The GSC, Are You a Member?

April 5, 2011

The other day a series of tweets went around on a very serious subject, one that is near and dear to my heart.  There is a dangerous illness sweeping the nation, and it is a grave problem.  I’m warning you, if you ever get bit by this bug, it is unlikely that you will recover. 

Here’s a real world example.  It seems my friend Lakeitha was shopping the Goodwill, and she was struck by a sudden case of what shall now be dubbed ‘Goodwill Stashing’.  Allow me to illustrate.  The conversation began like this. 

To which I replied,

Quickly more chimed in.

To which Lakeitha replied,

Then I joked,

But this really is no laughing matter. 

I’m sure there are many husbands or partners all across this land, scratching their heads, wondering what is going on with these thrifting addicts?  Yes, it is an addiction brought on by the lure of the hunt and the thrill of the score.  It is a severe illness, and it is spreading rapidly.  It is affecting homes, families, storage closets, and mostly garages.  It’s ‘Goodwill Stashing’, and it’s time we bring this issue out of the closet, for lack of a better pun.   

In the past, I had a far more serious case than I do today.  There was a time when my husband couldn’t even park in our garage, I had so many thrifted finds stashed in there.  He would say to me week after week, ‘Darling, dearest love, could you please explain to me over this perfect martini I’ve mixed for you what your amazing plans are for all of these dusty treasures?”   Actually, it was more like, “For God’s sake woman, what the bloody hell is all of this doing in my parking spot!”   Perhaps it takes a cold but direct comment to address the true problem. 

I had to admit, I did have issues.  To cajole my beloved, I bought some time by fixing up a few of those pieces, and then donated the rest.  Through time, intense therapy, and promises to never do it again, I have *kind of* curbed my problem.  As of today, there are only two thrift store finds in my garage awaiting a makeover.  Now I mostly thrift vicariously, tweeting all the amazing finds I see but (mostly) resisting with all my might the desire to bring them home. 

There is this gorgeous mirror which I scored for $15 bucks, and I completely love, but I am on the fence whether to paint it.  I want to hang in in my foyer above the tall highboy dresser, but if I don’t paint it, then it’s just wood, wood, and more wood in that particular spot.  I like the idea of a little contrast and a ‘distressed French gray and white’ treatment, kind of like this:

Then there is this uber tufted velvet chair, which I see in a modern geometric (like this Annie Selke fabric that I just ordered) and silver leaf on the legs.  Less tufting, better fabric, and it will be gorgeous, right?  Perfect for my master bathroom vanity. 

Do you see a little something at a thrift store and think, ‘Oooh, the potential, great deal!”  Then do you drag it home and let it sit in your storage space, staring at it, wondering what it could become?  Well my friend, you need to join The Club. 

The Goodwill Stash Club. 

My situation could be worse, but I have taken action lately.  I’m determined that if I actually convert the stashed item as quickly as possible, I am on my way to a cure. 

I found this little magazine stand at a local thrift store for $20 bucks, and had to have it.  How could I pass it up?  It was the perfect size for my reading chair in the family room.  A little spray paint (Rust-Oleum’s ‘Night Tide’ in Gloss) and voila!  A perfect glossy peacock blue stand to stash ’His’ newspapers and ‘Her’ magazines. 

Then there is this sweet little rustic folding table I found for $4 dollars and freshened by dry brushing on some sea green paint.  It’s perfect for a mini tabletop for those impromptu picnics at the nearby coast , or as an outdoor perch for seasonal blooms.  It sits indoors today, but I will eventually make its way outside. 

What about you, are you afflicted?  Should you be in The Goodwill Stash Club?  Raise your hands in the air if you think you should be a member!   Fantastic.  I knew there were a lot of you.

What thrift store finds are hiding in your dark corners, awaiting a little magic?  Go on, tell your story.  We’re all listening.



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