One of Those

April 18, 2011

It was one of those weekends where we had out-of-town family visiting, which always means in order to entertain the troops, we play tourists in our own backyard.  

It was one of those weekends where instead of driving, we all walk the mile and a half to our downtown shops, and I can’t help but appreciate along the way the charm of so many of our neighborhood’s homes.


white colonial 2


neighbor 2

brick colonial

It was the weekend of our city’s spring festival, where everyone in town traditionally gathers on the downtown streets to watch the annual parade.

parade 2

parade 1


It was one of those weekends where we travel with our guests to a nearby tourist stop {Point Reyes} to window shop and savor local specialties.

pt reyes painting

artisan cheeses

apricot conserve

oysters and cheese

string lights ivy

wisteria in bloom

wine country flower barrel


It was one of those weekends I look forward to every year, where I browse the annual Antique Fair, filled with vendors from all over the Bay Area selling their wares.

blue gray console




corner cabinets

succulent in silver

armoire and wood blocks

starfish on tray

bust and knight

glass pendants


It was that weekend when one of my favorite perennials is finally blooming, and I can’t help but bring early clippings indoors to display in my new Antique Faire find, a trophy like silver vase that (despite a good polish) is still a bit tarnished, but aren’t we all?

cg viburnum and vase


It was one of those warm spring evenings where we dine alfresco for the first time all year on a simple menu of wild mushroom pizza, asparagus, and local chardonnay. 


wc dinner


Where we sit and enjoy the fact that the garden and grapevines are blooming again.  And somehow the long dreary winter is forgiven and forgotten.

pink blossoms

It was one of those weekends that we all need to experience now and then, the ones spent ignoring the daily chores, and instead focused solely on relaxation.  The kind of weekend where it just doesn’t matter that there is laundry piling up because it’s much more important to step outside and appreciate the blossoms. 

Have you had one of those kinds of weekends lately?



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