Jewelry GIVEAWAY: The Vintage Pearl

April 1, 2011

67Greetings and happy weekend y’all!  Announcing the winner of the last giveaway with Kelly + Olive.  Congratulations to #67 Larissa who wrote:

“The room that I would love to get some direction and insight on is my bedroom.  The space is great with large windows and great views, but my current decorating is lacking in everything.  I would love the opportunity to get some professional help”  Congrats Larissa, can’t wait to see the full room design! 

Today, because it’s spring, and because Mother’s Day is five weeks away and you best be thinking about Mom!!!  I’m thinking about you too, so I’m bringing you a timely giveaway from my longtime sponsor The Vintage Pearl.  Last year, I bought my own mom the Circle of Love bracelet and she loves it!  It’s the only keepsake she has with her four children’s names on it, what Mom doesn’t want one of those? 

The Vintage Pearl is a great source for the prettiest hand stamped sterling silver jewelry and keepsakes.  In fact, VP has the PW seal of approval, how cool is that?  Take a peek at this small sampling of the pieces available for babies, teachers, grandmothers, sisters, friends, and even dudes. 

vp necklaces 1

vp mens

necklacesandspoons 2


The last day to order for Mother’s Day delivery is April 20th, so get shopping!

This time, two winners will receive a $75 store credit to shop The Vintage Pearl.

Eligibility to win one of two $75 dollar store credits:

1)  Hop on over to The Vintage Pearl and pick a favorite among the collection.  Come on back and leave a comment telling which piece(s) you’d choose if you won.

2) For additional chances to win, link to this giveaway on Twitter, and/or link to this giveaway on Facebook, then come back and mention in additional comment(s) where you linked (FB or Twitter).

Giveaway ends Monday April 4th at 8 p.m. PST.  Two winners chosen by

swirl snip

Good luck and happy weekend!


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685 Responses to “Jewelry GIVEAWAY: The Vintage Pearl”

  1. Carla says:

    Love all the pieces but I think I’d choose the “A Cup of Love”. Great giveaway!

  2. mindy says:

    I like the have faith and fly and the funky mama! Very cute stuff.

  3. Becki says:

    Goddness gracious! Does she have talent! I have to pick a favorite?! I would say it would be the charm bracelet, the pearl nest ring, or the mother of pearl necklace. They are beautiful!

  4. Rachel says:

    I love the heart to heart necklace, and my mom would too!

  5. April W. says:

    I like the vintage lovebirds necklace.

  6. Gina says:

    I would pick the “I love you to the moon and back” necklace. On our first valentine’s day together, my husband gave me the book “Guess how much I love you”. So, ever since then, that has been our thing!

  7. Reggie says:

    I just adore the dainty drops necklace using the swarovski birthstones!

  8. Leigh says:

    I LOVE the dainty eclectic necklace!!!

  9. Lynette says:

    I love the square initials on a chain. I hope I win, I have always wanted something from the vintage pearl!

  10. Sarah says:

    I’d get the “initial on a chain” for my Mom with all the grandkids’ initials. She’s got 7 grandbabies and another on the way!

  11. betty lou says:

    So beautiful….so hard to choose!!! My faves were ‘i love you to the moon and back’ and ‘names on my heart’! Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Erin P says:

    I like the “Mother of Pearl” for my mom–I’d add our names (mine and my two siblings). I love the large pearl in the center and know that my mom will too!

  13. Kristy says:

    Instantly fell in love the with large layers necklace with the words “You are worth it all”….so true!

  14. Aimee Ritchie says:

    I really love the names with stones on a chain necklace. So beautiful!

  15. Niki Blake says:

    I love the dainty initial heart necklaces….so cute!

  16. Niki Blake says:

    I love the dainty initial heart necklaces….so cute!

  17. Aimee Ritchie says:

    Shared on facebook!

  18. Tera says:

    So many beautiful choices!!! Either the fused heart “Faith” necklace or the chunky message cuff. Love it!

  19. JD S. says:

    I would choose the thin leather cuff for my son and the Circle of Love Bracelet for my wife.

  20. Sherri says:

    All so pretty, I think a graduation present for my daughter…one of the necklaces with name engraved.

  21. Tonya says:

    I love the chunky love necklace. (So hard to pick a favorite, though!)

  22. Sherri says:

    I shared on FB

  23. Renee S. says:

    I have a necklace from The Vintage Pearl that I love. It would be very hard to choose . . . there are so many pieces that I love but I think I would pick the Pearl Bracelet with a Charm or the Circle of Love Bracelet and I know exactly what I would engrave on it.

  24. D MITCHELL says:

    l love them all but A simple I love you is my favorite.

  25. Kellie says:

    A spoon with my new babe’s name or a cuff.

  26. Sherri says:

    I tweeted!

  27. cindi says:

    wow, thanks for this link! I see some purchases in my future!!!
    I loved the bracelets and the vintage bloom necklace as well as the vintage heart necklace. So many beautiful pieces!

  28. Dee in BC says:

    I love the messy nest necklace – I really like the dainty drops personalized necklace , too!-Dee

  29. Jennifer says:

    For five years now I have been waiting for someone to buy me a Vintage Pearl necklace. I’ve bought one for almost everyone. My favorite is the Dainty Drops Necklace. I would love to win so I can actually purchase one for myself!!

  30. Cindy says:

    I love the Circle of Life and the Mother of Pearl necklaces! Perfect gifts for my mom!
    Thanks for the drawing!

  31. Andrea says:

    Oh my goodness! I love so many things, actually everything! How can I choose? I think it comes down to the layered mama’s nest. So unique and I love, love, love it! Thanks for this wonderful post!

  32. Kelly says:

    Heart on my wrist x2!!!!!
    I’ve been looking for just this as a gift for my daughters to include in their. gift for my upcoming wedding!!! .

  33. Allison says:

    dainty drops necklace – its sweet, simple, but classic.

  34. Oh, I love the Vintage Pearl. I’ve been wanting to get a leather cuff for my husband. And of course I love all the necklaces too!

  35. Sarah says:

    Dainty heart initial charms :) Thank you so much!

  36. Tracy says:

    I love the Mama’s nest and the vintage lovebirds.

  37. Tonia says:

    circle of love braclet or leather cuff. everything is beautiful…

  38. Lindsay says:

    Love love love the vintage love birds necklace. The message cuffs for men are pretty darn cool too though! Very cool stuff!!

  39. Deb says:

    I’d love the vintage lovebirds necklace, or the wide leather cuff!

  40. Cassandra says:

    There are so many beautiful things, but I think my favorite is the “a simple “i love you” will do” necklace.

  41. Lisa says:

    Love the pearl cluster earrings as well as the pearl nest ring!

  42. Lisa says:

    Linked on FB!

  43. Lisa says:

    Tweeted @whisox27

  44. Heather says:

    I would definitely purchase the Hammered Star necklace. I’d add 5 stars w/ my children’s initials. So elegant looking!

  45. Heather says:

    I linked this to FB! Absolutely love this store!

  46. susan says:


    I would love the eclectic charm bracelet for my four children!!!

  47. Theresa says:

    I instantly fell in love with the pearl nest ring! It is so my style! Then I would of course have to have the drop earrings to match!! Love it!

  48. Lanay says:

    She has so many cool and creative things, it’s difficult to choose! Some of my favorites are the chunky daisy cuff and the vintage color charm necklace.

  49. Amy says:

    I have the bitty blossoms necklace and have gotten so many compliments on it. I’d love to give a friend one too!

  50. Jenny says:

    Oh my gosh! I love the Mothered Layered of Pearl. I want one for me and my mom! Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. Jennifer says:

    There are so many beautiul pieces, it is so hard to pick just one. I do love the circle of love though…that is my choice at this moment.

  52. Meagan says:

    Omg, so hard to choose! I would probably get the monogram necklace with my new married monogram on it. :-)

  53. Jess says:

    I love my necklace I got last year for my first mother’s day from them!
    I still love the “You are worth it all” layered necklace.

  54. Jess says:

    Oh and I facebook’d the giveaway!

  55. Dottie Lewis says:

    definitely the circle of love necklace.. beautiful jewelry :o)

  56. Kathy Bruner says:

    “Faith, Mercy, Grace” nicklace is my favorite piece, but they are all lovely. It was hard to choose a favorite one–I would be happy with any of them! Thanks for the chance to win!

  57. Cheri Ketchum says:

    I love the eclectic charm necklace. My mom’s birthday is coming up on the 19th and I’ve been thinking about this for her. LOVE their stuff.

  58. Amy in PA says:

    Tough to choose! I like the mama bird & the love birds (could be because today is our 6 month anniversary!!)

  59. Roxane says:

    I like the simplicity of the “names on my heart” necklace adorned with a beautiful pearl. This would be a beautiful gift for my MIL for Mother’s Day, who has truly been a wonderful friend to me for the last 30 years.

  60. Roxane says:

    Just left a link on my FB page! :D

  61. Katie says:

    I would definitely pick the mama bird necklace. so simple. so meaningful.

  62. Jlim in SA says:

    The monogrammed necklace or bracelet~

  63. I would love the dainty drops necklace for myself and the mother of pearl necklace for my mom! Two PERFECT mother’s day gifts!

  64. Christa says:

    Love the layered mother of pearl necklace!

  65. Katie says:
    linky linky (i had to hide it from my mother)

  66. beth says:

    The vinrage charm necklace

  67. Christie G. says:

    I love the “Circle of Love” necklace – and really all of the things under the “simple” tag. This would be such a great gift for so many people I know! Mom, friends, sister in law, you name it!

  68. Christie G. says:

    I just linked to you on twitter as well! Tweet tweet!

  69. Laura T says:

    I’d love to get the circle of love necklace with my kid’s names on it.

  70. Karla says:

    I adore the layered mother of pearl! It would be so sweet with both of my girls’ names!

  71. Cindy says:

    It’s ALL so beautiful, but the dainty drop necklace… ooh la la! Thanks

  72. I would pick the flower and circle one ( Both my kids names start with the same letter, so I can never do initials only (I would rethink names if I did it again, but maybe not as I love their names too much!).

    I also love how the flower and heart would represent my son and my daughter so nicely. LOVE!

  73. erin sears says:

    Would love to get my MIL the layered mother of pearl necklace with the names of her 8 grandchildren…how beautiful!

  74. nina says:

    love ‘heart on my wrist’ !!

  75. Kim says:

    I love monograms so I would get my last initial G. Thanks for the giveaway.

  76. Beth says:

    I love the Eternity Heart. I would have my kids’ names put on it. I bought something similar for my daughter, and it would be fun to have one, too.

  77. Lynne says:

    Beautiful pieces! I think I would choose the “our family nest” necklace. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  78. Liz says:

    I’d love a Bitty Blossom necklace. I’m due to have my third little one in June, and this would be such a nice “birth” day present!! Crossing my fingers…

  79. Amy says:

    I drool over SOOO many of their pieces about once a week!
    I would get the one with the little flowers & circles and put my kids names!! :) I also would love the one with the bird and I would get it for my friend and put her two daughters names! :)

  80. Erica Farwell says:

    I love the flower & circle necklace and the eclectic charm bracelet. Cute stuff, great Mother’s Day gifts!

  81. Amber says:

    I love the necklace “dainty names” with my baby girl’s name on it…so simple and lovely! What a special mother’s day treat!

  82. Amber says:

    I posted this link to my facebook! :)

  83. Jess H says:

    I love the baby spoons! One for each of my boys would be perfect!

  84. Mary G says:

    So many beautiful and unique pieces – hard to choose a favorite. But I love the messy nest necklace the best!

  85. Christy says:

    I love the Layered Circle of Love! I could actually fit all six of my girls names on there!

  86. Holly says:

    I absolutely love the thin leather cuff and “shutterbug” necklace!

  87. Jacki says:

    Love love love The Vintage Pearl! My fave right now is the vintage color charm necklace and I would probably get one with my first initial. Such a great giveaway!!

  88. MImi says:

    I’d love the flower and circle iniTial for each one of my each of my kids initils

  89. Christy says:

    I really love them all! Great giveaway!

  90. Jenny J says:

    I love the flower and a circle necklace. My kid’s names are so special to me. Win or lose, I know what I am asking for for Mother’s Day!

  91. Michelle says:

    Absolutely LOVE these pieces – so hard to choose! I think I would pick Names on my heart for myself and Mother of pearl for my sister who is expecting her second – would make a great mother’s day surprise!

  92. Sarah D says:

    OMG, this is an awesome giveaway! I have been looking for a necklace for my sister’s college graduation. I would pick the initial necklace on a ball chain with a pearl and her birthstone. Simple yet elegant!

  93. Claire Rose says:

    The messy nest or the family nest are two of my favs although who can really decide with all of this beauty!!

  94. Debbie says:

    Oh what a fun contest! I adore bracelets, so my first choice would be the {secret} love message cuff. I also love the free bird & the vintage peas in a pod. Gorgeous jewelry!

  95. Marian Baldock says:

    Bitty blossoms necklace with 3 blossoms, E, J, M

  96. Tara says:

    I would get the circle of love necklace for my mom with a pearl added to it from the a la carte menu.

  97. Susan A. says:

    I just love the pearl nest ring, so lovely and elegant, and unique. What a beautiful collection.

  98. Gina says:

    LOVE mama bird

  99. Aubrey says:

    I would either get the Sterling Silver Cuff or the Eternity Heart necklace with my husband’s, son’s, and brother’s names on it.

  100. Aimee W. says:

    I have been wanting to buy my mother the Layered Mother of Pearl necklace for so long, but with layoffs and cross-country moves, it just hasn’t been possible. I would have her kids names stamped on the smaller layer and the grandkids names stamped on the larger layer. *fingers crossed*

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