The Sexiest Before and After. Like Ever.

March 1, 2011

Ooooh big promises with that title!  I’m gonna bring it!

My friends, as I was installing the board and batten in my boy’s room I realized that the bottom shelf of the two $5 dollar shelves I installed a few months back had to get outta town to make room for the big bad B&B.  

problem shelf

The shelf had to be moved to make room for the wall treatment.  What’s sad was not the removal of the shelf, but the ensuing gaping horrible hole that removing it left in my wall.  Why such a ghastly hole?  Well, I insisted six months ago that those shelves were muy permanente.  Like, they weren’t going to be moved for years baby years so go right ahead darling husband and use some big bad nails to secure it to the wall.  Big! Bad! Nails! Into the Studs!  Do it baby do it !!!!  

I imagined that if ever I needed to move those shelves, I could simply pop them off, no prob, right? 


hole in sheetrock


What’s a girl to to?  Repair it pronto.  It might have made sense to repair the hole before installing the top rail, but since the hole starts right there, I’m rollin’ with it.

Just like the patch job on my kitchen backsplash, the hole needed to be repaired with some drywall mesh tape and patching compound.  When I went searching for the mesh tape, I found this dusty kit in my garage, circa 2005, left over from our house remodel.  Same ingredients found within, woot!

crack repair


Technically this kit is for wall cracks, but the instructions also allow for holes too.  Basically, anything you can cover with the mesh tape counts.  Have you accidentally punched a hole in your wall lately?  Here’s how to fix it my friends. 

First, apply adhesive tape to your wall, allowing for at least an inch around the problem spot. 

mesh tape


Next, prepare your patching compound.  Premixed pouches come in quite handy.

wall patching compound


Apply a small amount to your spreader and start a spreadin.

And yes, that is R2-D2’s leg in the background.  Sexy! 

Good eye you Star Wars fanatics. 

patching compound


A swipe here, a swipe there, and the patching compound will do its job. 

hole repaired

Next comes time to retexture the wall.  Please allow me to step on my soap box for a brief moment.  It should be an infraction punishable by serious fine to spray a sheetrocked wall with orange peel texture.  I am not a fan.  Never have been, never will be.  When we remodeled a few years back, we retextured most of the downstairs walls with a smooth finish, but in two of the upstairs bedrooms the orange peel remains.  However, with no time or dinero to resurface these painted walls (other than the B&B below), we’re rolling with it.

To retexture, I had to purchase this delightful product. 

It was painful, but necessary.

spray texture orange peel


Make sure you test it out first on a piece of stray cardboard or paneling. 

testing texture

Spray it on your patched wall, then repaint. 

Naturally, fixing a hole in my wall had this song running through my mind the entire time.  {Sidenote: what is wrong with these kids on American Idol who have never heard nor sang a Beatles tune in their life?  That should be cause for immediate dismissal IMHO.}

So here’s the dramatic Before and After you’ve all been waiting for!

wall before


hole in wall after

Totally haawwt.  

The sexiest Before and After.  Like ever! 

I told you I would bring it.

winking smiley

Punched any accidental holes in your walls lately?




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