A Summer Table + Outdoor Ideas Party!

May 19, 2011

Greetings everyone, welcome to the link par-tay celebrating the great outdoors!

cg kates summer table

May means the kids will soon be out of school and the days are getting longer.  The sun sets later, the weather is warmer, and that means we will be dining outdoors most evenings, so why not spruce up our mini outdoor dining space?  Yes indeedy, that’s what I did!

Just last week I popped into Anthropologie in NYC and spied the Tahitian Vine tablecloth with a fabulous ruffle detail, but it was $98 dollars, ouchy.  I was so inspired I decided I neeeeeeeded to create my own version of a bold and bright floral tablecloth with ruffled trim, but with an outdoor fabric that would resist fading.  I picked this vibrant pattern in a playful floral, than I stitched up a quick tablecloth, and added a flirty striped pleat along the bottom.


cg anthropologie inspired tablecloth


The floral is an outdoor fabric called ‘Richloom Wizard’ found at Joanns, and the stripe is an outdoor fabric by Dwell Studio.  If you want to add a fun pleated trim to any of your tablecloths, indoors or out, here are the simple steps:

1) Cut strips of fabric 2 ½ times the total height you desire, flip the fabric inside out and hem it closed.  2) Attach a large safety pin to one edge then insert it into the ‘tube’ you’ve created with the strips of fabric inside out.  3) Work the safety pin through to the other side.  4) Pull through to reveal fabric, pattern side out.  5) Press strip with iron for flat edge hiding seam along the back.  5) Attach to tablecloth with sewing machine, pinching pleat every inch or so.

making pleat steps

A flirty pleated trim is a thing of joy . . .

pleat along bottom


I also bought some inexpensive terra cotta pots with plans to paint them ~ those Moroccan style citronella candleholders I found on sale at Kmart.   Bronze is just fine, but I wanted them to be bright colors, so they were all given a coat of spray paint in either RustOleum’s ‘Green Apple’ or ‘Night Tide’ (not the ‘Deep Blue’ shown, I changed my mind cause I’m fickle like that).

terra cotta planters


I love bright colored ceramic pots but they are pricier than terra cotta, so I simply added a dose of spray paint in two colors to the inexpensive terra cotta for personality.  You’ll also spy that little cement planter I made a long time ago . . .

cg painted planters


I’m so loving the citronella candle holder in deep glossy blue!  The cobalt goblets I’ve had for-evah, they were a wedding present.  These melamine plates are from Tar-jay, aren’t they fantastic?  How cool is that geometric pattern especially in the several shades of blue?  And they were $2 ½ buckaroos each, score I say.  You can’t find them online anymore, so if you love them too, hunt them down at your local store!

cg place setting


With the DIY tablecloth and melamine plates, we’re all set for summer nights spent lingering outside . . .

cg outdoor dining table


cg kates summer table

How about you?

Have you planted anything new?  Completed any outdoor improvements?  Got plans for a new garden, potting bench, path or pergola? 

Anything goes, as long as it’s related to outdoor sprucing, so link up a post on your latest outdoor project, or an oldie from the past, I can’t wait to be inspired!

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