Summer Dress GIVEAWAY

April 28, 2011

G’day all, who has their DVR set for the Royal Wedding tomorrow?  Anyone waking up early to watch it live?  I can’t wait to see Kate’s gown and William all dressed up in his fine attire too, they make such a lovely couple.  I remember watching Diana wed Charles when I was young, there’s a lot of wedding fever in the air!

Announcing the winners of the past two giveaways.  Congratulations to #5 Carrie at Making Lemonade and #298 Amanda Higgins, who both won copies of Matthew Mead’s Summer.  The winner of the Stephen Saint-Onge book No Place Like Home giveaway is #107 Jen at The Décor Scene.   Winners, send me your addresses ASAP so I can have your copies mailed to your door! 

This week’s giveaway is brought to you by Shabby Apple, an online boutique filled with the most beautiful women’s dresses in all sizes, girl’s dresses too!  The shop even has maternity dresses for you expecting moms to parade your bump in style!  I am smitten with so many, here are just a few examples of the many in their collection!

shabby apple dresses

shabby apple dresses 1

shabby apple dresses 3

Today, Shabby Apple is offering two winners their choice of any dress in the collection.  Free shipping too!

Eligibility to win one of two dresses offered by Shabby Apple:

1) Hop on over to Shabby Apple and pick your favorite dress, name it in a comment.

2) Extra entries for linking to this giveaway on Facebook and/or Twitter, simply leave an additional comment mentioning where you linked (FB or Twitter).

Giveaway ends Sunday May 1st at 8 p.m. PST, 2 winners chosen at random, US only.

For promotions and discounts, be sure to ‘Like’ The Shabby Apple on Facebook!  Shop now and receive 10% off with this code:  censationalgirl10off

Good luck and have a lovely day.





1,269 Responses to “Summer Dress GIVEAWAY”

  1. Rebecca says:

    I so love BONHEUR!

  2. Ivette says:

    I love the Gondola dress, love the green with the contrast black and white skirt. I have been loving this dress since the new line came out.

  3. Rebecca says:

    I also tweeted @rebeccaodn

  4. Crystal says:

    Love, love, love the Gondola dress and the Romas dress looks sooooo comfortable. I’m a HUGE Shabby Apple fan.

  5. Crystal says:

    I also shared this on facebook

  6. Crystal says:

    and tweeted @weekendhomie

  7. Kristen W. says:

    I love the cleopatra dress!

  8. Hayley says:

    I love the Sequoia and the Up and Away dresses!

  9. Lynn S. says:

    Love, love, love the Ming dress!

  10. KRISTEN says:

    I love the North Shore!

  11. Mallory says:

    So many cute dresses! Hard to pick one but I’d have to say Bernini!

  12. Chandy says:

    If I had to pick ONE it would be the cotton candy dress.

  13. Lynn S. says:

    Linked it on my facebook, too!

  14. Danielle says:

    I love the Sequoia. Thanks for introducing me to this great site. so many adorable dresses!

  15. Lindsey says:

    I love the Gondola!!!

  16. Barbara@ says:

    Definitely Bethesda Fountain!

  17. Abby says:

    I can’t take my eyes off of Veni Vidi Vici! I <3 Coral!!!

  18. Haley says:

    Love them all but especially Cider. Such a fun color!

  19. Kathy says:

    I adore the Mauna Kea dress

  20. Carrie says:

    I love the Mauna Kea — looove that color!!

  21. Carrie says:

    And I shared this on Facebook :)

  22. Heather says:

    Loving the Sequoia!!

  23. Clare says:

    I love the Ain’t She Sweet dress.

  24. Martine says:

    The Last Empress reminds me of one of my favorite books/movies, The Painted Veil. Absolutely lovely!

  25. Kelly says:

    I love the Cleopatra!

  26. Allison says:

    Lovelovelove the La Tour Eiffel!

  27. Emily says:

    I love Ribbon Falls in teal. So cute!

  28. Deb says:

    I love the Mauna Kea! So many beautiful dresses to choose from!

  29. Jenn says:

    Wow, they’re all amazing! I’d be happy to take home one of everything, but I especially love the Champs Elysees.

  30. Dina B says:

    I LOVE GONDOLA & SHEEP MEADOW! Green + Stripes = <3<3<3 But if i were to win a dress I would get the Gondola. <3

  31. Beth Anne says:

    LOVE the Fifth Avenue dress!

  32. Darci says:

    Jacob’s Pillow. Really, I loved almost every one of these dresses!

  33. Sara says:

    The Gondola!

  34. Creamsicle, in the little girl’s section! I love it!! My Diva would rock it! I love the women’s dresses too, but I’m pretty sure my big ol size 14 butt wont fit in them. :(

  35. Julie says:

    I love my Primavera dress. Such a pretty, summer dress!

  36. Jenna Rosa says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE L’Opera! Thank you! :)

  37. Kelly V. says:

    I love the gondola dress! And my DVR is set – will have to be my night time TV as I’m heading to hickory for the furniture mart’s after-market sale :)

  38. Heather C says:

    Love everything from the Roamin Holiday Collection but especially Gondola!

  39. Emily says:

    Linked to Facebook.

  40. Cammee says:

    I love me some Shabby Apple. I Narrowed it down to two. Gondola and Champs Elysees. Beautiful!

  41. Sada says:

    I love the Pina Colada dress!! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  42. Kristyn Raze says:

    I love “this side of paradise”

  43. Lucy says:

    oh goodness, i love so many of their dresses. so to name one, i’ll just say: b17 bombshell :) thanks for the chance!

  44. Jamie says:

    I love the Julie & Romeo – it’d be perfect to wear to my brother’s wedding this summer!

  45. Love Shabby Apple dresses! I want the El Mar. Swoon.

    Thanks Kate!! xo

  46. Jill Dunn says:

    I love Pina Colada (and Primavera–I’m thinking I’d love a yellow dress!)

  47. Corey says:

    Love these dresses! My favorite is Liz and Darcy.

  48. Christina says:

    The Palatine Hill!
    I’m currently engaged and it’d be perfect for bridal showers and rehearsals, etc :)

  49. I really like that white skirt you posted, but I can’t seem to find it on their website. I adore their clothes!

  50. Brooke says:

    I like the Cleo and Antony dress!

  51. Wilma says:

    Oh, I love Shabby Apple! A favorite is Tuxedo IV.

  52. Mindy says:

    I’m in love with these dresses!
    My fave is Spanish Steps – just gorgeous!

  53. I tweetie tweet tweeted! :)

  54. Emily says:

    I love the Bon Voyage, and am thinking about buying it for a wedding this summer. Also, a huge fan of the Carnival dress!

  55. Michelle says:

    too many to choose! love cider, beautiful color!

  56. Vanessa Vanderhooft says:

    My fave by far is Champs Elysees

  57. Sarah says:

    TONS of gorgeous dresses. My two faves were sheep meadow and l’ete!!

  58. Relynn says:

    I love the Jack and Jill dress. My plus size hourglass figure looks fabulous in wiggle dresses.

  59. Brooke says:

    I also tweeted @rivula

  60. Amanda says:

    Love the Bonheur!!!!

  61. Mindy says:

    I also shared this link on Facebook!

  62. Vanessa Vanderhooft says:

    I shared the link on my Facebook!

  63. Sonata Rain says:

    WOW, hard choice. I think VENI VIDI VICI would be my first pick, as I think it could work through the fall, however PRIMAVERA is gorgeous for the summer! BEAUTIFUL DRESSES, I AM IN LOVE!

  64. Megan says:

    I love their dresses! I think my favorite right now is Fifth Ave, though :)

  65. I love Cleopatra.

  66. Relynn says:

    I linked this on facebook.

  67. Kikka says:

    I love Jacob’s Pillow!

  68. Aimee says:

    I love love love Penelope and Odysseus, but it’s so hard to choose a colour. I’d probably pick Green Tourmaline or Rhodolite.

  69. Chelsea says:

    Che Bella or Bijoux. So hard to choose!

  70. Relynn says:

    I linked this on twitter.

  71. Shana says:

    Love, love, love Azur Coast

  72. Desi says:

    Ooo so many nice ones, but my favorite so far is SIERRA NEVADA.

  73. sarah says:

    I LOVE the Nantucket!

  74. Michelle says:

    I love the Antiquated!

  75. Holly Edwards says:

    I love Glacier. Very sophisticated!

  76. Shelle says:

    Shabby Apple is one of the neatest dress shoppes online. I really want GRAY FOX! I think that deep blue is so beautiful.

  77. Zhaleh says:

    I am torn between the “half dome” and “the boss.” I love Shabby Apple and really need an excuse to buy one of their dresses!

  78. EliseKayEm says:

    LOVE the Sophistique dress! Everything in the Oh La La collection is awesome!! :)

  79. Shana says:

    Tweeted @shertz1981!

  80. Stephanie says:

    I love the Ingrid dress!

  81. Haley says:

    How do I even choose?! I loved the Pina Colada, and L’Ete, and Carnival.

  82. Megan says:

    Goldola, Sheep Meadow, Cider, Marco Polo – all so pretty.

    I am also IN LOVE with some of their swimsuits!!

  83. Clara says:

    I love the Tuileries dress. Such a pretty yellow.

  84. Rosario says:

    So many cute dresses! But I love El Capitan.

  85. Lily says:

    I adore the Gondola dress! Oh my goodness I am in love. I love the pictures and styling for all of the dresses.

  86. Cameron S says:

    I LOVE the Ming and the Gondola, I’ve been eying them both for WEEKS!!!

  87. amy says:

    wow, they are all so excellent! I really like the San Gabriel, I have a think for asymmetry and collars.

  88. Cameron S says:

    Just tweeted the giveaway for a second entry! @camster0310 I LOVE the Ming and the Gondola, I’ve been eying them both for WEEKS!!!

  89. Kristin says:

    I love th Martha’s Vinyard!

  90. Maury says:

    I’m torn between the Casanova, the Spanish Steps, and the Penelope and Odysseus! I hope I have to choose!

  91. Cassie says:

    I love the Champs Elysees!

    13cls13 at gmail dot com

  92. Malia says:

    I love the pattern on the Scarlet Dragon. The name of this dress is just so much fun!!! Love the site

  93. kristi c says:

    ohh they are all so pretty… .I love the Bonheur…

  94. Sandi says:

    I just fell in love with Penelope and Odysseus… so lovely.

  95. Steph says:

    LOVE Shabby Apple! I would love to win the Glacier dress!

  96. anne says:

    Ooh, toss up between the Sheep Meadow and Gondola dresses. So cute!

  97. Ginney says:

    I love the Fifth Ave and Madison Ave. It is so hard to pick!

  98. Jennifer G says:

    I love the Nantucket!

  99. Lonnalee says:

    would love this giveaway! I love so many of their dresses… Im between the Up and Away and, well, a few others.
    thanks for the opportunity!

  100. Kelly.H says:

    I’m loving the Black Oak dress. Soooo cute!

  101. Shanalea says:

    I would love Apple Fog or Pretty in Pink. Their dressed are way chic.

  102. Lonnalee says:

    I posted to FB.

  103. Tami says:

    Gray Fox is just… DARLING! Love-love-love it!

  104. I love the yellow Tuileries dress. So pretty.

  105. Pamela says:

    I love the cider and trapeze dresses! So beautiful and classy!

  106. Karen says:

    Kenya. I would so love to win this!

  107. Missy G. says:

    Wow, it would be so hard to choose! I love the Sheep Meadow and L’Artiste.

  108. Sandra K says:

    I love the Tuxedo III dress!

  109. Courtney says:

    I love Pina Coloda & Happy Talk! I also like on Fbook. :)

  110. Charisma says:

    There are so many favorites, but I think La Tour Eiffel is a classic and would love to own it!

  111. Melanie says:

    Umm, you want me to just pick one dress? How? I adore Gondola!

  112. I love the Primavera ! I’ve always adored shappy apple! Great giveaway!

  113. chelsea says:

    Liz and Darcy in the grey. LOVE IT!!

  114. Shaina says:

    I love the Azure, the cap sleeves and neckline!

  115. Simply Sara says:

    I have 2 favs, one is called glacier, and the other is called bacciami!

  116. Martine says:

    WAIT I want to change my vote because I just realized they have MATERNITY dresses and I have been looking everywhere for something affordable and lovely for “wedding season” this summer (during which I will be increasingly huger). The adorable bright yellow “Fruitful” dress features some creative pleating and looks like it would make a great summer wedding dress for my pregnant belly. :)

  117. mandi says:

    I love the Trapeze dress – in fact I’m totally gonna buy it anyway if I don’t win! Although winning it would be awesome ;o)

  118. Kristen says:

    I love so many I’m not sure I can narrow it down, but the ALOHA is gorgeous as well as Bon Voyage and Happy Talk and Gray Fox…oh man I could go on and on!

  119. Kirsten VanDerMark says:

    I am absolutely in love with Spanish Steps

  120. Eunice Chou says:

    I love the gondola & the bethesda fountain! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!

  121. Beth says:

    I love Garden Isle…gorgeous!

  122. Simply Sara says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway!!


  123. Renee S. says:

    So many beautiful dresses! I like the 5th Avenue.

  124. Corinna says:

    always thought their things are cute! I like the bacciami!

  125. Kara says:

    Eeeek. I love Shabby Apple. I just adore the Gondola dress.

  126. Jade C. says:

    I adore the “Spanish Steps” dress!! It’s beautiful and perfect for Summer! I’m crossing my fingers!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  127. Simply Sara says:

    I also facebooked about the giveaway!!

    Sara Haga Gore

  128. Mindy says:

    I dont know why I never thought to dvr it! I was like I wont be up oh well whatever. Thanks for reminding me!

    aah so many to choose! I pick Milan!

  129. Kristen says:

    I love Spanish Steps and Gondola!!

  130. Kelly Carrico says:

    I love the Mauna Kea. I also like the Ming. They are all really beautiful!

  131. Shannon says:

    How fun!! I love Primavera, or Gondola.

  132. Holly says:

    LOVE all their dresses! Happy Talk is one of my favs!

  133. Stacie M. says:

    Love the fun stripes of L’Artiste. It’s a great dress for work or wine tasting on the weekend.

  134. Bethany Kingma says:

    I LOVE Shabby Apple. The Mauna Kea dress is FABULOUS! Definitely my favorite and it would be my very first Shabby Apple dress. :)

  135. Qui says:

    hard to pick just one! Ming instantly caught my eye though.

  136. Steph says:

    I LOVE the Mauna Kea dress!

  137. Emma says:

    i love the Marseilles dress :) so cute for summer work wear and the 5th avenue too – esp since i live in nyc

  138. Lindsay says:

    I’m loving the B 17 Bombshell from shabby apple!

  139. Fun Giveaway Kate!
    I am a sucker for a summer dress… I love dresses and always have!
    I like the entire South Pacific collection… Freshwater Pearl, Tropical Sunshine & more!

    I also tweeted about it!

  140. Liz says:

    I am dying for the Gondola dress…beautiful!

  141. Mary beth says:

    L’Opera is my favorite!

  142. NancyO says:

    I love cider. It looks perfect for work, church and family get-togethers.. but could probably dress it up for bridal showers, engagement parties, etc.

  143. Kelly Carrico says:

    I linked to the giveaway on Facebook!

  144. Kirsten says:

    I like the New Caledonia! I would loooove to have a Shabby Apple dress!

  145. Bran says:

    I love Volcano At Midnight! It was so hard to pick just one. There are so many beautiful dresses.

  146. Laura says:

    Seriously?! The Kenya dress is amazing. I love this online shop!

  147. SarahB says:

    My favorite dress is the Champs Elysees. I think it is so beautiful!

  148. I love love love the Sierra Nevada dress! Gorgeous dresses all of them!

  149. Cindy says:

    I love the CHAMPS ELYSEES!

  150. Andrea says:

    I tweeted about this @andreaworley

  151. Paulina J! says:

    Having to pick one is nearly impossible. I truly want one of each, but my favorites today are the Chickaree and the Champs Elysees. I LOVE Shabby Apple!

  152. Laurabeth says:

    Upper East Side is my favorite today… but they are all lovely!

  153. Laura says:

    Bal hai! looks amazing for summers!

  154. Catherine says:

    Piazza Navona speaks to my maxi-lovin’ heart.

  155. Deb C says:

    L’artiste is really fun!

  156. Sarah says:

    I am absolutely in LOVE with the Cleopatra right now!!!! It’s gorgeous!

  157. Sara E. says:

    I adore the “Belle and Beast” dress! It’s so elegant, yet so fun! LOVE!

  158. Megan says:

    Wow! Choose just one? I don’t know if I can, but I did really like the Chickaree dress.

  159. Anna says:

    I love the Penelope and Odysseus….but in the Fire Opal color!

  160. Megan says:

    I love love love the Lois Lane and Aloha dresses!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  161. Jessa says:

    I LOVE the Glacier dress. SO cute!!!

  162. theresa says:

    Bernini would be a style that I like a lot. And blue is my favorite color!

  163. Robyn says:

    I like Cleo and Antony.

  164. nicki says:

    I like the Champs Elysees dress!

  165. Andrea W says:

    The Beauty Mark one is my favorite.

  166. I LOVE Midnight Garden! These are wonderful dresses! Love this new website!

  167. Jessa says:

    I tweeted too! @jessajill

  168. I love Midnight Garden! This is a great site, I am glad to add to my list of favorites!

  169. vonda says:

    I really like the Cockeyed Optimist!

  170. Sarah says:

    I love the simplicity and beauty of the ‘North Shore’ dress. That color is magical!

  171. Katie R says:

    I love, love, love the Coney Island dress. Prefect for summer weddings!

  172. Cassie says:

    I love them all, but if I had to pick one I’d choose Bonheur!

  173. Holly says:

    I like the Rosarita dress!

  174. Laurabeth says:

    Linked up on FB, fingers crossed!

  175. Kelly says:

    I love the Primavera! But most of all I love Shabby Apple. They have the CUTEST dresses ever!

  176. Renee says:

    I love so many of these dresses, but Trapeze caught my eye!

  177. The Tiny Homestead says:

    I love lots of them and would love to have ‘Cider’ if I’m picked. ::crossing fingers::

  178. Holly says:

    I tweeted, @beachcovejewel

  179. Love Shabby Apple and have had my eye on the Davinci, but don’t hold me too it : )

  180. Renee says:

    Linked to FB! Pick me pick me!

  181. Jessica Bryant says:

    My favorite dress is the Bernini!


  182. Ellen says:

    Ooh, I really like the “PENELOPE AND ODYSSEUS” dress, but since we’re trying to get pregnant, I’d have to say that all of the maternity dresses there are stunning… particularly “Oh Baby”!

  183. WOW!! I can’t decided between the Bon Voyage and the Chickaree! I LOVE THEM BOTH!! :)

  184. Qui says:


  185. Katie says:

    So many to choose from. For now, my top pick is Pina Colada

  186. Katie says:

    Love, love, love L’Ete. It is perfect for warm weather.

  187. dana says:

    trapeze. super photography.

  188. Crystal says:

    Oh, who can really pick a favorite? I think I would have to go with Primavera.

  189. Tracy says:

    I really like the Mariposa Grove dress.

  190. Ashlee says:

    I love the Giverny and Gondola, total toss up

  191. I’m totally in love with the Garden Isle!

  192. Amy A. says:

    I love the Happy Talk dress!

  193. wendy says:

    Yay!! I love Shabby Apple!! And I’d gladly take a Ramble dress… so awesome! Thanks :)

  194. I’m LOVING these dresses! I particularly like CHAMPS ELYSEES, TANGLEWOOD, adn BONHEUR!

  195. Leigh says:

    I love Shabby Apple! I have my eye on Gray Fox right now.

  196. I shared on facebook and tagged both of you in the post! :) ~AliLlly

  197. Ashlee says:

    I tweeted about it from @ashleesboutique

    Shabby Apple Summer Dress GIVEAWAY @CentsationalGrl Winner’s choice of their lovely selection of dresses!!

  198. Ashlee says:

    …and I facebooked about your giveaway … from ashlees boutique

  199. Michelle says:

    I LOVE the Oh La La dress! So pretty!

  200. Courtney says:

    I love the Gondola and Sheep Meadow dresses, as well as many others!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  201. Michelle P says:

    Gorgeous! My fave is beauty mark :)

  202. Danielle says:

    Loved the El Mar, but also the Black Oak for a fun twist on the LBD!

  203. Barbie says:

    Love the Madison Ave, I’m a sucker for houndstooth!

  204. Britta says:

    Oh my gosh, all the dresses are so gorgeous! I think I’ve picked like 10 favorites….

  205. erica says:

    Bon Voyage dress! Its the bomb.

  206. Corrie says:

    The Mauna Kea dress is beautiful and absolutely stunning!!

  207. rebekah says:

    I think I would go bold and pick Giverny or Primavera. I am obsessed with that mustard yellow color!

  208. Kim says:

    Ahhhh! The polka dot Jacob’s Pillow dress for sure!

  209. Kelly says:

    I am in love, in love, with Shabby Apple! Everything is so beautiful!!!

    I have to say my favorite would be the Aurelia dress! I don’t think it could be any better for walking the streets of Italia!

    Molta Bella!!

  210. Rebecca says:

    I love, love, love the Primavera dress.

  211. Joy Wilkes says:

    I love Shabby Apple. So feminine! I love the La Tour Eiffel dress. (actually there aren’t many I DON’T love!

  212. Courtney says:

    How am I suppose to pick a favorite!? There are so many gorgeous dresses! I will say MARSEILLES, but it was a very hard choice. I hope I win, I have always wanted a dress from shabby apple!

  213. Amy in PA says:

    Pick just one? That’s impossible! How about Trapeze. L’Ete or Sacred Falls to get started? :-)

  214. Tara says:

    I’m in love with the Fifth Avenue dress… so classy!!!

  215. Aubrey says:

    I pretty much *adore* everything they make, and with their popularity, I’m going to assume that I have a snowball’s chance in you-know-where at this thing! But here it goes anyways because I’m an optimist like that (c: Love, love, love the Spanish Steps dress, but the Gondola with the cute stripe skirt is oh-so-fabulous as well…and it’s no suprise that I already *love* them on FB…Fantastic giveaway Kate!

  216. HAPPY TALK! Love, Love, Love it!!!!

  217. Dr. Juris says:

    I never win these things, and I can’t pick JUST ONE! My two favorites are:

    Marco Polo dress (but I have way too much black in my closet)
    Tres Jolie (LOOVE the green)

    I also think the Polo PP would be great if it were shorter.

  218. alex w. says:

    oh. my. goodness. i LOVE so many of them! The fifth ave. is absolutely awesome, that’s probably number one for me. but i’m going to say number two is Ming! Love them!!!

  219. Jennifer says:

    I’m gonna go with the Kenya — classic, season-spanning style that can be accessorized so many different ways.

  220. Kelly says:

    I love the Cha Belle.

  221. Charity says:


  222. Wendy says:

    Wow! I love everything! Thank you for introducing us to this site!! I have to say though, I love the chic, ladylike El Capitan – so modern and yet evocative of the best of 80s fashion. I’d pair it with some lemon yellow platforms and a big chunky yellow belt!

  223. Sakina says:

    I love the midnight garden dress – can’t afford it though so lets hope I can win it!

  224. Alanna says:

    I like La Vita É Bella… but it’s so hard to choose!

  225. Erica A says:

    I want that Gondola dress so bad! Green and Stripes, a made for me dress! Love Shabby Apple!

    I already “like” them on FB!

  226. Jess says:

    I love the che bella maxi….so glamorous!

  227. Julia C says:

    I love this place! Champs Elysees is my favorite!

  228. Joy Wilkes says:

    I tweeted about this awesome giveaway and put a shout-out on my blog!

  229. Kimberlee says:

    Really like Ming! Very pretty!

  230. Jen says:

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but I loved the Primavera dress from the Roamin’ Holiday collection!

  231. Kathy M. says:

    It was hard to choose, but I think my favorite is the Bonheur. Thanks so much for the giveaway!!!!

  232. Bridget says:

    I love, love the Martha’s Vinyard dress!! so pretty- what a great giveaway! thanks!

  233. Morgan says:

    I have been eyeballing the white “Bonheur” Shirt Dress for months, but it is always sold out! I would love to win it!

  234. Aubrey says:

    I love the Bijou dress! I like the playful sophistication of it and the color!

  235. Christina says:

    love so many, especially the Champs Elysee dress and the red and white Baccimi dress!

  236. Kathy M. says:

    I posted a link on my FB page.

  237. Laura says:

    the Cleopatra is STUNNING, but for everyday I love The Ramble or Espina Bonita or Roma! or Balleria or Cayenne or Bianca or ….. Would be a hard choice!

  238. Rachel says:

    I love the Black Oak and Five to Nine but they are all beautiful!

  239. Christina says:

    like on Facebook!

  240. Mary says:

    I love the Red Fir dress! It just has the perfect vintage look to it!

  241. Dayna says:

    Love the Spanish Steps dress. Perfect for a rehearsal dinner I have coming up!

  242. Kathy M. says:

    I also Tweeted about the giveaway. Thanks again!

  243. Aubrey says:

    Shared with my friends on FB!!!

  244. Anita D says:

    I am severly bummed that this is for the US only. I love love love her dresses, this is totally my style. But if I could pick I would choose Madison Avenue, or Glacier. They are all just beautiful!!

  245. Nathaly says:

    I loooovvve the Cock-eyed Optimist or the Trevi Fountain. . . I can’t chooose! They’re all so flippin beautiful.

  246. Kate says:

    gosh i love all of them. i’d probably choose either mauna kea or freshwater pearl.

  247. Kris Lewis says:

    Red fir!

  248. Gretchen says:

    I love Bernini! Reminds me of something I would see on Mad Men!

  249. Sarah says:

    They’re all just gorgeous but if I have to pick one….Sierra Nevada!

  250. I. am. on. that. ONE!!! YAY!!!! I wanted to also stop in and let you and your readers know about my slipcover giveaway…well, actually, my GIVEAWAY SERIES…

    Xo, Meme

  251. Amanda says:

    I love the La Tour Eiffel dress (and so many others really).

  252. Kate says:

    I love the Mauna Kea dress. All the dresses look absolutely beautiful!

  253. Sarah says:

    Linked on FB

  254. Shelley Smith says:

    I LOVE the Aurella dress…so adorable!

  255. Heather R. says:

    What a great giveaway! I have been wanting a Shabby Apple dress for ages…just can’t spend the money right now. I love almost ALL of their dresses but the Che Bella! is my current fav…so feminine and comfy looking!

  256. Allison says:

    I absolutely love the “Cider” dress! (Really, I love them ALL!!)

  257. Erika says:

    Woo-Hoo!! Great dresses… Hmmm…just one fav…
    I’m loving the Espina Bonita–very beautiful.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Erika ;0)

  258. lacey says:

    LOVE the Sheep Meadow dress

  259. Amber says:

    I really like the atlantic fog t shirt dress!

  260. Heather R. says:

    Tweeted this giveaway (@mommyribs)

  261. Jocelyn says:

    I love the ‘Gondola’ dress. So cheery and fun for summer!

  262. Michelle Miles says:

    I’ve been wanting the Glacier dress, love them all!

  263. Alyssa says:

    I am loving all the dresses on this website. My favorite would have to be Belle and the Beast. So pretty!

  264. rita says:

    pick one only? LOL that is hard, they are all so pretty. If i had to pick one, I would pick the Gondola dress

  265. Chrysi says:

    I love the Gondola dress and the Cider dress as well.

  266. Emily says:

    Love the Spanish Steps dress!

  267. Marisa says:

    i have to pick just one?! geez i want the whole south pacific collection, please ;). okay…if i have to pick just one, go with the nothin’ like a dame.

  268. Jennifer says:

    I love the Nantucket – I also love the necklace with it and that is exactly how I would choose to wear it!

  269. Jen says:

    Love the Forbidden City! Great black dress.

  270. Heathery says:

    Well, I could never pick a favorite, but Mauna Kea is in my top five!

  271. Emilee says:

    I love L’Artiste. Looks so wearable.

  272. Lara says:

    I love everything taht Shabby Apple makes! Their dresses are fab! I really like the Martha’s Vineyard dress

  273. Cathy says:

    I love the Bonheur.

  274. Lori H says:

    I love so many of them, but maybe the Sacred Falls dress the most!

  275. Hilary says:

    Marco polo!

  276. Bonnie says:

    With so many pretty dresses it’s hard to pick just one! My favorites are the black Marco Polo dress, and the brown Penelope and Odysseus dress but there are many more I like too!

  277. Terrie M says:

    Beautiful dresses! I love Sierra Nevada. The teal color and top ruffles would be fabulous to wear!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  278. Angela says:

    I love Forbidden City. A perfect little black dress!

  279. michelle says:

    I am totally in love with Nantucket and Glacier!

  280. jennyv says:

    Champs Elysees — so cute!

  281. Sally Manlove says:

    I love the “fifth avenue” dress!

  282. Kelly Lane says:

    Garden Isle is my fav! Loved your last post…that dye job was great!

  283. Jessica says:

    I fell in LLLOOOOVVEEE with the Madison Ave Dress {Black and White Houndstooth Print} I would so have fun with that one. Houndstooth is one of my faves!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  284. Amanda says:

    Oh my goodness… I am literally drooling over the Jacob’s Pillow dress… stunning! My fingers are crossed in a big way :) Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!!!

  285. kelsey m says:

    Oh…..I love soooo many…it is hard to choose one! However, I have been wanting a navy dress after seeing Cathrine in her navy outfit. So my choice is…Bethesda fountain! Love it!

  286. Jessica says:

    I also shared this link via FB!!!

  287. Emily says:

    I love everything Shabby Apple:)

  288. Emily Bennett says:

    Shabby apple, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways: french quarter, Red fox….LOVE!!

  289. Janna says:

    I like too many . . . the Gray Fox, Anchors Away . . . they are all so beautiful!

  290. Queen Mommy says:

    So many pretty ones! I like Champs Elysees, Frida K, Ferris Wheel, Midnight Garden, Fork-tailed Devil, and the Bernini. If I had to choose it would probably be between the Frida K and the Bernini, or maybe the Champs Elysees.

  291. Jen N. says:

    I want the Gondola dress more than I’ve wanted anything in awhile!

  292. Wendy says:

    I like the “Gondola”!! Wish I could purchase…

  293. Sara says:

    I really love the Marseilles dress dress!

  294. Angie says:

    LOVE the Samarkand dress.. :)

  295. Debbie says:

    Definately the Martha’s Vineyard. So classic!

  296. Jenny says:

    Gondola please!

  297. Ashley says:

    I want them all, but I can’t get over how beautiful and simple the Roma! dress is. Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway!

  298. Sophie says:

    Hmmm tough decision but I think my favorite is “Cider”

  299. Brenda Mueller says:

    I liked the Bernini, so pretty!

  300. Kellie says:

    Oh my goodness – we’re going to Paris in the Fall and the Champs Elysees from the oh la la collection would be perfect! I also adore the Cortez and Casablanca – amazing designs. Thanks for the post CG!

  301. Sophie says:

    This giveaway has been linked on my facebook page.

  302. Brook says:

    I LOVE Shabby Apple. It was so hard to decide. I guess I’d have to say my fav is sheep meadow, it’s just me! Simple, and green and blue are my fav combos.

  303. Rebekka says:

    I love love Madison Ave. WOW!

  304. Andrea says:

    Fifth Avenue. I have loved it for so long, but oh! (for a girl who never spends over $20 on any article of clothing) That price tag!

  305. Melissa Gregg says:

    Oh, wow! stunning dress collection :-)
    I’m going to have to say Azure Coast is my far! Back to looking

  306. Sarah says:

    Do i have to choose just one? I like the mandarin plum and the mauna kea.

  307. Emily W says:

    I love the fabulous color of the Mauna Kea dress. Thanks for the giveaway and introduction to these dresses.

  308. Whitney says:

    Oh and I in love with the bright yellow Pina Colada dress! So fun for a summertime cookout!

  309. Lerissa says:

    I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS THE GIVEAWAY…. I love your blog…but I am also a HUGE fan of Shabby Apple…so excited about the giveaway! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I SWOON over Fifth Ave.

  310. Lerissa says:

    I already liked their FB page!!

  311. Lerissa says:

    I linked this giveaway on FB!

  312. Amanda Campbell says:

    Oh! I have never been on Shabby apple! How have I not known about it? Gorgeous, love it! I want them all. I really liked the Spanish Steps, Billie (wiggle dress xoxo), Manager Director, plus about 25 more!

  313. Jennifer T. says:

    There are so many gorgeous choices! I’m really loving the Bali Ha’i’! :)

  314. Katie says:

    I really like Martha’s Vineyard but this would be a hard choice if I did win.

  315. Adrianne says:

    I LOVE the Primavera! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  316. Rachel Harmon says:

    My favorite is the Conservatory Garden. So simple, so beautiful. Weekend appropriate and work appropriate. LOVE IT!

  317. Katie says:

    Their dresses are great! I really like the Penelope and Odysseus dress…

  318. AJ says:

    Too many to choose from! The Trevi Fountain looks lovely, even more lovely if I could where it AT the Trevi Fountain :)

  319. Danyelle says:

    My favorite shabby apple dress is the l’ete.

  320. Amanda Campbell says:

    Linked on FB!

  321. Maury says:

    L’Ete! It’s the perfect summer dress!

  322. Emily says:

    I will take any (or all) of them! My favorite may be the l’ete from the classics collection.

  323. Ree S. says:

    Oh, man! I’m in love with the Glacier dress… it’s gorgeous!

  324. Katie says:

    Too difficult to choose!Glacier, midnight garden! Love them all!

  325. Julie V. says:

    Oh! I love Shabby Apple! I love the Cleo and Antony dress!

  326. Misty says:

    If I had to choose, I’d pick Sheep Meadow. My 2 favorite colors in a fun, flirty dress. But all of the dresses are fabulous and so reasonably priced!

  327. laurie says:

    I like Sacred Falls dress. Hard to narrow my choice down!

  328. Courtney says:

    My absolute favorite is Sheep Meadow – swoon!

  329. Dana says:

    I would love to get “Daisy” for my collection!!

  330. Melissa says:

    It’s so hard to choose a favorite! Their dresses are oh so pretty, and I would be so happy to win one! I think my favorite is the Cider Dress or the Ribbon Falls Dress. Thanks for the chance!

  331. Jennifer M says:

    Love their website, and especially that you can find dresses based on your shape. Really hard to just pick one, but I would probably say Jade is my favorite.

  332. WendyK says:

    So many cute dresses! It’s hard to pick one, but I’d probably opt for one of the teal dresses, such as Sierra Nevada or Alto Sax.

  333. Hilary says:

    The Gondola dress screams my name! I love it!

  334. Carrie says:

    Love the Marco Polo Dress!

  335. Misty says:

    If I have to choose, I’d pick Sheep Mountain. My 2 favorite colors in a fun, flirty dress. But they are all fabulous and reasonably priced!

  336. I love the athena maxi dress!

  337. I posted about your giveaway on fb

  338. Elise says:

    Love the South Pacific collection! Gorgeous.

  339. I tweeted about your giveaway :)

  340. Embracing Life says:

    Hey there! Following your great blog! Have a lot of shabby apple favorites…adore the Trevi Fountain,Sierra Nevada and Spanish steps!

  341. penelope says:

    Gondola Dress please…and a trip to Paris as well…pretty please :)

  342. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    All so pretty, but the Martha’s Vineyard is a favorite!

  343. Brandi says:

    I would have to go with “Sheep Meadow”…it is just gorgeous!!

  344. Elizabeth says:

    Roamin Holiday for me!!!

  345. Kelly says:

    Rosarita is my fav.. I think they are all so Pretty!
    Fingers Crossed!!!

  346. Lisa says:

    Pina Colada is bright and fun!!!

  347. Allison says:

    Too many cute dresses to choose from but I think the Fork-Tailed Devil is really cute.

  348. Abi W says:

    Love love Jacob’s Pillow! and the Gondola – LOVE the vibrant colors!

  349. Kirstin says:

    I love them all, but can totally see myself making the Azure Coast a wardrobe staple!

  350. Stella Marie says:

    If one of each isn’t an option (these are seriously cute dresses), I love the Billie and Gondola. I kind of want a re-do on my bridesmaid dresses now.

  351. Alecia says:

    Love love LOVE the Cleopatra dress!

  352. Tabitha says:

    I love Shabby Apple!! I like the North Shore dress!! There all so pretty!

  353. Cresta Shawver says:

    I LOVE the Ferris Wheel; I’ve been eyeing it for a while now! It would be nice to win one!

  354. I can’t get enough of the fifth avenue dress….

  355. Sara says:

    The Ramble and Carnival are both adorable but I think Ballerina wins as my favorite by just a hair.

  356. Jenn says:

    Great giveaway! I love the Gondola dress!!

  357. Hillary says:

    I love the Sierra Nevada!

  358. Tina says:

    LOVE the Marco Polo dress and the L’ete. I see a wraparound dress in my future!

  359. Mindee says:

    Pina colada, North Shore, and Spanish steps are my favs! I love them all. SO CUTE!

  360. Kate says:

    I can’t decide which I like more – Fork Tailed Devil or the Bethesda Fountain.

  361. Ariel Fisher says:

    I love the Bali Ha’i’ dress from their South Pacific line. I’ve had my eye on it for weeks!!

  362. Laura Y says:

    I love all of them! Probably between the Mauna Kea, Sheep Meadow, and Gondola!

  363. Breanna says:

    I like the BALI HA’I’ from Shabby Apple’s website.

  364. GONDOLA!!!! I am in love with dress. I am going on a few trips around my late summer wedding (including my honeymoon) and this dress would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe but my bank account can’t afford such a beauty/heavy price tag. I would Style it with a pair of straw and orange leather wedges that I have.. LOVE LOVE!!!

  365. Lindsey says:

    I love the Black Oak dress!

  366. Christa says:

    Oooohhh, I like the Daisy dress! Thanks!! :)

  367. Breanna says:

    Linked the giveaway on Facebook!!!

  368. Eliza B says:

    I love the Black Oak dress with that gorgeous petal detail around the top and bust!!! To die for!

    I also think their swim wear is pretty too! Beautiful one pieces!!!!

  369. Rachel says:

    My favorite has to be the Chickaree!

  370. Jennie says:

    That is a difficult choice. Love the breeziness of the Pina Colada and the Freshwater Pearl. We have been experiencing flooding in our part of the country and both of these names seem a fitting escape.

  371. nursegirl says:

    I’d get the V.P. :)

  372. cynthia says:

    Sierra Nevada! Beautiful.

  373. Bree says:

    Love Madison Ave! All of these are gorgeous! Shared on my facebook…!/profile.php?id=1557444776

  374. LindseyA says:

    My favorite (so hard to choose) was the Chickaree – my husband loves for me to wear brown and it just looks so fun :)

  375. Elise says:

    I love Spanish Steps, along with countless others on their site!

  376. Natalie says:

    I think the Bugle Boy dress is so adorable :)

  377. Lynne says:

    So many dresses to choose from! I like the L’Artiste.

  378. Madelyn says:

    I love the B 17 Bombshell dress!

  379. Maria Trader says:

    wow, those are cute. bon voyage seems like it would be so great in many venues

  380. Sam says:

    I love the gondola and fifth avenue dresses! So pretty.

  381. Samantha says:

    I think Bon Voyage is the prettiest dress I’ve seen in my life. :)

  382. Ooo love the “Ming” dress! Would be perfect since I have quite a few weddings to photograph this summer!

  383. Sarah E. says:

    I love them all! :) I love the glacier dress and l’opera!

  384. Melissa says:

    I can’t pick my favorite, but it’s between the red fox, black oak, and sheep meadow dress! What a great giveaway!

  385. Brittany Moore says:

    I MUST have the Ribbon Falls Dress! I seriously dream about it…

  386. chris says:

    bali ha’i is a favorite but honestly i could choose like 10 dresses!

  387. Nuha says:

    i love shabby apple! The pineapple princess dress is my fave :)

  388. Irina says:

    I like SPQR and Mambo Italiano !

  389. JoAnne says:

    Love all of them but Gondola is fantasic!

  390. Lauren says:

    My favorite is Spanish Steps. So classic!

  391. kelsie fell says:

    I love the Ming :)

  392. Brenna says:

    It’s hard to pick just one! I really like Slate, Ain’t She Sweet, and Fifth Ave.

  393. Steph says:

    love love LOVE the Bijou dress! They have such a nice website.

  394. Tricia says:

    so in love with the north shore dress. great shape and color.

  395. Jessica says:


  396. Ariana says:

    El Captain, amazing!!!

  397. Diane says:

    Gondola is the best!

  398. Anna says:

    So many wonderful choices….I love them all, but will choose Mauna Kea

  399. Ariana says:

    Posted to Facebook!!!

  400. Adri says:

    I’m having a hard time choosing a favorite, but I think I like the Sheep Meadow dress best. I’ve been keeping my eye on it for a while now, just hoping it will go on sale :).

  401. Amy says:

    I love L’Opera. Its still my style, but a little different than what I would normally buy for myself. It’d be great for summer and fall weddings as well as date nights.

  402. Regina says:

    I like the Bombshell.

  403. risa west says:

    i would like this one: Mauna Kea

    and i love your blog ;)

  404. Cyan B says:

    I LOVE the Spanish Steps dress!

  405. Sasha Wirth says:

    I love all of these dresses! Especially CIDER…so cute!

  406. jessica says:

    Wow, so many beautiful ones. I really love the sheep meadow ad well as Penelope and Odysseus. Great giveaway, thank you!

    ~Jessica Lewis

  407. Ellen A. says:

    Love the Champs Elysees dress! It would be perfect for our summer getaway!

  408. Rachel says:

    My favorite is the Casanova dress :)

  409. Amy says:

    So adorable! The Mauna Kea is my favorite. They are all adorable.

  410. Michelle says:

    I love the Marco Polo!

  411. kristin m. says:

    looooooooooove shabby apple! my fav dress THIS WEEK is jacob’s pillow. *sigh* kristinmik at gmail

  412. Jill says:

    Black Oak please!!!

  413. Kate George says:

    I love the Carousel collection!

  414. Laura says:

    Ballerina…looks beautiful and comfortable!

  415. Samantha says:

    There are so many i like! I think the Champs Elysees is my favorite though.

  416. Rachel C says:

    How do you pick? I want them all!!!! I love the Veni Vidi Vici. Then, I can wear it and pretend I’m in Europe! I hope I win. I hope I win.

  417. Megan says:

    Love the Bacciami!

  418. Lauralee says:

    Do I have to pick one? Top three? Primavera, Gondola, Jacob’s Pillow. . . . now if I could just have the body to go with it too :)

  419. Lynne says:

    There is absolutely no way I can pick just one favorite. The best I can do is narrow it down to three: Crouching Tiger for the office, Gondola for a day at the park with my boys, and Aurelia for dinner with my love. Thank you so much for sharing; I LOVE this website!!!!

  420. Rebecca Musser says:

    I like Azure Coast…pretty!

  421. Kitrina says:

    I love the Spanish Steps dress, just gorgeous!

  422. Samantha Cleys says:

    Love the Fifth Ave Dress!

  423. Sarah K says:

    I can’t decide!! I think I like “Palatine Hill” the most (but Cayenne and Aurelia are giving that dress a run for its money!).

  424. Tanis says:

    Love Shabby Apple!! its so hard to pick a favorite, but i would say its a tie between the Bon Voyage Dress and V.P dress!!

  425. Kristen says:

    Ohhh… my favorite is Sandstone. Love!

  426. Gloria says:

    I’ll take one of each please. Thank you.

    But I’m loving the freshwater pearl!

  427. Tanis says:

    totally linked it on my facebook!!!

  428. I like Bijou and Fifth Avenue!! Love their stuff.

  429. I would love the Red Fir! It’s so classy! Thanks for hosting this Kate!

  430. I love all the Roman Holiday collection-its so hard to choose they’re all so cute!

  431. Judith says:

    I love all of them but if I had to pick one it would be the CEO.

  432. laurie c says:

    Oh my word! All of their dresses are so pretty. I don’t know how I could decide if I won. The Bali Ha’i’ is probably one of my top choices. Gorgeous stuff!

  433. wendy says:

    I need ferris wheel to wear to my nephew’s wedding.

  434. LMF says:

    I love the Cleopatra! What great prices too!

  435. Like the true Brit i am, I’ll be watching some of the celebrations tomorrow. I can’t wait to see her dress, wishing them every happiness :)

  436. renee says:

    I love the Mauna Kea.

  437. Kaytee says:

    My favorite is the Primavera!

  438. Allison says:

    I love them all, but I think that Cider is my favorite. I love the color :)

  439. Aimee says:

    So many to choose from but I think that my favorite is Tender is the Night! What a fun sight!!

  440. Sarah Hirsch says:

    i love the da vinci

  441. Priscilla K. says:

    I really like Cassanova and Bombshell. So lovely!

  442. Gem says:

    The Chickaree!

  443. Mariah says:

    I would adore the Marco Polo dress!! It’s so sophisticated yet uncomplicated…just lovely!! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a wonderful prize!!!

  444. laurie c says:

    Shared this on FB.

  445. Heather Dew says:

    I’ve had my eye on the Consultant dress for some time now. I hope I can finally bring it home!

  446. Amber says:

    I LOVE the dress FINDING OUT…I’m pregnant with my first child and we aren’t “finding out” the gender until the baby comes – so excited!

  447. Rachelle T. says:

    I’ve been loving the Spanish Steps dress since they came out with it!

  448. DeboraR says:

    Ann and Andy:)

  449. Alison says:


  450. Angela says:

    I honestly don’t know how to pick just one. Gondola and Sierra Nevada are two that stand out to me.

  451. Liz says:

    I am in love with the Champs Elysees.

  452. Judy says:

    I like Azure Coast dress.

  453. Andrea Shepherd says:

    I love the gondola dress! It reminds me of being in Rome for my honeymoon last year :)

  454. Jessica J says:

    I love Aloha!

  455. Amy says:

    Oh em geeeeee! I am in <3 with this site thank you for sharing, def will be peeping this site regularly! I love the Gondola and the scarlet dragon! AH-mazing!

  456. Julie Holden says:

    I love the Spanish Steps. Love it.

  457. renee says:

    I advertised on FB!!!!

  458. Amy Lustig says:

    Love Shabby Apple! My favorite dress is Gondola!

    SO CUTE!
    Amy Lustig
    amyjlustig at gmail dot com

  459. Jacqueline says:

    I LOVE Shabby Apple! My favorite dress is their CHAMPS ELYSEES!

    Totally down with the wedding tomorrow too!

  460. Charity H. says:


  461. Katie S. says:

    Oooh, I would love to wear the Bonheur dress this summer!!

  462. Liz says:

    I NEED the Tuileries Dress! I love that sunny yellow!

  463. Mary S. says:

    I can’t decide between 16 candles or Nantucket! They all are so beautiful!

  464. Lisa says:

    Not gonna lie … Shabby Apple is AMAZING. I absolutely LOVE dresses and theirs are gorg!!

    Thanks for the giveaway…

    If I won, I’d choose the 2300 and 38 Inches. Love love love.

    Okay, done now. Lisa

  465. Jenafer Lowe says:

    Love, love, love them all. My absolute fav is the Spanish Steps skirt. I also ADORE the Ming Dress (with red heels!), the Marco Polo and Pina Colada, swoon!

  466. Jenafer Lowe says:

    Love, love, love them all. My absolute fav is the Spanish Steps skirt. I also ADORE the Ming Dress (with red heels!), the Marco Polo and Pina Colada, swoon!

  467. Jenafer Lowe says:

    I tweeted about your giveaway!

  468. Jenafer Lowe says:

    I posted your giveaway to my FB page!

  469. Meg says:

    So many lovely dresses! I think I’d pick Madison Ave!

  470. Lori says:

    I’ve never heard of them, but now I’m afraid I know where my next shopping binge will be. These are very pretty and modest dresses, which is hard to find these days! I’d go with the AMETHYST dress, just for starters. I love a good wrap dress!

  471. Carlee says:

    Oh there are TOO MANY to choose one! What trouble this site will get me in! For the sake of this contest, I choose the Penelope and Odysseus. Thanks for the opportunity!

  472. Terra says:

    I am simply in love with Fifth Ave and every other dress :)

  473. Carlee says:

    Linked on FB.

  474. I LOVE the El Capitan dress! Well… all of them really!

  475. Aubrey says:

    I am ALL about the Champs Elysees! I really love Shabby Apple but have never shopped there. Sometimes I hop on over just to drool and dream. Love this giveaway!

  476. Sin says:

    Girl Next Door <3

  477. Marci says:

    How do I decide? I like them all. Black Oak is definately in the top 10 for me.

  478. Marci says:

    I shared this on facebook.

  479. Connie says:

    Love the gondol dress! So sweet!

  480. Courtney F. says:

    Penelope and Odysseus!

  481. Marian Baldock says:

    Many cute ones but I think “Ming” would be adorable on my daughter.

  482. Veronica M says:

    I adore the site and the dress I would love to win is the “Primavera” yellow poplin piece in the Roamin Holiday collection. Wow, what a dress!!

    Thanks for the giveaway! (Fingers crossed!)

  483. Shana says:

    I LOVE the gondola dress!!

  484. Sierra says:

    So many to choose from! But for right now in my current mood, I would love Ming :-)

  485. erin reardon says:

    MAUNA KEA … it was really hard to pick one … great site!

  486. erin reardon says:


  487. jenny beth says:

    i like the azure coast!

  488. Janeal says:

    I love the “Fruitful” dress from the Mama Apple line. Such a pretty color!

  489. Beth says:

    Bali ‘ha

  490. Jamie M. says:

    I absolutely love the Madison Ave dress. Its so classy, which is my middle name.

  491. Amy says:

    Mariposa Grove … but they’re all so lovely I’d probably change my mind if I actually won one.

  492. Karen says:

    I love the Cider and Sophistique dresses. So chic!

  493. Kylie Bond says:

    Oh my gosh! I can’t even begin to pick one, haha. But I really like the North Shore or the Mauna Kea dress. So cute!

  494. I am drooling over here. Many crushes but Antiquated is definitely love.

  495. Megan S. says:

    I love the Gondola!

  496. Julia says:

    i LOVE the Penelope and Odysseus and Ming dresses!!

  497. Anna says:

    the v.p. is sophisticated – love it!

  498. Shane S says:

    Gondola – gorg!

  499. meredith says:

    my favorites change by the day, but today i’m gonna say the Tiber!

  500. Elaine says:

    The lovely Sandstone dress!

  501. Angie says:

    I am in love with the “Pretty in Pink”-it looks very comfy and cute!

  502. Gina says:

    I love the Amethyst. Gorgeous!

  503. Linda says:

    Like the New Caledonia

  504. Erica says:

    I love the Spanish steps dress! Would work perfectly for one of the 7 weddings that I have this summer. Thanks!

  505. Jennie says:

    What beautiful dresses! I love how Shabby Apple allows you to sort for the most flattering fit for your body type. I couldn’t decide between “Azure Coast” or “Bon Voyage”–lovely how the names make me think of summer vacation too.

  506. kelly says:

    Love BONHEUR. I’d probably get it in Navy.

  507. Melissa says:

    I am in love with the Gondola dress!

  508. Melissa says:

    I am in love with the Gondola dress!

  509. Ruthie says:

    Love Piazza Navona! The greyish one. Oh my I shouldn’t have seen this site!

  510. I love the vintage look of the Sandstone dress!

  511. Christine says:

    Ugh – I want them all!! I think I’d take the the Champs Elysees.

  512. Becca says:

    Oh my gosh, I would love to win this prize! I’ve been completely smitten with the Gondola dress for months – the combo of bright green and navy and white stripes always gets me!

  513. Krista W says:

    Happy talk is my favorite! There are so many great choices!!!

  514. Beth Rhamy says:

    That’s a hard choice! I really like the Bacciami dress.

  515. Chelsea says:

    I love the Oh Baby dress!

  516. The Mauna Kea is beautiful! But there are so many great choices!

  517. Shelley says:

    I love the Cleopatra! So purty!!!

  518. Anjanette says:

    The Gray Fox caught my eye.

  519. Sara Beth says:

    I love the Primavera!

  520. Cathy says:

    I must have Spanish Steps! I love it!

  521. Brandi Waack says:

    This is a great giveaway! I love all the dresses! Id say I love MAUNA KEA :)

  522. Paige says:

    oh so many – and I’m in love with them!
    But I am sure I NEED the Azure Coast!

  523. Emily says:

    This post baby body would love a new dress to make mommy feel oh so pretty! I love the Jacob’s Pillow dress, the Ming dress, and the Fifth Ave just to name a few!!

  524. I love these dresses. I would probably select Azure Coast although I didn’t have time to look at all of the gorgeous dresses!

  525. maura says:

    Bette D.

  526. Leslie says:

    I love all of the dresses, but the PENELOPE AND ODYSSEUS dress looks fun for summertime. :)

  527. Amy Bell says:

    Love the Bonheur/Cape Cod White Shirt dress. Adorbs!

  528. miss bee says:

    cider, cider, a thousand times cider!

  529. Sondra T says:

    North Shore is the perfect summer dress!

  530. Love the Green with Envy and the Oh Baby! :)

  531. Jennifer says:

    I was actually just on this site last night drooling over the dresses as I tried to make a selection for summer wedding apparel. I fell in love with Champs Elysees.

  532. Jennifer says:

    I mentioned the giveaway on Facebook!

  533. Stacy Marie says:

    The Gondola dress would make getting dressed for work FAR MORE entertaining! I am trying to add more color to my wardrobe to….I have way too many black/gray dresses!

  534. April W. says:

    I like the black rose maternity dress. I have no maternity ware yet, and this dress would be FAB!

  535. taysha riggs says:

    Champs Elysees – great for summer! can dress it up or down.

  536. Brandi Waack says:

    i also linked up to facebook!

  537. Susan H. says:

    I love the Penelope and Odysseus.

  538. Julie says:

    Such a great giveaway!! I love the Sequoia. So pretty.

  539. Brandi Waack says:

    i also linked up to twitter too :) 3 entries now :)

  540. Mandy says:

    Love this giveaway! I like VP.

    I also tweeted about this @glamtart.

  541. Becca says:

    SPQR and North shore are super cute!

  542. Katie says:

    So many pretty, unique dresses. I think I’d choose the Bon Voyage

  543. Tori Correll says:

    My favorite is the Cider dress. :)

  544. Susan A. says:

    The Bonhuer dress is just so perfectly summery. I love it.

  545. Rebecca says:

    Never seen this store before! Love the TUILERIES dress! So perfect for summer! :)

  546. Robyn says:

    I love the Black Oak! I’m pregnant, so I would either choose that one for after baby comes or Odyssey for now!

  547. Rebecca says:

    Never seen this store before! They have such cute stuff! Love the TUILERIES dress!

  548. Monique says:

    Make my summer with the Gondola dress (crossing fingers NOW!).

  549. Abby S. says:

    Oh I love this website! I have never bought anything because it is clear out of my price range, but if I bought a dress, it would have to be ANCHORS AWAY or MADISON AVE. So classy!

  550. Danielle Q. says:

    Ooh it’s so hard to choose just one :] I’ve narrowed it down to three : Bonheur, Champs Elysees, & Bon Voyage. They’re just all so pretty!

  551. Elizabeth Church says:

    I love the black Beauty Mark dress. Flirty and fun!

  552. Janelle H says:

    Love the GIVERNY dress — beautiful!

  553. Rebecca says:

    Just shared this on Facebook! Didn’t mean to double post a comment, when I tried to post the first one-it said it was a duplicate and didn’t seem to go through so I changed it and posted again, turns out it went thru anyhow. Sheesh. Sorry about that! :(

  554. Christina P. says:

    How to pick just one? I love Bonheur; perfect for summer!

  555. Julie kelly says:

    I love the Ming dress, and just about every other dress on their site!

  556. Julie says:

    I am torn between Bonheur and Spanish Steps. Both are so beautiful!

  557. Beth says:

    I love the Champs Elysees and L’Artiste. It was very hard to pick! Great giveaway!

  558. Shannon C says:

    Thanks for featuring Shabby Apple. Love Aloha and Ink Brush and many others.

  559. Christina says:

    It was so hard to pick one but I loved the l’Ete dress.

  560. Pascale says:

    I love the “Garden isle” very fifties

  561. Jeannine says:

    Was shopping at Shabby Apple earlier today and loved Espina Bonita. Would be perfect for some of my summer social engagements (family wedding, date night)… Love your blog and check it often for the pretty pictures and fun ideas.

  562. BornInaZoo says:

    Wow! I absolutely adore Spanish Steps.

  563. Sandy says:

    I LOVE Bon Voyage! Gorgeous!

  564. Sarah S. says:

    Love the Bonheur!!

  565. Natalie says:

    My favorite dress is Happy Talk! Super cute!! :)

  566. Lindsey Adele says:

    Yes please! I like Mauna Loa, Champs-Elysees, and many more!

  567. Laura says:

    Love the VP dress!! Stunning styles at this site. :-)

  568. Amanda says:

    I love the Bonheur white dress. We’re going to Paris in June so I had to pick it! It reminds me of the dress Diane Lane wears in Under the Tuscan Sun.

  569. Bridie says:

    I LOVE Mauna Kea. This dress is just beautiful

  570. Kathleen says:

    I’m preggo so I really like the “Oh baby” dress!
    Thanks for the give away :)

  571. Cassandra says:

    I <3 the PENELOPE AND ODYSSEUS dress! *Swoon*

  572. Angie Kaonohi says:

    Oh, what an amazing giveaway. I just ordered my first Shabby Apple dress last week and I am still waiting for it to come in the mail. I ordered Pina Colada and have many more favorites. Thanks!

  573. Kim K. in Western PA says:

    Love love the Garden Isle.

  574. angela says:

    so many lovely choices but since i’m preggo, i’m going with the black rose! love!

  575. Ashley says:

    I love the Gondola dress! It’s so cute! Ok..i love em all!

  576. I love the Garden Isle dress!

  577. Danielle says:

    I love the Azure Coast, great for summer!!!

  578. JJK says:

    I love the Nothin Like a Dame

  579. Joni P. Lind says:

    I love love love the Pina Colada dress!!!

  580. courtney says:

    Cider. I own it and I love it. Tuxedo II is another that I love!

  581. Wanda Contreras says:

    LOVELY dresses!!! I love all of them, but if I have to pick the Cassanova is one of my fave. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.
    best regards,

  582. courtney says:

    shared on twitter! @Aanewcreation

  583. Sarah says:

    I love the BON VOYAGE!

  584. Kari Adams says:

    I LOVE Aurelia from Roamin Holiday!!! I keep eyeing it every day :)

  585. Jillian M says:

    GONDOLA dress! Maybe because I’m Italian but probably just because I LOVE stripes! :) Too cute for summer!

  586. Mary Rickrich says:

    Red Fir…gotta have it!

  587. Laarni says:

    I love the L’Amour! Thanks, so much!


  588. hillary says:

    Champs Elysees! Oh so cute!

  589. ap says:

    i love primavera. such great colors!

  590. Kelly says:

    I heart Penelope & Odysseus!

  591. andrea p says:

    I love the Ming dress…so classy! I love many others though :)

  592. Rebekah says:

    I like “Yorkshire” a lot!

  593. Rae-Lynne Spila says:

    I love the one called Trapeze and one that you have above – Penelope & Odysseus

  594. Sarah Sharp says:

    Penelope and Odysseus is my fave!

  595. Becky :) says:

    I am in love with Pina Colada and garden Isle from the South Pacific collection! SO PRETTY!

  596. Kim from NC says:

    Can I have a skirt instead? I love the Izzie! What a great little piece – easy to dress up or down. Perfect for work or a date night with the hubs. Love it!

  597. Shannon says:

    I love love LOVE L’Artiste!! my second choice is Fifth Avenue. So had to pick just one!

  598. Brooke L. says:

    I love the Marco Polo dress! But, everything by Shabby Apple is gorgeous!

  599. lindsay says:

    I love the L’Artiste dress! So cute! I can totally see walking down the beach in that dress.

  600. ErinS says:

    How can I pick just one?!

    Loving all of these: Ink Brush, Ming, Gondola, Primavera, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pont Neuf, Belle and Beast, and Cortez!! They are all beautiful!

  601. Ellen says:

    Pina Colada dress! Super cute!

  602. karen says:

    The Azure Coast dress is gorgeous!

  603. Lani says:

    I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! but I’d have to choose Belle and the Beast…..

  604. barb~ says:

    Hi Kate,

    Quite lovely.

    No, I shan’t be rising at 3 am. for The Royals. I don’t do 3 am unless I’m forced by a baby to give birth at that uncivilzed hour. There isn’t enough coffee in North America to wake me, either. I have total faith that it shall be covered by every network. For endless days going forward, I will be able to see it, and then not be able to avoid it for endless days after…..

    I AM DANG curious about Kate’s dress, however!!! I’ll send you my cell number if you’d like to give a detailed report. Let’s see-is that 1 am your time?? You might as well stay up!:)


  605. treen says:

    I’ve coveted Shabby Apple dresses for years but sadly the hubby-in-law-school budget hasn’t allowed for it yet. Maybe this will be an early birthday present?!?! Love love love the Sacred Falls and the Bonheur!

  606. Christine says:

    I love the Cider dress!

  607. Shannon says:

    I posted on my Facebook!!

  608. Gretchen says:

    I like azure coast and cider. It’ll be atough choice if I win.

  609. Shannon says:

    I tweeted about it too!

  610. Asia says:

    I absolutely ADORE Ribbon Falls. It takes my breath away.

  611. Shannon says:

    I ‘liked’ Shabby Apple on Facebook :)

  612. Katie says:

    I’ve loved Shabby Apple for years and would LOVE to have one of their gorgeous dresses! I’m a huge fan of Ingrid!!

  613. I have my 40th college reunion this July. PLEASE pick me, I love MARCO POLO. Actually, I love lots of them, but for my AARP body–this is perfect. I need some confidence seeing people I haven’t seen since 1971.

  614. Alexandra says:

    I love the Champs Elysees dress. So adorable!

  615. Katie says:

    Also just liked Shabby Apple on facebook!

  616. Carrie says:

    I love the Piazza Navonna. It looks so comfortable and cute! What an awesome website! I would love to win one. My oldest is graduating from high school and I could show up in style.

  617. Jessica says:

    Wow, that was so hard to choose. I like the Pina Coloda dress. I think it would hide a lot of my flawed areas. Did you check out there bathing suits too? So gorgeous! Thanks so much for the chance.


  618. Hannah says:

    Ooohh, love Atlantic Fog!

  619. Paula says:

    Ferris Wheel, Carnival, French Quarter…so many facorites!

  620. Paula says:

    Ferris Wheel, Carnival, French Quarter…so many favorites!

  621. Alexandra says:

    I shared this giveaway on Facebook.

  622. Netty says:

    I adore their dresses! My favorite right now is “The Ramble!” So cute! pinups dot sew at gmail dot com :) Crossing Fingers!!!

  623. Jo says:

    I love the freshwater pearl! That or Chikaree would make me a very happy mama!

  624. Amy says:

    Love the Ballerina – it looks very flattering (in the classics collection).

  625. Sherry says:

    Hmm – both the gypsy and the boogie woogie are fabulous. Actaully, theay are all wonderful and would love to try them all on :)

  626. I LOVE the Mauna Kea dress. So cute! And I have an event coming up that I need a new dress for! (Unfortunately it’s not the big wedding tomorrow, although I WILL be watching!!) Thanks for the giveaway!!

  627. Wow I’m not sure if I could just pick one, but I guess Samarkand wins for now :)

  628. Terra says:

    Shared on FB!

  629. I posted about this giveaway on Facebook! :)

  630. Dolores says:

    What a lovely giveaway!!! I love, LOVE, the Marco Polo dress.. and the Piña Colada too!

    now I´m going to keep browsing their site… and I´ll cross my fingers!

  631. Heidi says:

    I’m horribly torn between Forbidden City, Gray Fox, and Liz and Darcy!!!

  632. Shelly says:

    I love the Nantucket and the Penelope and Odysseus…both lovely wrap dresses!

  633. Rachael says:

    I love the North Shore dress. It would look great with a fun belt.

  634. Zanna says:


  635. Annie says:

    I heart Bethesda Fountain!

  636. Johanna says:

    Oooh! I love both Finding Out and Fruitful…since I’m sporting a 4 month baby bump. :-) So cute!

  637. Jessica says:

    Loving Trivi Fountain!

  638. Johanna says:

    I also shared the giveaway on Facebook. :)

  639. sarah says:

    oh it took a white, because i looked through so many, but my fav is penelope and odysseus. way, WAY cute.

  640. Rachel says:

    How on earth would someone choose? Gorgeous! My fave (for the moment!) is L’ete!

  641. Hannah says:

    I’m loving Palantine Hill! I envision using this dress either as my “exit outfit” for my wedding or during our honeymoon. :)

  642. Patty S. says:

    I love the El Capitan dress – it looks so Jackie O.

  643. Ashley says:

    I absolutely love the five to nine dress! It looks like the perfect black dress I’ve been looking for. Yay!

  644. Beth says:

    I like Julie and Romeo! Thanks for the chance to win.

  645. Hannah says:

    Linked on Facebook :)

  646. Barbara Ockomon says:

    I loved the black A-line–The VP. Hard to choose a favorite. They are all beautiful!

  647. amy pugmire says:

    I love the Bethesda Fountain

  648. Erin says:

    Mauna Kea is both my favorite dress and place! That purple orchid color wins me every time.

  649. Wendy A says:

    Ooh, I love the CEO. The color and cut are fantastic!

  650. Andrea says:

    I would choose the Gondola-loving the bright green on it!

  651. sara kai says:

    love bellisima!

  652. Amanda says:

    I love the Mauna Kea and North Shore!!

  653. Noelle says:

    Penelope and odysseus in grey amethyst. I have a wedding this june and this would be so perfect.

  654. Megan says:

    I love the Lincoln Center dress! Very sophisticated with a retro feel.

  655. Cass says:

    I am in love with the scallopped detail on the Gray Fox. Thanks for the opportunity!

  656. Kevyn says:

    I love the mambo italiano dress…looks so comfy!

  657. Heather says:

    I love the 5 to 9 dress!

  658. Jennie says:

    I love Biacciami! Love the red!

  659. Micaela says:

    My fave is Fifth Ave!

  660. Rachel says:

    I can’t pick one dress. I love too many of them. I really love the Sequoia line and the bathing suits are to die for!

  661. Sarah says:

    I love the Kenya dress!

  662. Jacqueline S says:

    I love all of them it’s so hard to chose! I love Jacob’s Pillow!

  663. Andrea says:

    I like Mauna Kea the best!

  664. Cassandra says:

    The Penelope and Odysseus is my favorite. For now!

  665. Lynn says:

    I love the green Trapeze dress :)

  666. Alycia says:

    I am in love with Spanish Steps! Seriously would wear this every day. ;)

  667. Jane says:

    Love the Finding Out Maternity dress!

  668. Jessica Glenn says:

    Love the yellow Happy Talk dress!!!

  669. Mallory P. says:

    That’s an easy one. Rhythm Dancer, because I would wear it to work and feel like Joan Harris.

  670. Megan LaBelle says:

    I love the l’artiste dress!!

  671. Angela says:

    I love French Quarter in the “All that Jazz” collection!

  672. Angela says:

    I shared on FB!

  673. Stephanie says:

    I love the Champs Elysees.

  674. Stephanie says:

    I just linked this to my FB page!

  675. Liz G. says:

    I’m loving the marco polo dress!

  676. Chandeen says:

    I love the frist dress you have photographed, spanish steps!!!

  677. i just can’t decide!! :) At the moment i’d have to say Bonheur… at least for the next five minutes… :)

  678. Alison Swanson says:

    It’s hard to say…. I think my favorite is the Fifth Ave. dress but they’re all so stinkin’ cute!

  679. Kiersten V. says:

    Definitely Kenya! It would be great for so many occasions.

  680. Jen says:

    Oh my goodness- I LOVE the French Quarter dress! Massive love! Thank you for offering such an amazing giveaway, and for introducing me to a fantastic new place to shop :)

  681. Hannah says:

    Cider! What a beautiful color!

  682. Denise S. says:

    They are all really cute. How can I choose? I’d have to say my favorite is the Bacciami!

  683. Summer says:

    I have to choose 1???!!!! I love the Ain’t She Sweet and the Oh La La. Thanks so much for doing this!!!

  684. Katie G says:

    I swoon over all of the maternity dress, but think I would go with Oh Baby!

  685. kim says:

    It’s a tie! I love Gondola, Trapeze, and Bacciami!

  686. Kim C. says:

    I’m expecting and love that Shabby Apple has cute maternity dresses. My favorite is “Finding Out”. I love the bright color!

  687. Elizabeth says:

    I love the Marco Polo dress!

  688. Kathy says:

    Penelope & Odysseus and Rosarita BUT my absolute favorite is the Spanish Steps SKIRT :)

  689. Jessica says:

    Odyssey is my favorite. I’m so glad they have maternity dresses because I’m 17 weeks and getting bigger every day!

  690. carolyn says:

    Oooh there are lots I like! Two fav’s are North Shore and Sierra Nevada.

  691. Julie says:

    Just 1 favorite? How do you pick just 1? I think that I love Azure Coast. I love that Shabby Apple has a body type section. That is SO helpful!!

  692. April in CT says:

    Che Bella!

  693. Niki says:

    Gondola :)

  694. Christina M says:

    Can I have one of each? The Samarkand is my favorite. LOVE.

  695. Sarah says:

    Mauna Kea… love the flower detail!!

  696. Whitney J. says:

    I love the Penelope and Odysseus dress is pale aquamarine! It’s to die for!

  697. Amy says:

    Definitely the Gondola! :)

  698. Love the Gondola….so pretty and preppy!

  699. Whitney J. says:

    I posted the giveaway on my FB wall here:!/wejenkins

  700. Kristen says:

    What a great give away! Love the Bali Ha’i’!

  701. Rachael W. says:

    I have several Shabby dresses and LOVE all of them! I am really diggin’ the Gondola dress on the site!

    – Rachael W.

  702. Christa says:

    I love the Rosso dress! So romantic!

  703. Savina says:

    Sierra Nevada…love the texture.

  704. Katie says:

    mauna kea!!

  705. Stephanie says:

    I need a maternity dress! I love the All Wrapped Up. I love that it’s no iron, no fuss.


  706. Miki says:

    I love Pina Colada! (…And getting caught in the rain!)

  707. Suki says:

    Bonheur all the way!

  708. Emily B says:

    SOOO MANY gorgeous choices!! I really liked El Captain, Aloha and Beauty Mark!

  709. Caroline K says:

    Oh, I love the Bethesda Fountain

  710. Steph H says:

    Thank you for sharing such a great shop! I love the Pina Colada dress.

  711. Emily B says:

    I put this giveaway link on my FB status!

  712. Leigh Ann says:

    It’s SOOOOOOOOOOO hard to choose. I like “happy face” and “ribbon falls”. I am definitely bookmarking this site, the dresses are so affordable!

  713. Julie Simpson says:

    I like the pina colada dress!

  714. Jessica LC says:

    I LOOOOOOVVVEEE Fifth Ave. Love.

  715. Krista says:

    Love Champs Elysees!

  716. Rhonda Morris says:

    I love, love, love the Marco Polo!

  717. Allison D says:

    Loving the Aurelia dress! Totally chic :)

  718. Hanna Crider says:

    theres so maaany gorgeous dresses!!! i think i like the “black oak” the best…so gorgeous!! thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  719. Claudia says:

    I would LOVE the Cider dress!!!

  720. Amanda C says:

    Love a lot more than 1! Black oak…or Red Fir….or Marco Polo.

  721. Amanda C says:

    Linked up to FB

  722. Rebecca says:

    I love the Ballerina…so beautiful and classic – gorgeous color and love the draping. I also really like the Liz and Darcy and the Cayenne. Wow…great site! Like it on Facebook

  723. Hanna Crider says:

    i twitted about it!! ;)

  724. Sarah says:

    The Sequoia and Marco Polo are two of my favorites, I love girly girl dresses!!! Madison Avenue is so chic, I keep looking at that one as well! So many great ones!!!

  725. Rebecca says:

    BTW CG- just found your website and really love it too! So many great ideas!

  726. Alicia says:

    I love the “La Vita e Bella” dress.

  727. Alyssa says:

    Sierra Nevada in teal is sooo cute!

  728. Allison Ringer says:

    I love, love, love the Cortez…those military button details, the cinched waist…perfect details to make it the perfect dress!

  729. Manda K. says:

    LOVE Champs Elysees dress! So classic!

  730. Tenisha H says:

    I absolutely LOVE “GRAY FOX”!

  731. Katie says:

    It’s a tough choice… so many beauties to choose from! Today I’m feeling the El Capitan.

  732. Allison Ringer says:

    I “liked” it on Facebook and posted this giveaway on my wall. Awesome, awesome dresses! I really love that Cortez…

  733. the gondola dress in the roman holiday collection is my absolute favorite!!!!

  734. Celia says:

    Lots of cute dresses! I liked the Mauna Kea dress. Beautiful color too!

  735. Beth F. says:

    Bacciami! It’s just the right color and fit :)

  736. Trisha says:

    I love the French Quarter dress!

  737. Jill says:

    I love the gondola! So beautiful!

  738. Bon Voyage, baby!

  739. mollie says:

    great giveaway! Love ‘trapeze’ – such a fun print!

  740. Tara says:

    I like the Espina Bonita dress.

  741. courtney says:

    I LOVE the Gondola!!! So bold and graphic!

  742. mollie says:

    just posted a link on twitter!

  743. Neeti says:

    I am in love with the Cortez!! Absolutely beautiful!

  744. Emily says:

    Cleopatra! Beautiful!

  745. Tammy Stewart says:

    I love all of the dress…especially the mauna kea!

  746. rlk says:

    My fav style is the Bonheur; it’s perfect for the upcoming summer weather!

  747. Libby says:

    love love love the bonheur!!!! oh wouldn’t it be nice to spend springtime in Paris??

  748. Hally says:

    I think I like Glacier the best. But I’m not sure, they are all gorgeous!

  749. Jessica says:

    stork is lovely!

  750. Katie Berry says:

    I love the Sheep Meadow dress!

  751. april says:

    Man, there are so many cute ones, but I think my favorite is the L’Artiste or the Gondola, no the L’Artiste. Oh decisions, decisions!

  752. joy says:

    I have had my eye on the Jacob’s pillow dress for awhile now. Such lovely dressed!

  753. april says:

    I shared on FB!!!

  754. Caroline says:

    Cider. That is one fabulous dress.

  755. Jamie says:

    I like Mauna Kea!

  756. Katie Talbott says:

    Since I’m pregnant it was easy to choose. I love the SICILY maternity dress. Very cute!

  757. Suzanna says:

    Upper East Side!

  758. courtney says:

    posted on twitter!

  759. Jennie Springer says:

    Black oak. Or 100 others!

  760. Erin Robison says:

    MARCO? POLO! But how does one choose just one? So beautiful!

  761. Erin Robison says:

    Following on FB!

  762. Melanie says:

    love all the dresses, so it’s hard to choose one. but love the Trevi Fountain

  763. Nicole says:

    I can’t choose just one… I love Gondola, Ming, and Spanish Steps!

  764. Brooke says:

    love the mambo italiano!

  765. Jennifer says:

    Okay, I am loving the Pina Colada and the Tiber–both completely different but loving them both. These dresses are beautiful and so original! I am bookmarking this sight.

  766. Brook says:

    A wrap dress is always great! I love Marco Polo. :)

  767. angela says:

    I love the Marco Polo! So classic, so beautifully simple!

  768. Erin says:

    Bon Voyage. Love it!

  769. Allison says:

    I am in love with the marco polo- I just had to donate my black wrap because I wore it out, so I would love another one!!!

  770. grace says:

    Cider…love it!

  771. Whitney says:

    Loving the Bugle Boy dress. So cute!

  772. I like the L’Ete and the Marco Polo. This is a great giveaway!!

  773. Krista says:

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