kirsten says:

    We have so much that needs doing around our house, that I don’t know where to begin! A gift card could help to buy paint for the walls in our house; new light fixtures for the kitchen; a new sink and faucet for our bathroom; or materials for building shelves for the the closet in my craft room. I love getting ideas from your blog.

  476. Rachel says:

    I’d buy a leaf blower so we can clean out the garage without borrowing from our neighbor.

  477. Holly says:

    I would build the wall for my sons room, so he can have a space of his own (and Mommy and Daddy can have their space back). The theme is dinosaurs, I’m so excited to finish it up. :)

  478. Jean says:

    Where to begin… We would love new roman shades for two of our bedrooms and some patio accessories.

  479. Lauren G says:

    Just bought a new house and all the walls are brown so we definitely need some paint money

  480. Sayra Chorey says:

    I would get a few indoor plants and also buy some paint to cover up some old screen doors.

  481. Marie says:

    I want to buy flowers for our patio

  482. janet says:

    I would use the gift card towards the purchase of a new vanity top in my bathroom. I am painting the old vanity in the bathroom and need to replace the vanity top, sink and faucet.

  483. Sam Olden says:

    Definitely some planter pots. We are building some decking and I want to line it with some nice big planter pots.

  484. Angela Dunn says:

    What would you do with a $100 gift card to Home Depot?

    I would go out and buy materialsI need to refinish a small stool I bought off Kijiji today; sander, primer, Rustoleum Heirloom White paint, staple gun. You’re an inspiration!!! – but I’m starting small. :)

  485. Angela Dunn says:

    Linked this post to Facebook! :)

    Also, not sure if it matters, but I’m Canadian. Do I still have a chance?!

  486. Erin says:

    Yay for Home Depot! This is what I would buy = paint, paint, and more paint!!! Our 1-bedroom industrial loft may have a small footprint (only 787 sq ft!), but we MORE than make up for it with our airy 14-foot ceilings. Unfortunately (from a painting perspective), this means that all our outside walls are, I repeat, 14 feet high! Daunting, to say the least. One wall is brick (whew!) but the other 3 walls are in *desperate* need of painting. That’s 1400 square feet of wall!!! Eeek! My painting muscles hurt just thinking about it… help me, Home Depot!

    The patio plans look beautiful, Kate — can’t wait to see the big reveal!

  487. April D. says:

    Hmmm….. I would buy a nail gun or a compound miter saw. I NEED those two tools!

  488. cindi says:

    Wow, I so need to re-do my pond, but the expense is keeping me from doing it as of yet :(

  489. cindi says:

    Wow, I so need to re-do my pond, but the expense is keeping me from doing it as of yet :(

  490. Gina says:

    Love Home Depot – updating guest bath – maybe a new faucet? paint? lighting? mirror? Love your patio ideas – can’t wait for the reveal.

  491. Alissa says:

    I have a list of about a million things from Home Depot, but to narrow it down to just a few . . . I need blinds, some lighting, a sander, and spray paint :-)

  492. Rachel W says:

    My husband and I could definitely use the Home Depot gift card to help out with our kitchen renovation. What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you!

  493. Courtney says:

    We are redoing our main bathroom and are looking for the perfect glass accent tile! This would definitely come in handy!

  494. Lynsey says:

    I would use it towards decorating our deck.

  495. Jaclyn says:

    I was just at Home Depot today! I had to get a Purdy brush and Floetrol that you rave about. :) Oh, how I’d love to win this giveaway! We are in desperate need of a patio sliding door- not a fun purchase, but a very necessary one!

  496. Lisa says:

    I’d totally get paint to redo some shutters and furniture I’ve been waiting to re-do!!! YAY!

  497. I’d buy a rug to replace the one our dog has been gradually destroying bit by bit since we got it.

  498. sydney85 says:

    I would like to make the patio a great dining area with an awning.

  499. Pam says:

    I love your website and have been inspired several times now to create some beauty around my home. If I had a $100 Home Depot gift card, I’d use it to buy some paint for my sons’ room. I have 7 sons and, well, let’s just say its time to repaint :)

  500. Our deck is totally falling apart, so we have a project planned to build a replacement. A little extra cash to contribute toward the project would be great!

  501. Jamie says:

    My first project on the list is to paint stripes in my entry. Then, I have a tile project in mind, and really, the list goes on and on!

  502. Allison says:

    I would love to buy a light fixture and a faucet for our master bathroom. They are in dire need of replacement!!! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  503. Tracy D. says:

    I would be purchasing for trim for the dining room and some chair rail too. Then I need to make a frame for a picture that was painted on the wall. Then I need some paint too for the dining room. I need some plants for the summer to pretty it up outside and grow some vegetables. Thanks for the giveaway!

  504. Angela says:

    We also have zero outside lighting. I would love to use our backyard after dark!

  505. Whitney says:

    I would get the wood and supplies to build my son a new daybed/twin bed with storage! :) He’s moving into a big boy bed soon and I don’t want the typical toddler bed! This would be perfect!

  506. regina says:

    paint and bead board to decorate our daughter’s new room in our new home.

  507. your patio is so beautiful!! I would spend the $100 on a new lighting fixture for our bathroom!

  508. sarah says:

    i need to update the upstairs guest bathroom. thanks for the opportunity!

  509. Whitney says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway here!!/DiaryPreppyMom

  510. Joanna says:

    We would probably put it towards fencing- we just moved into our house with a 1 & 2 year old, and we have a busy street on one side and literally a canyon on the other. Yikes!

  511. Patty says:

    It would be hard to decide what to get….but I want to finish off our main bathroom….some wood for board and batten and new lighting,!

  512. AnneSATX says:

    We’ve also been working on making our patio someplace we want to sit and relax with friends. So I’d say we’d use the money to continue that plan — maybe replace our 15-year-old outdoor ceiling fans…

  513. Bindswa says:

    I could use this giveaway in a million different ways! New doorknobs, paint, blinds. Just about every room in my house could use $100!

  514. Victoria says:

    With $100, I would help my parents upgrade their balcony so they can enjoy the view!

  515. Mary says:

    New blinds for the door to my porch and a more interesting light fixture for my hallway!

  516. Jean says:

    A new faucet for our half bath.

  517. Eunice Chou says:

    Where do I start? I could use it towards making my daughter’s big girl room, a new front door, new light fixtures in the house (to replace the ugly brass ones), or towards shutters for the outside of the house!

  518. Lauren says:

    I am also in need of sprucing up my backyard!! We’re putting in a fence this week, but a lot more needs to be done. I could put the home depot gift card toward so many things… stain for the deck, or wood for a new section of deck, or a gazebo (we have no shade either)… so many options, so little money!

  519. Amy P says:

    I would buy a couple fruit trees for our yard. Love Home Depot! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  520. Alicia says:

    I need some wood to build my kiddo a new bed!

  521. Katrina says:

    I would buy either a new sink for the bathroom we’re roughing in, or some plants for our yard.

  522. Mike says:

    I think we’d spend the gift certificate on lumber for our basement framing that we’re about to start. Or on flooring for the basement. Or on drywall for the basement. Basically, we’re about to spend a lot of money on our basement and could easily find a use for the Home Depot gift card!

  523. brandi says:

    I’d love to plant more flowers outside!

  524. Audra says:

    I would buy a storm door for our new house we signed a contract on today!!!!

  525. Krista says:

    I would be all over paint! I already have some colors picked out. I would also buy some tomato plants.

  526. Kate says:

    We just bought our first house this past week, so there is oh so much I’d do with $100! Paint and paint supplies, spray paint, curtain rods, hoses… the list of needs goes on and on, but the budget does not!

  527. Danielle says:

    My husband and I are closing on a new house soon…that desperately needs a new deck! We’d put that gift card to good use! :)

  528. Michelle says:

    What wouldn’t I use a gift card to Home Depot for? I don’t thinkg there is a single aisle in that store that doesn’t contain something that could help me turn my place into a home.

  529. Chris Cross says:

    I’m wanting to purchase some new patio furniture, so $100 would be a boost in the right direction.

  530. Pam says:

    I would definitely use the $100 for one of the many outdoor projects we have planned; maybe some lumber and deck paint to spruce up our patio.

  531. tia says:

    Oh my goodness, what I could do with 100 buckaroos from Home Depot. I have been wanting to redo our front porch which extends from one side to the other of our house. It is amazing and my favorite part of the whole house. I would buy some things to decorate, more bird feeders, good bird seed, a rug, some lights, and maybe a new chair or two- oh and if there is any left over, some of those new mosquito clips!! I loathe in the idea of winning this giveaway! sheesh!

    thanks for this opportunity!

  532. Pilar says:

    paint. wood, and some extra vegetable plants for my garden.

  533. sara says:

    After working for the past few weeks creating 2 patios, building a pergoda and having a very long awaited roof built over our deck (I believe I can now officially call it a porch, yay!!) I would just love to add some landscape lighting. Since I seem to have virtually lived in Home Depot for the past couple months, $100 would be extremely welcome to help bring the lighting to life.

  534. Stephanie says:

    A $100 gift card to my favorite store? No question, I’d get new lighting for our kitchen.

  535. joy says:

    I am working on my own little garden of serenity project outside. I have lots of plants going, but I’m desperately in need of more large ceramic planters. I have some of my herbs in plastic pots and the Texas heat is starting to be too much for them. I love your patio story!

  536. Robin says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! Plus I can’t wait to see what you do in your yard. I’ve been thinking mine sure could use a little more relaxing space so I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    To answer your question, I would add a potting bench to my garden space and make it all cute and organized. It’s been on my wish list for years!

  537. jeannene says:

    I would buy tile and tile my kitchen backsplash.

  538. Leigh says:

    Oh my gosh, we would finish our bathroom reno with new sink faucets!!

  539. jeannene says:

    I would buy tile and a wet saw and tile my kitchen backsplash.

  540. Allison says:

    Positively too many projects to name! But definitely some paint and other materials I have in mind for a DIY art project.

  541. Lara says:

    We love Home Depot! I’d probably buy some wood for a an outdoor furniture build we want to do.

  542. April says:

    I would buy new kitchen cabinet hardware! :)

  543. Jennifer Vanucci says:

    I would purchase some large potted plants for my back porch!

  544. I would use it to buy some of the pavers we’re going to use to build a patio.

  545. Hmmm….I want to DIY some adirondak chairs. I think that would cover one or two.

  546. Lorena says:

    What wouldn’t I do with a gift card to Home Depot?! We are in the process of buying my grandparents’ house, with whom we’ve been living for a year now, while they move in with my parents. I love my grandparents, but we are in desperate need of making the house our own. We’ve already bought laminate flooring to replace the pink carpet in the dining room, from Home Depot of course. But we also want to replace the pink countertop on the center island, take down all of the flower borders, buy a new front door with a window in it, replace the cabinet hardware in the kitchen, replace the shutters, and the list goes on! Haha! How’s that for a brief comment! Thanks for sharing all of your work!

  547. Valerie says:

    I would buy patio furniture or wood to repair our deck, or maybe even some plants for a small garden to start with our two kids, but likely the first things first. :)

  548. amykdee says:

    my first question is how much spray paint does a $100 gift certificate buy. hehe Besides that I have a huge wish list. Any plants in my yard would be great. A ceiling fan in my bedroom for the summer and the list goes on and on! Thank You!!

  549. we’re fixing up a house so that my grandfather can come live in the same town as us. I’d love to shop home depot’s lighting and paint departments to give the place a bit of pizzaz!

  550. KimB says:

    I would buy a new light fixture for my downstairs bathroom.

  551. Ashley says:

    We’re renovating the house we just bought (our first home!) and could definitely use a $100 budget cushion for anything that goes wrong!

  552. What a great giveaway! I would love to replace the outdated cabinets in my laundry room with some open shelving and paint the beige walls a refreshing blue.

  553. amykdee says:

    I linked you on my facebook. Still trying to figure out how to do it on twitter

  554. Beth says:

    I would use it to buy more spray paint!!

  555. Dayna says:

    My porches need attention!!! I would rent a sander and seal them with tung oil; this gift card would cover the project. Happy little porches they will be, for 100 more years to come:)

  556. Allison says:

    I would love to purchase a new grill for my hubby…it would be the crowning touch on our own patio makeover we did this spring!

  557. Patti says:

    Were building a backyard deck so I would use the $100 gift card towards this project.

  558. Whitney says:

    They have a mirror I am in love with and I have a few materials I need to purchase. Awesome giveaway!

  559. Patti says:

    I’ve also posted this on my FB patti kendall-cargill

  560. Lindy says:

    I would use it to create world peace and then I would tile my bathroom!

  561. April says:

    I would love to buy a new dining room light fixture or spend the gift card on making our patio a more comfortable and entertaining friendly space! Thanks Home Depot!

  562. LinhC says:

    I’d get a new faucet for my kitchen sink!

  563. Rach says:

    We are moving into our first house! So it would go to patio furniture….paint…compound saw….my list is long!

  564. PAINT PAINT and some more PAINT! School’s out, summer vacation just begun, and we’ve got loads of painting projects to complete before our baby’s here :)

  565. Carmel says:

    I’d love a new kitchen faucet! I can’t wait to see what you do with some wine barrels!

  566. crystavol says:

    I would finally paint my cabinets!

  567. Katie G says:

    I go to orange on a weekly basis and always seem to find something that i need. We are in the processing of also re-doing our patio, so a little money to help spruce up the surrounding beds would be a huge treat!

  568. Val says:

    I would buy cushions!!! I desperately need new ones for my rattan seating!!

  569. Shannon C says:

    One of those contained fire pits. My husband asks for one every Summer and I still haven’t gotten him one. Poor guy. Thanks for the chance.

  570. Jacki W. says:

    I would put it.towards a new front door!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  571. D MITCHELL says:

    A new faucet for the bath would be great!

  572. Misty says:

    We bought a house in March that had been vacant for almost a year. The flower beds need some major TLC!

  573. Kira says:

    I desperately need to paint in my new house. The walls are dinged up and are boring builder beige. I need some POP!

  574. Olivia says:

    I have been wanting to repaint and redecorate my older daughters’ room. It’s in need of an upgrade with some fresher deco for their elementary/middle school years. The last time it’s been painted was 10 years ago when my first daughter was born!

    “Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal.”

  575. Kira says:

    Linked you on Facebook. Happy to do so regardless of the giveaway!

  576. MegganB says:

    I would buy some fence for my new garden!

  577. MegganB says:

    TWEET! @sweetcaptures

  578. Erin says:

    We are adopting so I need to clean out the office and turn the guest bedroom into a guest bedroom/office and create a nursery. A new fence is also on the to do list.

  579. Jackie says:

    My husband bought a patio set before I met him…a week after he got it, there was a giant wind storm and the table blew over and shattered in a million pieces. We have a small yard (we live in a townhouse) but there’s a small deck and I planted tomatoes this year! I’d love to be able to sit down and have a place to eat/put drinks! A table would be terrific. :)

  580. Rachel Henry says:

    wow, what WOULDN’T I do with $100 at HD??? My first thing would be to buy a nice sander…. oh I so desperately need one! Thanks!

  581. Brenda says:

    Oh my! I live in wine country and your plan looks like it would fit right in with the local tasting rooms around the valley.

    For me I would use the $100 to spruce up my very limited outdoor space. The area is only a 6×6 apartment patio so I think the $100 would do just about everything!

  582. Rachel Henry says:

    Linked you up on fb. Always glad to recommend you.

  583. Selena says:

    We are finishing off our basement, adding a finished bedroom, bathroom and living room, so there is lots we need for down there. We are also building a shed with a playhouse on top, so there are outdoor needs as well. Thanks for the chance, can’t wait to see your backyard reveal!

  584. Boy, if I won I’d get some new plants (perennials) for my flower bed! they are expensive!

  585. Brenda says:

    Also, tweeted! @brendanunley

  586. Sarah says:

    Oh the choices! Probably mulch and flowers for our yard!

  587. Amy Dow says:

    Oh…there’s a nice shower head there I’d like…or some more spray paint…or a new chandelier for my daughter’s room…or a few more pillows for the patio…oh the possibilities!!! :)

  588. Amy Dow says:

    Just linked your giveaway to my facebook page!!! Thanks for the chances to win!

  589. Marcia says:

    Buy some carpet for my new walk-in closet!

  590. ErinJ says:

    $100 would go toward low voltage landscape lighting!!

  591. Teresa says:

    I’d use the $100 toward new hardware for our kitchen cabinets.

  592. Anna says:

    What fun! I’ve been mulling over a few projects, but I’d probably just use $100 on patio furniture, or maybe one of those nice free-standing hammocks. Oh, yeah! that’s what I’d use it for! Do they even sell those at home depot? I suppose if they don’t, I could buy $100 worth of rope and create my own…

  593. Meghan Lewis says:

    We just purchased our very own home and would use the $100 to Home Depot for some new outdoor furniture, a BBQ, or plants!

  594. $100 would get step one of my sons’ bedroom re-do done: faux wood blinds.

  595. Katie says:

    Ooh! I would love new cusions for my wicker set. Thanks for the opportunity!

  596. Jennifer says:

    I would use the gift card to buy paint for our kitchen or to go towards new window coverings/blinds. We only have the paper blinds right now. bleh.

  597. jengineer says:

    omg home depot is like my second home! i’d use the give card for my next yard project: laying pavers in my side yard to make a small patio.

  598. Shelby says:

    I might give it to my husband towards the purchase of a radial arm saw (so he can do more projects for me!) or maybe paint the living room or buy plants but most likely put in a ceiling fan in our office.

  599. Carrie says:

    I’m in the process of getting my house ready to go on the market. There’s minor repairs to be made and a gift certificate would be an awesome help!

  600. Sandi says:

    Oh my! What an awesome giveaway!
    A $100 would help out with a bathroom reno.
    I so need a new toilet. (one that doesn’t leak…)
    also a new faucet…some paint for the walls…
    a new shower head…
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  601. Sarah says:

    I’m just moving my two little girls into one bedroom, and de-nurserifying it (yes, I like to make up my own words.) So the gift card would go a long way for paint, shelving and window treatments!

  602. Gina says:

    My husband and I have been thinking about investing in a shed for all of garden and lawn equipment, so a Home Depot gift card would come in handy for sure!

  603. Spring says:

    I’m in immediate need of a t-post pounder. And I’d like to paint the chicken coop. And get a portable AC before the summer arrives here. I’d probably have to flip a coin. :)

  604. Meg Smith says:

    I would use it for some seating for our front porch. We love to do bubbles out there after dinner!

  605. Liz Brueseke says:

    $100 to Home Depot… what to do, what to do…
    Hmmm, I’d either choose some plans from Ana White that I have bookmarked or new paint and wallpaper for our kitchen which is outdated and needs some help!

  606. Michelle says:

    I would love a giftcard to HD so we can get a new doorbell (ours went kaput this week) and some paint so I can stripe my craftroom walls!

  607. Mimi says:

    I would by a router and overcome my fear of them :)

  608. Ashley says:

    Hey! I would build a shallow pantry in my kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, please, please, please, please

  609. Gwen B. says:

    I would use it towards outdoor project, maybe rain barrel or rain chain.

  610. Leanne says:

    I would put it towards an umbrella for our table. It would be great to relax around a big dinner outside…but with some shade!

  611. jessica says:

    Would luv a new light over our dining table!

  612. Ooooh! I would buy some wood for an Anna White project as well as some new planters and some paint.

  613. Elaine says:

    Paint for the bathroom (to go with the new shower curtain – isn’t that the way it always goes? lol) and the rest as a start to the new flooring for the kitchen/dining room. :)

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  614. dana828 says:

    New bathroom light, or maybe some hardware for the kitchen cabinets, or new blinds for the bedroom…so many projects in the works right now!

  615. Andrea says:

    Would love to redo my dining room, and my daughter’s bedroom. I have been wanting to make a headboard for her, and I saw your one of your tutorials. Linked you to facebook. Thanks for the chance!

  616. Jen says:

    Thanks for this opportunity! I would use the Home Depot gift card to buy new cabinet hardware for our kitchen. :)

  617. Jennifer luttig says:

    I would finally finish painting my back room!

  618. Jennifer B says:

    Oh Where do I begin?! I want new light fixtures for upstairs (to replace u-gly brassy ones); want to repaint my door knobs; want to put board and batten on some walls….. I could go on and on!!

  619. dee says:

    What a great opportunity! Moving to a different house at the end of summer last year has given us a chance to revive our old deck furniture while buying some new pieces. $100 would really help to complete this deck and patio project.

  620. Carmen goddard says:

    I would buy plants and trees for our back yard. This was the first winter that Tucson Az. had trees froze and we lost all our palm trees and many other ones in the front. So I have a lot to re-plant. thanks for the chance to win!! Carmen Goddard

  621. Laura C says:

    I would use the gift card towards supplies for raised planting beds – plants, soil, and such!

  622. Stacy says:

    We are moving to a larger home on an acre of land, so a gift card to Home Depot would be fab! I would use it for landcaping since our “new” backyard has none — and landscaping an acre will be so expensive!

  623. Tara says:

    I would use this for some landscaping bricks!

  624. Tara says:

    shared this on twitter

  625. Karen says:

    I need patio stones! $100 would come in handy.

  626. Karen says:

    Tweeted @kharndt

  627. Kate says:

    Ohhh fun! I would finish my garden. I’m going to break the bank putting that baby in. There’s tons of fun stuff at Home Depot I’ve got my eye on. Thanks1

  628. Kate says:

    Ohhh fun! I would finish my garden. I’m going to break the bank putting that baby in. There’s tons of fun stuff at Home Depot I’ve got my eye on. Thanks!

  629. Laura says:

    I will buy something, anything, to help fix up our kitchen that we tore everything out of and haven’t been able to put back together yet

  630. aubrey says:

    I would put it towards the new cabinets I am getting there.
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  631. Joyce says:

    I would use it for shelving. We are trying to fix a pantry area for storing our home canning. We want a better place than under beds and in the clothes closet for the salsa, pickles and peaches.

  632. Melinda says:

    I’d really like to do some decorating on my deck!

  633. Ginger Weaver says:

    I would buy drop clothes for drapes and seat covers;) Yummy!

  634. Nicki says:

    We could use it for our deck. Our deck does not get much shade during the times we find ourselves wanting to use it the most. So some kind of seasonal covering like you discussed would be great to have. Thanks for the giveaway!

  635. Kelly says:

    I would use the money to purchase the materials for one of your DIY projects. The bracket bookshelves would look great in my little girls room.

  636. Monica says:

    Paint for sure + a new edging brush.

  637. Joyce says:

    I’d finally finish my sewing/knitting studio. It sits half painted with bins of fabric and yarn stacked about. Monday’s my birthday…what wonderful birthday surprise this would be. Fingers crossed!

  638. Andrea says:

    I’d probably use mine for paint for our master bedroom, and some new hardware

  639. Oh goodness…with $100 I would put it toward replacing my screen door! I keep looking at that ugly thing and cringing each and every time I walk through the door. Grrrrr. LOL

  640. Mandi says:

    Holy crap what wouldn’t I do??

    I know what I’d do: I’d go buy lumber. Fo sho.

  641. Heather M says:

    With our dream home in the process of being built, I’m sure I could find **something** to do with an extra $100 from Home Depot. I think my dream garden would be the prized project to receive and little love.


  642. Audrey Crisp says:

    I would buy some faux brick wall paper for out new apt! So fun!

  643. Jennifer from WI says:

    I would use it towards a new kitchen counter-top. We have an old laminate counter-top in shades of mauve – yes, mauve. Try decorating around that :-) Thanks for hosting such a practical giveaway.

  644. Tena says:

    I’d put it towards my son’s room. We’re working at making the attic space into his own bedroom. Poor 12 year old has to deal with his three teenage sisters enough without having to share a room too.

  645. Amanda C says:

    Still wanting to add some landscaping and shade to our back yard…a fire pit would be nice too!

  646. Steph says:

    i would buy a new patio chair!

  647. Jessica Imamura says:

    I would finally paint the laundry room and guest bathroom and add some decore elements.

  648. Jessica Imamura says:

    I shared this giveaway on FB!

  649. Melinda (Mendy) Dinsmore says:

    I would use the gc to buy a new umbrella for my deck.

  650. wendy says:

    Oh, it’s hard to choose what I’d do… I’d love to spruce up my back yard a bit… but my bathroom really needs an update as well… so it’d be one or the other :)

  651. Jessica Imamura says:

    I tweeted this giveaway!

  652. melissaph says:

    I would put it towards the materials we need to build a shed of some sort to house the garden supplies and toddler toys that are in desperate need of a home.

  653. chris says:

    I would put it towards some storage solutions.

  654. Emily says:

    I would give the Home Depot card to my friend who is building her house. There are PLENTY of things I could use it for myself, but I’d rather pass it on!!

  655. amykdee says:

    I retweeted your post on twitter. Can’t wait to see patio plan

  656. Elizabeth says:

    I would love to win! We’d build some raised beds and buy some veggie starts!

  657. Andrea says:

    I would buy closet organizers for our master closet.

  658. Raven In A Blue Room says:

    our bathroom faucet stated to leak so we would use the GC on new fixtures

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

  659. Raven In A Blue Room says:

    I tweeted your giveaway

    schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

  660. Lori says:

    We are working on making a new outdoor space as well! Maybe I could finally throw away my cracked green plastic chairs and table and have real big girl patio furniture/cabana/firepit!

  661. Qwendykay says:

    I have a gorgeous yard that was just finished… well the hardscape was finished, and now we need plants and shrubs! $100 would go a long way for plants!

  662. If I were to win a $100 gift card from Home Depot I would run…not walk…to buy several new and inspiring paint colors, paint brushes…and maybe, just maybe build an outdoor paint room…I could keep going…but I think I would have run out of money by now! :)

  663. Michelle says:

    I’d probably either put it towards our upcoming bathroom redo or towards the back yard update!! There’s a lot of work that we’re about to gear up for and the gift card would certainly help! :)

  664. Suzanne says:

    I’d get paint and some wood (for new shelves) for our son’s room. He’s not a baby anymore, so his room needs an update.

  665. Jackie says:

    Years ago, I used 2 half wine barrels for planters and put a wide board bewteen them to make a bench. I let the ends of the board hang over the edge of the barrels and put a terracotta pot ful of flowers or herbs on each end to weight them down. This works great if you don’t have little ones trying to climb all over the bench. If you do, then you need to find a way to attach the bench securely to the barrels to be safe.

  666. Megan says:

    It would go toward a new sink for our Master Bath!

  667. Janet S. says:

    I would spend it on paint for sure. We haven’t done anything to make it ours. Itwould be great to give us that jump start. Thank you as always.

  668. Holly M says:

    I would put it towards a new front door! :)

  669. Holly M says:

    I tweeted, my username is @beachcovejewel

  670. Colleen says:

    So many choices…..paint, wood, outdoor play structure redo, plants once the snow melts…

  671. Cindy says:

    I would use the gift card for so many things but right now I would spruce up our deck. We need new deck stain, flower pots and flowers.

  672. Erica R. says:

    an umbrella for our patio set! and some stain to bring it back to life!

  673. Sharai says:

    Yay giveaway! I would have to buy lots and lots and lots of paint! I have so many projects in mind right now, I could go to town with that gift card. thanks!

  674. K.Smith says:

    I’d put it towards a retaining wall. Not sexy but oh so needed.

  675. Kathy says:

    Would love to use it towards new patio furniture so we can hang out in our backyard this summer.

  676. Meadowlark says:

    creeping thyme. and yes… I could easily use $100 worth!!!

  677. Liza says:

    Patio pavers & flowers to spruce up my backyard! Love Home Depot! :)

  678. Thriftyredhead says:

    My bedroom needs a new ceiling fan. Seems the old one is out of balance and rocks us to sleep.

  679. Ann says:

    I would spend every dime on my backyard redo. Currently my landscaping is Labrador mud pit. ;)

  680. Ann says:

    Tweeted @annjacky

  681. Naomi says:

    I’ve completed two bathroom renovations this year and my next project is the master bedroom. I’d use the Home Depot gift card for paint.

  682. Jennifer Smith says:

    I would love to work on our backyard. We live on base in Hawaii and our yard is terribly ugly but things are super expensive here. I’d love to have some nice grass when my husband returns and a cute lil patio.

  683. Brooksie says:

    I would put it towards painting our bedroom furniture… it’s so not our style, but new is not an option at this point, so we’re hoping new hardware and a little white paint will spruce it right up!

  684. Allison says:

    Where do I even begin….? LOL I’d finish off our dining area by purchasing a lighting fixture or buy paint to restore a vintage preschool table and chairs for our kid’s room. Finger’s crossed :)

  685. Nelly Barney says:

    i would prob buy a ton of trees and flowers!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  686. Nelly Barney says:


    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  687. angie lee says:

    i would use the credit toward paint!
    thanks for this giveaway! :)

  688. Brandy says:

    I would finally replace the edging around my garden!

  689. Kara says:

    I’d buy paint and materials to build some picture frames.. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  690. Maryela says:

    I’d buy plants to dress up my patio!

  691. Sandy Pabst says:

    I’d love to spend it on lighting for our patio (which extends out from underneath our deck so it get’s really dark under there!) but more than likely the $100 would be spent on whatever breaks first!

  692. We would use this to refinish and stain our deck. Thanks for the chance to win!!
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  693. tweet-!/CrazyItalian0/status/76952774214029312

    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  694. Beth R says:

    What I would most love to do with it, is buy a fire pit for the back yard. The more practical part of me says, start the renovations on my son’s bedroom. Love the ideas for your backyard, and cannot wait to see it all finished.

  695. I would love to win that gift card!!! I would use the cash either for paint or to finish getting the supplies to complete my board and batten project!! Thanks for the opportunity!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  696. Jane says:

    I would use it towards a new bbq or patio furniture set. Thanks!

  697. Lisa G says:

    We just added a pool and large patio but there’s nothing left in the budget for landscaping and outdoor lighting. I would use the $100 Home Depot card on flowers and lighting!

  698. Deborah in Atlanta says:

    It seems as though here lately, something needs fixing or replacing every month. I recently finished paying off a $7K bathroom renovation with Home Depot, got a new a/c unit in January, and last month I had to get a new dryer. I know the stove/oven is on it’s last leg, so I imagine it will be the next purchase. So yeah – a $100 Gift Card would be awesome. And it would be applied towards the cost of the stove/oven. If you could a few more $100 Gift Cards in the bargain, I could go ahead and purchase the dishwasher, because it’s going to be next. Isn’t being a homeowner such a joy? Good luck with your wine barrel endeavor. Can’t wait to see your next project!

  699. Rebecca says:

    I’ve been wanting a small deck around our pool forever! Climbing up the pool ladder into our above ground pool is not so ladylike. I would use the $100 giftcard to help pay for the deck materials. LOVE your blog! It rocks!

  700. katek says:

    We’re trying to improve the backyard, this is really the first year that we’ve addressed it. So there are many areas that need help. We plan on staining the fence, planting more perennials, laying some kind of base around the firepit, and installing an above ground pool….I’m tired thinking of it all (but excited!).

  701. Elizabeth Church says:

    I would buy a window ac for my daughter’s room. We moved to Illinois from Sonoma County last year and can’t believe how hot it gets here. We have ac, but this house is kinda big and keeping the teen happy is a must! We bought a gazebo with mosquito netting last year. Totally makes our deck look great!

  702. Catherine says:

    We need to replace the railroad ties in our landscaping, so I’d use the card toward stones, I think.

  703. Kacy says:

    I would put tile back-splash in our kitchen. An inexpensive project that adds so much character to kitchens (and helps protect the walls!).

  704. Kay says:

    We just bought this house and moved in December. And Yes, faucets are exactly what we’ll buy with that money if we win. The faucets that we have now are really yucky and ‘have to’ go. Been eyeing some low end price pfister models that still come within our budget…

    Does it matter that we are in Ontario / Canada ?

  705. Diana says:

    I would use it toward paint and supplies for our master bedroom. I am trying to redecorate/paint, etc. this space and the adjoining master bath. I want to surprise my husband when he returns from Afghanistan:)

  706. Amy Geib says:

    So many options…but I would start off with new wainscoting for our master bath. Thats the only thing we need to finish for the bathroom remodel to be complete.

  707. Katy says:

    I would use the gift card towards materials to replace our balcony off the master bedroom (this is an old farmhouse and right now the balcony can’t be used)

  708. Kellie says:

    A new rug.

  709. Katie says:

    We have been working hard on sprucing up our front landscaping, and I would definitely use it to finish the job with some seating or decorative item for the porch!

  710. Lindsey M says:

    I would use the gift card to spruce up our deck. It needs some furniture and a shade source as it sits in full sun all day!

  711. What would I do with a $100.00 gift card from Home Depot? Well, let me tell ya … Last year we purchased and moved into an old farm house in far Upstate NY that had previously owned by an Amish family. They had removed every modern convenience from the structure and we are slowly refitting the house with plumbing, electrical, etc… We are almost done with the basic interior work – this summer will see the kitchen installed and drywall/trim finishing upstairs and down as well as major repairs to the porch and siding. (I blog about the project when I am feeling brave!) Anyway – I think I would use the gift card on paint for the walls and supplies to build a privacy screen we have planned for my wonderful new bathroom. That way I could justify getting that room really finished ahead of schedule – the current plan is to save those finishing touches in every room until the basics are done just in case we run into expensive surprises on essentials. :)

  712. Well, we are working on some landscaping around our property so I would definately be buying some plants if I won the gift card! Great giveaway!

  713. Emily says:

    I would use it to have a play house built for our daughter.

  714. Emily says:

    I linked this to Facebook.

  715. Jessica says:

    I’m trying to do the all-white kitchen so I would work on that if I had an extra $100:)

  716. Emily says:

    I linked it to twitter.

  717. Kathryn says:

    Oh my goodness how I could use this gift card! I would use it for our front porch and garden right now. We just took out an overgrown bush and painted our porch but its now flanked with beds of dirt! I would LOVE to be able to fill it with greenery the right way!

  718. Love the patio plan. Can’t wait to see pics of the finished product. I would use the gift card towards some sort of solution for hanging the drapes I made (looong story there) and for some matchstick/bamboo shades to coordinate. Thanks for the opportunity!

  719. Katharine says:

    I was just at Home Depot today and saw some great faux wood blinds and drapery rods. I need both of those for my window in my bedroom. I also need money for more plants and a new counter for my pass through in the kitchen. I also saw some gorgeous rugs that would look great on my new floors in the living room. So many choices and ideas. Katharine

  720. Sunday Baker says:

    Ironically enough, I’d put it toward a new patio table set. My dog jumped on ours and the glass broke! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  721. Debbie says:

    I would put a $100 Home Depot gift card towards a fountain for my back yard. We did some work in the back yard and ran power to the spot where we want to put it but so far we haven’t gotten a fountain for it. Thanks!

  722. Monique says:

    I could use the gift card to buy new accessories for the bathroom and paint. Thanks for the giveaway!

  723. K Jerread says:

    Let’s see; a new kitchen faucet or an out door rug for the patio or maybe some window solar film for the big south facing window in my stairway….

  724. SheilaG says:

    What a nice giveaway- thanks! I have lots of projects to be done around the house, so hard to say, but probably paint first. Then maybe some (tiny) chairs for our tiny front porch…

  725. Annie says:

    I would use the gift card to purchase plantings to create a little alcove for my husband and I in our backyard. We love our backyard, but currently have no privacy. We would love a spot to relax after putting the little ones down and enjoy the view. Thank you!!

  726. Wendy says:

    I would give it to a family who’s been struck by the recent tornado’s.

  727. Leslie says:

    Hmmm…I’d probably use it to spruce my porch – put it toward chairs or some pots and plants…Thanks!

  728. WhitneyW says:

    I live on a Army post in tight quarters with LOTS of other families. My only escape is my balcony. I have been trying to make my little outside space a garden oasis for my husband and I to relax in! Home Depot would help with that! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  729. Ruth says:

    I would buy a new faucet for my kitchen sink. I just painted my kitchen cabinets and need a new faucet (and sink) to finish it up.


  730. Jen D says:

    I would buy paint so that my hubby can paint the outside of our doors and I would buy new pillows for our porch rocking chairs.

  731. Liz says:

    I would buy paint and trim for my babies nursery!

  732. Danielle says:

    We just bought a really old home that we are fixing up. The options would be endless!!! But, I’m thinking some perennials and an ubrella for our patio table.

  733. Laura G says:

    I would put it towards a rug, along with some flowers to brighten the outdoors.

  734. lora says:

    I would use the cash to redo my fireplace. I would love to have the stacked stone instead of the orange brick I currently have.

  735. Dineen T says:

    I would use it to spruce up our very boring outdoor space!

  736. marcella says:

    I would love a chandelier for our master bedroom. I would love to start an herb garden and build the planters myself. I would love to upgrade our half bathroom. The possibilities are endless

  737. sarju says:

    My husband and I just bought a house, but it seems like we spend more time at our local home depot! I am eyeing a few things for our soon to be garden as well as some beautiful pots for our front foyer area. !

  738. Ashley says:

    We need some new light fixtures…badly!

  739. Ashley says:

    Posted on FB :)

  740. Cathy Z says:

    Towards a new patio table, thx for the giveway

  741. Christine says:

    Most likely shelving…Thank you!

  742. sarah h. says:

    i would buy landscaping things for my backyard – stone for a retaining wall, bushes, etc :)

  743. Amy says:

    We close on our first hosue the first week of July. We’re going to need all the Home Depot we can get! I think it would probably go toward a bridge faucet for the kitchen. Love those!

  744. Stephanie says:

    I would buy paint – lots of it. I need some for two bathrooms, two bedrooms and an office. $100 might get me started.

  745. Becky says:

    I would buy some new planters/plants for my patio.

  746. Anita H. says:

    A $100 Home Depot Gift Card sounds pretty darn nice right now! We need a LOT of help with our landscaping, so we’ll need to pretty it up a bit. Grass seed is a must for us right now. We have an ugly sparse lawn! Ugh! Can also use some flowers…and maybe a plant or two in the inside of our home.

  747. Brenda says:

    I’m at Home Depot at least once a week, so the $100 would definitely come in handy! I would probably use it for some outdoor lighting.

  748. Chrissy says:

    I’m so excited to do a board-and-batten coat wall, so I’d get the supplies for that!

  749. Carrie Z says:

    I would use it to buy grass seed for our mud swamp yard! So much rain this year has made this task harder than we thought!

  750. Erin says:

    I would start my kitchen update. I want to paint the cabinets and replace the floor and the back splash. This would give me a great start to that.

  751. Carrie says:

    I would buy one of the many things I still need – paint, lighting, hardware, etc. I love HD.

  752. Arian B says:

    I would use it towards a shelving system for my guest room/office closet. I think that once that closet is organized the effect will be far reaching in the rest of my house.

  753. Theresa says:

    I would be getting some kind of shelving for my plants on our patio.

  754. kathy says:

    New lawn furniture and/or flowering shrubs.

  755. Rebecca says:

    We are redoing our bathroom so I would buy towel bars, toilet paper holders, and hardware for our cabinets!

  756. paula says:

    I saw an unbelievably clean and organized garage in the neighborhood and one wall had floor to ceiling shelves with identical plastic containers stacked along the whole wall. THese had pullouts from the front so you could find everything in the container. It was awesome and if I could spend $100 on identical containers I would love to do the same thing.

  757. I would use the $100 gift card to add on to my garden! I would love to build some raised planter beds for tomatoes and pepper!

    Tiffany {Living Savvy}
    www {dot} savvydesignwest {dot} com

  758. WoulMc says:

    I would immediately apply that gift certificate to changing out the faucets in my master bath. Would love to look at beautiful new faucets when brushing my teeth each morning — what a better way to start the day!

  759. I shared the link to my fan page Savvy Design West the Blog on facebook!

    Tiffany {Living Savvy}

  760. I shared this giveaway on my personal facebook page!

    Tiffany {Living Savvy}

  761. sharon says:

    hmmmm. so many choices! probably a light fixture or….paint or…..rug…..? how fun to think about, thank you for the chance!

  762. Kathleen says:

    I would love to by some new faucets for every sink in our home!

  763. Tina M says:

    I’d buy some plants and tools for my garden.

  764. Marlenda says:

    We’re building a house – we could definitely use that gift card for paint, bathroom faucets, or towards a grill instead as a “treat”.

  765. abby s. says:

    I would use it spruce up our backyard.

  766. Melanie says:

    I would use the gift card to spruce up our patio too! We really need some planters and flowers :)

  767. abby s. says:

    I shared this on my facebook.

  768. Anna says:

    I would paint a spare bedroom that I am turning into a studio to do some creating. Right now it is a purple shade, and I want to lighten it up with a “peachy gold” color! Thanks for the chance, and I love your blog!

  769. Sarah B. says:

    This is an easy question! My husband and I are closing on our first house in a month and we could spend this on so many things! Top of our list- a lawn mower!

  770. Nicole C. says:

    Love your patio design – it looks so relaxing!

    If I had a free $100 to Home Depot, there would be some new plantsin my future! I really need to do some landscaping around this place!

  771. Clare says:

    I would build a bench to lounge on the patio!

  772. Laura says:

    Oh my HD list is pages long! But I think I’d start with something fun like new plants or patio furniture.

  773. SoulandGrace says:

    My boyfriend and I are renovating our whole 111 year old house so it would be useful for so many things!! I would probably use it for trim to finish up our living room and library or to buy window wells for outside the basement window. Boring but necessary. Thanks for the giveaway!

  774. Shasta B. says:

    I would use the Home Depot gift card to build a table. I love that I know how to build things and I would totally build a new table for all of us (6) to fit on (not just half of us) :)

  775. Wendy says:

    I would get some tile to do a backsplash for my kitchen!

  776. Laura says:

    Tweet @millhi_mama

  777. Sabrina says:

    I would put it towards a new grill. Mine is a hand me down and is on borrowed time.

  778. Laura says:

    Ohh I would get some outdoor things- flowers and some things for landscaping!

  779. Sabrina says:

    Linked to fb.

  780. Sabrina says:

    I would put the gift card towards a new grill. Mine is a hand me down and on borrowed time.

  781. Karen W says:

    We moved in to a real “fixer-upper” this past year, so everything needs some TLC!

  782. Sara says:

    I would buy paint and patio equipment. We recently moved into a rental home with ALL BLUE walls! I love blue but it’s rather dark in here. This house also has a swimming pool that needs some chairs along the side! Does Home Depot sell sunshine?

  783. Linda says:

    My daughter would love a new patio set, so I might just give the gift card to her to put towards a set, then I would go enjoy it with them in their lovely backyard and with my GRANDS.

  784. shel says:

    a new gas grill; our current grill is held together by rust, I think. I’d love a 4 burner propane grill. We were just drooling over those the other day when we went to pick up top soil for our garden.

  785. Tamara says:

    I would use it for moulding galore–crown, wainscoting, board and batten, etc.:-)

  786. Ami P says:

    A new patio umbrella. Our last one met its maker during one of our infamous wind storms. We need some shade please!

  787. Courtney Wager says:

    I would buy an endless supply of SPRAYPAINT!!! After buying our first house a few months back, I’ve been (what I THOUGHT was creative until I read your blog!!!) creative with the spraypaint…and I am OBSESSED! I’m now itching to get out to my local thrift store & see what I can find & make it new again!

  788. Amanda says:

    Definitely new cushions for my outdoor furniture!
    Amanda @ The Ivy Cottage Blog

  789. Lynn says:

    I would use it toward a new kitchen counter top. ;)

  790. Lorna C says:

    I would put the money toward buying a miter saw!

  791. Debbie says:

    Since we need a new roof (OUCH!)…I’d use the gift card to add some colorful plants to our yard…or maybe to replace our rusty old grill. LOVE what you’re doing in your patio area!

  792. Anna says:

    Love your new patio ideas! I would use the gift card toward a pergola I would like to add to our patio!

  793. Rosalyn James says:

    I would definately use the gift card to work on a project around my moms house. She has had a pretty challenging year and I think working on her flower beds for definately make her happy!

  794. Oh! What WOULD I do? Let’s see…we also need to start a walkway project…But could also use more planters and pots…and paint…and plumbing parts…and wood to build a table…

  795. Lisa O. says:

    I would love to have a gift card to use toward new patio furniture for my deck!

  796. Julie says:

    I could spend $100 at Home Depot in my sleep! I would probably buy paint with rollers for my (not so) great room!!

  797. I would use it to paint my new grandbabies room I am throwing together! Thanks for the opportunity!

  798. Courtney L. says:

    I’d buy a patio umbrella for our deck!! :) I LOVE Home Depot :)

  799. Andrea Elliott says:

    Would love an opportunity to plant some new shrubs in the backyard! My Vizsla pup, “Zoe”, thought that the hydrangeas were a new chew toy…..I guess a fence is in order!

  800. A drill! I need a new drill! Quick!

  801. Cindy says:

    The big oak tree in my front yard will not allow the grass to grow so I would use the gift card to help design my new front grassless yard!

  802. Janea says:

    Too many things to evn list! ;)

  803. Alissa says:

    I would put it towards a new patio set. Ours has only 4 chairs and now that our youngest is able to sit at the table instead of a high chair we need more seating.

  804. Heather says:

    I would definitely put the gift card towards window coverings. It’s been a year since we moved in to our new home, and still no “real” window coverings!

  805. Rebecca Rice says:

    We are so excited to be fixing up our little summer vacation house in NY. It was built in 1809 and is going to take a lot of help from Home Depot to get it livable. I would put the $100 towards new hardwood flooring!!!

  806. Angelle Booc says:

    Hi! I would love to win $100 Home Depot GC! We are currently fixing up our back your for our family, my hubby built a deck on his own, we could use some outdoor patio furniture and also trying to build a playhouse/storage building! It would help out alot!! Thanks:-)

  807. Savina says:

    Our screened in porch needs some love. I have my eye on some awesome string lights to make a ceiling with from Home Depot. And I could always use paint.

  808. Chad Whiting says:

    A gas BBQ grill or a gazbo covering for my hot tub. Currently I have neither and need both desparately to start enjoying the outdoors.

  809. Caryn says:

    I have tons of projects to work on! We just started our backyard so a g.c. would go towards more plants/patio set/rockery/accessories….so much more!

  810. I tweeted the giveaway.

  811. And posted on Facebook too.

  812. Angelle Booc says:

    Hi! Shared the link on FB!!!

  813. Nichole B. says:

    I would buy a new patio umbrella and new cushions for the furniture.

  814. Jaime I. says:

    We could definitely use a gc for our outdoor space. Anything from new seat cushions to replace the old weathered ones, to new gardening tools to replace the old ones that have all broken at around the same time this spring!

  815. I would buy paint for my bedroom and a whole bunch of plants to beautify my little yard space! Thanks so much for doing the giveaway!

  816. Jessica says:

    I would purchase flowers and outdoor decor for my patio!! I love shopping at Home Dept.

  817. Tamara says:

    Clear up some of the to-do list, and paint some.

  818. Emily Fisher says:

    I would buy light fixtures, paint and some nice plants to spruce up the garden :)

  819. KazC says:

    I would use it to buy a glass patio door for the second floor balcony off of our office.