$25 Writer’s Desk

May 10, 2011

Hey everyone, I’m adventuring in New York City today, exploring the downtown area and enjoying the spring weather.  I’ll spill all the details of the event I attended very soon!

Today I wanted to share a recent revamp of a great little writer’s desk I recently scored at a thrift store.  This desk was a total bargain, marked at $49 at my local St. Vincent de Paul, but it was 50% off furniture day, so I picked her up for $25 dollars.  Solid wood, classic lines, rope detail around the desktop, and little pull out ledges on each side makes this the perfect writer’s desk.  How could I resist bringing it home?

The top was scratched and dented, so I thought with just a simple coat of white paint and a little distressing, this desk could be brought back to life, and would be so lovely.

Here is the desk Before:

honey desk before paint


And After:

cg writers desk


Of course, I couldn’t resist temporarily bringing this desk into my entry.  I was thinking of replacing the hardware, but lately I’m loving antique gold finishes, so instead of new knobs, I simply recoated the original black and gold knobs with antique gold paint so the finish is more subtle, and less shiny.

gold paint


To refinish this piece, I followed all of the same techniques I mentioned in this recent article on how to paint furniture.   Some light sanding with my 3M sanding wedge  . . .



. . . led to this distressed finish, bringing out a hint of the original wood tones.

cg writers desk distressed finish


Scratched up before. . .

honey desk left side before


. . . and after

cg writers desk left side


Nothing like a coat of white paint to freshen a great find.

little boy in entry


For now, the desk is sitting in my entry, but here’s a funny thing.  My neighbor spied it in my driveway, and stopped by the other day to tell me she would love it for her daughter’s room.

And I’ve already mentioned it to another family too . . .

cg entry

Such a dilemma, where will it eventually go?

This one is so pretty, and the perfect size for where it sits.

So I just might have to keep it here for awhile.  :)


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