Springtime In New York

May 12, 2011

Hey all, I’m finally feeling like I’m back on California time after a quick trip to New York City earlier this week, and what a fabulous place to visit this time of year.  I was there for an event sponsored by Lowes (yes, Nate was there!) and I’ll be sharing a few pics of the event tomorrow (plus . . . you know there’s a great giveaway coming!)

I’ve been to NYC many times in the fall and winter, but never in the spring, so when the invitation arrived in my inbox, I instantly hollered “Yes, count me in!”  I had the opportunity to explore the downtown area plus later hang with my pal Melissa from The Inspired Room, which made for the most perfect day. 

Wanna take a walk with me?  Here’s a glimpse of what I saw as I walked for hours and hours through two of my favorite neighborhoods: SoHo and Greenwich Village.

The morning started with a quick jaunt through SoHo (South of Houston).  Wow, what a chic place, there were movie crews and models everywhere, making me feel like an extra short girl from a very small town.  

I dare you to resist stepping inside here.

anthropologie soho

anthro in store

anthro clock headboard

Plenty of other high end shops in SoHo too. 

kate spade soho


I hoofed it over to Broadway to head north from my hotel, and I just had to pop into a place I’ve never been for caffeine: Dean & Deluca.  What a gourmet paradise, filled with fresh flowers, seafood, freshly baked breads, amazing chocolates, and all sorts of imported goodies. 

dean and deluca store

I grabbed a cup of coffee and “breakfast’” which was a lemon bombolone, otherwise known as a custard filled doughnut.  Allow me to translate.  Bombolone is Italian for irresistible decadent delight. 



I walked all along Broadway to see all the shops and take in the window displays.  I was loving both the bold spring colors and summer neutrals this season. 

spring dresses

summer neutrals


I made my way toward Washington Square Park, this is the landmark arch, I just love it, isn’t it beautiful?   

washington square arch


There were a ton of students from the adjacent NYU milling around, soaking up the sun, enjoying the flowers, and perhaps playing hooky from class, I wouldn’t blame them with these blue skies.      

washington square in spring

tulips in washington square

I can’t believe how social these little park critters are, they come right up to you and beg for food.   



I loved these brick buildings just north of the square, I believe they’re student housing, lucky kids.

brick housing nyu

flower pots on stoop


I made my way up to Union Square to walk around and visit the farmer’s market. I love a beautiful park right in the middle of a big city like this!

spring union square


Even on a Monday, it was packed with people shopping for plants, vegetables, and  gourmet foods. 

union square farmers market

farmers market flowers

Union Square is also filled with all kinds of street artists and musicians.

street artist


I wanted to see so much more, so instead of sitting down at a café for lunch, I grabbed some food at this market around the corner, then sat down in the park to eat and rest my feet before I continued my walk through Greenwich Village.

garden of eden

You’ll see so many great shops in the west village, some small businesses, but many of them high end too.

village stores

rl store bleeker

I couldn’t resist popping into this one for some eye candy.

jonathan adler store

adler store


Everywhere you turn in this neighborhood are little flower shops filled with spring blooms.

hudson river flower shop

My favorites are the buckets and buckets of peonies. 

bucket of peonies


I walked along 11th Street and decided yes, I could live right here in one of these townhomes, if I only had a few million to spare. 

townhouses village

I love how each stoop is similar, but the iron railings are not the same, the designs are all slightly different.  Such gorgeous attention to detail.   

11th ave

ironwork 11th ave

window boxes 11th ave


This is the beautiful First Presbyterian Church, the façade and iron gates are amazing.  See those blue skies?  I’m telling you, the weather was unbelievable this week. 

presbyterian church 2

After walking for miles, I headed back to my hotel and then attended the Lowe’s event, will share that tomorrow, it was a really fun time.  After the event Melissa and I went out to dinner, which was the perfect ending to a glorious spring day in New York.   

My last morning before my flight, I headed straight back to SoHo where I grabbed a bite at this fabulous French bistro I really wanted to try.


Felix Bar was a great stop for relaxing and people watching, and where I gobbled up a classic croque monsieur with a café au lait.  Heaven!

felix bar soho

Spring in New York City is just so incredible.  This trip truly was one of my best travel experiences yet, and all of it seen in a 24 hour period! 

I was reminded of that line by Tom Hanks in the film You’ve Got Mail  when he says to Meg Ryan “It would be a shame to miss New York in the springtime”.   I just couldn’t agree more.  

What’s your favorite thing about New York City?





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